Sean Michaels' Birthday Party
and Porn Star Karaoke
Sardo's Restaurant in Burbank
February 24, 2004
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Photos and text by Rachel Worth, Copyright © 2004. All photos are the property of
Worth-a-Million Productions and may not be used without permission

Porn Star Karaoke was packed like sardines, filled with LOTS of porn stars, KSEXradio staff and fans, some people from Playboy, and various media reps and others. Honored guest of the evening was Sean Michaels, who was celebrating his birthday. Sardo's was nicely decorated with birthday balloons and, as you can see above, there was a beautiful birthday cake. Sean received lots of hugs, handshakes and birthday wishes from a lot of people.

Everyone was having a fantastic time, either singing, dancing, visiting or partying in whatever fashion they desired. There were too many people to list, but the thumbnail photos are labeled, so you'll be able to figure out who many of them were. I asked Seymore, the bar owner, if this was one of his busiest nights ever, and he affirmed that it was. Even HE looked like he was having a really great time.

Just have to mention... Kurt Lockwood sure is cute!!

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