On the Set of Perfect Secretary
Adam & Eve Productions
September 3, 2004
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Antoinette (Carmen Luvana) is the "perfect" secretary who trains other young secretaries on how to please their boss. The training includes light bondage, S & M and fetish.

Mr. Tops (Tony Tedeschi) is Antoinette's boss. In the first scene taped on the day I was on the set, Mr Tops asks new secretary Layla (Haley Paige) to observe Antoinette to learn how to be a "perfect" secretary. When he observes behaviors in Layla that he does not like, he decides to punish her by having Dereck (Vince Vega) tie her up with some bondage ropes, tells her not to speak unless spoken to and lightly paddles her. The actual tying of the ropes was done by the bondage master himself, Sir Nik, who also helped with other tasks on the production.

In the second scene, Mr. Tops forces Layla to watch Antoinette and Dereck having sex in the bathroom. This was the highly-anticipated scene where Carmen Luvana was going to do her first anal scene ever. Prior to the scene, she told me that she has done anal in her personal life and that her fans have been requesting it. "It's time to do it," she said.

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