On the Set of Sin City's "Payback"
June 9, 2004
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I was excited about being on this set since I knew all the actors: Aurora Snow, Hannah Harper, Brittney Skye, Evan Stone and Steven St. Croix. Actually, until I got there I didn't know that I would see Aurora. I was told that she was scheduled for scenes on the following day. So, I was happy to learn she'd be doing a scene while I was there. First there was a dialogue scene with Hannah, Brittney and Evan. Then there was a sex scene in the living room with Hannah and Evan and then a sex scene in the upstairs bedroom with Aurora and Steven.

Payback is a movie about conspiracies, deceit, revenge, murder and love. A number of people are murdered, and it was funny to hear snippets of conversations that the actors or the crew were having about the scenes they would be shooting that day. "How many people are we going to kill today?" was one thing I overheard.

The director was Francois Clousot, a very nice, good-looking Frenchman who has a creative eye for lighting, directing and camera angles. He decided to try some unique lighting setups for these two scenes. He wanted a dark, hazy look and the lights that were used were set up to create the look of bright moonlight coming through a window. Especially in Aurora and Steven's scene, the lighting was quite dramatic when you stood on the opposite side of the light source. The resulting silhouette effect was really spectacular.

This is the first shoot I've been on where the videographer was also the director. It makes total sense to me, since quite often the director has to tell the cameraman what he wants, or, in other cases, the guy with the camera makes a lot of creative decisions as he is filming. Francois would check constantly with the person watching the monitor as to whether a shot looked good or not. "Did that work?" he'd call out, and always got an affirmative answer. To create a hazy effect, they used a smoke machine, but it would dissipate fairly quickly, so they had to keep doing it.

Let me assure you that passion shown in the sex scenes was genuinely intense. Hannah, Evan, Aurora and Steven were definitely having a very good time. But, don't assume that it's an easy job. It might be a whole lot of fun and sexually satisfying, but it's also very physically demanding! They have to be in positions sometimes that are painful, or at least uncomfortable. I asked Evan about how difficult it is physically, and although he stated that it's so much fun and not hard work, he did admit to having a bad leg cramp at one point. You wouldn't have even known it, he's such a trooper. I was impressed by all of the actors--how well they did their scenes and how professional they all were.

It's hard to call them actors, because the hot sex I witnessed sure didn't seem to be performed by actors. They were all very deeply involved in their scenes, and Francois rarely interrupted, so the final product should show some nice continuity in the action. Both Aurora and Hannah have that sweet, fresh-faced look, so if you like seeing a sweet girl get wild in bed, you are certainly going to enjoy Payback. Both girls hungrily deep-throated their men, and Evan and Steven are both very well-endowed, so that was quite impressive. There were all kinds of different sexual positions and sex acts in both scenes, so whatever turns you on, you're bound to find it in this movie.

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