On the set of DAWN
from Sin City Films
June 30, 2004
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The stillness of the neighborhood in Sherman Oaks was interrupted by more than the sound of a plane flying overhead, a motorcycle passing by or the trash truck compactor devouring the contents of residents' garbage. Today, penetrating the airwaves of the city, the shouts of cast and crew could be heard as they collectively created a new movie for Sin City called Dawn.

This is the second movie shoot I've been on that was directed by Francois Clousot. I enjoy his sets. First of all, he is really, really nice, and he works fast and tries to finish on schedule. He doesn't stop to wait for planes or other noises to cease, saying that those are noises that are heard in everyday life, so it's not a problem if they can be heard in the background in a scene. I asked him how he can get the scenes set up so quickly, and he said that the crew he has assembled knows how he likes things and can get the lighting and everything else set up quickly for each scene. Therefore, there isn't a lot of sitting around time like on most sets.

Devan, who does PR for Sin City, did an interview with Francois recently. You can read it HERE.

When I arrived, Evan Stone was doing a short dialogue scene with Kelly Kline upstairs.  Steven St. Croix was still there, having finished an earlier scene with Shay Sweet.  When Evan finished his scene, and he and I were coming down the staircase, Steven ran naked up the stairs past us, just to be funny.  Later, Steven--with such a serious tone it was hilarious--engaged a couple others in a discussion about the proper way to peel onions, garlic and potatoes. There is never a dull moment on the set if either Evan or Steven are there, and a real treat when they're both there.

The first sex scene was a blow job scene with Kelly Kline and Richard Raymond in the huge upstairs master bathroom. It had a large tub and a glass enclosed shower stall. In this scene, Richard calls Kelly on the phone while she is taking a bath and she proceeds to tell him all the things she is doing to herself in an attempt to get him sexually aroused. They continue to talk until he is actually walking into the bathroom and she says to him, "What took you so long?" Her sexy phone conversation has worked its charm and he's obviously ready for action. He sits on the marble ledge surrounding the tub and she gives him a very seductive blow job. In real life, the two are a couple, and it shows in their scene together. The dialogue is natural, not forced or phony-sounding. They already know what each other likes and they do indeed give each other a lot of pleasure. Kelly took a big load in the face that was dripping down her cheeks and chin.

Flick Shagwell, who used to do porn movies, was the makeup artist and did both hair and makeup for the girls. Taylor Rain was going to be in the next scene and I was able to take a couple pictures while Flick was doing her makeup. Flick started out in London doing makeup, then danced for a while there, then moved out here and got into performing in adult movies. She has now come full circle back to doing makeup again.

The next sex scene was in an upstairs bedroom with Billy Glide (whom I hadn't seen for a couple years) and Taylor. The two had not worked together previously, and prior to the scene, when Taylor was outside, she kept asking others "Does he have a big cock?" to which the others replied "No." But, they were hiding the truth, as Billy is extremely large. And, Taylor was supposed to do an anal scene with him. I wondered how it would be physically possible. Well, with enough lube and proper positioning, Taylor was able to do it. She not only took it with gusto, but, caught up in the moment, said "I want to taste my ass." Billy obliged by pulling out of her stretched-to-fit hole and put his swollen member in her hungry mouth. After she got enough, back in the rear he went. Francois was capturing every moment and you ATM and gaping-asshole lovers will certainly be squirting some loads during this scene, just as Billy did on Taylor's face.

I had planned to return the following day, but to a different location; however, I had been burning the candle at both ends recently, and was worn out, so I didn't make it. I'm sure there were some more great scenes, and I'm sorry I missed them. I really wanted to meet Shay Sweet, who was doing another scene on the second day. Maybe next time.

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