Behind the Scenes at Sopornos 3 -- June 8, 2001

Director: James DiGiorgio
Producer: Rob Spallone (who also plays Bobby Soporno)

Photos and text by Rachel Worth, unless stated otherwise

29 people boarded a gorgeous million-dollar yacht for the filming of Sopornos 3, a movie from VCA Pictures. I was lucky enough to be one of those 29. There were to be two performance scenes shot--a girl-girl-girl and a boy-girl, but only the one with the girls was completed (we ran out of daylight). There were also a couple dialogue scenes shot.

After makeup was applied to each of the girls (a real challenge for the makeup artist on a rocking boat), there were still-photo sessions with each girl. First was Cherie, then Monique DeMoan and finally, Brooke Lane.

The girl-girl-girl scene starred the enthusiastic three girls, who truly enjoyed performing together. Cherie happily relayed later that Brooke brought her to orgasm, and Brooke declared, "I'm real good at that." Their scene involved lots of toys and three-way oral sex. The girls deserve a great deal of credit for their ability to work under very adverse conditions. It was extremely cold and windy on the deck of the boat, where lots of the filming was taking place, and the girls were shivering and covered in goose bumps.

They all expressed that they like working in the adult film industry, drawn to it by the lure of the big bucks and the enjoyment of sex. According to Brooke and Cherie, they are able to make LOTS of money very quickly, but lamented the fact that they have a hard time saving all they've earned. Brooke, who hails from Florida, also earns money as a feature dancer at clubs. She admittedly can't handle money at all, and blew through hundreds of thousands of dollars in no time. Cherie is new to the business; Monique has done lots of movies, having been in the business for eight years.

The male stars in the dialogue scenes were Rob Spallone as Bobby, Herschel Savage as Vic, Tony Tedeschi as Tony, Wayne Wright as Spider and Jim Plush as Deck Boy. There were some extras in the dialogue scenes, mostly topless women.

If I weren't 100% hetero, I would have been in heaven when Cherie cuddled up next to me in the booth around the dining table and Brooke cuddled up next to Cherie. For me, just another day reporting on the adult industry. Now, if it had been Herschel...

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Rob getting
made up
Rob Cherie getting made up Back: Monique, Rob & Brooke
Front: Cherie
Cherie Cherie Cherie Cherie Cherie Cherie
Monique Monique Monique Monique Monique Monique
Monique Monique Monique Monique Monique Monique
Brooke Brooke Brooke Brooke Brooke Brooke
Brooke Brooke Brooke Brooke Brooke Brooke
All three girls enjoying the girl-girl-girl scene
Jim DiGiorgio Herschel Cherie, Herschel, Monique, Rob Brooke & Tony Monique, Rob, Tony Herschel, Monique, Rob

The following pictures were taken by Jim Plush, a.k.a. Deck Boy
Jim Plush Brooke Jim with cast Cherie (Wayne taking photo)
Cherie Cherie, Brooke and Monique Cherie, Brooke and Monique Cherie, Brooke and Monique

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