Zane's Suspension Show An Incredible Success
Wild stage show from the Key Club aired on KSEXradio
WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - When began its 5pm broadcast, the event planning crew from both KSEX and Matt Zane's posse, crossed their fingers and held their breath, hoping that the night would flow near perfectly, without a hitch.  Did it?  Of course not.  These things never do, but overall between the stage show, the near capacity crowd and the live broadcast on KSEX, the show went incredibly well.
Key Club tech teams scrambled to fix the broadcast connection for KSEX after their live broadcast still wasn't pumpin' over the web by 5:30pm, when it was discovered that a house tech cut their feed cord in a mistake that had Program Director Wankus near nervous breakdown.  Fortunately, all was well and operating smoothly for the rest of the evening as all the live stage acts performed to screaming fans.
Porn star Alana Evans [] and Wankus began the stage portion of the evening off by hosting a fake orgasm contest, a blow job contest and a wet t-shirt contest with dozens of beautiful girls from the audience, including adult stars like Flower, Jezebel Bond and Catalina.  As the crowd kept pouring in, the excitement began to build in anticipation of the suspension of Matt Zane, also now known as "The Lord."  "No musician has ever been suspended with meathooks in his back, while singing live," Wankus explained to the crowd; "you are seeing a FIRST tonight!"
When Society 1 took the stage, piercing professionals escorted Zane to the front, facing his back to the audience.  Carefully and slowly, meathooks began sliding deep into his back skin.  The technique produced small amounts of blood and no spillage fell to the floor of the stage or the crowd.  When all hooks were in place, The Lord, in perfect sync to the opening song was hoisted about five feet off the ground.  As the crowd screamed and cheered, Zane sang and swung all the while having tech crews pushing his legs so he moved all around the stage on a pulley being held by three strong crew members.  At one point, Zane was hoisted nearly thirty feet above the stage, singing the hits of Society 1 with the help of Jay Gordon from the group Orgy.
The stage acts continued with performances by Sir Nik and Severe Society, Joey Strange and Core, giving fans a variety of S&M performances and a great mix of music and bondage!
Downstairs in the VIP room, KSEX continued their live broadcast with sexy hosts like Dee, Kylie Ireland, Cytherea, Lisa Sparxxx, Felicia Fox and Rebecca Love, interviewing celebrities and band members, as well as checking in with the live stage show periodically.  KSEX has announced that they will re-broadcast the live show all weekend long for fans that didn't get to see it.
Promoter John Finberg was dressed like a king in his court as Zane has been calling him John "The King" Finberg because of all his hard efforts and success in getting things done.
The entire evening was shot for a documentary style DVD and press coverage teams from dozens of heavy metal publications were snapping pictures on and off stage, all night long.
Converted?  Wankus concluded, "I gotta be honest with you.  Before this event, I thought the idea of Matt's [Zane] suspension was a bit odd and didn't really think anything of it, but holy shit....I'm serious...holy shit...that was one of the most passionate, incredible, outstanding, wildest things I've ever seen.  There was an energy in the room when Matt first rose off the stage and seeing and hearing the visuals with the music pumpin', I think I wet myself!"
The event was sponsored by, and EarAche Records.
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