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July 24, 2001

Happy 25th Birthday, Tera!! (July 25)

July 25, 2001 - Photos and text by Rachel Worth. All photos are the property of
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I don't think I stopped smiling until I fell asleep last night. Every minute on the set of the Tera Show was so enjoyable and entertaining that I kept smiling all the way through the "party" and after it ended. Tera declared at the conclusion of the show, "This was the best show ever!" I believe I remember hearing the same statement in May when I was there, so I think that it may be something she says after every show. It is a telling statement, and has a lot to do with the way Tera conducts each show and approaches everything she does. I think she really feels that each and every show really is "the best ever," and she has a way of making those watching in the studio or at home feel that each is "the best ever." She seems to have so much fun at each show, and although last night's show was also a party, because her birthday is today, every show feels like a party. She has a way of making everyone feel special, with compliments directed at each of those around her. She even directs many of her positive comments and statements of gratitude towards the camera, either knowing or hoping that the recipient of the thank-you is watching.

Tera's guests last night were Kylie Ireland, Kelsey (a.k.a. Kelsey Heart), Jack Napier and La Tia Lopez, who was this week's Virgin Vixen. They all contibuted immensely to the party atmosphere, the girls being playful and provocative, and Jack being like a kid in a candy store with a hundred dollar bill, wanting to taste the delicious treats that surrounded him, but a bit hesitant and overwhelmed that all this is available to him, beckoning him, enticing him. Although he was a bit uncomfortable, he did let La Tia, and then Tera, get their hands on the oh-so-talked-about "anaconda" in his pants. A yardstick was brought in to determine the size of the so-called "biggest dick in porn," and the girls announced that he measured 6 1/2 inches when soft.

A few short comments and observations: All the show's celebs were enjoying playing with La Tia's very ample breasts--squeezing, handling and admiring them. Tera jealously admired Kelsey's large nipples and brown eyes. Kylie announced that she wants to be a lesbian. Jack gets very nervous and uncomfortable at every movie shoot, saying that every time is like the first time.

Tera's beauty is so flawless, and her inner beauty also continually shines through. She always speaks highly of everyone: her family, friends, manager, publicist, fans and everyone with whom she comes in contact. She seems so warm and pleasant; you'd probably never catch her in a bad mood. Adella, her publicist, and Samantha, her manager, were gracious hostesses, always making sure everyone had whatever they needed. It feels very comfortable and homey at Digital Playground, and I was honored to be present for the broadcast. Hey, I just realized, no one thought to give her any birthday spankings!

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Tera Show Tera Show Tera Show
Tera's the naked one, Kelsey has the bandana, Kylie has the light blue jeans.
Tera Show Tera Show Tera Show
I took these after the show (with flash). The last shot was after someone said, "Let's do a goofy one."

Tod Hunter of was present and has lots more of the who-said-what, who-did-what details.

Tera Patrick, The Tera Show
Kylie Ireland and
La Tia Lopez

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