On the set of UNDERTOW
Sin City Films
August 12, 2004
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The setting for the scenes today was a dusty, dirty warehouse east of downtown L.A. with a filthy, classic Chevy (circa 1934) sitting in it. UNDERTOW was written by DCypher and directed by Francois Clousot.

The movie has all the elements of an exciting mainstream movie--crooks, cops, hookers, drugs, guns--plus the added bonus of explicit sex. I was there for two sex scenes: one was girl-girl with Shay Sweet and Tory Lane and the other was boy-girl with Shay and Billy Glide. Both scenes were shot with the actors sitting or lying on the hood or the tire of the dirty, old Chevy or leaning against the car. They were all troopers in dealing with the uncomfortable positions and the muddy markings left on their skin from the dirt mixed with sweat and body fluids.

After those two scenes--which were both great--I stayed for a while longer for a dialogue scene but then left before a night scene with Aurora Snow and Evan Stone. I know, you're wishing I'd stayed, but I was really tired by then and had a long drive home.

As per usual, Francois used a smoke machine and lighting to create harsh shadows and swirling smoke, which in this situation looked like dust floating in the strong light. Most of the scenes were fairly dark, with the lights highlighting parts of the bodies, as you can see above in the picture of Billy Glide and Shay Sweet. Forget soft lighting with fill lights; that's just not Francois' style.

Here is a synopsis of the movie as provided by its author:

Rasputin X is a criminal sent undercover by Government officials into the depths of the L.A. underground to expose and foil a terrorist plot on American soil.

He's a standard issue adrenaline junkie with no fear and a serious attitude problem who is more than capable of getting the job done. The world he comes from--the underbelly of society complete with illegal street racing, Internet piracy, and x-rated sex with super models--makes him the perfect secret agent to infiltrate the Anarchy Surf Club, run by Victor, an ex-IRA terrorist who wants revenge for his twin brother's death at the hands of an FBI Agent.

Rasputin, however, does not plan on falling for Victor's girlfriend Jewel, a stunning blond he tries to rescue from Victor's maniacal plot to initiate total anarchy. In the end he will risk everything he has worked for, including his liberty and his life, to save the woman that he loves.

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