On the set of The Vampire Chronicles 2
from ArchAngel Productions
December 1, 2004
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Dru Berrymore, Julie Meadows, Jennifer James and Jimmy DiGiorgio
Photos and text for this article were produced by Rachel Worth.
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Former adult actress Dru Berrymore and director Jennifer James formed a new production company called ArchAngel. The Vampire Chronicles, shot at a real castle in the Hollywood Hills, is their first production. Jimmy DiGiorgio was the camera operator, shooting today in High Definition.

Dru said that she and Jennifer are a good team, each strong in different areas. When she first got to know Jennifer, she was impressed by how well Jennifer calmly diffused a volatile situation on a set. Jennifer directed the scenes today and Dru made sure things ran smoothly, assisting cast and crew whenever needed.

Stars on the set for the scenes shot today were Julie Meadows, Nick Manning, Shay Sights, Julie Night, Venus, Steven St. Croix, Nicki Hunter and Kyle Stone.

Penned by Jennifer James, the movie is about a guy in love in 1899 who is bitten by a vampire and spends the next 100 years trying to find his former girlfriend. He finds himself in modern times and runs into his reincarnated ex who has no idea who he is. Jennifer says she writes the whole story first and then works the sex in.

When you view the pictures, keep in mind that this is a vampire movie, so in the pictures, you'll see fake blood on the sides of Nick's and Shay's mouths, fake teeth on Nick and Shay, and fake puncture marks on Julie Meadows' breast.

The castle was really awesome, although extremely cold inside with no heat available. Dru or Jennifer bought some portable heaters that certainly helped. The castle is complete with a moat and drawbridge and turrets and just about everything you'd expect to see in a castle. The last scene, with Kyle Stone and Nicki Hunter, was shot in a bedroom accessed by climbing many stairs inside one of the turrets.

I took a few pictures of the castle on the outside and also got a couple shots of the incredible views--one looking across the Hollywood Hills and Beachwood Canyon to downtown Los Angeles in the distance and a view from the back yard of the famous Hollywood sign. I just read an article written by Kurt Lockwood about a castle he can see from where he lives, and I'll bet this is the one.

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