Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE)
Days 2 and 3
January 7 and 8, 2005
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Photos and text in this article were produced by Rachel Worth.
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January 7
On this day, the first couple hours were for trade only. After that, fans could enter. I slept late today so I ended up only having a couple hours at the end of the show to run around taking pictures. The photo on the left above was taken about a half hour before closing time, so it had pretty much cleared out. Photos number 1 through 17 were taken today.

January 8
Today was Fan Day and boy was it packed!! Check out the elbow-to-elbow crowd in the photo on the right side above. In all the years I've attended the Adult Entertainment Expo, I've never seen the lines of fans extend as far as they did this year. Photos 18 through 38 were from the 8th. Mainstream celebs in attendance today included Gene Simmons and Penn Gillette. This was my last day at AEE, as I did not attend on the closing day, the 9th.

Enjoy the Gallery of the photos from the AEE on January 7 and 8 by clicking on the photo on the left at the top of the page.

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