AVN Awards Show
January 8, 2005
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In spite of some outspoken critics, there is always much buzz and excitement each year surrounding the nominations and subsequent announcement of winners of the coveted AVN (Adult Video News) awards. I was on a movie set the day the nominations came out. Everyone on set was discussing who got nominated and excited if they could announce that they were one of the chosen few. Cytherea received a phone call to let her know she was nominated for Best New Starlet (which she ended up winning) and Performer of the Year. You could hear her excited screams from a considerable distance.

Although I'd never been to the Awards Show before, I decided early on that I really wanted to go this year. I made sure I got my request in for Press Credentials by the application deadline. I was honored to receive my approval e-mail.

I picked up my ticket for the Awards Show in the early afternoon in the Press Room, almost missing the deadline. I was told to report to Press Check-in that night when I arrived. I got to the Awards Show a little later than the report-in time for Press and couldn't find anyone to check in with. I had to get in a long line with the talent who was arriving, so I knew I'd be missing some of the red carpet procession. Next time I'll know better.

I finally found the people in charge of the Press and they showed me where to go. I got in line with the rest of the Media reps. Although I may have missed a few shots at the beginning, I shot photos for two hours and then went inside to find my table. The first person who approached me and introduced himself was Johnny Keys, an old-time actor who was in the original "Behind the Green Door." He seemed so happy to be at this event and meeting everyone and was more than happy to pose for a couple pictures.

The program was just beginning and I found my way to my table. I was seated with other Press people. I found out that by 10:00, all the food was taken away and it was now a few minutes after 10:00, so I had nothing to eat. Again, next time I'll know better. This was my first time at the Awards Show, after all.

I was SO impressed with the event. It was truly spectacular with lots of glitz and glamor. There were so many things that made me wide-eyed with awe: the incredible lighting, the dancers on stage, the video clips playing at precise moments, and all the great entertainment, to name a few. There were many large screens broadcasting whatever was happening on stage, so no matter where you were sitting, you could see everything. The entertainment--provided by Thea Vidale, Smashmouth, Lit and Chingy--was excellent. Savanna and Thea co-hosted the event.

I had seen Thea live on stage at the Laugh Factory three years ago, where she was so terrific, she got a standing ovation. She delighted the Awards Show audience with an equally superb--albeit bawdier--performance. "If you got a little dick, you gotta fuck her in the ass to make an impression," was one of her quips that generated lots of laughter. She seemed to revel in the fact that she didn't have to censor her words.

A few random tidbits from the evening: Cailey Taylor announced to me that she changed her name to Kelly Taylor. Paul Thomas stated "Girls, I want pubic hair back." Biggest goof: Savannah Samson was announced as the winner for Best Actress - Film, which was erroneous. Savanna came onstage wrapped in just a towel when she was told that it was an error. It should have been Jenna Jameson in The Masseuse. As Savanna made her exit, she took off the towel and left in her birthday suit. My thought at the time was that it was all planned out that way, but I haven't heard anything to that effect, so maybe it was truly an error.

Jenna Jameson and her company, Club Jenna, received the most awards this year, and you can read the entire list of winners by clicking the link below.

HERE IS A LIST OF THE WINNERS OF THE AVN AWARDS (The page will open in a new window).

Click on the photo at the top of the page to open the gallery of pictures from before and during the Awards Show.

NOTE: Playboy TV will begin broadcasting their coverage of the 2005 AVN Awards Show on Sunday, March 13, 2005. Check your local listing for time. In the L.A. area, it is playing from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. followed by the Award-winning movie "The Masseuse" starring Jenna Jameson. It also stars Savanna Samson, Wendy Divine, and Evan Stone

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