Internext and Parties
January 3-6, 2005
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The Internext Expo took place from January 4-6. However, the first party I went to was on January 3.

January 3 - (Images 1-22 in the Gallery) Warmup Party from Reality Cash and CE Cash - and CyberErotica invited webmasters to this gathering who were affiliates of their programs. Huge limos took party-goers from the Mandalay Bay to the Red Rooster Swingers Club. My friend Dino was going with me to the party, but he wasn't there when one of the limos pulled up. Everyone except me piled into the limo and took off. The limo driver had told me that the one behind him was also going to the Red Rooster. Dino returned and we climbed into the hummer limo, and, amazingly, no one else came right then, so we had the limo all to ourselves for the half-hour ride! So, what did we do? Take pictures of each other, of course. That's Dino sitting in the limo in the picture at the top of this page.

All entertainment and drinks were provided free. You could dance, mingle, relax in the jacuzzi, take pictures, drink and even watch some hardcore scenes being shot for a movie. This was the same venue they had for last year's warmup party, but the party was even better this year. There weren't quite as many people, so you actually had room to move around, and there were more things going on. The sound level of the music was better than at most parties. You actually could talk to people without screaming and hear what they were saying back to you. Lots of the women were topless and one cocktail waitress was nude. The place is huge--12,000 square feet! It has all kinds of rooms--private and public. There is an enclosed pool and jacuzzi, but I only saw one guy swimming. I followed some girls into one of the "group rooms" and took some pictures as they romped on a large round bed. taped a few scenes for Hardcore Partying 4 during the party. One scene was with five or six girls on the dance floor in the middle of the crowd. It was hard for me to see what was going on, but I think they were first dancing among the party-goers and then started getting into some girl/girl play. The second scene was a six girl orgy with all kinds of sex going on and switching of partners. The third was with one guy and five of the girls, and included two of the girls giving him a blowjob. It was a great party and there were lots of photos ops. I got back to my room at 3:30 a.m. and to bed at 4:50 a.m. (typical schedule for me in Vegas during convention week).

January 4 - (Images 23-28 in the Gallery) Internext Expo - This is the convention where webmasters and reps from adult-related companies get to meet and conduct business face to face. Various companies who have affiliate programs are represented, as well as companies offering payment processing and lots of other related businesses. Each year I hear a few complaints about how boring this one is. If you're bored, you're not there for the right reasons. It was great for me because I am currently trying to make a decision on a payment processor. It was beneficial to have all the people I needed to see in one room, so I could get all the information I needed to make my decision, and I could meet the employees of the companies. It helped me narrow it down to two companies.

It is also a place to get educated about doing business in the adult industry. There are some very informative seminars that are presented during this Expo, so webmasters can be kept up to date on the latest legal issues affecting their business, as well as being able to get new marketing ideas, hear about future developments in the industry, learn about new technology and many more topics geared to helping adult webmasters run profitable businesses.

Most webmasters are also fans of adult stars and many stars were in exhibitors' booths signings autographs. Again, this is the place to primarily do business and secondarily, meet some of the stars. It's not crowded with people, so it's easy to get business taken care of without being pushed and shoved, and you can take some pictures in a relaxed atmosphere. I was only there for an hour and a half on this day, so I didn't take many pictures.

January 4 - (Images 29-37 in the Gallery) Jungle Bash, produced by Epic Cash - This party was touted as THE PARTY of the Internext Expo. It took place at the Rum Jungle bar/club at The Mandalay Bay Hotel. There were many companies sponsoring the party, and you could not get in without a pass. Well, I was supposed to get passes from one of the sponsors and went to talk to one of the reps in their booth. I was told that their passes had been stolen, and all I would need would be a card he gave me and to ask for a particular person. I'm tempted to name names, but I may end up using this company as a payment processor, so I don't need any grief.

I felt confident that I could at least get myself and my friend Crickett in, with the possibility of also getting in Dino and a friend of his. Well... a gazillion people showed up and it was such a madhouse. It didn't matter whom I spoke to or what I said, there was no getting in because they were over capacity. Jenna came with her entourage for a while and I saw them depart at about 11:30. Well, Dino and his friend finally gave up after standing in line for about an hour or more, as did comedian Jackie "the Jokeman" Martling. I took a picture of Jackie with Crickett, which was cool, and took an awesome picture outside the club of Evan Seinfeld and Tera Patrick. We were finally let in at 1:00 a.m. (after waiting for two hours), but, alas, almost all the porn stars had left by then.

We did see Violet Blue who was beyond ecstatic to meet the infamous Crickett, whose writings you may have seen on any number of adult news websites, such as, or, and whose reviews you may have seen in AVN magazine. Upon finding out that the person standing before her was Crickett, Violet excitedly hugged and kissed her and hugged her again.

About Crickett: She is a quick-witted, funny, clever, and intelligent person. She lives in CT and writes a very amusing blog at She is also a frequent chatter in the chat room (using a nick of PSP or PCP). Many people know her from any or all of these different sources and appreciate her humor. And, many people who were coming to Vegas for the conventions were anxious to meet her. She was quite surprised by all the attention lavished upon her.

Okay, back to the Jungle Bash. So, the party was pretty much over and we were told we couldn't get any free drinks like the people who were there earlier received. A friend did snag us some juice from one of the VIP areas. I didn't really care that there was no booze in it; I was just thirsty from the long wait. It was worth going into the Rum Jungle even for a little while, as it is a very interesting place. They have some huge sheets of clear glass that have water running down them, looking like indoor waterfalls. There are dancers high up in metal cages and acrobats and dancers on platforms. Most interesting are the trapeze artists swinging overhead as you sit at the bar. There are also lots of small flames you can see in the window facing the foyer outside the entrance. There is a huge wall with hundreds, if not thousands, of bottles of liquor. They had live musical entertainment towards the back of the club.

January 5 Images 38-54 in the Gallery) - Internext Expo - returned for a second day to conduct more business and take some more pictures. Image 55 was taken as we left the convention. It is a wall in the Mandalay Bay Hotel with sculptures of body parts--very, very interesting to see. I did not go to Internext on the 6th, as it overlapped with the AVN AEE, and I opted to go there instead.

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