Limelight Girls Party
January 7, 2005
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This party took place at Curve Ultra Lounge at the Aladdin Hotel. When you first entered, there was a nice-sized dance floor and lots of people were certainly having a good time dancing to the music. Many others stood around the periphery and watched or chatted with each other. There were house-dancers that were dancing in alcoves that were set into one wall, and they were all nice about giving me permission to take their pictures.

There was a separate room set up with security at each of the two doorways leading in and out of the room. Inside, four of the Limelight Girls (Sofia Sandobar, Lexi Mathews, Nikki Lain, and Bianca Pureheart) were signing photos for people lined up to greet them. Everyone going through this room received a free DVD. In addition to, clothing company--was also being promoted.

Next to the "signing room" there was a VIP lounge with couches and a bar. If you had been approved for VIP status, or had bought a VIP ticket for $50, then you could go in there and have free drinks (with Vodka) and sit on the comfy couches to chat. The staff of Limelight Girls (nice people!) had a private area within the VIP room that was roped off, and I got some pictures of some of them dancing and having a good time.

When I first arrived, the party was not too crowded, but by the time I left, at around 1 a.m., the place was filled. I took some pictures of some of the party-goers on the dance floor, although not everyone wanted their photos taken. There was one drop-dead gorgeous girl there who would not let me take her picture and she was very protected by a couple guys. I wonder who she was--maybe a mainstream star? I asked one of the guys who was with her, but he wouldn't tell me.

All in all, it was a very nice party with a lot of friendly people. I spent a couple hours there and then headed over in the early morning hours to yet another party that was going on at Club OPM at Caesar's Palace. I didn't stay long there, and I didn't get photos from that one.

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