Pure Play Media Party
at Body English in the Hard Rock Hotel
January 6, 2005
Photos and text in this article were produced by Rachel Worth.
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I Received an Invitation, Which Read in Part:
"On Thursday, January 6th, 2005, Pure Play Media will be celebrating an extraordinary evening with the distinguished talents involved in each of our distributed companies: Ninn Worx, Seymore Butts, Suze Randall Productions, Cousin Stevie Incorporated, Erotic Media, Score Group, Simon Wolf Productions, and our newest acquisitions, Danni�s Hard Cut, the debut all-girl line from popular Internet personality Danni Ashe, and Private Media Group, the adult entertainment powerhouse based in Europe. This will be an amazing event for whoever is lucky enough to attend this 1200-person blowout celebration in one of the hottest and most beautiful venues in Las Vegas, the Hard Rock Hotel�s prestigious club, Body English! Lauded by media all across the world as the hottest club in Vegas, this will be a night nobody will forget!"

The invitation also spoke of a "Red carpet entrance with press wall for celebrity photo opportunities" and "Gift bags filled with Corporate Sponsorship giveaways for patrons (shirts, CD�s, samples, etc.)" Sounded great to me, so I RSVP'd and was approved as Press.

So Many People, Not Enough Room
As stated above, this was to be for 1200 people, but lo and behold, about 4000 showed up and it was a friggin mess. No one knew where to go. There were some signs, but security was telling the Press to get in the same line as the Talent and other guests. That didn't sound right, because Press was supposed to go in first and be ready to take pictures as the stars entered. Well, eventually they got the Press in and got us all lined up behind a rope across from the above-mentioned Media Wall. I was in a bad position, all the way to the end and not really across from the Media Wall, so I was pretty much taking pictures from a side view, but I was still happy to get lots of good photos.

I Need Your Help!
There were MANY people who were posing for us photographers whom I can't identify. Please let me know if you can identify any of the people I have labeled as Unk (unknown). There is also a picture that is labeled 3 girls. Please I.D. the girls in that photo for me, if you can.

The Party Rocked
What an awesome party it turned out to be! It took a very long time to get everyone in, and many had to be turned away, but once I got inside, I was so impressed with the club. Everything about it was awesome. I loved all the special effects, including colored lights, smoke blown down onto the dance floor from the ceiling that would totally fill up the area so you couldn't see anyone and then would quickly dissipate, disco ball and other flashing lights that would coordinate with the music. The music was extremely loud, but luckily I had brought ear plugs, so I was able to enjoy the music.

Another great feature of this club is that there is a balcony all around the dance floor. That made it easy to watch everyone dancing and also to take pictures. Jesse Jane was dancing right below me, so there are a lot of pictures of her dancing. She was having a great time. Drinks were free and people were certainly taking advantage of the free booze. I'm glad I didn't have to pay the bar bill.

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