Vivid Video Hosts Party
at The Highlands to Launch
"Watch and Wear" Condoms

May 1, 2003

Photos and text by Rachel Worth.  Copyright © 2003 Worth-a-Million Productions.

The party was supposed to begin at 9:00 p.m. I arrived early, concerned there would be long lines, in particular because Jenna Jameson was one of the Vivid Girls who would be hosting this event. I had asked for ten minutes with her to do an interview, and here I was, loaded down with camera equipment and tripod, anxious to ask Jenna all the questions I had prepared. I was told immediately that there would be no interview because Jenna was not coming; she had injured her wrist.

At first there were hardly any people and I was concerned that the event would not be a success. I needn't have worried; the venue became so crowded later that you had to squeeze between people to move around. I'm sure people were disappointed to hear that Jenna would not be coming, but it didn't stop anyone from having a great time. There was a DJ in one room, making sure there was always some good music playing. There were free drinks until 10:30 and there were lots of stars and good-looking guests to ogle and talk to. There were also huge displays of condoms everywhere you looked that were free for the taking.

The first person I saw outside was Duke Hunter, from We had a long chat about the charity golf game he attended earlier that had the participation of adult stars as well as mainstream celebrities. The first person I met inside was Bobby Vitale, who's a good looking and friendly guy. He's done a lot of movies for Vivid and has been doing some with Anabolic. I met Briana Banks, Sunrise Adams, Savanna Samson, Taya (the first "a" has a long "a" sound) and Kira Kener. I also spoke with Chloe Jones, who was working for Club International and was only posing for magazines when I met her in January of 2000. In the past two years she has been in adult movies, currently with Vivid. Kira Kener looked absolutely stunning. She didn't mingle much at first, but sat, instead, with a couple guys on a couch and pretty much stayed with them until it was her turn to sign autographs. She and all the others were very friendly with all the fans and patiently posed for pictures and signed lots of autographs on their black & white headshots.

I re-introduced myself to Nick Manning and we talked for a while. (Pssst... His birthday is May 28, so mark your calendar and send him birthday wishes on the 28th to [email protected].) Layla Jade arrived with her man, Bill, along with Lynn from the Entertanium and Steve Nelson from (Steve shaved his head!) I took some sexy photos of Layla; she sure knows how to pose. I saw Tod Hunter, Dan Miller and Paul Fishbein from AVN. Tod is one of my favorite people. He is always so kind and goes out of his way to introduce me to people, and says such wonderful things about the Worth-a-Million website. On this night he wanted me to meet the owner of the company who produced the condoms for Vivid. His name is Dennis Paradise and the company is Paradise Marketing. I met a couple other people who work for him, too.

"What is special about these condoms?" you ask. Well, four different styles have been made so far: lubricated, larger size, studded and extra thin (all pictured above). The packaging is beautiful and contains a picture of Jenna, Kira, Briana or Cheyenne Silver. It boldly displays the Vivid name, and the first run of the condoms sold out quickly.

I left about 11:45 and the party was still going strong. On my way to the elevator, I passed Ron Jeremy on his way to the party and we spoke for a few minutes. I told him that I hoped he was going to come to the Bowling for Scholars event on May 25, and he said he might be there. I hope so.

Chloe Jones

Savanna & Sunrise

Briana Banks

Layla Jade





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