April 4, 2004
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Layla Jade, event organizer, and Nina Hartley, emcee, prepare for the show
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I was really looking forward to this event. I had heard and witnessed how hard the organizer, Layla Jade, had worked to make this dream a reality. She is a person in this industry I have really enjoyed getting to know, and I was very much hoping for the success of X-Con. Well, April 4 rolled around, and after having had very few hours of sleep over the prior 72 hours, and because I had lots of website work to do that day, I didn't make it to the 1:00 p.m. opening.

Time flew as I worked feverishly to get my work done so I could go enjoy what promised to be a very unique adult convention. I had been to the venue, Entertanium, before and was very impressed by what the owners John and Lynn had done with the place--a veritable fun house for open-minded adults, with interestingly decorated themed rooms around every corner.

I searched all the articles I had received, plus the convention's website, plus articles on other websites and could not find out what time X-Con was supposed to end. I only saw the ending time stated as "late." Somewhere in the back of my mind, I thought I recalled having heard "midnight" being mentioned as the ending time. Since I could not reach anyone at the Entertanium, and calls to Wankus and Daisy of KSEXradio--who were at the event--were unsuccessful, I ended up going there with an expected arrival time of 7:45 p.m. I thought I'd still have four hours to take photos and enjoy the event.

As I arrived, I saw Wankus and Daisy leaving. They informed me that it was over, and that almost everyone was gone. I decided to go in and see who was still around, and at least give my regards to Layla, if she hadn't collapsed somewhere from exhaustion. I did bump into a few people, namely Jeff Mullen from All Media Play, and Steve Nelson, editor of AINews. We ended up talking for an hour about various things regarding the adult industry.

Prior to seeing Jeff and Steve, I did successfully locate Layla Jade, whose body still hadn't succumbed to the effects of so many days of hard work and little rest to make this event happen. She said she undoubtedly would be feeling the effects later. But, for now, she was still too excited about the success of her first venture into such an enormous undertaking as putting on a convention. She estimated that there were probably about 150 to 200 people there. She said that Nina Hartley did an outstanding job as emcee of the event, and that Wankus was awesome on stage. There were two pole-dancing performances and a naked sushi demonstration that were also big hits. When I asked whether all the scheduled stars had shown up, she said that there had been many no-shows, but that is typical in this industry. 50 girls had confirmed, but about 30 had come. She laughed and said, "I guess I'll have to have 80 confirmed for next time."

I also saw a smiling Lynn Borman, Entertanium owner, who had also worked on the event. She greeted me with a hug, and said she had to get the place ready for a shoot. She was pleased with how the event had gone.

In reading and hearing comments about the event by various people, it sounds as though the majority of people had a great time, and encouraged peoples' support to make the next one an even bigger success.

To summarize by taking bits and pieces from their comments,
  • the event "was delightful; had a relaxed atmosphere; was lavish, has enormous possibilities; enjoyed a constant influx of people, was a success; achieved its intentions; had lots of XXX stars; had cute babes signing autographs; was where adult personalities greeted fans, sold their wares and occasionally even performed a bit; had cool people; is an event that is just going to get bigger and better with time and participation."
  • the venue "was amazing, has so many different rooms; contained surprises lurking in and out of a maze of intriguing rooms."
  • the organizers "did a great job; did a bang-up job."
Thank you again to Dino, who provided all the photos for the gallery

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