Two Girls for Every Boy,
a Zero Tolerance production
On the Set of
Two Girls for Every Boy
a Zero Tolerance Production
November 12, 2004
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When I arrived on the set, Quasarman--camera operator, editor, & head of QC--was in the midst of shooting some scenes outdoors next to the pool. Mandy Bright and Roxanne Hall, dressed in sexy lingerie, were "gettin' busy" and having some fun with toys. Soon, Jean Valjean showed up and the girls decided to take him inside for some three-way fun. Their sexual positions were creative and varied, and Jean frequently suggested possible positions.

The movie was shot with a special High Definition (aka Hi Def or HD) camera, and it is large, heavy and expensive. It is also not working very well as the color appears very sepia-toned on the monitor. They eventually stop shooting and only finish one scene today.

Greg Alves, owner of Zero Tolerance, is on the set and we meet for the first time. He is directing today's scene. He tells me about the movie: It is strictly what is called wall to wall--no plot, no lines to memorize. This movie will have six scenes total. Each scene has two girls, dressed in lingerie, who play around for five minutes before being joined by a guy.

Greg tells me that a panel of judges, consisting of Quasarman, Samson (who also wears various hats in the company), and Greg, will choose the best scene out of the six, and the three actors in that scene will get a bonus of $1000 each. This seems to be a good way to elicit some high-energy, action-filled scenes. The movie will be released just before Valentines day, and they will have a copy to show at the AVN Expo in Las Vegas in January. It will be a two disc set: one in standard play and one in HD, and it will have special packaging.

Greg is obviously proud of the company he has built, which shot its first movie in December of 2002 and has released about 70 movies since then. "There are another 25 in the can," he tells me. The Zero Tolerance crew is a tight-knit group, and they are all under contract. Greg's wife also works for the company, but she is taking care of their newborn baby right now.

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