Brazilian Booties TM

Brazilian women are well-known for their incredible beauty and their curvaceous, bodacious booties! Simply put, Brazilian women are HOT! HOT! HOT!   See for yourself below!   WOW!!
UPDATE February 2005: We may not be releasing this video, after all. We will be meeting with a company that is interested in buying our video footage and photos and distributing it themselves. Stay tuned for future updates.

UPDATE September 2004: READ THE REPORT of our August 2004 trip.

UPDATE August 2004: We are returning to Brazil this month (August 2004) to obtain additional content before releasing the DVD.

Worth-a-Million Productions announces the upcoming release of their first video, Brazilian Booties 1, which was shot in Brazil in November, 2003. The movie is 38 minutes long and contains scenes of Maria and Thays in their first girl/girl action together. They start with kissing and soon undress each other to reveal perfect bodies. The scenes are very sensual and include the girls using their tongues and lips for some dramatic foreplay.

They were given vibrators to use on each other, and they laugh at the unexpected powerful buzzing of the vibrators. Watch them use the toys and their hands and fingers to explore every curve of each other's beautiful, tanned, Brazilian bodies.

Thays is a tall girl with very long legs who looks like a model. If you love a perfect heart-shaped round butt, you will love her looks. Maria has sexy "bedroom eyes" and an incredible laugh that is sure to make you laugh with her. If you like the fresh, natural look, you'll be happy to know that neither girl has any "enhancements," and you'll be amazed how great they look without a bit of makeup.

The movie has no scenes out of order; everything happened as you see it. There are no phony moans or repetitive, annoying or distracting sounds that make you want to turn off the sound, which sets it apart from most adult movies. The girls were not given any lines to say, so their words sound warm, natural and sincere. Some is spoken in English and some in Portuguese.

Be sure and watch the two scenes at the end of the movie after the credits roll; they are very funny, behind-the-scenes segments. Also included with the movie is a digital photo album filled with 134 beautiful photos of the two girls, solo and together. It is a Flip Album that has the look of a real photo album with realistic sounds of pages turning.

The movie will be pre-released on this website before it is advertised widely and offered to the general public. Please Click Here to send us an e-mail, and we will notify you as soon as the movie is available. In the subject of your e-mail, please put "Brazilian Booties," and in the body of your message, please state that you would like to be notified when the movie is ready. (NOTE: Be sure and read the updates at the top of the page. We may not be releasing this footage ourselves, but may sell it outright to a production company.)

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