Leave it to Cleavage
female cast members
On the Set of
Big Top Digital's
Leave it to Cleavage
October 1, 2003

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No, Big Top Digital has nothing to do with the circus. It has to do with big tops--hooters, jugs, tits, bazooms, boobs, breasts--or whatever you want to call them. All of their videos fill this niche, and a popular niche it is. On this day, I was present on the set to cover a Boobsville.com shoot entitled, "Leave it to Cleavage," which was written and directed by Robyn Powers.

According to Sam Xavier, owner of Big Top Digital, Xavier Productions and Boobsville.com, the Boobsville line is moving into parodies--either spoofing a television show or a movie, just as this one spoofed "Leave it to Beaver." The company is trying to build a consistent theme and is soon coming out with movies having such humorous titles as "The Tits that Saved XXX-mas" and "Busty the Vampire Layer."

Starring in "Leave it to Cleavage" are Lisa Sparxxx, Matt Bixel, Ava Devine, Sheridan Leigh, Sah, Lee Stone, Holly Body, Brad Baldwin and Tony Sexton. In addition to a lot of great sex scenes, there is a lot of humor in this movie, and it is apparent that everyone is having a good time. To me, the funniest moment of the day was when Tony (who plays Wally and hails from Australia) was talking to Beaver about his "sheila," referring to Holly (who plays a stripper that Wally brings home), and Holly innocently asked, "Why are you calling me Sheila? My name is Holly." For those who don't know, "sheila" is a what they call a girl in Australia.

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