Sam Xavier, owner of Big Top Digital, Xavier Productions and, was very nice to take the time out of a busy day to sit and chat with me. We spoke about his history in the Adult Industry. He was trained as a baker but decided to leave that business because of the early morning hours it required. When he left the bakery business, he went to work for a mainstream publisher as a sales rep. Then in '70 or '71 joined the staff of Parliament News as their East Coast Sales Rep. In '77 he got into the mail-order business after placing an ad in a magazine to sell magazines (Bazooms 1, 2 and 3) that contained pictures of big-busted women. It was very successful and led to selling videos through mail order. The production and distribution of his own line of videos eventually led to the creation of websites with adult content.

Sam seems equally proud of the movies he produces and his website,, which was originally online in 1996 and was revamped in February of 2003. The site is user-friendly and the Members Section contains a wealth of information on the stars and on the movies. The site's content includes other fetishes, such as hirsute (hairy), pregnant, lactating, and bbw, while still keeping the genre of big-busted women as its core product.

Sam will soon be launching, a nostalgia site that will include videos and stills from the late 70's and early 80's. Sam proudly boasts that he has an original photo of Ron Jeremy performing his well-known feat of giving himself a blowjob.

His video line will move forward with the theme of parodying television shows and movies. Attention is paid to costuming and location in addition to trying to find the perfect people to fit the roles. Viewers will enjoy the humorous moments--some planned and some spontaneous--purposely included in the movies. Sam's movies are not only done with humor, but also without the degradation of women present in some modern-day videos. He doesn't include much anal, but continues to focus on beautiful breasts. The cum shot is generally done on the breasts, and he makes sure his videographer captures the swaying of the breasts during sex.

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