Jenna Jameson's Personal Diary (used with permission)
Years 2001 and 2002 in reverse chronological order

Barf Barf Barf- I got the stomach flu and have been up sick all might and morning! i feel horrible. Everyone in Justins family has it as well. I hope I get beter soon...Gotta run, back to the bathroom I go :(

Ho HO HO....Merry Christmas!!!! I hope everyone has an incredible day today. I have never been a Christmas person; I guess because I really never had any good memories from my childhood Christmases'. I am kind of like the Grinch, LOL. In the last few years I have start to really like Christmas. Justin's family is really into it, so I think that makes a difference for me. They make me feel special and loved. It's really nice. Last night we had Christmas dinner at his parent�s house. It was great because you get to watch all the little kids open their presents from grandma and grandpa and their uncles and aunts...and that a lot of presents. After the kids our finished the adults exchange their gifts. On Thanksgiving we picked names for whom we would be buying for Christmas. They have five kids so it's a smart idea. It's a big secret who has who. I picked Jim's wife Karen. i got her a cool Louis Vuiton purse. Jim picked me; he got me an awesome outfit and coat!!! The night was really special and I will remember it always. I hope everyone has a nice relaxing and special Christmas! Love JJ

Ahhhh. Last minute shopping.. I am running around like a maniac today trying to get my last minute gifts before Christmas. I don't have that many left . but I have that fear that the malls will be packed! I have to drive all over town to pick up stuff... This is when wish I was cloned, lol. We planned on getting most of our shopping done in NY ..good thing we didn't, because we haven�t received and of the stuff we sent back from NY yet! We would have been screwed. That's great; "MMM, your gift isn't here yet...It's in the mail...Here's a picture of what it is," LOL. This has been a hectic shopping time. I think because we got back so late from NY. Ok, off to the malls I go! Good luck to everyone in their last minute shopping quest...and to all of you that are done shopping, I envy you! JJ

Ahhh, home sweet home. We had a great vacation, but it's nice to be home. We got in late last night and played with the dogs for an hour and then went to bed. The flight back was nice and relaxing. We had a lazy stewardess, but all in all it was nice. All our bags made it..a shocker for this time of year! Today I have to get a lot of shopping handled. I have been here making my list...yes, and checking it twice, lol. I try to tell everyone not to get me anything. It is a awkward situation when you get something from someone and didn't get them a present. I always get a few extra gifts just in case this particular situation arises! I like buying a presents for others..I expect nothing in return. We told our employees not to get us anything this year or they would be We gave them really nice Christmas bonuses. All of our employees are like family to us and I love them all. We are very lucky and had a great year as a company. Hopefully next year we will even grow more! I know I'm babbling..I need to hit the mall! See Ya. JJ

Tonite we are flying home - it'll be sooooo nice to be home. Traveling is fun (when it's not TOO hectic or too much work!) but there is NOTHING like going home. And, we have a thousand things that we need to get done before Christmas - would be nice to actually be HOME to do them. You know, decking the halls, roasting Justin's chestnuts - hehehe. We had a great time in NY but AZ here we come! Woooo hooooo! JJ

Well, we weren't very impressed with the show last nite....and we had problems with the limo...oh well, these things happen. I have a couple of conference calls to take care of today and then we are going to Macy's to see Santa. Figure I'll sit on his lap and see what he's gonna bring me for Christmas! hehehe I've been VERY good this year! :) We're going to drive around and look at all the Christmas lights and decorations - head over to Rockefeller Center and partake of the Christmas festivities! Jingle bells, jingle to you soon! JJ

WOW! What a great time we had last nite! That show was really amazing. I could hardly believe it. Today......we must shop! Ya gotta LOVE shopping in NY...woooooo hooooo! We got tix to "La Boheme" for tonite so are going to that with some friends and then out for a late dinner. The stores are Get out the Christmas list.....JJ

We are in NY! Can you say "FREEZING"? It's about 14 degrees brrrrrrr is it ever cold! We got in yesterday, made it through traffic to the hotel, had a meeting and then hit the streets of NY. I love this place....and it is really awesome at Christmas time. Today, I had a couple of meetings and now we're getting ready to go to dinner and then off to see "Hairspray". Should be a fun, fun nite. Miss you all! Brrrrrrrr JJ

Today is pool day. Beautiful weather, beautiful pool, beautiful cabana girls, sexy cabana boys.....we may never leave. Of course Justin is on the phone talking to the office and I am repeatedly reminding him that we are on VACATION. There is no WORK in VACATION! Tomorrow we head to NY - can't wait. Gotta work on my tan....JJ

I woke to the sounds of "50-90% off" calling to me from the television and leaped out of bed and into my tennies! We followed the smell of brand names on sale to Ball Harbor where Cavalli and D&G and Neiman Marcus welcomed us with open doors and ringing cash registers crossing names off our Christmas lists as we went! It was shopping madness and we HAD A BLAST!! We sated ourselves at Pearl tonite and we're going out for late drinks in a while. Hope you are all getting ready for Christmas. The weather is soooo beautiful here - but we'll be in NY in a couple of days so that'll help get us in the holiday spirit. We'll talk soon. JJ

So last nite we got in and settled and then went out for a late dinner at Sushi Samba on Lincoldn Road! YYYummmmyy!! It was a great way to end a day of travel and kick off our week. Today we got up and (I know this may truly shock you all but....) went SHOPPING! (Gasp!) Hey, when in Miami....ya'll must shop! We bought clothes and shoes and some more clothes and really had a fun time. We may have to get a few suitcases and ship some items home. Our closets are getting finished so we figured - new closets, new stuff to put in them! I sooo love Justin for his mind! hehehe We went to The Forge for dinner tonite then the Delano for drinks. That place is beautiful. We had a really great day. Miss you all a lot! JJ

Justin and I are off to the airport. Wooooo hoooo! I am definitely ready for some FUN so I hope he's been taking his vitamins! lol I'll update you on our escapades......Miami here we come! JJ

Thanks to all my LOYAL and COURTEOUS fans out there. Maybe you can explain to me why people who have nothing but rude and disgusting things waste my, yours and their own time in a chat? Anyway, we'll be taking care of that in the future. I'm spending today getting ready to leave tomorrow so a packin' I must go! JJ

Started the day off with a couple of interviews, a quick shoot and am getting ready for the chat tonite. Maybe for Christmas I can get a few more hours in the day? lol Talk to you in a sec....JJ

Justin decided last nite about 11pm that if we didn't put the tree up at that VERY MOMENT then we would probably not get it done before we leave again. Soooooooo, we began assemblying our 15-ft tree - with a 6-ft ladder I might add. Does that paint a pic for anyone besides me? You had to see Justin on that ladder trying to get this tree done! It was too funny - he didn't seem to be enjoying it HALF as much as I did. Needless to say, it was after 2am before we finished and dropped off to sleep. Great idea, honey. Good thing we weren't tired to begin with! (Okay, I will say this.....the tree is BEAUTIFUL!) Definitely helped put us in the Christmas spirit. So, ho-ho-ho....I gotta go-go-go! Later! JJ

Today was travel home day - FINALLY! We had a couple of meetings before leaving LA so we got out of town mid- afternoon. I was soooo happy to walk in our house - the dogs went crazy! lol Stinky was yapping at volume 10, Puff was drooling all over us and Nacho was being cool trying to act like he didn't miss us at all. I'm off to snuggle in my bed. JJ

Movie Shoot - Day Two....We began the day with Randy Spears pounding the hell out of some poor young thing. He violated (no, really) her with a plunger, then peed in it and....okay, maybe I don't need to relay ALL the dirty details! We recovered from that scene and shot a b/g with Dale DeDone and Ashley Moore. Okay....more pounding! lol My sex scene today was with Drew Barrymore - pretty hot. I got to play a cat burglar - and that was a great role, adds a little spice to the sexiness of it all. TTBoy came down to the set today so you know that added a little excitement to the dayt. lol He is soooo funny. It was a good day - only 4 more! Sleep for this catwoman! JJ

Today was the first day of shooting. We did a TON of dialogue today - got a lot of that out of the way so we can concentrate on the good stuff! I did quite a bit with Tina Tyler. She was great to work with. My sex scene today was with Ramona......yummy girl! We worked late so we're gonna grab a bite then get some sleep. Nite! JJ

It is obvious I am going to have to supply my own "12 Days of Christmas" lyrics and gifts so I am officially taking that project upon myself....THEREFORE....."On the 3rd day of Christmas here's what I gave to me......3 French Ticklers, 2 Dildo Doves and a Sex Tips Book written by me-eeeeee". hehehe Okay, now that I have THAT out of my system.....I'm getting my packing done - Justin and I are off to LA - more movie shoots this week. Sometimes I still can't believe how much prep goes into a movie (but hey, it beats doing it for someone else!) Gotta finish packing. I'll let you all know how things go on Day 1! JJ

"On the second day of Christmas....." okay, this is not funny! Aren't there supposed to be some doves flying around here somewhere? Today I will be replacing the doors in my house. Apparently the dogs have decided to eat their weight in doors - this diet may get them killed. I think I'll give everyone on my list a DOG this year! Off to Home Depot. JJ

"On the 1st of Christmas my true love gave to me....." HEY! I didn't get anything! RUDE. lol Guess it's that time of year again - time to shake the ole stockings out and start stuffing 'em. Today Missy and I did some running around while Justin was at the office. (No rest for the wicked ya know!) hehehehe Tonite I perfected my masturbation techniques - as they say....practice makes perfect! Happy December! JJ

My thanksgiving was a lot of fun, but I can never really get into any holiday that is based around feeding my face. LOL
I have been spending a lot of time riding and lunging my horse, it has given me the relaxation I have been needing! She looks beautiful, she takes my breath away! I might go down and film her for you guys tomorrow...
Melissa Ann comes into town tonight to play with me for the weekend, we're gonna paint the town pink. Then a chat on Sunday with all of you... I am looking forward to this, it's been a long time coming!
OK, I am off to bed, kisses to each and everyone of you!

We got up early today - lots to do. We had a ton of things we needed to buy for the new office so we took care of that (you know, microwave, coffee maker, Red Bull so everyone can work 18 hours a day! lol) The new office is really nice - everyone is really excited about it. Moving is just such a hassle. We also bought some new stuff for the house and then I plopped in front of the PS2 and played for hours. I am addicted to Vice City (Grand Theft Auto 4). Fun, fun! Ok, I'm taking my joystick to bed. lol JJ

WOOOOO HOOOOO! WE ARE HOME! The dogs looked at us (heads all cocked to the side) like the didn't know who the hell we were. lol We had a good drive back - of course Justin just HAD to stop at the outlet mall! (Does that man EVER tire of shopping?) :) I figured if I can't beat him, join him - so a shoppin' I went! Can't wait to sleep in my own bed tonite. Sooooo tired. JJ

Today was a day of errands, meetings, shopping and a food-fest. We started with breakfast at Bobby's...yummmmmyyyy! Then we were off to the Beverly Center for some MUCH NEEDED shopping. lol Picked up a few things from Dolce & Gabanna and then we were back on the road for a couple of meetings. We finished the nite at Shabu Shabu and then back to the hotel. Great day - soooo glad we are going home tomorrow! Miss you all. JJ

Last day of shooting and we started it off with a BANG...literally! lol I did a 3-way with Dee and Nicole Sheridan that was pretty amazing. We shot it on a floating pink bed (try keeping your rhythm on that!) hehehe Dee was the first to cum and then it was Nicole's turn. We saved the best for last and when I got off it was well earned and WONDERFUL! It's just after midnight and we're just getting back to the hotel. Long day - very tired. Shut eye for me. JJ

Didn't have to be on set til about noon so I actually got a little sleep. Woooo hooooo! Of course Justin was up at the crack of dawn on the phone & computer. Today wasn't too crazy - we shot a bunch of behind the scenes stuff today so that is always fun. We're gonna grab some sushi and then off to bed. Love you! JJ

Today is what I call a "run & gun" day - you spend the whole day running for the sunlight so you can get the shot! It was a crazy, long day but we got an awesome sex scene shot. I did a g/g scene with Sharon Kane on this old gnarled tree overlooking the ocean at sunset. VERY beautiful. 2 days down, 2 to go. Nite all. JJ

Today was our first day of shooting. The coolest thing about this movie is the people we get to work with - Randy Spears, Steven St. Croix, Sharon Kane. (we're still working on a title so can't give you that yet!) My first sex scene today was with Jana a beautiful woman who resembles Syliva Saint a lot. I think I may have scarred her for life (lol) this scene was great - I ripped her shirt buttons off and went to town. I will give you one hint.....this scene did include a champagne bottle! WOW! The costumes for this movie are the best costumes I have ever had - all 40's vintagem hats, gloves, furs, garter belts and stockings.....lots of fun stuff. I watched one of the hottest sex scenes I have ever seen between Randy Spears and Shelly Long. He really let her have it. Chi Chi LaRue was the director so we listened to him/her yelling "lick his ass", "so fucking hot I can't stand it" all day. hehehe Trust me, you're gonna love this one. Off to bed - tomorrow is another long day. JJ

I am home - but not for long. lol The shoot with FHM yesterday went great - lots of really awesome stuff...VERY pretty. I can't wait to see the pics printed. Justin and I have a ton of stuff to do before we head to LA tomorrow for the movie shoot. We are off to the mall to get lingerie, etc. and then I'm going to talk him into a nice quiet dinner tonite - just the two of us (and the 3 dogs!) Yeah, that'll be quiet! hehehe We have to get some new office furniture today too since we're moving into our new offices next week. A much needed move with lots of space! Okay all, we're outta here. JJ

The shot yesterday went great!!! I did like 8 set ups for the magazine and some peripheral stuff. We did some behind the scene video that should be up on Club Jenna next week. I was totally pooped last night, but I had a great night snoring Justin and or Puff! So i am recharged and ready to go. The FHM shoot today should be fun. The last set I shot for them was awesome. I am getting preped for my Video shoot next week.....zen baby zen! Love ya... hugs JJ

Off to LA to shoot for REVOLVER Magazine...wooohooo. I won fan fav girl of the year!!! Very exciting. It shouldn't be that long of a day. Then the next day I am shooting for FHM. Off to the airport I go. Wish me luck.... Love as always JJ

There are about 20 people in our house today! WILL THIS EVER END? hehehe Justin is cracking the whip....the painters are painting like mad, the carpenters building like crazy! It's pretty funny. I guess we are both just sick of not having the house to ourselves - we've had workers in here for what, 2 months? (Note to self: make sure house is FINISHED before moving into it!) At least at this rate they may actually complete everything at some point. Okay, enough bitching...I have one last interview for my book and so need to knock that out so - off to talk about SEX! Later. JJ

I'm off to get my nails done. Got a bunch of things that need to get done the next day or two before I go to LA. I'm shooting for Revolver Mag and FHM this week - am really excited about both days. Then we start a pretty crazy shoot schedule so I need to get all primped up! lol I have a kink in my shoulder (did it last week during the Hustler shoot) and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. I figure it MAY be good if I could actually TURN my head for the shoots so am off to have the doc look at it. See you all later. JJ

We're up and heading to the Pink Taco for a bite to eat before Moe and Jayme head back to Phoenix. Justin and I are going to hang out today with Daniel - do some shopping, lay by the pool, have a nice dinner. We decided to stay another nite and drive home in the morning. Hope everyone has a great day! JJ

We made it to Vegas - I was up til 6am this morning getting my hair done (the things women do!) so we didn't do anything too terribly crazy last nite. Justin and Moe hit the tables early this morning and then we went (SHOCK!) shopping. LOL Jayme and I spent as much of their $$$ as we could - figure if they were any good at the tables they could win it back. Right? The wedding was beautiful then off to Crazy Horse we went to celebrate. hehehehe Hey, it is VERY important to support your local strip bar! (Just ask Ricky!) lol Nite.......JJ

Kris' Bday was great...I made the cake. I made a German Chocolate cake. It was really good, but for some reason it didn't rise too much and it was only a few inches high. I was extremely stressed over the whole ordeal. Kris is like the ultimate cook and she goes crazy trying to make everyone�s birthday I wanted to try and make hers special. Turns out the cake tasted awesome and she was sooo happy. It was a nice relaxing evening with the family and then off to bed early last night. Justin is really sick..flu sore throat thing. We leave for Vegas today for a friends wedding. It should be fun...hopefully Justin will feel a bit better. Our house is in shambles, still!!! The painters are restaining the stone and reroll the interior's a mess!!! I think all the work in the house is starting to get to me... I have no peace..ahhhahhha. LOL, I just have to be patient for a bit longer until everything is done! Time to pack for Vegas ... Hugs and Kisses JJ

I am home from LA - spaghetti arm and all! Good Lord! So how many of you have spent 4 hours hitting a tennis ball? The house we shot at was HUGE and had a beautiful tennis court (next to the pool, jacuzzi, outdoor gazebo, dining area...etc., etc. I have to admit, I did better than I thought I would. lol We did the scenes about 737 times (I am getting tennis lessons while being coached by my "boyfriend" who is talking to one of his friends about running for office)so by the end of the day......move over Anna Kournikova! hehehehe I guess if you spend 4 hours practicing (forehand AND backhand) you are bound to find your groove, huh? The director was awesome and the crew that are working on this show are really great. Linda was doing the smoozing while I was playing "Jenna" so between the two of us, they didn't stand a chance! lol Rumor has it that they are looking to cast me in a couple more episodes so I hope that works out. We made it home safely - it was a great day. Wonder if I'll be able to move tomorrow? hehehe Tomorrow is Kris' Birthday - go, Kris....go, Kris it's your birthday!!! Nite everyone! JJ

We have been some photo-shootin' fools the past two days! Brett and Alex stayed in town a couple of extra days and we went on location and shot a ton of new stuff for the site. Really LONG days but we had a great time and got some really cool stuff. It's been fun having them staying with us. Gives me a chance to do some cooking and practice my WINE POURING skills! lol Linda and I are off to LA in the morning. Shooting another episode for "Mr. Sterling". We found out it is supposed to air in January. I'm supposed to be getting tennis lessons for this segment so that should be interesting (since I don't PLAY tennis!) Hope I can hit the ball. We'll let ya know how it goes....later. JJ

Call me Jenna Ross! Justin got me a sewing machine as a surprise yesterday!!! I was talking about how I wanted one the day before. i have been watching the "trading spaces" and "while you were out" shows and have had the itch to make some stuff...hey , I was great in home ec! So, today I went and got a ton of fabric, pillow stuffing material, and patterns...LOL. This will be pretty interesting, Justin wants to document it and put it up on the site. Hardy har har! I took me a half hour to learn how to spool and thread the F'g thing! The machines have sure changed a lot since I used them! I hear the machine calling... Maybe I will make everyone on the site an original shirt, LOL. Have a great night!!!! Love JJ
Here are some pics!

Missy and the kids are here today playing at the house...I don't know how she keeps her sanity , 4 kids and one more on the way!!! She still looks awesome, mmm mmm mmm! The kids are so cute, 10,9,2, and 9 months. They are quite a handful to say the least. Justin and our friend Daniel have been setting up a basketball hoop thing...its really cool. Justin got some wild hair up his ass to play now part of the driveway has been converted into a court. He is the self proclaimed worst B'Ball player in the world, LOL.. Actually he's pretty good. He just wanted the exercise and it will keep him off the computer!! Thank God! I will have to go out and school him a bit later today, heehehe. We watched the Spiderman DVD last night with Missy. Great movie, very true to the comic. I give it an A all around! Aunt Jenna is being summoned...Love Ya'll JJ

I think I am stil hung over from the party. I think the limo ride home was the best... A few of my friends decided to strip and grind for each other in the car, mmmmmmm. Bret a.k.a. "he goat"and his new bride are in town so I'll be doing some entertaining this weekend. I need some aspirin right now! Ugh JJ

As you know, last nite was the CJ Halloween Party at Cat Eye! The place was slammed full of so many people you could hardly move. There were some great costumes (check out the pics) and everyone had a great time! Missy is here for a few days so it was fun having her with us. Kendra Jade is also in town and CJ will be doing some work with her site so look for some great stuff from her! It was a fun party and everyone had a great time. (so much fun we spend today recovering, lol) We're off to Kris' for a Halloween Party and to stuff our faces with cupcakes and candy! Happy Halloween! JJ

I am home. Thank, God! Today I shot for Pony-not the most organized day but once we got going it went great. lol They shot stuff for a billboard and then for their new campaign. We did the shoot at the LaBrea Boxing Ring and that was pretty cool. Lots of big ass tough guys there (and me giving 'em a run for their money!) hehehe

We met our friends Brett & Alex at the airport and we all flew to AZ. They're going to stay with us for a few days, go to the Halloween Party and then we'll shoot some stuff over the next few days for CJ. I'm off to bed...JJ

Man, did I wake up with a sore throat today! Not good. I rested for a bit and then got ready for my reading. I read for a movie called "The Girl Next Door". This is the same director that did "The Animal" (one of my favorite movies). I headed to Trashy and did some costume shopping for our Halloween party, had dinner with some friends and am getting some sleep. Talk to you all tomorrow! JJ

Off to the airport early this morning. We're here in LA for a couple of days. Today I shot for Hustler Magazine and WOW! was this stuff ever awesome! Laurent shot it and he says he thinks it's the prettiest stuff he's ever done with me (ahhhhhhhhh!) We did the cover and a layout for the Valentine issue - can't wait to see it in print! I'm off to get some sleep....still not feeling 100% so I need my rest. Nite all! JJ

Going shopping today and getting the nails done!!! The chat went really well last night that I did for Video Secrets. Everyone was really nice. A thanks out to all the CJ members that showed in the chat room...I wish I could have yapped with you guys... I will be doing a CJ video chat soon, I think on Halloween. We have a few special guests in town for our Halloween party on Wednesday, so I think I'll have a few of the girls on with me in the chat!!!!! I'll try and work my magic on them, woohooo! Ok, I'm off. Have a great day!!! JJ

Toaday was hysterical, I took Justin's mom and sister to the spray on tanning place! His mom was soooo funny, she's 67 and looks awesome. But she hasn't tanned for 4 years!! It was so funny , she is the cutest. I love her like my own mom. So, we 3 girls did a little bonding today. I need to cut this diary a bit short; I have to hussle and get ready for the chat tonight. I hope everyone is's from 5-8 PST. I am going to be using my new Jenna Beaver Vibrator from Doc Johnson!!! See you in the chat...LOva as always , JJ

Ok, it doesn't hurt to breath anymore, LOL. My body is back to normal and I�m feeling great! Except for all the workers in my house 10 hours a day everything is great, lol. The total lack of privacy will drive anyone insane. I like being a total couch potato for a day or 2 after I have a tuff work week. I like sitting in my PJ's not having to worry about be glammed up. No shower nothing, Just playing I never stink!!!!!! Ok , maybe that one time...hehehhe. Justin sliced his thumb open on Sunday trying to put up some temporary shelves so we can get our clothes out of boxes until the closets are done...which at this rate will not be until May 2005! I think this is the perfect reason he hates putting stuff together...well, he had to go to the hospital and get 5 stitches :( He was mad. i guess he waited for 2 hours before going to the hospital in hopes that it would stop bleeding. We did my schedule for the next 3 months yesterday and it put me in a total depression. I wish I could clone myself! Wouldn't that be awesome. Like the movie Carbon Copy. I loved that movie, one of my favorite lines when they are explaining the retarded clone..."you know how sometimes when you make a copy of a copy it's just not as sharp as the original..." too funny. I feel like that copy all the time, lol. Ok, I am off to ride Chavah. Have a great day. JJ

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am home from the cold reaches of Rhode Island! My first day started out quite incredibly, which is out of the ordinary for me. Usually when I go on stage for the first show... my feet and body don't move as well as they should. The minute I stepped on the stage, everything just flowed. I danced to Christina Aguilera's new song "Dirty"... I can't even tell you how sexy that song is to groove to! I ended up dancing to that a lot while I was in RI. The next day, just like I predicted I was so sore I could barely move. I hurt so bad, that breathing was a chore! I took my beloved Tylenol and tried to smile... UGH! My first show the second day was a lot rougher than the prior shows (understatement)! But, ya know, all the pain disappears when that rush of adrenaline hits you as the crowd chants your name. I took a couple of minutes off to watch the Foxy Boxing they have going on down stairs. I always love witnessing the beatings the girls lay down on poor unsuspecting guys. Well, Mike and Scott were sitting behind me, trying to keep a low profile... bad idea with me around! I offered them up to the wolves, by paying for a little wrestling bout between them and some hot wrestling chicks. Well, it was in shaving cream and the poor guys got ruined, in full clothing! They were such messes when the girls got done molesting them... I have to say, I laughed harder than I have laughed in a long, long time. I'm so glad they were good sports about it... If it were me, I probably would have been a little PO'd! Anyway, I had a wonderful time, and hope to go back to the Foxy soon! See ya in the forum!
Kisses and shaving cream headlocks,

Alright... I am now settled back in my place of dwelling. Feels good. The flight home was certainly a pleasure, Lufthansa is a wonderful airline... Except that the stewards bugged me every five minutes to refill my drink, that kinda sucks when you are trying to sleep away that yucky jetlag! I know, I know... I shouldn't complain about first class... I always seem to find something to rant about! I guess that's part of being a woman... a flag I proudly fly.
Now that I am home, I have to start preparing to jet off to Rhode Island, for my first dance gig in quite a few months. I can't even convey to everyone, how sore I am going to be! My muscles have pretty much given me the finger when it comes to strenuous exercise! But, I will tough my way through it, I will be doing that with my trusty friend Tylenol! Last night, I was laying in bed thinking about the trip to Providence, and I realized how much I miss hanging with my friends and fans on the road. I forgot how much fun we have partying and gossiping! I can't wait to see all my CJ peeps, I just wish you ALL could be there, that would be fantastic! OK, everyone it is time for me to make my preliminary run to the drug store to pick up eye lashes and anti-bacterial soap for the road.... All my love, JJ

Okay, I'm ready to come home! Actually, I'm just gettin in the groove of things and today was the last day of the Fair. WOW - this was really a great opportunity - definitely worth the trip. Now we have a couple of days to have some fun and we're looking forward to seeing Osty! I'm rushing to get ready for dinner so will give you details on my day later. I'm starving!!!!! JJ

Can you say "jet lag"? What a day. Talk about crazy - this Book Fair is ridiculous. There were 250,000 people there today and I swear I must have met every one of them. lol I had meetings every 30 minutes from 9:30 this morning til about 6pm. The fair isn't open to the public so all the people I am meeting are people who will be promoting my book. I'm spending most of the time with Judith Regan at the Harper Collins booth so everyone comes to us. I'm having a fun time and meeting some really great people. (But, DAMN am I tired!) We're heading out to dinner and then rest for another full day tomorrow. We miss you all! JJ

Packing Packing joy joy. We leave for Germany this morning. I am pretty much ready except for having to finish packing, get my nails done, and find my passport... OK, I guess I am not ready, LOL. Our passports got mixed up in the move and we need to locate them quickly! We fortunately have a nonstop flight so it's ONLY 13 hours of flying. Barf! Hopefully while we are gone the construction guys will get most of the house done! The exterior of the house was painted last week and the have to redo the trim color...for some reason it was much darker on the sample and in real life it looks identical to the main color, ooops. Funny how that works, Justin and the painter were comparing the paint that was used to the one given as a sample. They both thought it was off. Everything is unpacked at the house except for our clothes which still remaining in the revolving boxes until the closets are done! Let me tell you how much of a pain in the ass that is. Ok the packing continues... Hugs and kisses to all JJ

Went to a friend�s funeral yesterday. The services were really nice. The attendance was amazing, at least 400 people showed. I do not do well at funerals; they are an uncomfortable thing for most everyone. I never really know what to say to the grieving family members and loved ones. It's really sad watching the ones you love overcome with sadness and sorrow. I know funerals not only make you feel sad for the loss of a friend/loved one, etc, but also give you that feeling of impending doom in regards to the ones that are closest to you. I always think of what it would be like if so an so was the one that past on...and then even a deeper sadness comes over me. The funeral was for Justin's sister�s brother in-law. He was only 50 and past on during a racquetball game. He left behind a beautiful wife and 2 kids. He was a preacher at a local Baptist church and also ran the grade school associated with it. Many will miss him. He lived his life as a good man and will be rewarded justly in Heaven. I have met him only a few times and was there more for support for Justin's sister and her husband, whom I am both very close with. Death is such a hard thing to deal with, I mean I know that you are supposed to be happy for the person because they will be going on to the next passage of life...but you feel a loss and sorrow. Is this a selfish felling? I mean we are sad because they are not part of our life anymore... Every time you see death I think everyone has a revelation... a quick look into their lives and a self-evaluation of am I ready...have I experienced life, have I reconciled with myself and my loved ones. My life has been passing me by because of work. I constantly push myself back for my career. Isn't that wrong? I know a lot of you out there do the same thing. Some times I look at someone with a simple life and admire them. Take for example a surfer who everyday hits the water for hours enjoying life. Works enough to pay the bills and have some extra cash, but lives life to learn, enjoy, and be happy; no stress. Wow, what would that be like? Maybe I should take up surfing...oopps I live in Arizona, ok next idea, LOL. Time to start packing; I head off to Germany tomorrow for a week. We are going to the big book fare to promote my book that will be out in May of next year. Have a great Sunday and take some time to enjoy life! JJ

Oh, by the way.. the Creed concert got cancelled at the last minute yesterday. What a total bummer!!!!!!

Daaa daa daaa...not a whole lot to say today. Just at the house working, trying to get my schedule together for the next few months ahead. I have a dance gig at the end of October...I haven't danced forever and need to get in shape for it. I have started daily stretching and some light cardio. I need to quit smoking it has destroyed my cardio. I am quitting the first of the year; it will be my New Years Resolution. Smoking is suck a bad habit... I wish that I had never started. It is so addicting and unhealthy. I will be the first to say it DO NOT SMOKE! Isn't it funny how every smoker says that but they still smoke! The hypocrisy of it all kills me. I hope when the New Year comes around I can stick to it. Justin will keep me too it, he hates smoking. Ok time for a smoke, LOL. Talk to you all later! JJ

I am totally stumped on what to get Justin for his birthday. Its a week away I have no clue. He always says he wants nothing. I�m sure he'd be real happy if everyone got him nothing. It's funny how people say that. He always plans out my gifts. Last year I planned a great trip for his birthday in Mexico...unfortunately a hurricane came and the trip got canceled. This year I have no idea, maybe a new vacuum for the house, lol. He buys himself everything that he wants so it is next to impossible finding a gift. When I asked him the other day he said for a year give me a blowjob whenever I ask for it! Pig, LOL! How do you wrap that up? And can he open that up in front of his parents! LOL LOL LOL. Time to hit the net and find something. If you have any ideas feel free to email them to me, [email protected] .

We just got tickets for the Creed concert on Saturday!!!!! I can't wait. I really like Creed and I hear they have a great show. We are going with a prety good size group of people and should have a blast. We have been waiting to see Creed for a while now. Hurry up Staurday! The countdown starts, LOL. JJ

Toady I spent designing outfits for the CES show for all our girls to wear. We have quite a few under our wing this year.., Briana, Jill, Haven, Ashton, Nina, Chloe, and a few more we are adding to the roster! We have undoubtedly the hottest girls to ever grace the net! So , I think that their outfits should properly represent them. I love to design it's neat. Definitely a change of pace. Tonight is date night... Justin and I are actually going out on a date; we never have much time just together aside from work. I think that every relationship needs special time to spend with just one another doing something fun. We are leaving for the book fair in Germany on the 7th, so we need to hustle to get things going. I Dream of Jenna has been selling unbelievably well...we set a new record for sales and the reviews have been awesome!!! The VHS is in stores now or can be purchased in our store. The DVD will be released in the end of November early December. Ok I need to get ready for tonight�s festivities. I ran across this amusing article today that I thought I might share to everyone... Have a great night JJ..... "Whaddaya mean it's not in stock?" I overheard this several days ago in a sporting goods store, when a customer brushed aside inferno-like heat to ask about a snowboard. If it's you as a customer doing the asking, stop and think � no, for the most part, means no. If you're on the other end, no matter how incredulous or rude, it's always best for you or your salespeople to calmly repeat that the item isn't available. If the customer has somehow gone deaf in the past 20 seconds, suggest that a manager or supervisor might help restore his hearing.

"I cannot believe how much this costs!" Heard this one in a convenience store in relation to a Snickers bar. (Amid the slime left behind by Enron and WorldCom, here's a vile instance of corporate piracy.) Granted, many items can be rather steep, but last I looked it isn't the woman with the name tag setting the going rate. If you hear such a comment, politely remind the consumer about that particular dynamic of our economy. And if, by chance, you do decide on prices, simply say you're sorry they find it's high but that's what you're charging. It's a nice way of saying take it or leave it, Diamond Jim.

"Let me finish this call first." This has never happened to me, but it's one with which I surely sympathize � the clerk patiently waiting for a customer to end a cell-phone call before paying. Not merely rude, but, I suspect, an exercise in pure narcissism. ("Look at me, everyone! I'm talking to the video rental store while I'm buying a box of Count Chocula!") If you're talking with a salesperson, become acquainted with your phone's off switch. And if you're dealing with someone whose phone seems every bit attached as an oversized earring, politely remind them that others are waiting.

"Could you hurry it up?" I've caught this remark more times than I care to remember. It's rude, brusque and inherently insulting. If you're pressed for time, try rephrasing it. (Such as, "It would really help me out if I could finish up here as quickly as possible.") If you happen to be the one who's accused of moving with the speed of erosion, simply remind your customer you're doing the very best you can.

"Just what is your problem?" Variants to add on to this global accusation include references to stupidity, lack of mental and emotional development, and other derision. There's no cause for this � if nothing else, who's going to suddenly going to snap to and offer exemplary service after you've just questioned their lineage? If you've just taken one of these in the face, immediately suggest that they chat with a manager or someone else � such as their own mother. You shouldn't have to deal with it, and trying to reply in any fashion may only sour things even more.

"I'm not leaving until I get what I want!" This is usually sputtered loudly in the hopes of attracting attention. Unfortunately, on the scale of lame ultimatums, this ranks right alongside Khrushchev's promise to bury the West. Try to remember that stores do, in fact, run out of stock � you can't simply embarrass someone into making that Martha Stewart action figure appear out of thin air. Faced with such a comment, tell a customer you're sorry they're dissatisfied (remembering, as one reader pointed out, that they are on private property and can, if need be, be removed).

A bonus bundle for No. 7. To conclude, I have a laundry list of quickie favorites as suggested by readers (some of which belie any sort of reasonable response):

"Can you get my money out? I just had my nails done."
Said to a child: "Johnny, be quiet or this salesperson will yell at you."
"Can you look after my child while I try this on?" Of course, madam, right after I finish chewing him out.
"Here!" (followed by money or credit card being tossed onto a counter).
"Do you work here?" Often said to a uniformed employee with a name tag who's been hammering a cash register for the better part of an hour. If you're the employee, answer with due politeness and you'll likely be up for a Nobel Prize. If you're the one asking this archetype of pure density, well, you'll probably get what's coming to you. But don't forget to ask the gray-suited manager at the insurance agency if they've sold out of copies of the new Barry Manilow CD.

Alone at last! Last night was the first night that we did not have any houseguests since we moved into our new house! What a night. We got back from San Francisco around 3 pm got home and relaxed by the pool. I made a nice dinner and we watched Kill Smoochy. The movie was really well written and the acting was great. I don't know if I would watch it again, but it was amusing the first time. Justin was giving me a nice foot rub during the movie and then slow eased his way up my legs to my pussy, massaging and spreading trying to be slick. Well it worked, I was dripping and begging for his tongue. He slowly started licking the outside folds of my pussy as his thumb found its way into my tight pussy. He sucked my clit into his mouth from the side and started his slow side flicking motion.... I was ready to pop in less than 1 minute... He kept teasing me, building it up and then backing away. I would grind my hips trying to find his mouth and to get his thumb deeper into my pussy..mmmm. He would slowly go back down onto my swollen clit building it up until he finally let me cum.. it was unreal every part of my body was shuddering as i clenched my legs around his head and squeezed as he sucked the cum out of my pussy. It was then my turn to please him. I got down on the floor in front of him and slowly pulled down his pants... I started at his feet, sucking his toes into my mouth and caressing his inner thighs my mouth traveled ever so slowly up his leg, never missing and part of leg until i got to his massive hard cock, mmm it was begging for me to suck it into my mouth. Justin�s hand was on the back of my head as he tried to push it down onto his big hard cock. I pulled back gently letting my nails trail up his dick. Watching his breathing as I stroked...I looked into his eyes and asked him what he wanted, the answer was obvious as he guided my mouth over his cock. I slowly sucked his head into my mouth every so slowly gaining my tongue over its tender underside. With one hand I cupped his balls while the other preceded my mouth as slid down his shaft. I sucked and stoked for what seemed an hour never letting him cum...getting him close and the looking at him and telling him not yet. Suddenly he pulled me up onto his lap spinning me around facing away from him as he quickly guided his cock up inside of legs started to shake as I sat down on every inch of that big cock...his shaft was glistening with my juice. My orgasm built quickly and for the next hour they came one after another until he finally pulled out and I took him in my mouth swallowing his cum.... Ok, I 'm wet again..time for round 2! JJ

Off to San Francisco for a buyers convention...I will be there from 1-3 pm today and then I will be hitting the town tonight. O farrel theatre here I come. Hope everyone has a great day. JJ

I got back from LA last night around midnight. I was pretty tired since I had to wake up that morning at about 5 am. I got to the set at 10 am and sat around waiting (that�s how it always is on TV sets). I met all of the other actors, and jumped into make-up. By the time my scene rolled around it was 2 pm and we were scrambling to finish the scene before sundown. All of the actors were incredible, and I felt a little strange bouncing around in a bikini next to quite a few older men in suits, but oh well... I never thought I would say I was uncomfortable in a bikini! LOL
We finally finished shooting around 8 pm and I caught the 9:30 flight home!
You guys, I am really looking forward to this new show on NBC (Mr. Sterling) I am not sure when it premieres, but I will keep ya posted. I chatted with the producer for the show all day, and he seems to want me as a recurring roll! WOW! I can't believe I may have a part on a TV Drama, and it isn't just a walk on! YAHOOOOOOO! Life would be great...ok, back to reality. I have to leave for the show in San Francisco Friday. i haven't been to this show in a while, so it should be fun. I am feeling a bit under the weather today...hopefully I will shake it tonight! The house is coming along nicely. We have the outside being repainted a new color next week and the closets still need to be finished as well. We redesigned them to fit more clothes...gee go figure, lol. Time for this kid to get some sleep...night JJ

Ah I had a great night sleep . I got a new book, Re Dragon. It's great... It is the predecessor to Silence of the Lambs. I love to read and haven't had a chance to do it for awhile. I have been working on my book for the past 2 weeks and I am going completely mad. I have been doing 3-4 hours if taped interviews a day! My jaw hurts! I leave for LA tomorrow . I will have apart in a new series for ABC...very exciting!!!!! So I need to run a few errands today and get ready for well as interview for the book...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Have a great day!

I am hung over! I had 3 glasses of wine last night and I'm hurting. I must be getting old...See what happens when you stop drinking and partying. My tolerance has dropped tremendously ove rthe last 2 years. I just don't have that drive to party that the sign of age? I like having a nice relaxing glass of wine at dinner or during a chat but thats about it. Even then I rarely finish the glass. We went out for Moe's, my friend and vice president of Clubjenna, birthday last night. We started way too early. Dineer was at 6 so we were at the bar at 8pm...then we had people over our house afterwards. Everyone left about 3 am...zzzzzzz
today is a interview and clean day! Yuck! Ok back to worki go... JJ

Wow, finally the chat is back to proper working condition! For awhile there it was really upsetting...I felt horrible that it was not working correctly and that I was not able to chat with everyone. I think the problem has been solved and now we will be having a good chat room up and running again. we got into day from teh Manson Art Show...which was very odd to say the least! it was a big to do and lots of stars showed up, He reallyis a talented artist. His subject matter is a tad on the dark side, like that's not expected! I liked a few of the paintings , but then I thought to myself ...where would put them? To give you and idea, one of the paintings was called the Joy of Rape...lovely! I guess he sold a decent amount that night..Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presely were 2 of the buyers. Needles to say it was fun and enlightening, LOL. I will try and have Rory set up a link to the site that displays the photos. Have a great weekend! JJ

7:30am flights are SOOOOO not right! Justin, Kris and I are off to LA for a couple of meetings today. We're meeting with Doc Johnson this morning to work on my new toy line (wait'll you see some of the toys we're going to have!) and then with Vivid this afternoon. Tonite we're going to Marilyn Manson's Premier Art Show so that should be interesting (to say the least!) Off to work! JJ

Today Justin left early for business meetings and I started my wifely duties of cleaning and doing laundry. I am really enjoying actually BEING HOME! I may NEVER go back to my hectic travel schedule (yeah, right!) I have some errands that I need to get done before we leave for LA tomorrow so I have got to get moving then off to have a facial this afternoon since I didn't get one yesterday! Hope everyone has a great day! JJ

I am an interviewing fool and am spewing sex advice/tips left and right! I've noticed even the painters have been writing some of them down. lol Maybe if they get a little more action at home they'll paint faster! hehehe I'm off to have a facial and then back to work. Talk to you later. JJ

The painters invaded the house this morning at 7:30am and covered everything in plastic so they could paint. Isn't that convenient? (It took me 20 minutes to figure out which sheet of plastic the DOGS were under!) We escaped the house and went to a graduation party for Justin's sister and hung out there most of the afternoon. I guess for a fun-filled evening I'll work on my book. But first.....a dip in the pool! JJ

It certainly was Friday the 13th! I think it started a little early by messing up the chat last nite! It's very frustrating - I know Josh is ready to pull his goatee off! lol Bear with us....we'll get it straightened out. And speaking of pulling hair out.....Justin has been soooo frustrated trying to get "I Dream of Jenna" done. Of course you never have tech problems til you're ready to make the master tape then all hell breaks loose. He was NOT a happy camper today - we're all staying out of his line of fire! I'm off to get my hair done and then back to the book interviewing. How much fun can a person have in one day? Later. JJ

Today is such a sad day. I don't think there isn't a soul who hasn't been affected by this tragedy - so much unnecessary suffering. We will never forget! Be sure and tell those around you how much you love them. Thanks to all of you for your love and support from all of us at Club Jenna. JJ

Hey! We're unpacked!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!! The house looks great and we have everthing in place and unpacked except our clothes! (I think we are both afraid to tackle that job!) Gotta run.....the painters are splashing paint on me! (Rude!) JJ

Today was birthday party day! It's Andrew's 1 year birthday so we're all headed to Kris' for the big celebration. Of course Justin and I went crazy shopping for him, hehehe. Hey, a kid can never have too many clothes, toys, sterling silver toothbrushes.....need I go on? Moe manned the bbq and grilled up the burgers & dogs and Linda and I kept the wine flowing for all who would partake! lol MORE WINE! It was a great day - JJ

Will this madness EVER end? I mean, much crap can two people have? A DAMN LOT! Actually we are making great progess and the house is looking really good. Justin is so excited and so are the dogs. They're running around the house in a euphoric frenzy (Justin included!) hehehee Justin's Mom and Kris will be here in a bit and we're going to tackle the kitchen. Hope you all have a great day. JJ

Whoa.....we had waayyyyy to much fun last nite! And Club Jenna has a LOT of hung-over employees this morning - lol. At least everyone had a great time. Okay, everything is moved to the new house - now someone just needs to unpack the 812 boxes and put everything away....hmmmmm, wonder if that is in the CJ staff job descriptions? Gotta check. Back soon. JJ

I've decided we should just leave everything in the old house and get NEW STUFF! That way, NO PACKING! We have boxes stacked from floor to ceiling - AND THAT'S JUST OUR CLOTHES AND SHOES! (lol) Justin has GOT to stop buying so much. hehehe Two of the movers have already turned in their resignations! Amateurs! I've got to get going - we're heading to a new club's (Coyote Bay) Grand Opening with some friends - I guess we'll be going NAKED since everything's PACKED and God knows where! Well, that makes it easy to accessorize. Right? I'll check in when I can. btw - I'm never moving again. JJ

LET'S START THIS DIARY OFF WITH THE BASIC FACT THAT ...MOVING SUCKS BIG DIRTY DONKEY ASS!!! I think that sums it up back to packing ...Have a nice evening! JJ

Just got back in town from my shoot in LA. My first bondage what a trip. The shoot went really well...and let me just tell you , I really got turned on getting teased sooo much. We took 1500 pix during the shoot and I want to get them up asap. For you guys to see. We did some crazy stuff. I did my first scene with Dru Berrimore and Emily...then on to Nina Heartley and myself...woooohoooo she rocked me , it was awesome. then I was with Emily and Ava Vincent... Ok, that was just the first day!! I WILL GO INTO DETAILS OVER THE NEXT FEW DAYS. I HAVE TO START PACKING FOR TH EMOVE FIRST THING IN THE MORNING AND i NEED TO GET SOME REST. NIGHT ALL...JJ

I'm here and off to set...Eminem swept the show that is cool!! Ok, now time to go get Back to reality... JJ

I'm off to lovely Los Angeles for my first Bondage shoot. i am a bit nervous because I have never done on eand I have to be a dominent in one of th escenes...I am more of a submissive. I don't mind getting a good spanking! Heck, I know when I'm bad, lol. We are driving out after the MTV video awards. I hope the Eminem video does well!! I am totally ready to go...I hardly had to pack anything this will be a quick trip. The awards are coming on ... kisses and hugs as always!!!! JJ

Today will be a great fun day...i get to continue packing and sorting of my closets! Ok, afte 3 days of this it's starting to get old. I knew I had a lot of clothes ...but not this much. It's like it is coming out of the wood work. I take my first Jiu Jitsu class this afternoon!!!! I think it will be fun. it's great conditioning and a gret art to learn. Justin teaches me some moves and I am pretty adept at them. The interview I did with Bill Orielly was on th eOreilly factor last night. I like his show more and more...he is funny. Very intelligent guy. to packing I go...1 more weekuntil I move! Have a trully awesome day! JJ

Oh ..packing I will, go oh packing I will go ..hi ho the merry ho i am a packing machine. We are moving on the 3rd of next month so I need to get a head start on packing up my clothes. Actually, I am going through and separating them into give away and keep piles. The next few days will be busy getting reaady for the move. I really don;'t like moving...for that matter I don't know who does...LOL. We are having a moving company come in and pack up the house and move it well as unpack it at the new house :) I leave for LA again on Thiursday. We will be shooting Jenna Loves Pain on Friday and Saturday! I need some to you later...JJ

I am a couch potato... I have not moved in 2 days, hehehee. It feels great to be lazy for a few days. after looking at the ghost in the room post in the forum...i bumped my head jumping out of the chair...can I sue for that? LOL. Holy shit was that funny... I tried it on 3 people since I got my ass sacring. Misery loves company,lol. Today I am going wakeboarding with Justin and a few friends!! I can't wait I love it. I haven't gotten to go all summer and the weather is just right here now. The high during the day is only around 100... cough cough ... only,lol. Tonight I will be going to the new house for a night of kareoke (which I hate with a passion) for a friends birthday. Justin has been practicing a few tunes,lol. I will be attending for the drinking aspect and support aspect only. Ok, I'm off to the lake!

Well, I can finally hear again. I must be getting old. That was the loudest concert I have ever been to! Wow, it was so loud your ears hurt the whole time. We had a great time...I think I am a bit rapped out though. We got there for the first show that started at 6"30 and Eminem started about 10:30..non stop rap..ahhhh. Rap does not sound that great live..after 4 hours. Eminem was awesome though. His show was very impressive. He is a great performer as well as his back up band , D12. After the show we went to the after party and I got a chance to yap with eminem ...he's always so nice. We got home around was a long day! I am still in veg mode and will not be leaving the house today...hmm maybe I can break out my new vibrator from Doc's called the Jenna Beaver!mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..hehehee

I can't believe I am finally home. I got a little shopping in yesterday before leaving LA - there's a shocker!! Flew home last nite, got ready and headed to Opium for my "Jenna Jam" party. I threw a pre-concert party to get everyone ready for Eminem's "Anger Management Tour" which is tonite. The party was crazy! You know, 1200 of my closest friends, lol. My boy Super Snake from KISS 104.7 hosted the party with me and we had the whole place going crazy. Great time! Of course we continued the party @ Cat Eye afterwards - gotta spread the madness! We're all going to Eminem's Concert tonite w/my buddies from D12 - did I mention I will be on the cover of their new CD? :) Go me, go me! When I have a release date I'll let you all know. Ok...gotta chill for a sec before the craziness begins....soooooo glad to be home! Later. JJ

I am sooo tired and pissed. I just got off set . My call time was 10 am and I sat arround on set all day until 8 pm before they did anything with me...HEY , I AIN'T NO SHOW PONY!!! Come on lets get organized here! I was pleasent and all, but enough is enough. I hate shooting days like this. Ahhh. and i have a 11 am call time to reshoot the I Dream Of Jenna box. I am going to be tired..Monday night I am hosting a party back in AZ and then tuesday I am announcing Eminem in concert in AZ. On wednesday , i fall over dead from i need to get some sleep ,,,night all..JJ

Just got done shooting the box for I Dream Of Jenna, hehhee myself..that's kinky. It's 8pm in LA. The shoot went unbelievably well. I am soo happy with the shots!! I can't wait to see th ebox. I can't wait to get home , I am a bit burned out right now. i am tired but need to get a bite to eat. Hopefully I will get a good night sleep and then back off to Az. I haven't even had any time to get myself off! This is bad... talking about being neglected! i think that is why I am so grumpy right now. I am on edge... need to relieve some pressure. That is what porn is meant for ... sexual relief. I think of it as a sexual release valve for society. Over the last 6 months I have been so busy I have seriously neglected my sex life like. Justin is complaining...we need more time, away from work. I know it's bad when I haven't masturbated for awhile...should be a daily ritual! I am making a vow to heavily masturbate and have sex these upcoming weeks!! Ok on that not I am off for sushi and then back to my room for a lat enight masturbation...JJ

I finished up at around 10pm last night...long long day. But the stuff looked beautiful ,so it was worth it. I had a great interview with VH1 and shot the cover of Tongue magazine yesterday as well! So , all in all it was a very productive day. I didn't get a lot to eat ..I think someone on crew ate me sandwich I had set aside.hmmm...rude,lol. Today is a much easier day and hopefully I can get some shopping in :) Time to start the day...small breakfast, to the gym, and then off to get my nails done. Have an incredibly awesome day...or at least smile!!! JJ

Off to LA for 4 fun filled days of shooting and interviewing! I'm shooting a new line for Vivid's new company Peach. It is a mature only line that has awesome looking girls strip , teasing, and softly masturbating! I will be doing an interview with Gene Simmons from Kiss for his new show on E as well as doing an interview for VH1. Friday more interviews and body scanning and then on Saturday i will be shooting more Peach stuff. Sunday i am reshooting the box for I Dream Of Jenna. That kind of sounds weird when I say it..I dream of very narcisistic! I have to be on set at 10 am I am off to the airport ...early yuck!!! Kisses hugs and cuddles..JJ

Cher was awesome!! The concert was unbelievable!! We were sitting maybe 4 feet away from her center stage... I couldn't believe it. She looked the best i have ever seen her. Her performance was excellent from the costumes , chereography, to the singing it was all great. For someone who is 57 she can still put on a show
Kris and I had a blast. I think Kris, Justin's sister and head of merchandise at ClubJenna, is one of Cher's biggest fans. It was great watching her enjoy the show. I wanted to buy some of Cher's merchandise , but the lines were rediculous. I think performers make as much on merchandise as they do for's amazing to see people waiting in line to get a $50 Tshirt or a $60 hat.. the stuf is not even signed...crazy. Justin got us the tickets as a psesent off of Ebay, my fav place to shop. It really was a fun night . I guess this will be her last tour...that's what they all say though...hopefully she'll do another one. It was cool I think that she got word from the security staff that I was there...she was winking and smiling at me the whole show...yeah baby yeah!!! I'd pound her!! Now that would be a different movie,lol. Ok, off to the office for a few meetings...have a great day!! JJ

I'm back home and scrambling to get ready for the Cher concert...Our flight was delayed from LA, as usual. Now I only have like 25 minutes to get ready for the concert. Cindy Lauper is the opening act... I could probably live without seeing her anyways,lol. Just wanted to let you know I'm back and rushing as usual. I need some MORE WINE!! Shit, the Limo's here.....JJ

I'm going to Disneyland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait we got up early and we are meeting 2 of Justin's and their kids at Disneyand today! We are going to hit the new Calafornia Adventure land. i will let you know how it is. We will try and get some pix as well. i am very excited about the whole thing. I really like rollercoasters and they have one of the new belt drive coasters there...oh yeah! Talk at ya later!!

We had a great shoot yesterday - or should I say today? It' 5:30 am and we are just wrapping up the shoot. I am so tired and sore I don't even know how I am walking! The shoot was amazing....too damn long, but amazing. It was great working with New Sensations again - everyone was great. Believe me, this is the best interactive DVD EVER!!! We shot on HDVideo which gives a pic 4x better quality than anything else out there. I am basicaaly walking dead right now...and I have a shoot for Femme Fetale Magazine this afternoon! Entertainment Tonight is covering the shoot - wonder if they'll notice that I can HARDLY MOVE! I gotta get some sleep...can't wait til Sunday when I get to have some fun @ Disneyland! Look out Mickey, here I come (but first, can I get some DAMN SLEEP??) Later. JJ

It's about 1am and we just got off set....I'm beat. Long day but a good one. A&E came on set and shot/interviewed me on what makes a man/woman sexy and then my opinion on the list of 15 Sexiest People that they are profiling. It was fun...I got to comment on the people who made the list and some of the stuff they said. It's cool that they wanted my views on who made the list! That started the day and then on we went with the DVD shoot. I gotta get some sleep. Sooooo to you tomorrow. Nite. JJ

5:45 am... and i am off to the aoirport. Shouldn't there be a law against having to get up and leave this early? I feel a tad bit groggy. This should be a fun day. I shoot for the MTV show Becoming this afternoon. I get on set at 12 and should be outta there hopefully no later than 7 pm. Who knows though, most maintstream projects are so unorganinzed. It's amazing how mainstream crews look down on porn crews...when in all actuality th eporn crews are better are generally more talented and more efficient! Oh, the woes of living outside the moral boundries of society,,,LOL LOL LOL!! Have a great and Kinky day!!! JJ

Monday and its cloudy here in AZ.. now this is a treat! I love rainy days, we get so few of them ere...most likely thatt's why I lik ethem! I'm sure if I lived in Seatle I would not appreciate them to much. I have to leave tomorrow fo rLA again.... i am shooting for MTV tomorrow and the the interactive DVD for New Sensations on Thurs & Friday. As well as a interview for the A&E Channel. Saturday a mtg with some one pitching a show on VH1 for me and then DISNEYLAND ON SUNDAY!!!!!! Wooohooooooo... I can't wait! I 'm going there with Justin's sister and her kids. I love Disneyland. I guess we are heading over to the new park, adventure land, as well. I have never been to that part. i will take some pix for everyone to see. I'm gonna tan..have a great day!!! JJ

Back home ..ahhhh. i didn't sleep well last night. i stayed in LA and spent some time with Jill Kelly. She just broke up with her husband and she was sad. We stayed up most of the night talking and then I got an early flight out. Relationships can be sooo hard at times. I hate seeing a friend go through hard times. Jill is a great person and I love her to death. She was feeling a bit better after we talked. Every relationship is like a job...they are alot of work. When they are's awesome..but when they are bad..yuck horrible sad. Most people don't know when to call it quits, for fear of being alone. I have been in that position more than once. I think it is important be be happy and comfortable with yourself and be able to be alone...not codependent on someone. Jill is very independent and that has always been her strength. i know i used to be very depenent in my relationships. For once in my life I am complete. I have stability. Ok enough rambling. I love you all and have a great night..hugs...JJ

Another fun filled day..Going to LA to get my hairs done,lol.Trim and color time,,,whipppie! Hopefully i'll return hom ethis evening and get tp sleep at home. The chat last night was great , a lot of new people. Next week we are going to step up the to a racier chat, wink wink...heheheeeeeee. I will start posting a schedule for th ecahts as to which will be hardcore and which will be for the more Chatty Cathy types,lol. Ok gotta run to the airport,,,yuck...hugs and kisses to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok...well one hurdle has been conquered ..Bill Oreilly!! I am very happy with the piece...even though alot of great stuff was edited out. The interview was actually almost 25 minutes long. I had a few really good digs and actually had him on the defensive side. He was a very very good interviewer and I have much respect for him . He was extremely polite off camera and that goes along way. On camera he's just doing his job. I wanted to thank everyone for their nice positive comments regarding the segment on the Pulse. I was sooooo stressed before the whole ordeal. I will be posting the interview on the site as soon as we get a copy of it. Sunday I have a great segmnet on Fox show. Please make sure you check out your local listings for times! TRoday I am running to the new house to go over closet design ...I got screwed on the closets!!! LOL I basically need a house just for clothes. I will be donating a lot of my clothes before the move. Thanks again for being there for me!! JJ

Nerves are going crazy segment on the pulse is airing tonight...I hope they keep it fair! I am starting on my book. I guess most of my spare time will be devoted to writing..instead of self pleasure, lol. Ok, I'll get real there is plenty of time for both. I nfact I think I need to relieve some pressure..mmmmm. I'll get back to you after I cum a few times!!! JJ

Sleep...sleeeeep..zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Ok, today I woke up at 2 pm!!! I don't think that I have ever slept that late in my life! I must have been exhausted. We didn�t get back until late last night..after sitting in the runway for over 1 1/2 hours!!! I am looking forward to my chat This Friday at 7 pm. Everyone had better make it. August is going to be a crazy month ... I'm shooting 4 movies...ahhhh! The pain, lol. I have to fly into LA this weekend for a few meetings and then back home Sunday night...only to return to LA on I then shoot for 5 days straight! Yes, I will be I still have this fricken cold..I can't shake it . I am going to see the Dr tomorrow, I thin k it might have turned into a minor sinus infection. Whatever it is i am sick of it. Time for me to hit the BUN BLASTER!!! Talk to ya'll tomorrow. JJ

My shoot canceled that was scheduled for today. I am not real happy about it considering I stayed an extra day and a 1/2 to do it. I would much rather be home! last night we went out with the Morrisseys!! They are awesome, so much fun. We went to dinner at a place in Soho called Peasant. The food was excellent! From there we went to Pangere's nightclub. The place was packed. A really good crowd...lots of cuties!! We left there around 3 am and headed back to the hotel. It was a great night. Now I'm packing up and getting ready for our trip home. Hope everyone has a great day...JJ

I'm off to the Hampton's with Jill Kelly. We're going to be shooting most of the day with some of the sexy Hampton women! Wooo hooo! Wish you were here! JJ

Here we are in NY again. We had a looong flight -took the red-eye. We just got to the hotel. I wanted to have a chance to relax (yeah, right!) before Bill O'Reilly skewers me for national television tonite. I'm pretty nervous. Justin said he'll be in the background giving him the evil eye and flexing, Linda told me to "bitch slap him" if he gets mean. lol I'll let you know how it goes - think i'll have some MORE WINE! JJ

It's really late and I'm beat but......the taping w/O'Reilly went GREAT!!! I am sooo happy right now. Justin was so cute - kept telling me how proud he is of me and how I kicked ass. O'Reilly tried a couple of digs but I had good comebacks and feel really good about the interview. I'm exhausted and heading to bed...tomorrow is a busy day of meetings and interviews. But, we kicked ass tonite! woooohoooooo! Nite all! JJ

Ok, We got back safely from Vegas last night. You can only take so much of Las Vegas...3-4 days max. The drive home was great we watched...13 Ghosts (which sucked!), Monster Ball (great ..the sex scene with Hali Berry is unreal,,,I'm still wet!), and we watched I am Sam; an absolutely incredible movie. I can it an emotional roller coaster. Let me know if you think that Sam and the lawyer get together... Justin seems to think that it was alluded to..but he's a perv,lol. Lastnight we went for sushi and video games. My friend Joy from Wicked drove back with us and is hanging for the weekend. We haven't had a chance to hang out for a long time and it's great to see her!. Today is facial and massage day for us girls... JJ

Busy day today... had to get my hair redone and get ready for my trip to Vegas. I like my hair it's abit dark right now , but will lighten up soon. We are driving out late tonight ...I sleep Justin and Clay

Today was a great up early worked out and that went and looked at some dresses. Went by the office this afternoon caught up on some stuff...looked at our new awesome shirts that we just had made!!!! I am taking some pix of them tomorrow so we can add them to our new store. Justin started wrestling again and is bruised from head to toe..boys will be boys,lol. I leave for Vegas early on Wednesday of this week for VSDA. So, tomorrow will be filled with the joys of running errands and packing. It's been awhile since I have been in Vegas, I am actually looking forward to it. I just finished making dinner...bratwurst and potatoes. We had to break the diet for a meal!!! It was yummy and filled with fat! LOL. I'm going to go finish up watching Dog Eat Dog. That show is crazy very very funny. Kato Kaylan, Richard from Survivor, Kaya and Tiasa from temptation Island...yadda yadda are on the show. Have a great night..Hugs and Kisses to everyone JJ

The storms here are crazy! It's monsoon season in Arizona, wow. They are brutal this year. 50mph winds and 2-3" of water in 2 hours. The rain is coming sideways. Of course before the rains we have ridiculous winds that blow a few tons of dirt around! You should see the house and cars. We just had the windows cleaned...what a waste can't even see through them they are so mucked up. We were actually at an arcade, Jillian's, playing games when the storm hit. It was pretty amazing. We are now safely at home and dealing with the damage from the storm!! Time to clean, yuck. JJ

Last night our buddy Danny came over and we watched Black Hawke Down...what a great movie. It really gets you upset in many different aspects. We always stick our noses where they doesn't belong. Clinton was a real pussy in this situation and now we are paying the price for it. It sad to see so much needless bloodshed. I would love to hear what actually happens in this world...not all the propaganda crap that we get fed. It is a bit frustrating. I hope all this current war and terrorist threat stuff comes to a quick end. There is a lot more to life than fighting... and fighting over who's God is right..or who's great great great great grandparents had rights to this land...yadda yadda's all BS. Get over it and get on with life!

I am still sick and haven't been able to sleep for the past few nights. My fever has been bad and my head is on the verge of imploding, lol. It's Linda's Birthday today!! She turns 19 :) Ok, maybe 22=) I have been doing wedding planning while I have been sick. I am so excited!!! We decided, again, that we are going to do a big wedding, 200+ people. I can�t wait. I meet with the wedding planner next week. I have a new theory in life about getting up early...I like it! I used to like to sleep until 9-10 in the morning. Now I want to get up early exercise, ride Chavah and have a full day to get stuff done and relax. I think I've reached that age (23) where you start having different sleeping habits.
It's really peaceful in the morning. Justin gets up @5 am ...makes coffee, works on the computer , plays with the doge, and works out. I always thought he was I think he has the right idea. Well, maybe not at 5 am...maybe 6:30-7 a.m., LOL LOL. I have to meet with the carpenter at the new house today and go over closet design!!!!!!!! Of course me fav part of the house. Justin went nuts in the library/office in the house.. like 200k in build outs! So, now I get to go crazy with the closets and master bathroom! I wish the closets were a bit bigger...that is the one complaint I have with the whole house. The house is really beautiful and the back yard is huge. the dogs love it. that is the big problem at our current house; the back yard is small and has no privacy! The dogs need more room. The new house is on just over an acre of land...which out here is pretty big. to the dogs it's like there own park! poor stinky gets lost, lol. Oh, and by the way he got his summer shave down last week. The guy brings him back in the house after grooming him and says the stinky needs an exorcism! He wasn't very nice to the nice groomer! As a result of stinky�s attitude he got a lopsided haircut! I WILL TAKE A PIX OF HIM THIS MORNING AND HAVE THE BOYS UPLOAD IT. Ok time to hit the treadmill!! Have a great day...JJ


AHHHHHHHH.... I feel worse today. I had to cancel my shoot tomorrow; I hate that! There is nothing worse to me than that. My nose is pure red from blowing it and I think my head is pretty close to blowing!! I should shoot a commercial right now. Justin just got home from the bay, he's finishing up I Dream Of Jenna. I guess the movie is almost 2 1/2 hours long!!! That's a lot of sex, lol He brought me home some soup and Nyquil,mmm yummm yumm,lol. Hope everyone is happy and healthy out there... time to eat, I will talk to you in the morning...hopefully all better. JJ

I awoke to a sore throat, a stuffy nose, achy body, a hangover and the sound over a steam cleaner! I am sick!!! Last night was crazy... I got a bit buzzzzed to say the least. We had a blast; of course we took lots of pix. Rory should have them up this week. I can't believe I have a fricken cold in this 115-degree heat!!! I hope I get better fast, I have to shoot in LA on Tuesday and do a piece with Entertainment Tonight. Today will be a stay in better and rest day. I am having some soup as we speak. Talk to you all later, sniff sniff cough cough...:( JJ

Last night was fun...we went to dinner for Daniel's BDay. We went to a great sushi place called Sapporo's. We had sushi and tepan yaki. Of course we consumed a few shots of sake for the occasion. Justin and I called it an early night after dinner and went home for some nasty sex. I got it for about an hour and a half until we were totally exhausted!!! Unfortunately Daniel came home a bit intoxicated and forgot to leave the doggie door open. The dogs ate some Mexican yesterday... it was not a pretty sight!! Justin goes out to the garage to get the steam cleaner...and someone borrowed it without asking and didn't return it...HE WAS MADDDD!!! What a day,lol. Tonight we are going to my good friend�s, and Moe's Girlfriend, birthday party at a club called Opium. Moe reserved the VIP for the party and has an open bar for everyone,,,, now that's dangerous with our crowd!!! SO TIME TO GT READY. HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!! JJ

Happy 4th of July!!!!!! I love the 4th ...mainly because I love watching the firework shows. Unfortunately in Arizona most of the shows have been canceled do to the lack of rain and the current out of control raging fires we are having!!! I hope everyone has a great 4th. Today we are cleaning up the house...carpet cleaning and arranging... and then going over to Jim's (Justin's Brother) house for a BBQ. It should be a nice relaxing day. It feels great to be back home. Yesterday I just chilled around the house and did a little grocery shopping in the evening. We are on strict diets starting today. We purchased all healthy foods for the house!! No chips, cookies, candy, poptarts etc... oh shit, what has my life come too...A DIET!! Ahhhhhhh....LOL. We also got a treadmill for the house yesterday. It's too hot to run outside. Now we have a nice little gym at the house, Justin has the boxing area nicely set up, we have a smith machine and bench ( which is pretty much good for everything), and we have a great set of adjustable dumbbells. Oh, and don't forget the bun and thigh rocker by Jake, lol. I am now on a mission to get in shape! It�s nice every once and a while to not care and enjoy life, food, and laziness� lol. My problem is that I have no regimentation in my life. I am non stop on the go and living in hotel rooms on room service at 12 am. That doesn't do a body good. We should have some pix posted from my NY trip soon...we took a ton. It's nice being back in the nice brown desert... I was on sensory overload with all the green in the Hamptons! Ok, Gotta start project "GET IN SHAPE". Have a truly awesome 4th of July!!!! Hugs and kisses...JJ

I'm back form outerspace! I slept sooo well in my bed...ahhh so nice to be home! Yesterday's flight was easy. Poor Clay was still a bit green. The cab ride to the airport was hysterical, Justin was doing " The many faces of Justin" routine. We cought it on camera for everyone to see. We were crying! The flight was delayed for over an hour on the tarmat, but we made up some time in the air. Of course we flew America West, I mean Worst. Justin upon enering the cabin looked at the pilots and asked them if he didn't just see them in the bar. The steward snippily said that that wasn't appreciated. I replied" We don't appreciate your pilots flying drunk!" He shut up quickly! Hehehehee. Ok, the dogs are barking let me go see whats up.


I'M HEADING HOME!!! I can hardly believe it. I can't WAIT to sleep in my own bed. This was a reallllly long trip. But, we are headed to the airport and tonite we will be back in Scottsdale. I wonder if the dogs will remember who we are? Rory's been taking care of them so they've probably been subjected to numerous women and God only know what else! lol I'll talk to you when we get home! JJ

Clay has food poisoning. 1 little shrimp BROUGHT HIM DOWN! Poor guy - I feel really bad for him. So, Justin and I left him at the hotel and ran the streets of NY! This afternoon I shot my role in "The Chicken Club". This is Comedy Central's first original movie. I got to play myself so you know I was AWESOME! hehehe We are off to dinner (we'll get some shrimp for Clay!)so I'll talk to you all later. Be home soon! JJ

On the road again! I had one short day at home and am heading back to NY. Justin and I are going to the opening of Britney's new restaurant and then going the the Hampton's this weekend and hang out at a couple of the clubs! I'm shooting a movie for Comedy Central on Monday and then home Tuesday. I'll let you know how everything goes! JJ

Maybe you can tell me WHY the airlines only lose MY damn luggage!?! Of course Justin and I are supposed to be at a movie premier in a couple of hours and I HAVE NONE OF MY LUGGAGE! But.....they are trying to find it! THAT makes me feel better! Guess I'd better have MORE WINE and de-stress a little (lol!). Anyone have anything I can wear??? Gonna go chill. JJ

wow, busy day. Fox is doing a new show called the Pulse...the yare doing a small piece on me for teh show. WHICH IS REALLY EXCITING!! So, they covered some of the stuff in NY and now they are out her in AZ and with me all week in LA. I did my big interview today at the office. Then we al lwent to dinner. i just got home and I am totally stressed. We are shooting tomorrow in the a.m. and then I have to hop on a flight to LA....I have to pack for a whole week of shooting and meetings as well as do some errands before i go!! Not to mention i have to be at a premiere by 7:30 tomorrow night!!! Ok, stressed has more than set has over taken the body and i am about to go into convulsions. Calgon please take me away,lol. I just hope I can make the flight ... Need to go to bed..Love all of you ! JJ

My neck is still all kinked up , but I feel very rested. We are doing some spring cleaning at the office today and getting it all polished up for it's TV debut next week! Tomorrow is fathers day, so, I need to get a few presents today for my dad and for Justin's. Dad's are so easy to buy for. Today we are posting an awesome set that you guys/girls are going to love!!!! Meni is still in town as well as our friend Daniel. Last night we just ordered in and chilled at the house. Poor Justin hasn't been able to sleep ... to much work to do, so he's getting like 3-4 hours a night and then going in to work...poor guy. We are gone for most of the month and he needs to get everything edited and ready for the release of I Dream Of Jenna. Ok, time to make breakfast for the boys!

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....ZZZZZZ Wow, I think I finally cought up on my sleep. Last night and had the best wet dream. It was with myself and Britney, backstage in the bathroom. I was in there washing my hands when her security ushered her in ... she acted like she was there to use the facilities ..butas soon as she waived away her security..I realized that she was really there to use me to get off! She looks at me as she walks in and says"hey, jenna..I love your movies!" I almost died! She walked over to me all sexy and cute and kissed me on the lips. Ok, that got me going.. the dream was awesome, we had sex until we both were so tired we couldn't move. After we were finished she asked for my number and said she would like to stay at my house if that was cool...very nice dream very nice! Ok, I need to go masturbate thinking about it again..hey I like the girl. JJ

Britney was awesome last night!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went to the concert last night as well as sound check. Her sound check was cool ..very short though...she doesn't sing too much,lol. But she can really sing, her voice is much deeper than that on her cd's. She looked awesome. We went backstage for awhile before the concert it was cool. Security helped Justin and I to our seats stage side...the seats were unreal!!!! I was so excited. As we were walking by some young girls recognized me and yelled my name..I looked and then it all started.."Ohh my gosh it's Jenna Jameson!!" and then I got swamped. I did a ton of pictures and ws really cool. All young girls, I was amazed! So , the show britney looked great and danced incredibly well. Yes, she lip sincs, but who cares..she is hot!! We played smiles and winks for awhile with each other...that made my heart jump! The concert was great and then afterwards we went to a strip bar for a few lapdances and then home. It was a great night. Today I think I will just be in Britney Buzz Mode,lol.JJ

We just got into's 2 pm and we have to be at Britneys sound check at 4pm.. I need to hustle. I am sooo excited about the concert!! Ok, just wanted to sayI landed safely and that i am off to the concert! Have a great night!!!!!!! JJ

Today was ANOTHER hectic but, really good day. I did an interview this morning for Black Gold Hip Hop Magazine and it was great! Looks like I'll be shooting the cover with some of my favorite rap artists - I'll let you know when I we schedule it! I'm off to lunch w/my publicist and then to a couple of more meetings......non-stop fun! Talk to you later. JJ

I am beat! Yesterday we shot some AWESOME stuff here in NY. I'll get some pics up when I get home (I am going home someday, right?) Today I have lots of shopping to do! It's a dirty job but someone has to do it and Linda deemed me the "Mad Shopper" long ago I must! Miss you all! JJ

OOF...I think I might have had one too many last night...I am feeling a bit hungover today. My Dad is here which is great. He looks awesome! We have an interview at Fox for a piece that we are doing. It was nice strolling throught NY with my Dad catching up on things. The interview went great, he was incredible. Afterwards, I had to do some voice over work...that is something I love doing!!! Of course Justin got in on the action ..they asked him to do a voice of a character. He is great at doing voices - yoda..jarjarbinks..bullwinkle..munch..abe..etc etc,lol. So we had a great time. My Dad and his girlfriend got to watch so it was cool. For dinner we all went to Lucky Chengs...which is a dragqueen restaurant!!! It is hysterical...They perform while you eat. Of course they honed in on Justin and practically raped him , poor Justin. The food was great and the show was even better...those guys can dance!!! We had a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow I'm on Howard in the morning and then I have some publishing meetings in the afternoon. Wish me luck! JJ

We arrived in New York on time and we actually had a nice relaxing flight! The movie for the flight was Monsters, Inc...I loved that movie it was sooo cute. CG work has developed so fast into a medium that blows my mind!!! It looks so real. I loved the story and the charcters...very,very cute!. We got in and had dinner with Taylor and Marci. Nice and relaxing before the party. The party was crazy!! When you have 5 Vivid girls in one spot it tends to get slammed. We had a blast Dasha, Taylor, Marci and I hung out all night as well as my friend Missy! After the party we all came back and had a nightcap at the was nice we all just sat around and yapped ,lol. OK time for bed!!!! JJ

I'm a maniac maniac...I knooowwww...and I'm dancing like I've never danced before......Take a guess what movie I watched last night....Ding you're right Flashdance! I love that movie. I love the dancing, the clothing, and the whole feel of the movie. Put's me in a good mood. Today I need to do some girl stuff..nails, hair , tan...blah blah blah, lol. I realy don't enjoy doing them but I love how I feel aftewards. I saw Justin's and my scene from I Dream Of Jenna last night...hollllly shhiiiittt! 19 minutes of rock solid sex! Wow!! Nothing artsy just pure beautiful hard sex! 5 postions 2 pops! It's the way to end a movie. On that note, I thnk I will go and get myself off and then go about my day!! Do the same,heheheee. Kisses Hugs and rubs, JJ

Oh the joys of packing... I am hustling to get ready for the flight tomorrow. Another full day of travel! No biggie, hopefully I can fall asleep for the whole flight. We get in to New York and immediately go to the Revolver Party. Then Friday I am on Howard Stern playing the Weakest Dink Contest... it should be interesting. It is very unnerving...what if they ask me a silly quetsion and I freeze up...I know the answer but can not think of it...I will feel like a moron!! Now that is my biggest fear. I MEAN COME ON YOU GET NERVOUS JUST BEING ON STERN AND THEN THE ADDED IQ QUESTIONS!!!!! Ok back to the packing, lol. Talk at you tomorrow.

I went down and rode Chavah today. She looks great and was very happy to see me today. I can't wait until I am home enough to ride her everyday. We did some shopping for Justin's dad's B-Day and then went to his parents house for dinner. It was very nice and relaxing! Tomorrow will be a day of errands and interviews....woohoooo! The fun just never ends! I wonder what it would be like to have a normal job??? Would I be dreaming about being in the limelight and traveling? Most likely yes, the grass is always greener on the other side. Is there such a thing as a happy medium,lol. I figure that I'll unpack my bag tomorrow so that I can repack it on Tuesday..hehehee. Wednesday I am off to NY to do the Howard Stern show with the Vivid girls. I will remain there until monday ...we are shooting some shots for my 2003 calendar while we are there. I will catch you all later ...I'm off to bed... JJ

I got up pretty early today and got some stuff done around the house. Justin cleaned up the back yard while I worked on the inside. We took a swim and then did the video chat. Kris dropped off Andrew(our 7 month old nephew) and we watched him for the rest of the day. It was awesome...I love that little kid. He is soooooo cute. We seized the oppurtunity and took a ton of pix of him. I will post some on the site tomorrow. Justin photoshopped up some shots and printed them out for Kris by the time she came to pick him up. He is the happiest baby. It was very easy to watch him. He's at that age where he is starting to catch on to everything. He really understands what you are saying...and can associate objects to words. I can't wait until I have a baby...That will be in a few years! Off to dinner...have an incredible night.. JJ

Just another day in beautiful sunny Scottsdale!!!! I did my video chat last night for Video Secrets. It was me all horney!! I pretty much raped Justin when we got to bed!!! Ahh, nothing better than some great sex before you go to bed. He ate my pussy for at least 45 minutesw ...driving me insane...I didn't think I could cum anymore...and then ahhhh the session begins!!! Unreal!! So, now I am up early and ready for a nice relaxing day. We have another house showing today... Justin was up very early picking up the dog poooh, gross! The landscapers were unable to get into the yard, thanks to nacho, for the past 2 weeks that we have been gone. So , there was at least 40 lbs of poop out there. I am over my jet lag and ready to roll. There are some great things coming up! I have a ton of cool mainstream stuff on the well as a movie with JANINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is hot hot hot hot hot!! I am counting the days!! I know we are adding stuff to the site like crazy now. We are scheduling behind the scene clips on Tuesdays and Thursdays of every week! Have agreat day and give someone you love a kiss! JJ

Today started out about the same way yesterday went. No food in sight, walking 100 miles to get a cab and then having to go 45 minutes to Nice for the shoot! Arrrgggghhhh! I am sooooo not happy! We get to the hotel and meet Savannah (she's shooting w/us) and we start with the hair and makeup. David LaChappelle comes in a couple hours later and he's all excited about the shoot so that really helps our spirits. And then, we find out we're shooting at Elton John's house! We couldn't believe it! Okay, THAT may have made all the other crazy shit worth it! We spent hours in wardrobe (it was amazing!) and then off we went to EJ's house! Oh my God! You have NEVER seen anything like it! It sits way up on a hill in Nice overlooking the whole city and the Mediteranean on about 30 acres of land.....absolutely gorgeous! It was great to shoot w/David again...he is really amazing! When we were finished, Linda and Taylor and I were traipsing through the grounds like undercover spies and took some pics with the house as our background! This place was incredible! Whew! We got a taxi and headed home and in keeping with our crappy luck, the driver a)got lost, b) left his lights on when he went to get directions and had a dead battery and then, c) ran out of gas! Can you believe it? Are we the cursed Americans in France or what? We FINALLY got back to our LUXURIOUS accommodations about 10pm. Linda had some calls to make (they had booked us on a 6AM! flight the next morning!) so she was trying to get that changed (with not much luck I may add) when she almost passed out from sheer starvation so off we went in search food! We walked the mile & 1/2 to the taxi stand and not a fricken taxi to be seen! We debated just going back to the hotel but decided we may all die of malnutrition and concluded that more blisters and a bad dispostion was better than being hungry all nite. So - off we trekked! Linda (who was WAY past being tolerant at this point) saw a closed bar with some people still inside. She walked in and said "taxi" and by the grace of God they understood her and called us a cab! We finally got to a restaurant (ordered one of everything on the menu! jk) and felt as if we'd certainly been given a second chance at life! Replenished, we trucked back to the hotel and Linda started the tedious job of trying to reschedule our 6am (good lord!) flight. 2 hours later, in keeping with the crappy luck the rest of the trip has thrown our way, she came to the realization that we either make this 6am flight or we're basically screwed, pay $8k for new tix and live in Canne for the next 3 days. I, of course, opted for the 3 day vacation....she had other plans! (Did I mention that she no longer works for me? lol) I went to bed about 3am, she got everything ready for us to leave in the morning and, that we did. How she got me up at 4am is beyond me, but she did. (I did mention she was fired, right?) She must have traded favors to the guy at the front desk because there was a taxi waiting for us when we went downstairs at 4:30 - and off we went. Now, you'd think we'd basically had all the crappy luck we could have right........noooooooo! We were headed to Nice

So, here we are in France, it's about 10am and I honestly don't believe we could be more tired! Linda and I flew from Montreal to Boston, connected to JFK and hooked up w/Taylor Hayes and then caught a flight to Nice, France. Believe me, that sounds a hell of a lot easier than it was......of course we had to trek from one side of the damn airport to the next to catch our connecting flights (BOTH AIRPORTS!), haven't eaten all damn day and not a morsel of food to be seen and didn't get a chance to exchange US currency! WE ARE NOT HAPPY! We got checked in and Linda ran helter skelter down the corridor to find SOMETHING for us to snack on. She returns with the sustinance of all traveling Americans: (Nutter Butters, Ritz Crackers w/(real) cheese, Doritos and Cheetos) and we boarded the 8 hour flight to Nice. Thank GOD we had seats together and we settled in for the 8 hour flight! We got to Nice and through Customs and grabbed a taxi and headed to Canne. This was Linda and Taylor's first trip to France so it was pretty fun being with them on their first time there, but that feeling soon ended. We were booked at the Holiday Inn in Canne. I think that translates in French to "You can stay here cuz not even the roaches will!" We couldn't check in because it was only 10am and check in wasn't until 12p so we thought we'd go get something to eat and pass some time. After walking for about 2 miles (NOTHING, near the hotel OR open!) we finally went into a hotel to eat at their cafe. They looked at us like we were homeless and told us they only served to guests staying at the hotel but, they would make an exception, and put us outside at the end of the patio. (Rude!) At that point we would have eaten the leaves off the tree! We got some sympathy food and walked back to the hotel where 1 room was ready so the 3 of us headed to the room. I have BATHROOMS bigger than the room they put us in! We put the beds together and layed sideways on them and out of SHEER exhaustion, slept for a few hours (roaches nibbling on our toes!) We got up, checked into the other room and went to get something to eat before we all passed out! I swear I didn't even know the MADE hotels w/out room service! We walked 1 1/2 miles to a taxi stand (no taxis from the hotels!) and got a cab. We went down to the area the Festival was, did a little shopping, got something to eat and then trucked back to get a taxi and to the hotel. I've seen ironing boards bigger than the beds we slept on and I was NOT happy. (Remind me to ALWAYS have Linda take care of ALL travel arrangements from now on, ok? She would NEVER have put me through this!) We're off to sleep, tomorrow we shoot for Vanity Fair! I'm exhausted! JJ

Running off to set to shoot the horror movie today. It should be quick...I have a fight scene and then I get killed...woohooo..slash me up baby! This is going to be another one of those great travel weeks. I found out this morning that instead of going home on Saturday I have to fly to France. I am shooting there for one day and then flying home! Its huge though; I am shooting with David Lachappelle for Vanity Fair magazine!!!!! So, I couldn't turn it down. That's a whole lot of flying!!I wish I could stay longer ,but I need to get back for more work....oh joy! LOL. Ok, gotta run have an incredible day! JJ

I HAVE to get this stuff posted since I KNOW no one on earth will believe the day we had today. I worked until 2am this morn - UNBELIEVABLE day! The mold they made of me was way too breathed, jerked and everything. VERY CREEPY. We took a pic of me (w/the other me!) and we'll get it posted ASAP. Linda was on set when the "Shape" killed me and she almost flung herself across my (body) screaming "Noooooooo!" to save me from being killed. Needless to say, she managed to exercise some self-control telling herself "this is only a movie" and the shoot progressed! (How funny would THAT have been though?!) She was totally creeped out the rest of the nite! It was a loooong day (we shot til 2am!) but it was really awesome! Back to the hotel about 3am and we are off to France @ 1pm so we gotta get some sleep! I'm exhauseted, and bruised - guess that happens after you get killed about 40 times during the day, eh? Gotta get some sleep. Linda and I have a long travel day ahead of us. Nite! JJ

Oh Canada oh I mmm like thee Canada. Off to good ole canada again. My flights in a few hours so I need to hit the road. I will be there shooting the movie "Samhain". I have a small but fun role in it. So wish me luck..I'm off to the airport. JJ

I got me car back yesterday!!! Wow , it's been 3 months and it's finally done. The car was barely hit and the total damage was $22,000. Now that is ridiculous. The guy said the same accident in a Honda would have cost $1,500. What a rip ...the headlights are $1,440 a piece....hello! But, I am just happy to have my car back... and insurance gets the tab anyways. I t was weird driving it again... I know it wasn't a major accident, but it was my first. I'm sure I'll get over it on my next time out. Anyways today has been a nice relaxing day back at home. Justin is cutting away and I am here with the dogs reading; resting before having to leave again on Thursday. Have a GREAT day. JJ

On the road again...just can't wait to get home again...leave my Gstring in the wind ..I can't wait to get home again! We are heading out of LA back to lovely Scottsdale, AZ...home of the Diamond Backs...and Jenna Jameson! It's kind of rainy and really cold(60)in LA this morning. I feel very well rested after the 3 days of shooting; I know it's amazing,but true. The box went so well.. I can't wait until I get to see the pix. Ok, gotta run. Have a super day! JJ

Yesterday we shot the boxcover for "I Dream of Jenna". My good friend William Hawk shot it and Emma did make up so....between the two of them - it was BEATUIFUL! And pretty fun. Justin and I watched movies until about 2am this morning so I slept in a bit while he got the car packed. Heading home! Woooo hoooo! Can't wait to see the dogs and sleep in my own bed! JJ

Ohhhhhh - too many sake-bombers last nite! Justin and I went to dinner w/Emma....sushi for everyone! shhhhhhh not so loud....Of course Justin makes everyone drink. You'd think we'd learn his M.O.! Gotta shoot today - hope we can do it quietly. JJ

Here we go again! You'll never guess where I am today....IN LA (shock) at a PHOTO SHOOT! (gasp) lol Actually, this is one I'm pretty excited about. I'm shooting an ad for Mazuki, a very cool mountian bike company. They shoot very hi-tech, artsy stuff - it's gonna be awesome! Justin and I drove in last nite. It was a nice, relaxing drive well, at least most of the way.(Nothing like a great blowjob to pass the miles of a long trip!) hehe We'll be in LA all weekend and then home on Monday. I'll let you know what I'm up to next week - may include a quick trip to Canne (!) and then Linda and I go back to Montreal to finish shooting "Samhain". Time to shoot! Talk to you all later. JJ

I love being home, very nice and relaxing. I still get anxiety thinking about having to leave again...which is dumb because it ruins my time off that I actually have. I had a very nice weekend, spent most of it with the animals. We went to the new house with the dogs and they were running around like crazy! the back yard is really big. It's starting to get warm here(ok,hot), about 100! I did some linen shopping today and went to the office as well. I stopped by Barnes and Noble to check out my column in the new FHM magazine. It was pretty cool...they really cut down my advice to only 3 -4 sentences. The UK version prints all my babbling. I am pretty excited about the whole deal! It's a huge mainstream mag and a great oppurtunity for me to have a section! What else is going on in Jenna's World...I am doing an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine tomorrow, wow! I shoot the box for I Dream of Jenna on Friday and the Mazuki ad campain for their mountain bikes on Saturday and for the site on Sunday... There is soo much going on I 'm really really excited. Well I need to call it a night... we've been playing the new Spiderman game for XBOX...oh and I am doing a voice for a game for Playstaion in June...hmmm, let me think of the name ..... take a guess and email me,[email protected], everyday I will give a clue. Good Luck, JJ

I am finally back home! We got in at around midnight... ahhhhh, so nice. It was a relaxing drive home. We stopped outside of Palm Springs and I bought a book that I read to Justin the whole drive. It was a nice way to fill the time. Today is a day of vegetation...doing nothing, lol. Ok, I will catch everyone in the forum! JJ

Another long day. The shoot with David LaChappelle was was great to work with him! I have wanted to my whole modeling career. He is the most amazing photographer to walk the earth, lol.... I was stressed all day and I didn't feel "on". I am not happy with my performance, I am a perfectionist and hate it when I don't think I look my best or model my best. I think that after all the shooting that I did this last week... I was pretty much spent :( I wish he was the first day of shooting, not the 5th. But next time right! I know that the pix will look great. They asked Justin to be in a few of the shots... how fuunny is he's a star, LOL. I am getting ready to pack it up and head back home...yipppppppie! I can't wait to get back!! Last night after the shoot we went out to dinner with TTBOY. He is one of Justin's best friends and one of mine as well. We had some sushi and relaxed, a great way to end the long week. So all in all it was a great week..alot of work but also alot of fun. JJ

Just for the record in case you wanted to know...I am officially exhausted! This was supposed to be the last day of shooting, but... I have a magazine shoot tomorrow with David LaChappelle! So I need all the rest I can get. He is like one of the best photographers in the world! So, I really don't care how tired I am ...I will be bright eyed in the morning!!!!! Today was a long day but I am really happy with all the stuff we shot. Laurent (the photographer) did a great job. He and his wife are great friends and I enjoy the time with them. So we stayed a while after the shot and caught up with our friends. Now I need to get some food and go to's already 9pm.... Night all! JJ

It's 6 am and Justin just dragged me out of bed to shoot...this is not fair...I am protesting and not going to work! I am stomping my feet..I am not going....oh shit it's my own shoot...ok I am hopping in the shower for another day of torture! Is there no end to my torment...great here he comes....alright I need to go,lol. Have a great day..I know it will be better than my day of shooting.

PM...the day from hell is now over .. after sitting in makeup for 3 hours and shooting half the first layout, the camera broke. Justin had his as a backup...It had dirt on the chip...that had to have happened that day because the pix from the other day were all clean. The day was called after a few more hours of fudging arround. It sucks because we rented props and had a crew we had to pay for the day! Maybe I will get a bit of rest tonight. Kisses Hugs and don't tell anyone I put dirt in the camera...heheheheee JJ

Happy Cinco de MAyo...Can you say Tequilla, oh yeah! We are staying next to an El Torrito restaurant; so we will be going there this afternoon. First we are off to Fry's electronics to check out laptops. Justin and I both need new ones in a major way! Have a great day and drink some margeritas for me!

Later that same day.... had a few drinks got a bit of a buzzzzz. We bought new laptops!!! And then got crocked. It was my one day off. Now it's time for a bit of nasty sexxxxxxx. I hope I have at least 7 orgasms'!!! Cheers and good night! JJ hick-up!, lol

Just finished a great day of shooting with Brett. We shot some great sets and had a fun time. After the shoot we went to Brett's brother's restaurant. It was really nice. It was nice cathing up with Brett, we haven't shot with him for a while. He is another great friend. The day went pretty fast. My body is pooped..I don't know if I will be able to hold up o the next few days of shooting. My knees feel wrecked. Most girls have a hard time doing 1-2 sets a day.....I wish that's all I had to do...I would be running a marathon after work! ok, time to hit the hay. I miss everyone.... can't wait to get home and see the dogs and chavah! Hugs...JJ

I am getting a late start today. My call time is at 10 am and i WON'T GET THERE UNTIL 11. I hate being late...especially to my own shoot. No biggie. We couldn't get a makeup artist for today or tomorrow ..that just makes it that much harder. But I like doing my own makeup, it makes the day go so much faster. Today we are shooting with Brett on location in Bel Air, CA. I have some great wardrobe for the shoot. Ok, need to head off to the set, I see Justin tapping his foot impatiently. Have an awesomely great day! JJ

Today was awesome! We played in and sponsered the Vince Neil Charity Golf Tournament. It was a blast. I even played pretty well. It was was a four man scramble. So whoever hit the best ball on your team everyone hit from that spot on the next shot...and so on ...and so on. I shotgunned to beers on the front nine! We placed 5th or 6th. After the event I hosted an auction for the charity. It was great...there was alot of celebrity collectibles. Justin was the high buyer of the day! We got some great stuff for the house. We also auctioned off a day on one of my went for $4100. Wooohoooo! I am calling it an early night because I have a long week ahead of me. Good night all! JJ

Wow, it's may already! Unreal..the year is almost half over.... wow! We are getting ready for our LA trip. We are driving out tonight. My Eminem Video premiers on MTV tonight at 7, so we aren't leaving until after... that means Justin drives as usual and I sleep most of the way. We won't get in until like 2-3am. I don't know how he can stay awake like that He is not a big sleeper. I packed up a ton of crap for our shoots this next week. We are shooting 4 days for the site! Stills and video. Tomorrow is the Golf tournament...I hope its fun...I haven't swung a club all year. And there will be press there...I hope that I don't wiff on camera! We are sponsering one of the holes...handing out movies, dildos, and memberships to the site! HOW FUNNY IS THAT. I need to finish packing. Wish me luck tomorrow! JJ

Still feeling under the weather.this sucks major butt! Our friend Holt popped into town and cooked dinner for me last night...that was really sweet of him. He made some great spaghetti and spicy sauce. It's the only thing I can swallow right now. I'm hoping I am better soon. Justin has been cutting away on I Dream of Jenna. Most of the dialog is is fricken hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will put some of it up on the site. he starts cutting the sex next week...there are 10 sex scenes in it!!! All hot and really nasty! We had great girls, Myself, Nakita Denise, Jewel Denile, Autumn, Aurora Snow, Brittany Andrews, Lezly Zen, Inari Vochs, Karre Anne, and Flick Shagwell. Big cast! Ok time to lay back down...Have a great weekend. JJ

Cough cough ...I am sick! You know I 'm sick when I am at the Doctor's office at 7 a.m. I think I have strep throat! :( Can barely swallow and my fever is boiling. I had to cancel a dance gig...I feel even worse about canceling work! I hate letting people down:( I am realy pissed...this is the last thing I need right now! I have no time to be sick, none, none at all. I'm loaded up on antibiotics.. I just want to sleep, wake up and feel better...then go do my gig in Rhode Island. Then everyone is happy:) Ok, on that note I am going to bed...Hope everyone has a great night of peaceful sleep. Hugs and coughs...JJ

Finally back after the longest week ... The shoot went AWESOME! We did 10 scenes in the movie and they were all some of the best I've done and seen. Everyone was hot in a different way. The script was hysterical. I Dream of Jenna will be an award winner and definitely one to add to any Video collection. I can't wait to see the final cut. Justin is starting the editing tomorrow. The Avid is in the shop for some upgrades. I will be posting samples of the scenes as they are ready in the movie preview section on the site. After the movie I went and got my body scan for my next doll. The E channel was there as well as Extra and a few others. I interviewd for a few hours and then got sculpted for my bobblehead doll. Saturday, I shot the whole day (11 am till 10 pm... )for Mac and Bumble. The shoot went great , but I was so tired ad worn out it was hard. My body is giving knees are shot. We drove back home on Sunday. I got to rest today and then did the chat this evening. Tomorrow my hair guy flies in and I have to get ready to leave for Rhode Island on Wednesday for a dance gig. AHHHHHHHHH, I need some rest...please have all your friends join the site and stay members forever...then I can stay home and yap with all you guys and have fun! Sound like a deal??? Have a great night, gonna go make some dinner for Justin and myself.

Oh...I forgot one IMPORTANT thing.......Danny (yes, cool Danny!) is out here helping us on the shoot and I dared him to eat Jewel's pussy! Just wanted to let you know - he JUMPED at it! lol Go, Danny, go, Danny!!!!! Back to work! JJ

It's been some hot couple of days on set and I'm not just talking about the weather! We're taking a quick break so I thought I'd check in and let you know I'm pounding my little butt off for you all! It was pretty tough watching Jewel DeNyle blow Randy Spears! That was an AWESOME scene...everyone on the set was going crazy! I got to pound Denise Nakita and loved every minute of that sweet pussy! She and Vivid's newest girl Autumn and I had a pretty hot threesome and I could hardly get enough of them. WHEW......gotta get back on the job :) - just wanted to check in! JJ

Quiet on the set! We started shooting "I Dream of Jenna" today.....WOW, you're gonna LOVE this one! We have tons of great scenes and some amazing props too. I'll tell you all about it when Justin stops working me to death and I have a minute. lol Just wanted to say 'hi' and let you know I miss you all! Lights, camera, action! JJ

Got back from my whirlwind trip to canada...thank God. The molding went really well and the company was great...they've done some HUGE movies. Now I'm back and off to LA to shoot a music Video this afternoon...and then ( and then..) back tonight...only to leave for LA again tomorrow night! How's that for insane. I have to do the chat tomorrow. I also have to pack for the shoot next week , so I have to come home. This is going to be a long week. Ok , I need to get some coffee...have a good day......JJ

Back on the road again! I am in Canada today to get body molded for a horror movie i am doing. I got harassed in customs for 30 minutes. I called the guy a faggot...I was mad! He asked what we were there doing...I told him . He asked if I was getting paid for the molding, I explained to him that i wasn't. He didn't believe me, "but you could be getting paid for the molding..." I said "I could be getting paid for standing here talking to you , but I 'm not!" What a frickin dickhead... I had many choice words for him during my detainment. I know Jenna the Terrorist, lol...Jenna the illegal Immigrant, hehehee. So hopefully I'll get done pretty quickly today and then I will be back home tonight. We are getting ready for our shoot next. The script is really cute. We are having difficulties getting girls..they are such flakes now a days! Ahhhhhh. I was always an angel, LOL! Ok, so I'm lying...everyone has a warped perspective of themselves. Time to go do an interview and get and rapture. Have a great day, JJ

Wow!!! Finally I got the link to set up my diary entries! We changed systems and it took a while for the boys to get everything straightened out. Sorry about the lack of entries... Today is my birthday!!!!! I am 21, lol. Ok, maybe 22 :) Today we are going to PF Changes for lunch with the whole crew from ClubJenna and then tonight Justin is taking me out for a romantic dinner...and some nasty sex! We had dinner at my families house on Sunday, diner was awesome, my fav meal. Justin's sister makes chicken asparagus crepes, great salad..veggies, homemade croissants, and a wine cake that is out of this world!!! Thanks to everyone for the sweet emails and cards. I think we should make this a national holliday.. hey why not it will be another day off of work for everyone. Have a great day

When will I learn???? As usual, first day in the sun and I resemble a large crustation, lol. I am soo burnt... pure red!!! I like being burnt, but this is a bit much. We started by the pool at around 11 am...Justin handed me a bottle of 15 sunblock...I said naaahhhh. I KNEW I should have used it, but whatever. The weather is perfect down here, 80 and sunny. I love Miami... the fashion is great and the people are beautiful. last night we had dinner at Sushi Samba, a must if you like sushi. Next on the list was club Roomey for a few drinks and some chatting with some friends. We were then going to Mint, but I was too pooped, so, we opted to go back to our hotel. Tonight we are meeting some friends at Crobar. We are taking lots of pix and vid for everyone to see the local scene. Time to take an aloe bath! JJ

Sorry, this week has been insane!!! I flew down to Miami for a few promo events...they were unreal!!!! Were at the Radius club in Boca Raton. That was on Tuesday after the day from hell flight was delayed 4 hours. The club was over packed and the girls were beautiful and crazy!! I can't even tell you the insane things they were was one of the first segments of the Strippers Ball video I am hosting. The next night I hosted a Hooters party , the girls were awesome...and I had to hook up with a few.. of them!!!!! Last night we were in West Palm Beach at the Monkey Club. It was so insane i was joke. Now I am going to relax and shoot a few days in miami!!!! ife is great I miss everyone!! Loves kisses and hugs JJ

It's Oscar Time!! I love watching the Oscar's ... i have since i was child. The whole evnt is so interesting to me. I love the fashion aspect more than anything. I have been watching the E channel pre Oscar special this afternoon and can't wait for the arrivals to start happening. It will be interesting to see how the awards go this year. I do not feel that there was one really strong movie that set itself apart from the rest. I like that they added the new animated category this year. I think Shrek will kick butt and make a big sweep in that section. Tomorrow I have to run arround and get ready for Miami this week. It's spring Break...that means it's going to be crazy; thank God Justin is going with me! Ok back to the Oscars!!!! Have a great night... hugs kisses and lots of love...JJ

GOT BAck from LA last night...what a week! I shot my ass off and am now going to have a nice weekend... I hope. We shot a lot of stuff for the site. I did a great sex scene with VCA's new contract star , Tawny Roberts. She was great! I'd like to thank everyone, sparky, for sticking up for me on Luke. I get shit for everything in my life, it's amazing. Why the constant hate... it really amazes me, it's always people who never have even meet me that talk all the crap. I get soo frustrated at times I don't know what to do. It does get depressing, I mean how much can someone take? If someone was talking about something that I really said and/ or did to them then I would understand. I saw some post from a guy that was mad about paying the money to get into the Hustler store I was signing at... like it was my fault. Do I own the store? Do I make any money from them charging??? NO!!!!! THE GUY STATES THAT I AM ALL ABOUT THE MONEY...HELLO GET A CLUE PAL. I stayed and signed for 4 1/2 extra hours free, so that I got to everyone!!!!!! Did anyone write about that? Shove that up you ...! AHHHHHHH! Why me?? Answer that. Ok, on that note I am going to watch a movie and relax with Justin and the dogs. Have a great night! Hugs JJ

Now, what is my name again?!!!??lol I can hardly think straight right now I'm so tired....and only 3 sets left to shoot today! HELP! Seriously, I am tired as hell but I've had 3 AWESOME days! I'll give you a broad recap and then fill in the details when I get home tomorrow, k? I shot for Forbes Magazine on Monday (WOW!) and then shot for Club Jenna following that shoot. Yesterday, I shot 3 AMAZING sets for FHM-UK to accompany the new feature piece I will be writing each month. I fell into bed last nite in a heap and then back to the studio this morning for more CJ exclusives! The stuff we've done today is AWESOME - can't wait for you to see it! Justin is shooting like crazy! Anyway, I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you all and can't wait to get home! I'll fill in the juicy details later. Back to work! JJ

I am back from the craziness. What a weekend! We had an icredible turn out at the Hustler Stores. I got back last night and am packing to head off to LA today. I have a really long week ahead of me and am trying to get myself ready. The last year has taken it's toll on me and I am starting to frassle a bit. The constant go- go-go leaves little room for foundation and security. I know grass is always greener and I need to seize the oppurtunities as they come...but at what cost? On that note I will continue packing, lol. JJ

Oh my gosh last night at the Hustler store was insane!!! The was literaly a line all the way around the block. I have never seen it like that! They were charging $10 to get in the store , but gave everyone a coupon for $10 towards a purchase of any merchandise. All I can say is , WOW! It makes you feel really good when you realize that everyone is there to see you... I needed that right now. I have been feeling a little down and this was a nice boost. Everyone was soooo sweet and nice. I have always loved my fans...and alot of them have become my friends. I appreciate all the support. I had to get up at 7a.m. this morning for 3 radio me I was not in a good mood when Linda woke me up! I was begging her to let me sleep... she was running around opening the drapes, blasting the tv, etc. LOL. Ok, Have an incredibly awesome day...Love always JJ

Long day got tons of stuff done! Was at the bank for a good part of the day...not very exciting I must add. I started working out again..aghhh. Starting is always the hardest, but you feel the results (pain) so quickly. I am starting back light...I like being able to move the next day,lol. It's weird, at times I kinda like the pain from the workout. You feel an acomplishement...for the better. Justin always squeezes and pokes wherever I'm sore...MEANIE! LOL... I do the same thing to him though, so I have no room to talk. It's funny because when you are both sore it turns into a game. Running around trying to get the other person..poking them. Ok, maybe just we do that..... I love to jog. There is only one problem...ok, two problems. The boobs, ouch. So jogging has lust some of it's enjoyment. I also love boxing! Justin works with me on hitting and I get the best cardio workout ever! Every once and a while I'll slip and knock him out, lol lol lol. OOOOOPS , sorry! We put the house back on the market so we have been showing it again. Yesterday, a very preppy family came by to see the house with their kids... We have a statue of a robot on its knees servicing a beautiful silver naked lady... definitely not good for families viewing. I think we are going to start throwing a sheet over it...oh, that will look so nice. I'm out have a great one! JJ

I'm back and feeling much much better! Thanks out to everyone for the sweet emails and flowers. Thank God, my hand was only fractured. I am a little gun shy while driving now; I know that's wierd. I feel pretty guilty over the whole was my fault:( That whole ordeal really threw a monkey wrench in my schedule...but time to play some catch up. I have a live chat tomorrow , so don't miss it! Unfortunately, because of the accident I missed the interview I was doing for Nightline. That was going to be pretty time I guess. I will be appearing at the Hustler Store in Cincinnati on Thursday and Friday of this week. I will be promoting the release of the Briana Loves Jenna DVD. The DVD rocks! My calendar is completed and ready for sale... amazing . So, make sure you email [email protected] for a list of specials we are running. I think we are selling the DVD and the calendar together for $35!! I am very excited, I signed an exclusive webcast deal with Video Secrets. They are an awesome company and great friends of ours, so it should be alot of fun. The dogs are great, Justin is great ( ok, justin is better than great ...I am having a hard time walking!), and work is slamming. Thanks for helping with Club Jenna's World Dommination Tour! Have an incredible day...give a complete stranger a kiss and say, "That's from Jenna!" Smmooooches and hugs! JJ

Ho Hum...wooo is me, sniff sniff sniff. Can i get some attention here? I hate being not having use of a limb...especially the one I use to get off! I have an appointment tomorrow with the dr again. I think that they may have to amputate...LOL. Just kidding, they're just taking off a few fingers. The whole situation is very depressing. If I have to have a cast on for 6 weeks I'm screwed. I have a ton of shoots scheduled!!!! I can't even sign...argggggghhh. To bad I didn't do it doing something fun like snowboarding. I'm doing fine, just is fun to complain every once and awhile, hehehee. I'm gonna go do it left hand style......see ya!!! JJ

The party went off! I felt like crap all night. I didn't want to take a pain pill and be all loopy so I tried to grin and bear it....not smart! AHHHHHHHHHHH! Pain. My hand feels like it got pounded by a hammer for a few hours until it was nicely mooshed! Those airbags almost blow your head off. I would like to see some stats on at what speed they actually do more good than harm. I have a bit of a shiner and my neck hurts from the impact as well. Saturday I stayed in bed all day trying to sleep the pain off. I go to the Dr tomorrow for more Xrays. I have a half cast on from the hospital and will most likely get a normal one. I am bummed, I had to cancel a few things this week that were really important! I hope I can reschedule them. Like I have time for this crap.. I found out today my car would be in the shop for 6 weeks! That sucks! This is the first accident that I have had. I had a panic attack after the crash. I couldn't breath! We have a new publishing system that I haven't figured out yet, so the diaries are coming late...sorry.. Have agreat night, love and kisses JJ

The party went off! I felt like crap all night. I didn't want to take a pain pill and be all loopy so I tried to grin and bear it....not smart! AHHHHHHHHHHH! Pain. My hand feels like it got pounded by a hammer for a few hours until it was nicely mooshed! Those airbags almost blow your head off. I would like to see some stats on at what speed they actually do more good than harm. I have a bit of a shiner and my neck hurts from the impact as well. Saturday I stayed in bed all day trying to sleep the pain off. I go to the Dr tomorrow for more Xrays. I have a half cast on from the hospital and will most likely get a normal one. I am bummed, I had to cancel a few things this week that were really important! I hope I can reschedule them. Like I have time for this crap.. I found out today my car would be in the shop for 6 weeks! That sucks! This is the first accident that I have had. I had a panic attack after the crash. I couldn't breath! We have a new publishing system that I haven't figured out yet, so the diaries are coming late...sorry.. Have agreat night, love and kisses JJ

Busy Busy Busy!! Things are great, but a bit stressful. Everything has been going so fast... I have been flying so much I feel that I should be an honorary pilot, lol. We have our big party tonight at The Sanctuary Bar in Scottsdale. Taylor and I will be hosting it. It's going to be crazy!!!! She joined me for the chat last night. It was her first one, so she was very nervous. She is such a sexxxxy girl, mmmm mmmm mmmm. I haven't been sleeping very well the last few weeks. My mind has been racing and ,of course, the dogs have been driving me insane, lol. I hope that I can get some good rest this weekend... We had to push the I Dream of Jenna shoot because of lack of crew :( But we will get it don ethis month , the script is great!. Very funny. Nakita Denise is playing my evil sister. Off to the office for a slew or interviewing... no rest fo rthe wicked or should I be saying, fo rthe Vivid, lol. JJ

Busy Busy Busy!! Things are great, but a bit stressful. Everything has been going so fast... I have been flying so much I feel that I should be an honorary pilot, lol. We have our big party tonight at The Sanctuary Bar in Scottsdale. Taylor and I will be hosting it. It's going to be crazy!!!! She joined me for the chat last night. It was her first one, so she was very nervous. She is such a sexxxxy girl, mmmm mmmm mmmm. I haven't been sleeping very well the last few weeks. My mind has been racing and ,of course, the dogs have been driving me insane, lol. I hope that I can get some good rest this weekend... We had to push the I Dream of Jenna shoot because of lack of crew :( But we will get it don ethis month , the script is great!. Very funny. Nakita Denise is playing my evil sister. Off to the office for a slew or interviewing... no rest fo rthe wicked or should I be saying, fo rthe Vivid, lol. JJ

I wrecked the mercedes...:( :( :`( I am soo mad. I had something in my eye... I rubbed it.. and bammm! Right into the back of a minivan. The airbag went off and almost knocked me out! I am sitting in the car in a daze "Miss Jenna are you OK? We were alerted that your airbag went off...are you ok?" It was the onstar for Mercedes. WOW, that was pretty amazing. They called for the police and Paramedics. I went the hospital.. fractured bone in my hand= cast! Totaly bummed!!! Now I have to get ready for the party I wil continue trh estory tomorrow. JJ

I'm back baby! Back and ready to rock. Got in Sunday night crashed. Rode Chavah yesterday cought up on some office work and went to bed early. Today I am shopping with Taylor Hayes. That always puts me in a good mood. Then I am off to LA tonight. Yes, another exciting flight oh joy ! I am shooting a "mature audience" DVD for VIVID. It will be the first one that I have done...might be fun. Then back home tomorrow night... We are doing the live chat on Thursday night. The theme of the chat is anal sex and Taylor Hayes will be helping me demonstrate the art,lol.

I'm back baby! Back and ready to rock. Got in Sunday night crashed. Rode Chavah yesterday cought up on some office work and went to bed early. Today I am shopping with Taylor Hayes. That always puts me in a good mood. Then I am off to LA tonight. Yes, another exciting flight oh joy ! I am shooting a "mature audience" DVD for VIVID. It will be the first one that I have done...might be fun. Then back home tomorrow night... We are doing the live chat on Thursday night. The theme of the chat is anal sex and Taylor Hayes will be helping me demonstrate the art,lol.

I'm a dancing Actually , I am a sore machine. The club has been great. The first night I was a bit tired and not feeling great about my performance. I always try to perform 210% for every show. Last night was slammed!! The club was aver packed with a line out the door and it was a great crowd. The crowd really helps get you going. Last night they were crazy! I am starting my first show at 11pm so it is a pretty long night. I have been dancing to some new Britney songs- guys love it and know most of the words. I am going to grab some food and do some stretching before the fun tonight. Have a great weekend! JJ

I'm leaving on a jet plane...on the road again...Off to unsunny Long Island to dance at the Scene. I like the club, but not the stage; very small. Linda is going with me, so it should be fun. I have been riding everyday since Friday and I am feeling a bit sore. I have to run to the hugs kisses and lots of love JJ

What a chat we had today! The live chat went awesome...I gave Justin a BJ live!! That was a first for me. I think we are going to do chats one week typing in the nude ...the next week getting nasty and small amounts of typing, LOL. Anyways, for all those that missed it, we hope to see you in the next one. After the chat I went and rode Chavah for a few hours. It was great. We took some pictures that we will post tomorrow. Then Miss Linda and I packed the trunks for the road. We went out and got new trunks at Lowe�s, nice ones with wheels! We leave on Wednesday for Long Island. Should be an easy trip. Tomorrow Nacho gets the big snip..el neutero, Poor guy! He has been having a few issues and will be better off without the satchel, lol.

What a great day. I got up early today and went to the Arab Horse Show in town. We watched a few dressage events and then myself, my trainer and company went work with Chavah. Less is 15 time national dressage champion, basicaly a god on a horse, and is the breeder and trainer of Chavah. It was great to see what Chavah is capable of and how to get her to do it. It was amazing to say the least. I learned so much today and had a very relaxing time... the only problem was that my underware got stuck to my cookie. When I peeled them off I tore some skin off...OUCH!!!! OOOWWWWW! Tonight we went and had some sushi and then went to the CatEye Lounge. What a great day! Tomorrow I will be going to the show early as well and then back to the stables to ride Chavah!!! Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend...remember life is short have some fun. HUgs Kisses and sweet dreams...JJ

It's Valentines!!!! The day of love! Whatever, hehehee. Another day to get presents...wooohooooo! I have had no time to shop for Justin, :( And as usual I am sick today. I got another flu that's going around. I have no kind of luck:( Other than being sick, everything is great. The PR machine is rolling... We are looking for rental space for the Jenna Ink Tattoo Salon! It will be a very high end shop that caters to both men and women. It should be a lot of fun. Another project.. Ok , I need to get better so I can at least have a nice dinner tonight. Have a great day everyone! JJ

I have found my new girlfriend...Nakita Denise. WOW!!!!! She is awesome. We did one of the hottest scenes ever today. Very sexual, lots of kissing and cumming, mmmmm. ok back to set!,JJ

Yesterday was really cool. We shot on a huge industrial set, dirty and hot! Today I get to shoot with Nakita Denise,mmmmmm mmmmm mmmm. I have been waiting to work with her forever! She is my type of girl, I love her accent . I hope she pounds me into a wet mess! LOL, that's a nice visual,lol. Ok, I am off to the set. I will let you know how it goes. JJ

Back in lovely windy Los Angeles. The winds are hitting around 60 mph! We got in yesterday and went to the premiere party for Swung Mag! The guys did a great job; the party was crazy... I didn't get a lot of sleep to say the least. I am shooting for the next 3 days here in LA. Today I will be shooting with one of my fav photographers, L Sky. He does some awesome stuff. I hope he is easy on me today. I will let you know how it went later. Hope everyone has an awesome afternoon....JJ

Back from Vegas..Stern was crazy. I had a blast!!! Howard was awesome and I enjoyed my time on the show. I had to give a lucky girl a nude massage, mmm. Wait until you see the video; way too funny. The girl was a cutie and she lives in town! Things are going really really great... way too busy , but great. I had a few meetings today and then I am off to visit Chavah, my horse. I need some anti stress relief. Tonight I am baby sitting my newest nephew, Andrew. he is getting soooo big. I will upload some pix of him for everyone to see the little cutie. This weekend we are off to LA for the Swung Mag party and then there for a week of shooting for clubjenna. The office is going crazy with the new work, , and . We are in scanning pandemonium, lol.

Today was a pretty productive day. Had a great board meeting for clubjenna...we are growing incredibly fast!!!! Good talk with the PR people. Went and had a message, ahhhhh. Made some dinner and now off to an early bed. Then we get up early and head off to Vegas for the Stern Show at the Hard Rock. it will be nice to see Howard and Co. I just wanted to thank all of you that come to my aid and support when all the jenna Bashing crap is posted... I really appreciate it. People are such insecure, no life having cowards that have to resort to trying to beat me down...and they have never meet me and or spoke with me. It gets old after awhile. So, thanks again. Love JJ

Having a great weekend! Taylor Hayes and Kira Kenner are in town for the weekend. It's Rory's, our webmaster, Bday it's party time. We are going out to Santuary for an evening of complete insanity!! This will be a night that I get to enjoy!!! No worries and no message boards,lol. I hope everyone has a great night whethter you are relaxing at home, out having fun , or at work. Fun is what you make!!!! Have a Jenna night!! Love, hugs, and kisses...JJ

Went to LA on Tuesday for some meetings and then for the press conference at the Hustler Store in Hollywood. We were introducing my new action was insane!!!!! Wow, that's all I can say. I'd say there were 60 cameras fashing in my face non stop for 20 minutes...yes, I have gone blind from the whole experience. Then after the conference it was off to get molded for my sex toy line that will be coming out this year! Everything is looking great and busy for the rest of the year. I just watched the DVD for Briane Loves is AWESOME!! Really cool, great extras. Just got back from having sushi and now we are going to finish the last level on Munch's Oddessey... we've been putting it off. I will see all of you in the chat tomorrow...well at least you will be seeing me ( and I might have a very special guest... a stunning...beautiful..mmmmmmmmmmmmm. You will see! JJ

I had kind of a wired day today. I have been sleeping in the last few weeks..not sleeping well at night. Puff is driving us crazy!! She sleeps with us and snores so loud that the walls shake! We move her around the bed and then finally, after all else fails.. we place her on the floor. She then gets up walks from one side of the bed to the other whining until we let her back on the bed. This process goes on throughout the whole night. Needless to say we don't sleep well. Justin gets up at 6 am everyday, yuck! I usually sleep until 8:30 -9am. Lately 10:30- 11am. That's too late, I actually like getting up earlier. I get to spend time with Justin before he heads into the office. Today I had my nails done and then went to the office. While I was there the made called and said Puff had been bitten by a scorpion...ahhhh.. I ran home worried about little Puff "the ruiner of sleep". I know that the scorpion bite is not that bad for dogs, but there is always that chance. I'm glad to report that she is fine and spunky as ever. Maybe she won't that's going to happen! Ok just wishful thinking. Jill Kelly got in town tonight and is staying with us. I really love her; she is a special friend! It is her birthday on Friday. I need to get some shopping done for her. It's Clay Bday tomorrow. Things are going well at the office. We took on a lot of work and are going ahead with it. I have to go to LA tomorrow and Wednesday for a press conference at the Hustler Store and then go to get molded for my new toy line. This is going to be a big year... I get stressed out thinking about all the stuff i have going on and that I have to do. I am a worrier. I know I shouldn't, but it keeps me sharp. Oh, by the way the Christening went very well, he did great. I need to run Jill and I have a bottle of wine to finish! Have a great night...JJ

Ahhh a few days at home...very relaxing. TT boy came out and visited on Friday, he is soo awesome. We really miss him. He has been working his butt off producing his own movies. He is doing very well and I am proud of him. We are going to be doing his site... it will be a very hard core site and a lot of video on demand. I can't wait to do our next web cam for clubjenna; the first one was a lot of fun! What else is new...?? Justin got a new Escalade, what a beautiful truck. He put 23" rims on it a playstation 2 with a 15" drop down flat screen and more more more...boys and their toys! He is happy so I'm happy. Yesterday we finished up the DVD for Briana Loves Jenna...we just had to add the commentary of Justin and I....It's really funny. It was my first one I've done. It went really fast at some points its weird.. "Here's where she takes it like a". Today is Andrew's, my nephew, baptism. Kris has been waiting for a weekend when we are all here in town...this is it. It will the first, outside of my own, that I have been to. Justin and I got him a diamond cross... start him early. We need to get there early and have the priest bless the cross. Very exciting...he is the cutest little baby. Hmmm, what else has been going on... the new tv we bought for the family blew in 3 weeks time!! We called our friend at the store and he sent out a new one instantly, so that was very cool. But it was brand $8,000. TV should last a long time! No big deal. Ok, need to get ready for the big event..have and incredible Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ

Hey everybody! Well, I am feeling much better today, the soreness has started to wear off. I have to say, I really love snowboarding now! Once, I got the hang of it, it was much more enjoyable than falling on my ass every two seconds! AAron is in the middle of editing together the video of me boarding down the slopes, I know everyone is going to love it... it certainly is funny. Today was a very nice rest day, I sat on the couch and drank my favorite... DR PEPPER. : ) Ricky came over for a while trying to get me all geared up for my live chats... such a pain in the ass to get routed! But, it will all be worth it, when you guys can see me! I better get to bed, I have an early interview tomorrow and my first live chat... if all goes well! I love you... Jenna

i am home and sore!!!! I went snowboarding again today...i would love to go into details , but it even hurts to type! Will fill you in in the Am....Hugs and Kisses... JJ

Hello from lovely Park City , Utah. I just got my laptop up and running...sorry no entries. I hate dial ups...too slow. The party went awesome. It was over sold , 3000+ people! It was really cool meeting some of the Indie directors. I was offered a few roles in some upcoming movies. There is one in particular that I liked; Jimmy The Dragon... I get the script this week. I snowboarded for the first time yesterday..OUCH OUCH OUCH!!! I can barely move today. I really loved it , I did pretty well for my first time. I am going to go again later today and tomorrow. Tonoight Justin and I are going to see a few of the Festiaval Film Winners. I don't want to pass up the oppurtunity. It has been a great weekend, i Got to spend alot of time with my friend Marci and her son . Justin and I are going to hit the slopes...wish me luck...wait until you see the video! Love JJ

The revolver /guitar mag shoots went great! I can't wait until I see the pix. I hate the waiting! I'm all packed and on my way to the airport, Park City here I come. The mormons will love me, heheheehehehhee. This will be my first time at the Sundance Film Festival, I 'm sure it will be fun. I am going to learn how to ski and snowboard this weekend. Justin is bringing the camera should be funny. I just hope i don't get hurt!!!!!! OK have to run, love ya'll!!! JJ

I'm getting ready to do the Mancow Show. I am doing a call in this morning. I hope he's nice to me; he can really schred a guest! That always gets me nervous not knowing how someone is going to react to me and/or my profession. It gets very nerv rascking. After the show Linda and I are off to LA. The shoot should be fun. I looked at the pix from the Swung magazine that Lisa Boyle shot...they are unreal!!!!!! I can't wait for the mags release in Feb! I am very excited for my friends over there; this is their debut magazine and they have put alot of time into it. I think that it will do very well. I have to call into th e show now...wish me luck. JJ

Just got done with the Mancow show..He was great!! Wow, that puts me in such a good mood for the rest of the day!!!!!!!!! Kisses everyone... I'm off to the airport JJ

Good to be home! Well at least for one day. Tomorrow morning I am off to Los Angeles to shoot the cover of Guitar World and Revolver Mag. I am very excited about the shoot, but only wish it was in town here!!! Then I fly back tomorrow night get anither day at home, then off to Salt Lake City for some promo stuff and back on Saturday... I just want to stay home. I spent alot of time with Chavah today. Rode her gave her a bath she got the works today. I tried to relax tonight. Justin and I played Munch on the Xbox tonight. I love that game; we are far along and wondering how many more levels they might have. The game keeps my mind off everything and lets me relax. Time for bed(12+am)! Have a great night and sleep well. JJ

Hi Everyone!!! The show was wonderful I was so busy everytime I sat to sign there were people everywhere. The good thing is even though I was working I got a great workout everyday sitting down and standing up everytime someone wants a picture is great for my legs...anyways I need to get some sleep. Talk to you later. JJ

imade it to vegas! I had some time to chill out this afternoon and now I am off to Have a few coctails with our friends from Video Secrets and then over to the CCbill party. I will be signing at the Video Secrets booth tomorrow and Tuesday with Janine, yummy! I feel great and am pretty ready for a good hard week. Hopefully I'll see some of you at the show. We will be uploading pix daily as well as shooting some of the cuties there for the site!!!! Have a great night and I will talkto you all in the morning. Kisses...JJ

The Voice over work went great...I really love doing that kind of stuff. It was time consuming but was need for make up, wardrobe, etc etc. I have been getting ready for the CES Show that is next week in Vegas. I finally had a chance to take care of myself; hair, nails, tan, ... I feel very well groomed right now. I even gave my cookie a nice shave! I am all packed and ready to go. I am as usual stressed about the show. Everyone is so judgemental it makes you nervous. No matter how I look someone has something negative to say!!!! This year i say to all those Playa Hatersw, "Suck It Sideways!!". Hehehee. On that note i am going to head off to bed and get some needed sleep because next week is going to be insane!!! We will be uploading pictures daily from the show so that all of you can see the mayhem and chaos! Loves and Kisses...JJ

It's 6 a.m. and I'm on my way to Los Angeles...oh joy. I am doing some voice over work for a new Animation Series from Nutech, I am excited about the project...just not about traveling. I still have so much to do for CES. I will get everything done by the weekend. Next week is going to be crazy; we were going over the schedule last night for the show and we are going to be running from signing to meeting to meeting to dinner to sleep to meeting to signing to meeting... AHHHHHHH! My playboy comes out next month, i can't wait too see it. Ok, I have to run to the airport. have a great day!! !! !! JJ

My day today was very laid back... I am trying to get myself ready mentally for the AVN convention. It is always so crazy, I get pulled in every different direction, not to say I don't like it... It's always fun being the center of attention. I definately need to store up some massive energy for the weeks ahead! Thursday I leave to do some voice overs in LA, then I shop for my CES outfits, then I come home get my nails and hair done, then Saturday I pack, then Sunday morning I leave for Vegas. Monday is when the crazy signing begins... It should be a lot of fun, considering there are parties every night there in Vegas. Everyone from the Clubjenna camp are going with me, so we should rage! Well, at least they can, I can't get too wasted... I have to be fresh for my autograph signings everyday. Well, it's pretty late I'm gonna hit the sack... Love ya mucho, Jenna

The party last night had quite a surprise for everyone! We thought that Justin's brother was getting engaged and would be announcing it at the party...well we were right, but he was only engaged for 5 minutes! In came the pastor and the wedding began!!!!!!!!!!!! No one had any clue!! Amazing. It was so beautiful, I cried during most of the ceremony. What a great party. Today was a lounging and deep thinking kind of day. What is your New Years resolution?? I will think of mine tonight and post it...maybe. Have a sweet and fun night. JJ

Had a nice chat with everyone yesterday. I haven't had a chat for a while and it was nice catching up. I sit and laugh most of the chat. Everyone is so sweet! I got my hair cut yesterday...I know have a bob cut! It looks very sassy. We have some friends coming in town today for the weekend (Justin�s brother is having a huge party). We still have the boys at the house... they have been going crazy playing games. We got them a game cube and an Xbox to play (we already have Playstation2). I will give you the overall evaluation of the games: XBox is a very well made heavy, big machine. It's powered by a Pentium 733 and has its own internal hard basically it's a computer. The graphics are superior to all other gaming machines. The controllers are excellent; comfortable and stylish. The games are limited mainly because of the newness of the system. We love Munch's Odessey and Halo... 2 awesome games. The cube is more for kids from 7-13. The system is powered by a Pentium 450 and comes in a cute blue mini cube. I mean the system is small. It's really cute and very easy to hook up. It is a very mobile unit. It's made by Nintendo, so the games selection is good. The games are on minidiscs...tiny-2" The graphics are equal to that of PS2 maybe even a bit better. All the systems are great but for myself I would have to rate the XBox as the best it's hard to get accessories for. It comes with a RCA connection - needs SVHS and /or digital i/o (that's Justin�s two cents of info,LOL). The GameCube is the sassiest and best for kids, but you can't watch DVD's on it like the other two. I have a problem with PS2- we bought 7 of them when they came out and 5 of them were bad! I 'm sure that they have the bugs worked out by now. So much for gaming talk. I got a beautiful gown the other day at the mall...see how I got back onto a girlie Jenna subject! The sales at the malls are excellent right now...if you can stand the lines and the crowds of slow moving people in the aisles. today I must brave the malls one last time and then off to our company Christmas lunch. We picked a place with great margaritas and then some bowling later in the evening! It's going to be a half day at the office for everyone!!!! Have a great day...LOVE JJ

Merry Christamas!!!!!!!!! I hope everyones has a great and joyous day. I have never really been a big Christmas fan, but over the past few years I have started to appreciate them. I think I didn't care for them because of previous bad experiences and/or feelings that I had arround the holidays. I am tyring to put them behind and go on. This Christamas I really enjoyed the company of friends and family. It was nice to get a chance to spend time with everyone and to spoil my nephews. The joy of watching them open their presents is priceless. We have a lot of special members here at clubjenna and I hope that all of you have had a wonderful day! Merry Christamas and good night... JJ

The malls are packed� recession...RIGHT! Justine and i did our Christmas list yesterday...46 people! It's funny Justine did this computer list persons name- a/b (before or after Christmas we can buy it) gift idea, budget for the gift, and completion. Too funny. We take it out at the stores and everyone is like, "that is awesome, but a bit to organized, lol". It works! Justin�s nephews are coming in today. They stay with us for the first week. I love the kids they are too cute. They are getting big now, 16-15-12. We always do a lot of stuff when they are in town; bowling, arcade, go carts, etc. We need to power shop today...need food for the house and a ton more presents for everyone. I can't wait till Christmas; it's going to be very relaxing. We canceled our cruise and decided to stay home and enjoy the house. Well, I'm off to se Chavah and then to get the day of shopping started! Hope everyone has a GREAT day and everything goes well for you. Hugs hugs hugs!!! JJ

Chavah arrived!!! She got in at 2:30 am...poor thing 4 days of travel. She is unbelievable!!!!! I am so happy. We found a great place to board her very close to the house, there are 100's of them in my area. I picked one that I think she will get the best care. Her stall has airconditioning...miss fancy pants,lol. I have been going arround like a madwoman getting all the tack and clothes for riding that I need. Unfortunately during the running arround I think I got some bad food, AGAIN! So, yesterday was spent mostly in the bathroom:( As well as in the forum. I had to push a shoot that was scheduled for yesterday. I hate doing that because you look like a flake, but what am I supposed to do ..." Umm, can you hold that I need to use the restroom again..." It woulod be the worlds longest shoot. This morning I am off to LA to shoot for Club and then tomorrow for Clubjenna. and back tomorrow evening. I have not gotten any Christmas shopping done! I need to power shop in Friday and Saturday. I have my list and everyday it grows longer and longer. I don't even know what I'm getting Justin. He said he wanted an angry Donkey,lol. We are getting ready to launch Briana's site today. I think it wil do very well. We are adding to the stable. Email me and let me know who's site we should do next. Ok, time to run off to the airport. JJ

Sleeeep I need Sleeep! I flew to LA this morning and went right to the shoot. It went awesome, we shot on a roof top. I was dressed as a catburglar. It was really cool looking, great lighting. But it was a loooong day. Tomorrow will be even longer. We are shooting 3 setups and a few masturbations for the site. Then back home. I need to see Chavah! I can't wait to ride her. I watched AI tonight and cried for 2 hours! It was a great movie. I am very emotional right now(it's the Holidays). I'm not going to spill in this time when I'm home. Time to get some sleep.......zzzzzzzzzzzz.zzzzzzzzzzzz.zzzzzzzzzz.

I am home...FINALLY! That was a loooong 4 days - but it was really fun! The Scene was a really fun club and I think everyone had a good time. (Linda even got tips!) You'll have to ask Michael and his uncle...they came to see me (thank you, it was great to meet you!) and Chris and his friend (thanks for the present!) and Kevin (it was GREAT to see you and THANK YOU for my WONDERFUL gifts!) and of course, FearZeus, Jennarazzi, Eric.....everyone was unbelievable! (we missed you Samrea!) I'm soooooo sore and exhausted! (I think I'm getting too old for this!?) I'm happy to be home but have to leave AGAIN in the morning for a 3 day shoot in LA. :( Chavah should (literally) be here any minute and I can hardly wait! I'll post pics ASAP! I gotta get packed for the shoot and hopefully my little equestrian friend will be here! I'll let you know when she gets here! Missed you all. Bigs hugs. JJ

I started dancing last night at a new club in Long Island called the Scene. Last night went great. The place was packed...very small stage. I don't think that they were used to having that many people in there. The security looked a little nervous! That makes me nervous. Linda was practicing her Tae Bo kicks and punches,lol. We had a good time. They pushed my show back until like almost 1am...keep the crowd I rocked the house and then went and did some polaroids. Jennarazzi came down and hung out. He has been on the road with Britney!!! That's my in...I have the biggest crush on her! She is smokin,mmmmmmmmmm. Anyways, now what was I saying? Oh, ya, Today I woke up and could barely move. Ben Gay where are your????? Ouch-wow I haven't danced forever. I am doing interviews for Revolver and for Talk magazines this weekend. Things have been going very well lately. The publicity machine is rolling. Wish me luck...Talk to ya'll tomorrow{{{{{smooooooch}}}}} JJ

We made it! The flight was bumpy...we all know how much I love that. Linda is with me and fortunately she took her Dramamine; she doesn't do well in anything that's moving. Tomorrow we have a meeting in the mornining and then off to the dentist, another favorite of mine. I have one show tomorrow and then 3 on Friday as well as Saturday. Yes, I am still nervous. At least we found my trunks ; so half of the battle is over. Ok, it's sounds good in theory. I wonder if my buddy FearZues is coming to see me???? I did a really funny diary entry before I left today...I don't know if it's up yet. It's worth a watch. Everything else is great, Briana Loves Jenna is selling well. We have a lot of new merchandise up- hats, pics, shirts... I am counting the days until my horse gets here!!!!!!! I think she will arrive on Monday/Tuesday. I'm hoping for Monday because I have to shoot on Tuesday:( The horses name is Chavah, she is a full blooded Egyptian Arab. Justin gets me the best gifts! I was shocked when he told me...He had been planning this for months. He kept teasing me asking me if I wanted to know what he got me for Christmas; it was driving me nuts. He finally broke down! I went crazy!! She is getting shipped from Toronto , Canada. She has along cold ride ahead of her. I've been on line all week getting tack and clothes. I think I bought arround 200lbs of horse books, Justin just laughs. I think he created a monster,LOL. As soon as I get her I'll put up some pix! Ok, need to get some sleep. Have a great night {{{smoooooch}}} JJ

Playboy was here shooting the day in the life of...Jenna. They came over the house and did an MTV style cribs. Then we went to the office and filmed everyone "faking that they are working",LOL. Last up on the list was Halo Piercing. I had a cutom pussy ring made up with a diamond playboy bunny on it. They shot me getting it put in. I thought that it would be preety cool...The piece should look great. I took the guys to Kyoto's after for a few Saki Bombers and then off to the airport . All in all it was a fun day even though I have cramps from hell. Have a great day everyone...and do something nice for someone and make them feel special today! JJ

Nobody loves me I might as well go eat worms:( Just kidding great day...lots of horse stuff today. Had a great chat on DVDempire and then came to the site and chatted with some friends. Now Im going to play with the dogs( not that way- pigs) and then with Justin!!!! Mamma's gonna get some tonight!! Sleep well all... JJ

Wow, what a nice day... I woke up at around 11 o' clock and read my horse books for about an hour. Then I proceeded to clean the house ( which is very relaxing). Then Jay and I went to a christmas store here in AZ and everything was like 50% off. I LOVE SALES!!! So I ended up spending about 2 hours decorating the christmas tree, getting the bows tied takes the longest. I just don't know how Jay is going to fit my horse under the tree! I think I am in such a good mood because we had incredible sex last night. Every so often, I get to make the first move... he is usually the aggressor. Last night, I took advantage of him... I think he likes that. It seems like years since we had sex, because, what with the movie and all... we were both so tired. My pussy was so tight, he could barely get it in. I have to say, that made it all the better. I kinda like it when it hurts a little. Plus, I had to shave totally for the movie, because we had airbrushing done on our pubic bones... So, I was nice and smooth... It's been so long since I have shaved every bit of hair, it felt really good. OK, enough sex talk... I better get to bed, Playboy is coming tomorrow. They are filming my day in the life for the video that will be accompanying my magazine debut. So with that, I am off to bed. I love you guys... Kisses to you all. Jenna

No more ba hum bug,,,the tree is up ... I repeat the tree is up! Today was a festive day of putting up Christmas lights outside and putting up the Christmas tree. There is nothing better than a bottle of wine while hanging the ornaments, LOL. We had a lot of fun. I made a pretty good dinner; beef Wellington with augratin potatoes, rice and flaky rolls. After dinner we watched A Knights Tale- It was great ! I actually really liked it. It nice to watch a movie not really expecting it to be that good and you get pleasantly surprised. Now we are going to watch O Brother have some awesome sex and go to bed! Tonight might be an anal night! sshh- don't tell anyone...... JJ

Ahhh home sweet home. Sometimes it feels like heaven just coming home. I forgot how wonderful it was to sleep in my own bed. When I come home I just want to vege-out and relax. i don't want to do anything that would entail me having to actually leave my house. It's nice to have nothing to do or get done. I love just reading, playing with the dogs, watching cheesy talk shows, playing on the computer, and just relaxing. This is time that I desperately miss on the road. I would rather drive a stake through my foot than get on another plane. its always is such a stressful event ...traveling. What to pack, then how to fit it in the suitcases, the mad dash to the airport, triple security, bag search at the gate, sitting next to someone yapping your ear off the whole flight when all you want to do is sleep, turbulence, then the landing, losing luggage, and then finally - trying to find your ride! Oh what a treat it is to do that every week. grass is always greener on the other side isn't it. I did an interview for Playboy today; it was very funny. I am dying to see the magazine! 1 more month... i go back on the road next week. It's been a long time since I've danced...I hope I remember how. My small problem- My old roadie , Tracy, has my trunks and she is MIA... this could be a major problem. I'm sure i will find them/ her before I need to go. Briana Loves Jenna is in stores now! The video is great! We are very happy wit it and it is selling very well. Makes you feel good to know that there is still a demand for you. The movie with Kobe was fun. She is pretty crazy during her sex scene...i mean she literally started beating me when I was making her cum. Trust me I got her off at least 6-7 times, ummm ummm ummm. I still can eat some major pussy! She looks awesome. This was her first movie in 3 years, so it was special. We still have some more scenes to shoot for the movie. We are scheduling those for January of next year. We are working on t a band for the party in Vegas during Super Bowl weekend. I wanted Britney, lol, Justin said she was a bit out of our budget. hehehe. I said great how about Janet Jackson? He didn't laugh. We still haven't had a chance to set up our Christmas tree yet. I really don't feel to festive this year. Don't know why, maybe I've just been to busy and not home enough these past few weeks. My schedule is slammed until after the show in Vegas the first part of January! No rest for the wicked ... or is that vivid, lol. Time to go to bed... have a great night all JJ

Yadda Dee Yadda Daaa! One more day and I'm back home !!!! I can't wait to get back and see the dogs and sleep in my bed. The shoot went very smooth yesterday. Kobe is such a sweetie. Today we are doing the box and then dinner with some friends tonight ..then it's on the road again. My body is sooo sore i can't move right now, rory is typing for me, LOL. Actualy the boys have been have a blast on set , all the girls love them, and most of the guys! Ricky got his penis pierced Monday night!!!! I watched it... he is insane! Ouch! Clay even came out to hang with his new GIRLFRIEND...yes, it's official; he and Jill are a couple. Time to get my ass in the shower and then off to's only 15 miles away , but it will take over an hour to drive! Oh, how I love LA traffic. Luv and hugs! JJ

Hi! Sorry that I haven't been able to post that much. I have been so busy! Back from Europe and then straight to LA. I can't remember where home even is! I can't wait for all of you to see what I have been up to. I shot the cover of AVN to start off my LA trip. Then it was off to film Kobe Loves Jenna. We were at this awesome house in LA that was wild. The walls were all different colors and it was made up of all different shapes. Some rooms were round, some square, very cool place. Kobe and I started out on the stairs and had a great scene. Then I did a scene with Kobe and Jezabelle. I had these dildo's on my ankles that they both rode. Ahhhh... it was great! The best scene was with Kobe and I. I was fucking her with a big pink strap on and when she started to cum she flipped out and started hitting me. It was the hottest cat fight that you have ever seen. The whole crew couldn't believe it. I gabbed her arms and held her down and fucked her even harded as she came. It was the hottest seen so far for the shoot. Well, I have to get back to filming. I will give you another update soon! Love, Jenna XOXO

I am a zombie... Talk about some gnarly jet lag. Good grief. I returned home last night, and it was a comedy of errors. I knew we would have a little trouble since I bought a slew of metal sex toys while we were in Amsterdam. I put them in my suit case, and I guess they X-ray everything, because when we arrived in customs a security guard was there waiting for us with my suitcase. Hehehehehe. He said, there must be something metal in your suitcase because it has been quarantined. I chuckled to myself. Then he had to walk us over to the customs agent, thank goodness they didn't go through my bag... I would have to explain what the metal anal probe was. She asked me what was in it, and I said medical devices. Then Jay piped up and said, well, they are kinda sex toys. She laughed out loud. She then asked me if I had any drugs... I of course said no, but by looking at me... it looked like I was high on something since I hadn't slept the whole 20 hour flight. (we flew from amsterdam to london to arizona) Anyway, it was pretty funny, but at least I made it home, in tact. I now have to arrange everything for my four day shoot with beautiful Miss Kobe. Very excited for it, it starts on Sunday. Tomorrow I shoot the cover for the January issue of AVN, which is a big deal because I had to win the cover. Everyone at AVN voted on the most influencial person in porn. I ended up wining along with Ron Jeremy. So we will shoot that tomorrow. Ok, well, I am off to try to get everything done before I leave in a couple of hours... Man, do I feel like I'm floating. So light headed... Thats jet lag for ya. I love you guys... Jenna

Hi, everyone! Miss us? The office is probably falling apart without us so....we thought we'd pop in & say "hi". We're in Amsterdam (this place is crazy!) having a blast but are making our way home tomorrow. We've had an AWESOME time and can't wait to show you pics and tell you all about it. Anyway, time for some munchies....hehe - we'll see you when we get home!

I'm rushing off to the airport... behind as always. I am really excited about this trip, should be a lot of fun. The debate is thursday afternoon, then I will be attending the formal debate that evening and the guest star is Boy George! Hope I get a picture with him. Then on Friday, I am off to Dublin to appear on the Late Show. I guess it's like the Jay Leno show. Really cool! OK, I love you guys, I'll talk with you when I get back... Oh man Sparky and Osty are going to get me drunk... I have a funny feeling! xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxox Jenna

Today was filled with a fun-filled day of shopping... Who could complain? Well, I guess that Arizona is having a drought when it comes to formal evening gowns... because, I failed to find ANYTHING! Which is very strange for me, hell, I can find things at flea markets! Oh well, it's not like I don't have about a hundred floor length dresses hanging in my closet. You know me, I just want a NEW one! The rest of my day was spent in the editing bay finishing up the credit sequence with Jay on Brianna Loves Jenna. Man, I watched the finished product tonight, and I have to say, it is the most erotic film I've done. I hope everyone likes it as much as I do, we put blood sweat and tears into this video... Tomorrow I have to wake up early, my Emmy award winning hair dresser is flying in and doing my hair... I'm so glad he's bringing his assistant this time, that mens it will take half the time it usually does. Then it is time to pack and study for my debate at Oxford Union... UGH, can I just tell you how nervous I am? I feel like I am going to be out of my element, but, I could never pass this chance up... it's a once in a lifetime thing. Plus, I'm excited to see my friends Osty,Sparky and Firewall. It should be a really good time, seeings how Jay has never been to Europe. Well, it's late, but I have a sneeky feelingI'm going to have trouble sleeping... I am pretty nervous about this trip! Hopefull I don't toss and turn. On the last note... thank you everyone for your concern, about me. I am doing SO much better... I just needed to get back on track... and all of you helped me do it, and I thank you. The new and improved Jenna has emerged. Goodnight everyone... Sweet dreams XXX Jenna

I hope everyone, is doing well right now, because I am not. I feel so discouraged, it seems like nothing is going right, right now.Sometimes it feels like I have no one to talk to, maybe I'm just being dramatic, but, I hold everything in for so long, that once I get to this point, there is nothing that can bring me out. I have so much to do, and everyone around me is so stressed out, I feel I have little support. So, I try not to bog everyone down with my problems... Plus, there is no solving them anyway. My relationships are crumbling because of business, and I always told myself that I would never let work get in the way of my happiness. But, what am I supposed to do? Hell, my partner is my partner... Bad predicament. I just needed to get this out. Please don't feel like any of this is because of Club Jenna, because it's not... I love everything here, I'm just stressed. Tired. In need of support. It's hard when everyone around you is in need of the same thing. Am I going in circles? UGH! I guess I just need some sleep. I'm sure it will be better in the morning... JJ

2001-11-13 is now open for business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just spent the last 3 hours in there playing Blackjack and Video Poker, I won $1600! Today is a good day! Jennasangel and rookie stopped in for a few hands. We have a few minor appearence changes we are going to be working on , but the Casino ROCKS! Today's trip went pretty some considerng we flew out of N.Y. Linda, Clay and I are tired. I saw the final on Briana Loves Jenna...I smell Oscar! Can't wait until it's released. I'm all wound up; time to play a few more hands...good luck all! JJ

Today stunk! Not a very good day at all. I went on Howard Stern this morning with Dennis Rodman to promote The Strippers Ball video, Clubjenna, and my new casino Stern grilled me about Dennis.. I a NOT dating him, ahhhh. Then halfway into our program the announcement came about the plane crash! Nothing got plugged! Sad and upsetting. I am in a horrible mood the whole trip sucked and now I'm stuck in N.Y. I am going to go curl up in a ball and go to sleep! Sweet dreams everyone. JJ

Last night was great until Dennis tried hitting on me...yuck! It turned into a huge fiasco! I think he had one too many. Everything is much better today and the drama is over. But I did get a few numbers of some slammin chicks! Welcome to Philly home of some sexxy little sluts...hey that sounds like a good movie title lol. I myself had a bit too much to drink as well last night and am feeling a tad on the hungover side today. Tonight I am going to take it easy; maybe I'll go to Score's Strip Club, wink wink. Have a good night all....JJ

I'm in Philly! I'm hosting the Striper's Ball tonight with Dennis Rodman. Linda, Clay and myself got in around 5pm; the flight was packed. I feel great, I was a bit in the tired side this morning. I caught up on some zzzzzzz's in the plane. Tonight should be pretty simple 2-3 hours at the club and then it's a wrap! I'm hoping Dennis is behaved tonight. Last time we hosted something during an interview for the E channel Dennis whipped it out and started peeing on the drapes! He's crazy,,,,funny but crazy! Tomorrow is a travel day to N.Y. It will be my first time in N.Y, since the terrorist attacks. It makes me sad thinking about the tragedy and all the lives that have been effected. I'll get some pix for the site. Then Monday with Howard Stern, wooohoooo. I need to start getting ready, hope everyone has a great weekend! JJ

I am so sore today, I have no idea why... Must have slept wrong. Anyway, I have been on the computer all day just screwin around, I love days when I can just play. By the way, everyone needs to vote for me at Very importante! Wow, I am getting bossy, just spank me if I'm outa line. (chuckles) Anyway, I have to do a video diary tonight and maybe a masturbation... Everyone has been asking me about more masturbations... Not enough time, like I always say, but I will definately get a new one up soon. OK, well I'm gonna go get some sun, since it's still 90 degrees here... Love ya, Jenna

Today was a nice day, the weather here in AZ is so nice it makes me feel like running around naked! It is perfect room temperature, which is amazing being that it's November. So, I decided that I was going to take a nice liesurly trip to the mall (my favorite thing to do). I roamed around the mall for about five and a half hours, I have to say it was a good day. First, I shopped a little for myself... I found what I have been looking for for a while... Uggs. In case you don't know what those are, they are boots made in Australia. They are completely sheepskin on the inside and suede on the outside. They have to be THE most comfortable things in the universe! Especially when you have to wear the kind of shoes I usually wear! Then I made my way to the pet store. I always spend a long time there, playing with the puppies. I ended up buying Nacho a new collar, and all my kids bones. Needless to say, they were extremely happy. Then I met with Jay for dinner, he has been at the editing bay all day and half the nights this week. That makes for little tikme together. So, it was nice to spend some time together over sushi. It's pretty late right now, so I am going to turn in..... All my love to you, Jenna

What a great weekend! We drove to Vegas on Saturday to go watch the Ultimate Fights and to hang out. We got in around 6 pm and quickly got ready. Went and played a little Blackjack, I lost:( and then went and watched the fights. We were ringside so it was pretty cool. It was the first time I got to see that type of fighting... Wow those guys go nuts. Jill and i got all wound up and wanted to beat some girls asses that were looking at Justin and Clay, LOL I think our little matchmaker idea went really well. Clay and Jill hit it off. After the fights we gambled some more and then went to Babe's Bar at the Hard Rock. I got my groove on the rest of the night. I was just in one of those dancing frenzies. I got a little trashed, hehehee. The next day Justin got us all up early and we headed home. We got home just in time to watched the Diamondbacks whooop some butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After the game we went and watched the comedian Craig Shumaker, a.k.a. " The Love Master". He is my favorite comedian. After the show we yapped with him for awhile and then headed over to the Cat Eye for a few drinks. All in all it was an awesome weekend. Today was busy day of work and chatting. The chat room was packed! It was nice to see some new faces added to the mix. It gets stressful when i get totally bombarded with questions but I survived. I wish I could type a bit faster... Life is good this week and I hope that is is good for all of you too. I will throw some good karma everyone�s way. Good night JJ

Jill kelly in the house! Jill is in town for the weekend. She has been one one my best freinds since I started in the industry. We haven't had a chance to hang out forever. We picked her up at the airport at @9... from 9 until 2am we gossipped until our jaws hurt,LOL. She is such a cutie. She looks better than I have ever seen her. Justin, myself, Jill and Clay are packing up and going to Vegas for the weekend. Yes, Justin and I are playing matchmaker,hehehee. This is going to be a nice fun relaxing weekend. Jill is one of the very few girls that I hang with in the industry and it is really nice to see her. On a separate note; the scene was incredible... I can't wait until I get to see the final cut. The scene was hot , passionate, and nasty! The camera guy forgot to roll the camera on the pop shot! Justin had to do a second one, he's a stud! What else is going on... the Diamondbacks are playing tonight; I can't watch after the last 3 games. I am so mad, as I am sure so many others are, at the choice to put that kid young back in pitching. Just goes to show lightning can strike 2ce and that the fix is in! Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ

Going into our last position of the scene and I'm taking a smoke and diary break. The scene is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for every one to see it.. When the we cams get up I think we'll have some live shows!!!!! I'll post later. JJ

Well, it's finally over! Ahhhhhh, a sigh of relief. The shoot went awesome; I can't wait to see the magazine. Everything was so smooth; it was a pleasure shooting with Playboy. The whole production was extremely well produced and orchestrated. They are true professionals. Thanks for all of the support and encouragement. Tomorrow we are shooting a make up scene for Briana Loves Jenna... and I'm pooped. All that stress really did me in. Tonight we went over to my families for a Halloween dinner and to watch the game. The Diamondbacks rock!!!!!! We are up 3-1 right now and I need to go finish watching the game. How embarrassing for the Yankees after all that shit they talked...serves them right! Catch Ya Later. JJ

Up at the crack of dawn! Justin called an hour earlier then my alarm... unannounced to him...the time change. He felt really bad; poor Linda answered the phone. I thought I would do a quick entry before I ran off to the big day. I am surprised the human brain functions this early, LOL. Here's what the day will entail: Make up for 2 hours, lunch, shoot cover, video interview... should take a total of 6 hours. Then it's back to good old Arizona. I hope I get to watch the game. Go Diamondbacks!!!! Sweep 'em baby! The Yankees have won 4 out of 5 series, they are ring hogs... time to share the wealth. I actually like the Yankees, but hometown pride kicks in when they are playing the kids from the desert. It's shower time, I stink, LOL. Have a great day in everything you do! JJ

Flying Flying Flying >-]- that kind of looks like a plane.?. I feel much better today; I can at least move arround again. My body was so dehydrated! I woke up and had a huge protein shake and a couple of glasses of water. I started feeling better arround 10. I have been really nervous and worried about this whole Playboy ordeal...I know I am doing it to myself... but it's hard to break those feelings even when you know you're driving yourself completely mad. Things are going well at the office and we are starting to plan for the Ces show in January. I already got my dress for the awards show, wink wink. (good try on the subject change) I can't wait for tomorrow to be over. I ge tback tomorow night and then we are shooting for the site on Wednesday and Thursday. Wish me luck I'm off to the airport... Isn't it funny how two weeks ago I was scared to fly because of all the terrorists activety going on it's just because I'm plain chicken...Bawk Bawk,heheheheee. Oh, and a belated happy Birthday goes out to Jim from N.C...your present will be in the mail soon ( I need the boys to print them out)

Quick entry; the Playboy shoot was greeat! I came home and have been in bed with the worst stomach flu ever!!! I have to go back to LA tomorrow to shoot the cover for Playboy... I hope I get better. If I move I'm running to the bathroom,,,YUCK! This sucks! Oh and by the way GO DIAMONDBACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will let you know how I feel in the morning. Good night all. JJ

In LA again...I flew in this afternoon for my Playboy shoot tomorrow. I am soooooo excited!!! This is a big deal for an adult performer. I have a film crew coming to the hotel room at that's early. Linda is with me and we brought the digital cams,so,we can give everyone a sneak peak! My first hardcore Boy/Girl stills are up on the site! I hope everyone likes them. I need to cut this's already 10pm and I need some rest. Wish me LUCK.. A Very Nervous JJ...

Hello there, I hope everything is well. I have been doing a lot of press releases today... working my little tuckus off. Rog Reviews (a pretty cool review site) has a competition every year for the best female performer. I haven't even placed in the past years :( If anyone wants to vote for me please do... I would love to beat the pants off of some of those girls! Hehehehehehe Go to you can vote there... You guys never let me down... I wonder what I would win if I won? I hope it's something good like a Sybian! :) OK well, I'm gonna get some much needed rest. Playboy shoot tomorrow... Gotta look fresh! Love and sloppy kisses, Jenna

Shot a Club layout today and I'm now officially pooped. I'm out of shooting shape. Tomorrow is a relax around the house and rearrange the closets day. We have been showing the house a lot lately... I wish we had accepted the last offer on the house. Showing the house is such a pain in the butt. Justin got a storage unit yesterday and moved all the crap out of the garage. Now he is building some new wardrobe closets for the garage. Let me tell you it is pretty funny to watch. He is not making them according to the instructions...he is "customizing" them, LOL. He calls me out to give him a hand and then doesn't have me do anything; I think he just wants the company. What's up with guys and tools??? We went to Home Depot to get the Cabinets...he's all " I need to get a saw..." I'm thinking a saw...for what. He grabs a saw tosses it in the cart and we head for the check out line. Halfway there he sees a tool kit combo thing that he just has to have... it was like $300. I asked him if he really needed it; he said no frowned and put it back. He gets on me about buying least I wear them. He buys tools because they look nice in the garage and he can loan them out. Our fish Jesus died today, very sad. We had him forever. He got into a fight with another fish ... he won the fight, but was wounded. We are holding services for him on Wednesday...LOL. Ok, off to the kitchen to make some dinner for myself and Mr.Carpenter. LOL. JJ

Shooting shoooting shooting.... We are shooting over the next 3 days. Yetsreday I did 2 of them was my first hardcore boy/girl layout in 5 years!!!!! It looks great...350 pix!! Today we are shooting the girl that won the Jenna look-a-like contest. She will do a couple of single sets, and then we are doing a girl/girl,mmmmmmm. Too end the evening, another boy/girl! Tomorrow 2 sets of myself and a boy/girl video scene... Justin got the new D1x digital camera and is going shoot happy! Wish me luck....JJ

Things are all back to normal... I'm back at home and getting ready to shoot today. Brett Andrews is flying out to shoot some hardcore sets of me for the site. I noticed that we were getting a lot of requests for more hardcore photo's of myself. I shot a set with Janine last month that we will be adding in November, mmm I love Janine! She still rocks!!! I'm doing an interview for a local news station in town...they are coming up to the house. I hope the dogs behave ... Nacho will gnaw off one of their legs,LOL. Puff will fart, yuck. I'm mad at Justin. Meni got him a gag shocking lighter...and guess who he tried it on last night??? That would be me! That thing hurt! I was mad...he laughed. Have a great day everyone!!! JJ

Well, we're still in Vegas!! I have become the Black Jack Guru and I'm NEVER leaving the tables (shhhh...don't tell Linda!) Jay and I both hit a winning streak and we only break for shopping trips!(hehe) We were staying at the Bellagio but got tired of the blue-haired old ladies so, yesterday we moved to our favorite - the Hard Rock! Everything you need is here - gambling, shopping and The Pink Taco! Hold on......the dealers are calling my name......gotta go! JJ

Hello everyone! I'm in Vegas with Jay! We are having a great time! It is so nice to have Jay all to myself! We went to the PGA tournament yesterday and had a blast. We have been doing a little gambling and A LOT of shopping. Well I am off to relax and enjoy my time with Jay. Hugs and Kisses!!!! Love Jenna

I'm off to Vegas today with Jay for his Birthday. I decided to take him to Vegas, since our trip was cancelled to a secret origin, due to a hurricane. We should still have fun though, since Jay loves to gamble and I love to shop! Today I was a little pissed, since I looked on gene ross' site and he had blasted my buddy Jill Kelly... It made me SO mad that I wanted to slap this girl veronica Caine, who was saying all this nasty stuff about my girl. So I wrote him. But, as of now, he hasn't posted my whole statement... I'm sure he will. Otherwise i make sure I say it to her face when I see her in January. Hehehehehehehe, Italian temper! What can I say, I protect my own! Anyway, feeel free to write to gene and defend Jill if you dig her as much as me! Never hurts to do a good deed. OK, better run... gotta plane to catch! Love ya my loyal minions! hehehehe Jenna

Hello everyone, today was a good day. My brother, Tony and his wife Selena came over. I cut her hair in that Betty Paige style and dyed it black. It looks so awesome. The only problem is that I got black hair dye on my white carpet. UGH!!!!!!!!!! Jay wanted to kill me. He is very anal about things like that, I ended up feeling horrible. OH WELL! I guess it's not the end of the world. Anyway, life is good here in AZ, the weather is starting to change, finally! It's so nice to be able to wear long sleeved shirts again. I love dressing for cold weather, I love coats and sweaters! We have to wait till like November for cool weather, such a bummer. Just wanted to let you know, we haven't broken in the Mercedes yet, but we are bound to soon! It's only a matter of time.... Knowing me! I'll let you know when the event happens... All my love, Jenna

Good luck to our troops and whoop some ass!! I pray that this is a quick and effective strike. I am preparing for more attacks on the US. It is going to be very different here now...everyone will be on alert. It is great to see the unification of our allies around the world giving both aide and support. Our military muscle is pretty incredible and our country is strong. I hate seeing any blood shed, but I feel that at this point it is needed. People have been getting away with too much for far too long! Sleep soundly America and good luck to those protecting us...and thank you! JJ

Can you say "hung over"? The party was awesome last night at Sanctuary. The place was packed! You couldn't move. Duane did an incredilble promotion and the turn out was amazing. They were playing our Clubjenna promo video on the side of the whole building. Everyone walking by was just standing there watching...we have some pix it was cool. Today I am going to clean up the house a little, we have 2 house showings this afternoon. OK, time to clean...JJ

What a great day at the mall! I picked up my girlfriend Anita at her house at around noon, and we headed off to the Fashion Square Mall here in Scottsdale. We ate at my favorite lunch spot, Tomatoes, then we started our trek through the shops. I bought a few see-through peasant blouses and she bought a cool black leather purse. By then it was around four o'clock and we decided to have a drink at Z Tejas. They have the best mango margaritas! One and you feel buzzed! Then she decided that she wanted to get the hood of her clit pierced so we drove over to Halo Piercing. She was very brave and went through with it, but she did scream MOTHER FUCKER! when the needle went through.... I put my ring back in my cookie, I only had it out a couple of months, and I thought the hole would be closed, but luckily it wasn't. So, I have a nice little gold ring with a diamond heart hanging from it, feels good to have it back. It's around 11 o' clock right now, so I'm gonna go to bed, I'm pretty tired from walking around the mall all day... Shopping sure puts me in a good mood... I should have nice dreams tonight! Goodnight kiddies! Love ya mucho, Jenna

I'm driving in my car...I turn on my radio..I blow by a cop...He gives me a ticket...booooooo! I made it back safely. Linda and I drove home tonight. Poor Linda was sick the whole way home. She must have had something bad to eat. We must have pilled over 5 times for her to reverse eat, ooohhhh yuck! My meeting today went fabulous and the mag will be on the stands in February 2002. The dogs are good and everything is slowly getting back to normal. I looked at the shots for the cover of Briana Loves Jenna today. They look great, it's always hard to pick just one. I have nothing to do tomorrow!!! So, I 'm sure I'll be on the boards in the forum. We have the Porn party this weekend at Sanctuary local club in Scottsdale. Taylor Hayes is flying out for it, mmmmm. It's going to be fun. Sunday I'm taking Justin on a surprise vacation for his birthday... he thinks we're going to Afghanistan, LOL. Night all, time to take my butt to bed...JJ

Just a quick entry. The new car is AWESOME!!!! I will upload pix of it later this week...maybe I'll do a quick layout in it. The convention went really well, it was nice seeing some of the CJ members there showing their support. I really had a good time, but I got really tired towards the end...and maybe a little grumpy... We went and had dinner after the convention with our friends from Video Secrets and Swung Mag. It was a nice relaxing way to end the day. Today, I had an audition for hosting a TV show and tomorrow i have an interview for my an upcoming shoot for an undisclosed magazine... and then back to AZ. The boys should have some pix from the convention up tomorow. Hugs.. JJ

Yadda dee yadda daa... I am nursing a smoking sunburn! We got new bulbs for the tanning bed. When I ordered them I asked for a different kind then were curruently in the Wolf model that we had...ones that were stronger AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Ok, maybe too strong,wow. I only went in for like 13-14 minutes and now I'm smoked. I resemble a small cherry tomato,LOL. I am getting ready for the convention this weekend in LA. We have a booth at the show; you'll know which one because it will be glowing! We will take alot of pix for you all to see what went on. Our friends from Video Secrets are going to be there with us. It should be a good time. The banners we had made up are slammin I will get them posted in the news section. I get my new car tomorrow!!!!!! 2002 CL 500 Midnight Blue!!! Sport pakage and all. I still need to sell my other Mercedes and the Viper. The market is soo bad right now. On that note, we didn't sell the house...the guy bought one down the street. He wanted to steal the house. No biggie. Off to bed I go...another day of flying.... Wish me luck. JJ

What a day.. got an offer on the house...we countered...they came and looked at the house again..this whole ordeal is way to stressful. They want to move in at the end of October; I have way to much to pack. It would take that long just to pack all my clothes,LOL. We are going to the Janet Jackson concert tonight. I'm really excited, we got great seats! I usually only go to rock concerts..Janet is such a cutie, I had to go. My movie canceled for next week... I'm not very happy about it. My co star vanished and can't be found for the monent. We will have to reschedule it fo ra later date. For the record we are going to be lowering our membership price in the next few weeks. Also, we will be donating a $1 of every new membership to the World Trade Center Relief Fund. We know that times are ruff for alot of people and we are doing what we can to help. Well, time to run... I,ll let you know how the show was...Miss Jenna if you're nasty!

Sorry it's been a few days since I posted a diary entry, this weekend was super crazy. Fridays boxcover shoot with Brianna went awesome, the pics are beautiful. Then on Saturday I went to the Vivid company picnic at Magic Mountain Six Flags, it has all the raging rollercoasters. We spent nearly twelve hours going from ride to ride, syanding in lines and having fun. It was majorly hot in California, which is out of the ordinary, for this time of year... Needless to say, once I got back to the hotel room, I was completely zombified. WOW, was I tired. I had blisters and a major neck ache from all of the jerky rollercoasters... But, it was well worth it. Then Sunday rolled around and I was called in to do some reshooting for Swung Magazine. Very long day indeed. Then I crawled into bed at about 11 at night and fell asleep quicker than I ever remember doing so. Monday morning I jumped on a flight home to AZ. It is Tuesday now and I feel the effects of this long weekend. Good thing I have a couple of days to re-energize! On the good news front, my car just came into the dealership, I will have it in a few days! YAHOO! I will definately post some pics of me sprawled on the hood of my new midnight blue CL500 Mercedes! HEHEHEHEHE... Kisses to all my peeps!!!! Jenna

Hello all... Another relaxing day of paying bills and doing interviews. I hope everyone checked out the cool article on about the girls and traveling in the wake of all of the terrorism. Also just launched it's forum board and chat room. Make sure you check that out, I already posted on their forum board. Nice people over there, hope it doesn't turn ugly, sometimes with free forums, nasty people come in and say shitty things. Resulting in adult stars boycotting the forum. Anyway, I am in the middle of packing, for tomorrow. I can't wait to see Brianna tomorrow, it should be a lot of fun, Justin is coming along to do behind the scenes pics and video, and you guys will be the first to see them... I'm sure they will be included as some of the extras on the DVD... when it comes out! OK everyone, I will talk to you next week in the chatroom, I miss you! Love n Kisses, Jenna

I'm going to the food network! I am becoming Chef Jenna. Today I went out and got a few cook books to enhance my cooking repertoire. I will be posting my fav recipes in the forum in the future. Maybe I'll do a cooking with Jenna video for the site... I can think of a few fun things to include. This is the calm before the storm for work. I leave for LA on Friday...Yes ,I'm scared! I do not want to fly into LA! I have no choice, so, off I go. I buddies at Swung Mag are getting ready for their first issue; I'm very excited for them. I'm thrilled that I got the cover. The dogs have colds...still bad! The edit bay is back in operation, so Justin is doing 20 hour days trying to catch up. Look for allot of new Videos coming very soon. Time to go catch CNN and see if there is any NEW many times can they rehash the same thing. We are deploying troops ... Good luck boys and love is with you!!!! Signing off ..JJ

A very productive errand day. I got caught up on some much crap today, YEAH. Took care of the dogs, scheduling, groceries, Dr's apts, and then treated myself to an in home manicure, pedicure, and facial. Now that's a great day! The dogs have been their usual bad selves, not a shocker. I had a nice chat with everyone tonight. I can't wait until I get the web cams up in the new house. It will be a nice feature for the site. I'm still in awe over the whole WTC tragedy. We are now starting to see the real sadness that it caused as well as the economic effect that it had. They were smart to wait until Monday to open up the would have been all sell orders from the panic of last week. Our airlines have been devastated...some were on their way out anyways, but still. I see and hear the sad stories of lost loved ones and tears come to my eyes. I know that we are a strong and proud nation and united we are invincible. I feel confident that whichever route we decide to go; we will come out on top. It is sad to think of the lives that will be lost to protect our freedom. Cherish the ones you love and be courteous to everyone you meet. We all need to be appreciative of the freedoms that we have learned to take for granted. I know that I fall into the traps of complacency and comfort. Babble Babble ...sorry... Sleep in Peace...

Dogs for sale! I am selling my dogs... AHHHHHHH! The dogs are still in their shred mode. They have decided to wage war against the family room couch and all pillows associated with the feathered lounging apparatus. The total of amount of couch destruction is @ 6k. They used to only resort to the attack during our away hours, now they are doing it when we are in the other room. Now they are hacking up fur balls through out the night, leaving little time for normal human sleeping time. For the past two nights I have been kept awake by the sound of the dogs hacking, barfing, and then eating...YUCK! There in room sleeping privileges have been revoked. Other than that my weekend was great, went and spent time with my new nephew, Andrew. He is soo cute!! He's tiny, 6lbs 9 oz. It's amazing how fast they change and develop. I am a total baby hog when I'm around him; no one gets a chance to hold him, but me!!! I can't wait until I have a baby...very excited for that day. Speaking of babies... Justin and I spent a lot of time practicing making them. He pounded me for about 6 hours this weekend, can you say ouch!?! I had forgotten how good anal felt...mmmmmmm. We started out with a nice romantic home cooked meal on Friday. After pouring the wine I found myself getting laid down on the table for an unbelievable eating experience. He munched me for at least 45 legs were shaking uncontrollably. Justin has the golden tongue. For desert he proceeded to jack himself off with my pussy for about an hour. Needless to say we didn't get a chance to eat much of the dinner I made. The rest of the weekend was as good, ummmmm. Ok, time to go clean up after the dogs.

OK, things have settled down a little around here, I think I'm still in a bit of shock, after all the horrible things that have transpired over the last few days. My heart goes out to all of the families that have been affected by this tragedy. Well, I guess I should update everyone on what is going on with me. I shot some incredible layouts for earl, which will be posted soon. Janine was great, as always. We also finished up all of the dialogue for Brianna Loves Jenna. I play a crazy person in a psyche ward, so I had to do a lot of major acting. hehehehehe It was cool,cuz I was like a sexual mental patient, so I got to ramble on about things that turn me on. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I can't wait for everyone to see it. Well, I am going to go watch somemore news. I hope everyone is rallying together in this time of darkness. It is all we can really do. Appreciate those around us....Love and happiness, Jenna

I've turned into a CNN junkie... I spent half the day crying...I feel very sad for all the all the families of the missing. Their strong desire for closure... It's night time...I will talk at you all in the morning. I hope everyone has a safe night. JJ JJ

Shoots went great in LA. I am home safe ...Thank God! This is a very sad day for the United States. My heart and prayers go out to the family and friends of those that were lost today. I am still in shock at the whole situation... I will share my views tomorrow. Good night everyone. JJ

Another 5:30 am wake up buzzzz! Oh, joy and rapture... The flight was good, I slept most of the way. Linda joined me for the weekend. It's always nice having her arround...makes everything a bit easier and relaxing. Justin will be in tonight. I just got done with make up and I,m taking a break before getting dressed and posed for the rest of the day. Earl has been so nice ... i am excited to shoot with him. The location is beautiful. I'm sure the shots will be awesome. e are shooting behind the scenes stuff for the site, both video and stills. Monday we are finishing up some dialogue and make up shots for Briana Loves Jenna. Life is good...I am in much beter spirits today, thanks for all your support. We will be shooting alot of new content for the site in October as well as a secret movie... I'll give you a hint, the girl I'm working with is my most requested costar... it will be our first time together! JJ

Well, it has been a very hard couple of days for me... A lot going on in my life. I feel really sensitive right now. It's so funny, when bad things are happening, it makes you second guess yourself. I am the queen of insecurity sometimes. People always think I'm so strong, but it is SO far from the truth. It takes a while to break me down, but when it happens, it's hard to get myself out of that rut. Looks are so important in my business, and sometimes I feel so ugly, I know that sounds stupid. But, when you take your clothes off all the time, you start noticing every little thing that is wrong with you. And, a lot of people enjoy pointing those things out. UGH! Well, I am supposed to go shoot with Earl tomorrow and the next day, and I feel so crappy about my body. Every girl goes through this I know, but all eyes are on me. I just hope the shoot goes well, and I don't feel too self conscious. I'm sure I will feel better about myself soon, and I know it is stemming from the stress... You guys are great, thanks for being so sweet to me in the forum, right now I definately need it.

Just got back from the hospital...Kris had her baby!!!!!!!! It was unreal! We got there at 6pm yesterday and just left...TIRED. She did great and her new son is beautiful. I will give you all the cool details tomorrow..right now I need some sleep. JJ

Now this is my kind of day...get up have a nice breakfast...and shop shop shop !!! Heheheee. I have to shop for the party tonight and for the one tomorrow. I need to find a few sassy outfits. LA has great shopping, scottsdale is ok , but youcan't find the wild clothes there. We are flying to Vegas early this evening..if we can get a flight. We didn't make any reservations, I guess should get on that. The shoot yesterday was fun. Laurent designed a pretty crazy Bob's Big Boy looking set. Isabella was as cute as ever. Laurent had to break us up a few times because we started getting into it and forgot about the shoot. Come on...that's like putting a peice of steak in a pitbulls mouth and telling him not to eat it, LOL. TIME TO START THE DAY. Have a fantastic Labor Day Weekend. JJ

It's shoot time! Wooohooo, yippie! Funny huh? I'm off to shoot another layout for Club today and some pick ups for Briana Loves Jenna. Should be a med hard day. I slept like poop last night..I'm horny. I'm shooting with a little cutie named Isabella today. She was cumming like a demon during the scene. I worked with her in Briana Loves Jenna. She has a nice little cookie, mmmm. Ok, the my ride to set is here... I'm outta here. JJ

Another long ass day! I just finished my photoshoot for Club Mag. I started the day at 5 a.m.- fly to LA- Get on make up and shoot shoot shoot! It's been a really crazy week... Justins father has been in the hospital and his sister is 4 days late for on having the baby. Jay's the coach for Kris... now that is going to be funny! He going nuts because he has set aside time for all this in his schedule and now he shuffling everything arround like mad. Hopefully everything will work out. I really really really wish I was home supporting everyone right now... But I have no choice. I have to shoot tomorrow again for Club and then it's off to good old Las Vegas where I'm hosting a party with Dennis Rodman... if he's out of jail! Saturday night we are going to the Madonna after party... She is one person I really admire and would love to meet. She is pretty amazing in every aspect. Her media control of both her public and private lives is impressive. She has truly developed herself into icon status. Well. anyways I hope that I get a chance to meet her. I need to get some rest, so , I'm off to bed! JJ

I hate Sprint!!!!!!!! The internet is down at my house due to Sprints shitty broad band direct. I sat on hold with them for 45 minutes this morning trying to find out why the service is slower that a 12.2 dial up????? They get on the phone and say that they are having problems in the area and have no answer as to when it will be fixed... This is such a lame excuse...the excuse of give no reason and bullshit the customer! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! What a way to ruin my morning. I'm going to the gym. A very mad JJ!

Another week comes to an ever notice how fast time starts to go as you get older? I remember when I was a kid it seemed that the school year was never ending. A month would seem like an eternity. Now I'm lucky if I remember what year it is. Everything just goes into hyper warp. Summer is over and it seems like I never even had a chance to appreciate it. Life�s pace gets faster and faster and if yu don't keep up it blows you by and leaves you in the gutter; torn and tattered. Oh, to be able to go back to my youth, a carefree fun time responsibilities and no stress. I know I'm still a babe in the woods, but I kind of understand how life is going to continue and change. It is weird when you put everything into proper perspective and realize that you really need to stop every once and awhile and take the time to grasp life. Spend time with the ones you love... and do something to better yourself and make yourself feel happy. Make yourself smile, do something that makes you feel complete. I think in today�s fast paced "get ahead of the Jones'" world we forget about what life is all about. Look back at the Renaissance era. Now they had a real zest for life and love. I think the Europeans still try and uphold that style of life and do so much more than Americans...but they still fall into the pitfalls of modern man and its society void of true feeling and emotion. Families are falling apart as a result of poor parenting. Don�t get me wrong, I'm not blaming the parents. It's the fact that both parents have to work in order to provide a life style that is competitive with the Jones'. It is hard raising kids in today�s society. I could go on about this for another 3 hours of writing... but I will spare everyone from my babbling. On a lighter note, I bought a new bed and bedding today. We went with an Indian (India) type of theme this time. I'll get some pix up. The pool party was crazy and fun. Ricky took tons of pix. Yap at ya tomorrow. JJ

The days have been bluring together... Ok, no more make up for awhile please, my eyes are smoked! That stuff kills your eyes after 3-4 sets a day ..make up change for each set. The stuff is so beautiful, Micheal (photographer) did a great job. The stylist was awesome and Emma was her usual briliant self(make up). I am getting ready to go to the airport and get my ass home!! I can't wait. I miss Justin...we are actually going to be alone in our house for the first time in almost 2 months...I'm in trouble. I'll have to learn how to walk again..hehehee. The house will be rockin tonight!!!!!!! Woohoooooooooo...Jenna gonna get summmmm, LOL. Break it down!! Go Jenna -Go Jenna -Go Jenna- it's your birthday -not a holliday.Heheheee. Ok, enough silliness...time to get thats gonna happen..go jenna I'm in a great mood!!!!!!!!! I have the pool party tomorrow in Scottsdale. It's going to be crazy. We are going to shoot a bunch of footage for you guys to see. We are sponsoring the event along with Cat Eye Lounge , Babes Strip Bar , and Les Girls Breast Lounge(LOL). Girls Girls Girls.!! Gotta run..HUGS>>> JJ

Recap of the week time...5:30 a.m. Tuesday morning-BUZZZZZZZZZ! Alarm going off ...time to get up and go to the airport. I was a tad tired. Got there 15 minutes before the flight was departing. Justin always does that...I hate it..." Oh, we have plenty of time", as we are running towards the gate. I got to LA, but my bag didn't! Went to the shoot did 3 beautiful layouts hopped in the car and went to shoot for FHM magazine until 11p.m. Let's see 5:30-11:30...yes, I was pooped. 10 a.m. call time for another 3 layouts. I got done last night arround 7. Got to bed early and now I'm up doing a radio interview for CBS. It's good to be busy...yeah right. There are no house guests at the house...6 weeks of guests gets to wear on you. Justin is at home enjoying the quiet, yes, I am a little jeaulous. It was Danny's birthday on Tuesday...I forgot and I feel horrible! I think for his birthday I won't tease him that he is's starting to get to him. Justin purchased the URL You really don't buy a domain name, you actually rent it...hmmmm sneaky. We added alot of stuff to the site...I think we are growing nicely. We are trying to add 3-4 girls and at least 1 set of me every week. I need some more sex advice and relationship questions to answer. Email them to [email protected]. The viper is back up on ebay.AGAIN. 3rd times the charm. 2 times the winners have flaked,UGHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Time for the interview and then off to the set for another full day of shooting, whhhohhooooo. Have an AWESOME day! JJ

Bobby and Briana are staying at the house. It's good to see them. I am leaving for LA tomorrow ...I'm stressed. I have a long week of shooting ahead of me. I just got done doing some last minute tanning. We have a tanning bed at the house. I know ...what do you need a tanning bed in AZ? I don't use it often if that makes you feel better, LOL. I very rarely tan because it is so bad for your skin. Wrinkles are not a girls best friend. It's not fair how guys mature and become distinguished , while woman just get old and pruinish...hehehee. The dogs have been crazy as usual... I'll post some new pix of them ...Nacho is HUGE! I'll yap at ya'll tomorrow. JJ

Well, today has been a nice relaxing day. Went to the mall and shopped, made me feel better. Now I am chilling at home. I am supposed to got to the 2nd anniversary of a big club here in Scottsdale tonight, but I'm not sure I want to brave the crowds. Feeling a little anti-social! The forum has been blowing up lately, very good to see. I have got to thanks everyone for coming to my rescue when certain people are rude. I try to ignore those things, they obviously know absolutely nothing about me. I have to say, I sure love those awesome scans that Osty posted in the news section of the forum... Yummy! Very beautiful. Very large, but awesome. Well, I will catch everyone around in the forum, time to go lounge around...Life is good!

Hello... I have now officially recovered from the shoot. MAN, was that HOT!!!! But I do have to mention that the pics are beautiful! Today, I am lounging and trying to get coordinated for my trip to in LA next week. I am SO excited about shooting for FHM, ya know, that is a pretty big step for an adult girl to get a big spread in a top magazine like FHM!!!! Well, it's time they came to their senses! I will also be shooting the end sequences for Brianna Loves Jenna next week, no sex just wrap arounds for the sex scenes. Which means all the dialogue leading into the scenes. Should be a lot of fun, and a lot of hard work. Hopefully in the middle of next week I will be getting my new car, a CL500. I am trading in my old Mercedes for a 2002. Very exciting! Spoiled little brat! hehehehehehehehe Anyway, that is all that is going on with me, see ya all around the forum! PS- Shout out to Sparky, he asked me to say hi while we were on Instant Messenger!

Shooting shooting shooting... Look at me I'm shooting ..giddy up giddy up giddy up rawhide!!!! Rawhide! I've been shooting out in the desert all day, mind you it's 104 outside. The sets have been beautiful. Brett is a great Photographer, we work very well together. I was planning on getting up at 5 am and shooting... that was a nice thought,LOL. I didn't get up until @ 7am. So, we didn't start shooting until @ 10 am. At noon the clothes were easy to get off; they pretty much just melted off. I did a diary video, I think it will be up tomorrow. Ok have to go back and shoot some more. Have a great day .... JJ

OK, here's the update from last night. We went to our friend Mark's opening for his new restaurant Flat Wok. It was actually pretty interesting, you get in this sort of assembly line and load a bowl full of fresh veggies and noodles and chicken. Then you take it to the chef in the back and watch him cook it on this huge flat wok! Really fresh and healthy. Then we proceeded to go to the Cat Eye, which is my favorite club here in Scottsdale. So as soon as I get there I need to go to the bathroom, so I head over and lock the door behind me. As I'm sitting there, I hear a bunch of people outside saying, "Jenna Jameson is here!" Well, this went on for about five minutes. So when I open the door and round the corner, some chick attacks me and tries to kiss me. YUCK! So I shoved her off me, and she must have been drunk cuz she fell. OOPS! Maybe I'm stronger than I look. Needless to say, she got thrown out. Oh Well, guess it goes to show, even though your a girl, that doesn't mean you can just go fondle anyone you want! Once I got home, Justin pinned me on the bed. HEHEHE. Face down, he ate my ass till I came. MMMMMMMMMM. He fucked me from the back and pushed my face into the pillow. Felt good. That went on for about a half hour, and then he flipped me over very forcefully. I love it when he does that! I like doing it missionary because I can clamp down on him with my pussy. That always makes him cum. It felt so good when he came in me, it made me cum. That was a very good night of love making... I think Justins on a roll! hehehehehhe, Life is good! Kisses, Jenna

Howdy Y'all... Today has been a good day, I worked out so extremely hard, when I got home I felt ill! But, I guess that means I pushed myself to my limits. Definately felt good. The rest of the day, I hung out and surfed the net. I caught my fair share of talk shows and just layed on the couch and was the definition of lazy! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Tonight Justin and I are taking Melissa and her new hubby, Mark, out on the town. A friend of ours is having an opening for his new restaurant tonight, then we are going to hit the Cateye for some late night fun. I will give you the update on my hangover tomorrow. Cheers to everyone! Jenna

Wow! I have to share with everyone what great sex I had last night. Justin was in rare form... Heheheheheheh. He ate me for about an hour, and I felt like my legs were going to fall off! I left a huge puddle on the bed. Then we proceeded to have sex for about another hour and he wound up tiity fucking me for the first time! I guess he like it because he came about a gallon all over the bed and my face! Pretty hot. Needless to say, I feel a little worn out today. He was whistleing as he left for the office today, I guess that means he's in a pretty good mood! heheheheheehe I see that e feww of you are wondering about "the big magazine I am going to be on the cover of" Well, I can't let the cat out of the bag yet.... I am scheduled to shoot it end of September. You guys, are going to be so excited... I nearly jumped out of my shorts when I found out! OK, I'm off to lay by the pool... Kisses, Jenna

The wedding was beautiful!!! Missy looked so beautiful. The whole wedding party looked great. I will try and get some pix to post on the site. I was crying the whole time, Missy is my best friend and I was very happy for her. She married a great guy. The ceremony was small but very well done. All the maids looked great. Missy picked out really pretty dresses for all the girls. The reception was at the Voodoo bar at the Rio. It was a great place to have it, the views are incredible and the atmosphere was perfect. I think I left at @ 2 a.m. to head back to the Hotel and decorate Missy's room for their special night! Sunday, I got up fairly early and did my favorite We went to the new mall at the Aladdin Casino, WOW! It is awesome... besides the fact that it rains in the mall (pretty cool) the stores are excellent. I was on a shopping rampage! I had to stop in the middle and get some oxygen at the bar. That was the first time I actually went to an Oxygen bar, it was very revitalizing. Definitely kills a hang over. After shopping we packed up and drove back with Ricky and Clay. Clay was driving, a mistake...he got lost and we ended up in hour out of the way! It was not funny at the time. It was nice to get home and sleep in my own bed. Missy and the family are staying with us this week...the house is packed! Justine, Missy +5, myself and the 3 dogs. Ok, can you say crazy? We are managing pretty well; Justin has been editing most of the time. Today has been a good day, I was asked to appear on the cover and inside a very large magazine,so, I was very happy to hear tha. I am also working on my book deal. I have been trianing and I am soooo sore it's not even funny. It hurts to breathe, lol. The problem is my trainer thinks that I am in much better shape than I am actually in and I don't whimp out during sets. Time to take some Advil and call it a night. JJ

Just a quick entry. Last night started out as crazy nightmare, but eneded out to be alot of fun. We rented a huge party bus , that turned out to be a big rip off. I'll fill you in on all that biz when I get back home. We ended up at Babes at the Hard Rock Casino. Ricky got sick, pooooor Ricky! Anyways, time to get ready for the wedding... JJ

Back home in good old Vegas...home of Jenna The Younger Years. Yesterday was extremely hectic... everyone was flying in for the wedding and trying to meet with each other , finding lost luggage.... It was cray! Last night about 10 of us went to my favorite restaurant in Vegas, Shintaro at the Belagio. I love their Colbe beef. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Today I have to get all the last minute shopping done for the party tonight. It's going to be wild with all the girls together, it will be quite the scene. I think we have all the Penthouse Pet's over the last 2 years going out tonight, MMMMMMM. Ok, off to the mall. Miss ya'll! JJ

I am poooped. Let's see the day started at 6am, I had to get Desmond (The Hair Guru) off to the airport and then I had to take my butt to the gym. I started working out with a trainer today...I am going to be sooooo sore! It felt great though, I'm really looking forward to getting into the gym regularly. Maybe I'll sleep at night now... that would be nice. The rest of the day I spent running arround with Missy getting ready for the big day on Saturday. You know girl stuff... nails, tan, facial, etc. I don't often get the time to do that, so it was awesome. I showed the house once today, hopefully we'll get an offer. Arround 5:30 pm I popped in the chat room and yapped with a few buddies, that was was mellow- all regulars in the room. Made a quick dinner and now I am ready for bed. I have to get up @6 and fly to Vegas. I still have to get Missy a few things for her bachelorette party, wink wink wink! I'll make sure I get lots of pictures when we are out on the town. Today was a great day... {{{{{HUGS}}}}} JJ

It's a hair day! Desmond flew in today to do my hair, we all know how long that takes... I'm in one of those weird moods today, kind of ancy. Don't know why, I think I'm starting to stress about all the stuff coming up this month. Might I remind you that this was supposed, SUPPOSED, to be my month off! I just looked at my schedule and was like," Oh this is nice... so much free time." I have to do: multiple layouts for Club Magazine towards the end of the month, I need to shoot wrap-arrounds for Brianna Loves Jenna, do a ton of shooting for the site, host a party, shooting for an ad campaign for 5 days, and maybae having to pack up the house and move to the new one. I know waaa waa waaa. I am preparing myself for the flood of shooting. Justin is trying to schedule in a new movie this month also. Ever get that feeling that you just want to run away from all of your responsibilities and disapear? I'm thinking of new career options, LOL. Something very simple and remedial. Hmmmmm, a petsitter- has a nice ring to it. LOL JJ

Back home! The party in LA was great. We had a really good turnout and everyone was extremely nice. Ricky took a lot of pix , I don't know how good they are...he was trashed, LOL. Linda, Melissa and myself flew back on Friday. Poor Linda was airsick the whole flight. This weekend we have 4 house showings so it's a cleaning and arranging weekend. It's hard with 3 guests and 3 dogs in the house. Missy is clean so that's helpful. I really don't have a lot scheduled for this week, Missy's wedding is on Saturday, so I need to get ready for that. She is not very stressed.. I know I would be. I have my chat at 11 this morning. I'll set up another one next week. I originally was going to take most of August off, but I need to shoot most of the month :( No biggie! Time to clean , first house showing is at 9. JJ

HUNGOVER!!! It was a great party! Hopping on a flight back home...I'll post another entry then. JJ

Goodmorning, it's 6 am here in lovely Arizona. I have to go back to LA today. Vivid is throwing a big Jenna Party tonight. I am really excited and kind of nervous about it. Alot of mainstream press are going to be there to cover the event. It's always stressful traveling to an event like this... you have to worry about what you are going to wear way ahead of time , mainly because you have to pack it and you always forget something! You're not getting ready in the comfort of your home so that adds a little stress to the mixture. If something happens to you intended outfit, spill-stain-tear-bad wrinkle-etc, you are basicaly screwed. I usualy bring one back up just in case. But then again at home I have 2000 backups! I must admit I have a pretty extensive wardrobe, heheheee. I love to shop. Shopping is my stress relief, well until I add up the bills at the end of the month. You know that you have a problem when you look into your closet and 25% of the clothes still have tags on them. It' sbetter to have and not need than to need and not have, LOL. It's almost that time for me to go through my closet and collect a big charity pile. I donate clothes twice a year. I feel a little funny sometimes donating some articles of clothing that I would label "Hooker Wear". I will have full details and pix of tonights event. Hope ya'll have a great day!!!!!! {{{{hugs}}}}}} JJ

Ho Hum, I have to run to LA for a minute . Will be back tomorrow. This is turning out to be a bad week already, scheduling nightmare. I hope it all works out. I am running late but promise to post tomorrow night and fill everyone in. JJ

I'm back finally. yeahhhhhh!!! It is so nice to be back home , I feel like I'm walkiing away from my life whenever I go out of town now. I can't get I the site as much... dial up connections suck. Missy came back with me to Az. It's nice to have her arround. We haven't really had a chance to hang out together for awhile. Her little boy is here with , gives Justin someone to talk to , hehehee. Today we are laying out at the pool and preparing for some guests coming over tonight. We are going to have dinner at the house and then watch the Howard Stern show, I fell asleep last night before it aired, that should tell you how tired I was. I heard the show was good. The message boards are going crazy, I like that life on the site. I will shoot a video diary this week before I head off to LA on Tuesday. It seems like i have no time anymore to live, I mean before my bags are unpacked I'm repacking another suitcase. I shoot for Club Mag on Tuesday and Wednesday, Vivid party on Thursday...Oh did you hear that I am a Vivid girl now! Fridqay back to Az to shoot for Clubjenna on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I leave Thursday fo Missy's wedding in Vegas. Then back to Az on Sunday...and then...and then ...and then... No rest for the wicked...

I am home sick. I can't wait to get back home:( Missy lives in the woods in the middle of nowhere! Her house is very pretty , but I mean it is out in BFE. I have caught up on my relaxing. Tomorrow we go back into the city,New York City. Then back home on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hear that the dogs have been there usual bad selves. Justin said he came home to a house full of feathers. Aparently the dogs shredded on e of the pillows on the family room couch. I wonder if he took a picture. I noticed we have a few new members posting on the boards in the forum. That's nice to see, even though it is only a fraction of them that post. I see alot of stuff has been added to the site while was away...looks good. Don't really have alot to babble about tonight, just kind of blah... must be the weather here. Hey what happened to the active member recruitment for the site...??? World Domination will soon be MINE!!!! Long Live Jenna!!

Ouch. I am in a bit of pain, wow. They perped my teeth yesterday and boy are they sensitive. The whole event went really well. The Dr, is one of the top guys in the country, very talented and nice. I go back on Thursday to complete everything. I'm still a little out of it. They had me on NO2 (laughing gas). That stuff really works, I was flying. So, I can't wait for you guys to see pix of the work, it's not a big change or don't worry. I am staying at Missy's house, pet of the year runner up. She is taking very good care of me. She is coming back with me to stay at my house until her wedding on the 5 th . Time to go sit and relax awhile. JJ

Okie Dokie Smokie, last night was crazy!!! We had a Jenna look alike contest at a local club called Pinke's. They maxed capacity before I even arrived. I did like an hour af signing and then the contest was ON... There were some little cuties,mmmmm mmmmmm. Not that I would ever pick up on any of them. OK, maybe one( got her number!). After the contest we had another contest... a wet t-shirt contest! Ok, Rikki's girl Anitta was in it she looked great ( we have pix). Unfortunately Anitta did not win ( she should have at least placed 2nd. The girl that won was a friend of ours Kelley. We are going to be shooting the girls for the site, so get ready for some new chicks on the net! World domination is ours!!!!!!!!! Long Live CLUBJENNA... JJ

Sorry , I missed yesterday...I was shooting all day. I did a video diary yesterday, it will be up today. It's Linda's Birthday today, she turned 30... So everyone wish her a happy bday!! I saw the posts on the boards for her, very sweet. Today is a little crazy, I am really really tired, I haven't been sleeping well at all. I don't know what's wrong, I think it is anxiety? I shoot for our buddy Lensman tomorrow. I hope the shoot goes well. What else is going on, hmmm, oh the dogs are still bad (like that's a shocker) Nacho is driving us crazy because Puff is in heat. So, his horn dog self is in overdrive, poor puff. FearZeus just had his baby!!!!!! It was a GIRL..We are sooooo happppy for he and his wife!!!! Make sure everyone congratulates him. It's his first child. Ok have to run time to go photoshop on the cube... JJ

I'm all amped- I got a new Mac G4 Cube computer tonight! It's my first mac ever.. they are very different than PC's. . Justin has been very patient while helping me. The Cubes are being discontinued, so the prices have dropped a lot... It is the coolest looking computer EVER MADE ! I got the flat screen to go with it, very sheik! It all started when one of the dogs knocked over and broke our monitor in the office at the house. So we went to the store for a new monitor and maybe a printer. Justin spotted the cube and started haggling with the guy...2 hours later we are leaving with the computer and other assorted goodies. Now I need some mac software. I am starting to get the hang of it I am mainly using it for Photoshop stuff and printing. Rip Mix & Burn Baby Burn!!!!!! " Exxxcited JJ"

Clubejenna was very lively this weekend alot of posting going on... All in all this was a nice weekend. I went and saw the movie Cats and Dogs with Justin, Jim, and Karen(Jim's girlfriend). The movie was sooooo cute, a bit silly , but sooooooo cute. The editing was great. At times a few of the animals looked a tad bit fake. I had a hard time falling asleep last night, my allergies have been driving me crazy! We are shooting for the site today, so, that might have added to my anxiety. One of our freinds, Danny, has a beautiful loft downtown. He is letting us shoot there . Justin is excited, he loves shooting. He's always loved shooting video , now the new thing is stills. We will get a few sample shots up this week. I guess I should start getting ready,yuck! Ok, Loyal members today's mission is to find 3 people and get them to join ClubJenna...LONG LIVE JENNA !!LOL JJ

Ahhh a beautiful day in Scottsdale!!! It's 80 and cloudy...not the usual 115 and scorching sun. It's a liitle rainy... Isn't it funny how the grass is always greener on the other side. When I woke up and saw that the sun wasn't blaring through my windows a smile came to my face. Now, take Sparky for instance, when he wakes up in England and sees the sun he's running for the door to catch some This morning, I saw clouds and ran outdise to enjoy my coffee. The schedule for the today: I think I will do some grocery shopping, visit some friends (it is my friend Jamie's Bday today), shoot some video, cook a nice dinner, and watch a DVD. Now that is my idea of a relaxing day. Maybe I'll excercise a bit also...Justin is teaching me how to Box. He's working on my left hook. I like boxing, it's a great workout and it's fun at the same time. I missed the pad the other day and knocked him out...LOL...just kidding! How funny would that be?? I don't think he would appreciate it too much , but it would be funny. I slipped once and grazed him... he laughed...little does he know I did it on purpose, heheheee. That's what he gets for saying the noodles were a bit overcooked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, well time to start the day, I hope all of you have a great day!! JJ

Wow what a show... It was a lot of work, but it was worth it. I signed at the Vivid booth ... that was a little weird at first. But I quickly got used to it and signed away. The internext show is really great because it is a much smaller show than CES. It is pretty much all webmasters, content providers, and site owners. Ohhh, did I forget the AWESOME girls!!!!!! They had the best looking girls I've ever seen at a convention. The pix should be up today or tomorrow in the news section. Melissa Ann was there along with all the other Pets, mmmmm mmmm. We had a great group that all went out together. The first night we relaxed and went out to The Crazy Horse 2, ok maybe not relaxed... I had a few lap dances. My new nickname is " The Pelvis" I don't know why, could it be because I like to use my hips when a cute girl is giving me a lap dance?? I can't help it, it's a natural reaction. hehehee. I am saving the rest for my first Video entry tomorrow! I will also be chatting tomorrow at 7PM pst. We are adding more videos this week sorry life has been craaaazzzzy!!!! Kisses and Hugs JJ

Hi everyone... Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been so incredibly busy trying to get through my NY trip and get ready for my trip to vegas. Plus, between all that I have to do thousands of interviews and photoshoots! I shhot today at 4 oclock for High Times Magazine for their cover. Still haven't packed for Vegas, and I leave at 9 tomorrow morning. UGH! Well, my trip to NY was a huge success. Howard was cool as always. Justin even got on the show! Linda made an appearance as well! Hopefully in between all this craziness I can get a copy of the show and put it on the site! You guys will laugh your asses off! All I know, is right now I am running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. After this week things should slow down. I want things back to normal, before I collapse! heheheehhe Love ya more than ever, Jenna

New York , New York! In the Big Apple again. It's 6:30 am here right now and I'm up (barely) getting ready for Howard. We went to Scores last night,mmmmmm, some awesome girls! Busy weekend in store, Stripper Volleyball Tournament and multiple guest appearances :) :) I have to run... coffee break . Have a great day. JJ

It's already wednesday... UGH! That means I have to leave for New York tomorrow. And I'm sure you know what follows that statement....MALL TRIP!!!!! I can't wait to be on Howard's show Friday, it should be a lot of fun (like it always is). It's such a bitch trying to figure out what to wear. Gosh, life is hard hehehehehhe. I know, I'll wear as little as possible (great idea!). I'm sure everyone agrees with me :) Well, I'm gonna get myself into the shower and off to the mall. Maybe I'll go see Atlantis today, just to calm my nerves. Hope everything is well with all of you! KIss Kiss, Jenna

Got home last night from my boxcover shoot for the Vivid movie... It was a lot of fun, Michael Bisco, the phtographer is really incredible. He makes it so easy, since he only shoots about 4 rolls. It's wierd to be in make-up and hair for over three hours and then only shoot for 15 minutes!!! I ended up going out to sushi with my good friend Emma and her boyfriend Jason. We drank three huge sakis. Wow, I was pretty buzzed on my flight home :). I slept really hard last night, which was much needed. I woke up and worked on the computer all day. Getting ready for the big internet show in Vegas is a chore! But well worth it. We are making up really cool flyers for the show, I will make sure we post the final draft on the site, so everyone can see how cool it turns out! OK, I'm gonna go watch Traffic, we bought it on DVD today. Hope everyones weekend was great... Love ya so much it hurts, Jenna

The chat yesterday was a complete fiasco. Sometime my server totally acts up and I have trouble logging in, and when I finally get in, I'm in black type. Then it makes a lot of people wonder if it's really me. Whick really ticks me off. Anyway, all the bugs got worked out, and I showed up in my normal hue - red! Alls well that ends well... After my chat experience with everyone I decided to do a new photoshoot for CJ. That morning I got my shipment in of all my new camera gear. SO EXCITING!!!! So Justin and I shot two new sets that will be posted immediately. You guys are gonna flip! It's amazing what all these new gizmos I got, do. Huge difference from the first few layouts Justin shot of me with just a regular flash. Can't wait for you guys to see them. I leave for LA tonight, because I shoot my boxcover for Where the Boys Aren't tomorrow morning early. Another fun day with my buddies Raylene and Taylor. My best bud Emma is doing the make-up (of course). Well, it's time to get my little brown butt back in the sun. I love summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet Kisses, Jenna

Hi all! I'm back home, and the shoot went so incredibly well... everyone was surprised. Normally when you think of te Vivid girls, you think "untouchable". The first scene I was in was with Taylor Hayes, Brianna, and Raylene. These are some of the hottest chicks I have ever seen, and surprisingly, some of the nastiest! We fucked for two hours! All I wanted afterwards was a nap :) The next day I was supposed to have a scene with Cassidey. She decided to not show up... FLAKE! So I got the honor of working with the beautiful Dasha. That was one of the hottest scenes I've ever done, she squirted all over the place! Pretty cool! All in all it was an incredibly fun shoot, the crew was happy and really supportive and great to be around. Vivid welcomed me into their camp with open arms....and I thank them. Love ya, Jenna

%:45 am and I'm up getting into makeup for the shoot. I didn't sleep well, nervous i guess. I put up another post tonight and let you know how the day went. Wish me luck!! JJ

Well, this is the last day before the big Vivid movie. You'll be glad to know, the whole movie is based around me.... So it's not that I'm only in a few scenes and thats it... It's all me! Yeah!!!!So, I fly to LA tonight at around 9:30, and my call time tomorrow is 8 in the morning. So I made sure that I was coming in made up so I could get the press over with early, before I start filming. I will make sure I take a lot of pix, so you guys get the first look at the new Vivid Jenna! Well, I have a huge amount to do before I leave, so I'm gonna sign off. I'll update you from the set! Love with flavor, Jenna

I have had no luck shooting this weekend...Emma went out and drank a bit too much and couldn't shoot me today! So, I basicaly wasted a day away from home.Anyways I'm back in Az. Home Sweet Home. We just got our new computer set up at the house. Ricky just finished installing all the good stuff. This computer is s2upposed to be really fast, but I never can really tell. It's a Pentium 4 1.5 ghz with with tons of ram, who knows. It does look a it different, Justin said it has some special sound card with a ton of inputs on the front of the computer...looks very techie! Our old one worked just fine, but ricky needed a new computer at work so we gave him ours from the house. He's been working on mine at the office when I'm away. I'm making enchiladas for dinner and then we are going to watch Road Trip and call it a night. Hope everyone has been doing well, I will set up some chats for next week, I miss chatting with ya'll. I'm kind of nervous about my shoot on Monday, it will be fun,yum yum yum! Chi Chi Larue is directing it. Ok, I smell the meat burning (that sounded kind of porno) need to go finish dinner. Hugs, Kisses, and Cuddles! JJ

Still in LA. My shoot got cancelled today, the photographer was feeling a bit under the weather, so I did some running around getting ready for the Vivid shoot on Monday. I am shooting tomorrow for the site so, I will be staying in LA tonight. The dogs have been on a rampage tearing the house to shreds... They are mad because we have been out of town. Someone watches them while we are away, but that is not enough. They decided to take it out on our family room couch, they shredded a cushion spreading all the feathers everywhere. It sucks because we have the house up on the market and the dogs are wreaking havoc on the house making it even harder. Justin has been going crazy about it. Puff is the instigator, nacho follows her lead and stinky just sleeps. Selling your house is always stressful, especially when you are purchasing another. Another thing I hate is getting a mortgage. Our broker is great, it's just the constant jumping through hoops. Just let me vent a little more... :) Ya know, my credit is great and so is Justin's. So, give us the loan... Not to mention the going back and forth on the offers. I don't like people walking through my house either, looking , snooping, smelling, HEY!!! No smelling!!! Our house is always clean but it still is a hassle making sure all your valuables are put away, the dogs are taken care of, blah blah blah. Then once we sell it we have to pack everything and move it 5 miles to the new house. I don't know about you ,but I hate packing all the little crap that really doesn't have a real category. All that stuff you just want to leave in the corner of the garage. I mean we just finished settling in and we are moving. I wanted to stay, but our house went way up in value and we found an incredible house which = move! I think this time we are going to hire movers to handle everything. Ok, I'm ranting as usual. I sound like Dennis Miller. Time to go and play with myself....hey , it relaxes me :)~ JJ

Well I made it to La today...canceled flight, then a plane delay, but I made it for the shoot. Lisa Boyle shot me for Swung Magazine. I was really honored to shoot their 1st issue. The shoot went great very fashionie.(madeup word) I am shooting for the site tomorrow with Lisa and Justin. Then back home to Az, only to return to LA Sunday for the Vivid shoot...oh by the way..SURPRISE!! I can keep a secret,hehehe. I need to get a little rest before tomorrow, so off to bed I go...night all! HUgs JJ

AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Home at last, what a great feeling. I laid out in the sun for an hour today (trying to keep up the golden brown hue I attained while in Maui) and I fried my buns. LOBSTER BUTT!!!! The AZ sun is scorching. But I shall have the perfect tan for my magazine shoot on Thursday. The photographer for the shoot is none other than Lisa Boyle. Many of you might know her from her many appearances in Playboy. I've never been shot by a Playmate, so I'm looking very forward to this. Hopefully she "likes" girls! HEHEHEHEHEHE Well, tomorrow I have my first appointment for laser hair removal, which was recommended by Brooke. She went on and on about it. So I figured I would check it out. Hopefully it works, I can't imagine what it would be like to not have to shave everyday. The wonders of modern science!!!! I will let everyone know how it goes tomorrow... Love 'n' slobbery kisses, Jenna

It's 5 am and I just arrived in LA...ok so I stayed an extra day in Maui, sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. My last day on the island, was the perfect end to a perfect trip. I spent almost all of the day in the spa. I got the cocoa butter massage, which is where they melt blocks of cocoa butter on your body. Before that treatment, one of the spa attendants did a loofa scrub on me... It was pretty funny, I was laying there butt naked as she sprayed me down. She proceeded to ask me if I was "The" Jenna Jameson. I said yes and she freaked! It was pretty hilarious. She exclaimed, "I can't believe I'm touching Jenna!" Pretty funny...Anyway, the cocoa butter treatment was one of the best spa experiences I've ever had, so if you ever stay in Maui at the Grande Wailea, check it out! Well, I'm barely able to stay awake, I didn't sleep much on the plane. I'm gonna sign off, can't wait to speak to everyone once I get settled in back home. All my love, Jenna (Hula Girl)

Last day in Hawaii...sigh... The vacation has been perfect. Went skeet shooting yesterday, wait until you see the pix of Brooke and I! We had a blast. This has been a really relaxing week. I haven't gotten to hang out with my friends forever and it's been nice. I see why people come to Maui for vacation and never leave...I was walking arround Lahiena and was thinking about retiring, becoming a Henna tattoo artist and living on the beach and surfing everyday... ok so it's a dream! Time to head out to the beach for some last minute rays. ALOHA! JJ

Can you say,"sunburn"? wooohooo I'm a lobster! This has been the best vacation I have ever had. Tonight we are going to a Luau, I think I'm going to be shaking it up. I'm sorting out the details for my first "Jenna's Playhouse Show". The first live show will be on June 13th...I think. I talked with someone today about being my first guest...she will blow your minds!!!!!! JJ

Vacatiuon has been great. I just got back from golfing... Brook and I left early we had alot of fun ,but the game is a little bit too long. We would rather do some spa stuff. The weather has been perfect, 80 and cloudy until about 1 pm and then the sun breaks thru. I've been taking a bunch of pix for everyone too see. Well, I'm off to some classes have a great day... JJ

paradise found:location maui. It is BEAUTIFUL down here. I'm taking alot of scenic pictures so I'll upload some of them this week. I ran into 3 people from the industry down really is a small world. I feel great, going to take yoga classes this morning. mmmmmmm,mmmmmmmm,"i am one with myself",mmmmmm,mmmmmm.hehehe! JJ

Aloha!! Hey we made it ! It is beautiful here and the weather is perfect, what a change from Arizona. We ahd the travel day from hell... we sat on the tarmat for at least an hour for each leg of the trip. But it was worth it. The laptop works here so I can post,yippie! Ok well going for a little workout and some spa stuff. Hugs JJ

Yesterday was pretty fun. I arrived in LA around 8:30am..ckmmckkmm, for rehearsal for The Man Show I was shooting at 6pm. Ok, how much rehearsing do you think was needed? My point exactly! I did get a chance to hang out with Raylene and Briana, so the day went quick. They are soooo cute, mmmmm. Anyways, the taping of the show went really well! I felt kind of like a piece of meat, but I guess that's what it's all about. I'm leaving for Hawaii today,YESSSSSSSS!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am so excited i had a hard time sleeping. I packed a ton of stuff, 1000 bathing suits, sandals, and my golf shoes. I don't know if I'm going to be able to post from there, if not I will call in the Diary to Linda(yeah Baby,grrr)and she'll post it. I don't know what I'll do if I can't see what's going on in the message boards:( I'll miss everyone, have a great week!!!! JJ

5:45 am...need I say more! I hope I make this flight.

YES! I'm all packed to go to Hawaii. I leave early tomorrow morning to fly to LA to do the Man Show. I think it's live, so check out the Comedy Central website to get local listings. I'm on with Brianna, so I'm sure everyone will be looking forward to seeing it! :) Just wanted to tell everyone I'm gonna miss you guys, a week and a half is a long time! UGH! What am I gonna do without you? HEHEHE. Well, hope everyone survives without me for a little while, I'll update you from Maui! All my love to each and everyone of you, Jenna

WASABI! Finally home from Reading PA. As always it was a slammed club. Al lowered the age limit to 18, so that was a definate bonus for me. It meant all new people to see. I also got to see one of my favorite people, puffdaddy,you guys might know him from the forum. He brought me a HUGE teddy bear. SO SWEET! All in all, it was a great trip. Now I have Hawaii to ook forward to. But, before then, on thursday... I'm filming an episode of the Man Show. I'll let you know when it's airing. I am in the office today, because some of my friends from Swung magazine came in town. They are so nice, a lot of fun to hang out with. OK, better turn my attention back to them. Love you guys, Jenna

Didn't sleep well last night and missed my flight this morning. I'm in a grumpy mood, I have that right I'm a woman. Of course the next flight out isn't until late... so time to catch up on some sleep. This will be a busy week I'll need the rest. I think I'm shooting for the cover of 2 mainstream mags this week. That will be nice, I'm pretty excited. Well, enjoy your day...while I sleep,heheehee. JJ zzzzzzzzzzz

Al's was BUMPING !! What a frickin crazy crowd. I had a great night of dancing. I can't say that too often. My body feels good for once. 6 more days until Hawaii !!!!!! Practicing my Hula Dance. I know we will end up shooting, we are going down with our friends one of them happens to be Brook Burke from the Echannel. She's awesome. Time to hit the funny is that saying who hits hay?? I think they meant lay on the hay. Good night everyone! Hugs JJ

Hey...wassssuuuuuppp? I'm at the airport waiting for my flight to NY. I'm doing that guest appearance tonight at Club Abyss and then off to Al's Diamond Caberet! Woohooo. Still floating arround in the after glow of the FHM listing. Well, have to board...have a peachy day! JJ

Well, the end of a VERY exciting day is drawing to a close. Today ahas been a very good day for me, thanks in part to all of you. FHM #31!!!! YES! I'm so friggin excited. Thank you everyone. Now if they would only put me on the cover (yeah right). Anyway, I spent my whole day smiling and working on the compter. The chat went really well today, there were a lot of people in there. (Cowboy, I'm not mad) hehehehe Anyway, I hope everyone is smiling as much as I am today. I leave for NY city tomorrow for my gig at that one club. Not sure what I have to do, but, it's only for two hours, I think it's hosting or something like that. No big deal. Then off to Al's Diamond Cabaret ( Old faithful) I've been to that club more than any other club in the US. It's like a second home. Ok, gonna go pack talk atcha later! Love ya much, Jenna

OK, I'm a total zombie... I don't even know how I'm typing right now! Friday night Justin and I spent a long night out with our friends in Phoenix. It was an incredible night ( I have pix, will show) and I was full of enegy an happiness. Needless to say, we didn't get home until about 5:30 in the morning. UGH! Anyway, we slept only until about 10:00 am and I was still SO tired. So a couple of hours went by, and we decided to go take a nap. This was around 3 pm. We fell asleep and just woke up.... THE NEXT DAY! it's now around 11 am. GOOD GRIEF, I feel like the walking dead. I can't believe we slept the whole day and night... I wasted a whole Saturday! Bummer. Oh well, I guess that was my body telling me I needed it. Hopefully I come out of this fog, and get my butt in gear. It's Mothers Day, so I am going to go visit Justin's mother and give her the present I got her. Then I'll stop by my brothers and say hello to his wife and give her her present for being a great mom. I hope everyone calls there mom today and give her all the love she deserves, your lucky to have her. Kisses, Jenna

Got up this morning at 7:30 am, that sucked royally! I was booked on one of the biggest radio stations in Sacremento CA. I'm not sure which one it was, all I know is one of the guys names was "Coochie". How appropriate! hehehe Anyway, today was very nice, I was even to lazy to lay out! The past month and a half I have been thinking of moving, so my dogs had an acre or so to run and play on. So, today I spent 4 or 5 hours looking at new prospective homes. Wow, I have to tell you, Scottsdale has some of the most beautiful homes I've ever seen! I found one I really loved, but it was a little beyond my means. OF COURSE! So, I'll keep looking, and I'll keep ya updated! Love ya oodles....Jenna

I'm up and already on the run this morning. Got back from L.A. yesterday, it's nice to be home. I actually have a nice relaxing week ahead of me! We went and saw the Mummy Returns last night... I should have learned after the first one, DO NOT SEE THE SEQUEL! The movie stunk. All the previews I saw made it look like the Rock was the lead. He had a 3 minute part and said maybe 10 lines...whippie dooo! What a joke. I just heard the movie grossed 70 million this weekend, I'm sure they would have to refund at least $69,999,999 if it was based on viewer happiness. I give it 2 thumbs down! I saw the ruffcut of Wild in Cabo yesterday and it was great, it's really funny! It will be up this week. What else is going on,hmmm, the site is charging forward and turning out rather nicely I think. We are getting rid of Vyou protection this week, I know everyone will be saddened by this. We are going to protect only my newest shoots for a period of 2-3 months and then let them become available. We are also bumping up our store merchandise inthe next few weeks. We are getting alot of requests to release some of the video material on tape ... what do you guys/girls think? Well, gotta run breakfast is ready. Have an awesome day!!!!!! JJ

Okie Dokie, yesterday's shoot went really well. Janine was beautiful as ever! The shoot ran really late, let's see I started at 10am and finished @ 9:30 pm. We shot with Annalli Adolfsen for Club Mag, she puts us into the most difficult posses, I think she likes watching us suffer. Anyways, we are shooting again today and I'll be flying out tomorrow. It's time to get back into makeup, so , I will chat tomorrow with ya'. JJ

I'm in LA w/ Janine and we're getting ready for our shoot. We just finished makeup...Emma is the best! It looks like Janine is going to be doing some work with Club Jenna! Woooo hoooo! I'll fill you in on the details after our shoot. Gotta run! JJ

Hey all! My day was filled with errands... Trying to get ready for my three day gig in LA. People don't realize everything us girls have to do to prepare to look good in these things. I think I accomplished my goals today. My best friend Holt flew in today from LA. He is so much fun. I love having him around, he always makes me feels so special. We all went to my favorite restaurant, Mastros, had a great time. Now I am preparing to go to bed, and maybe get some good sleep... which I need. I'm really excited about shooting with Janine on Friday. She has been one of my really good friends since I first started. Should be a great time! All my love, Jenna

Another day is done in lovely Arizona, a moment of silence please... Ok, now let's get down to biz! The new temporary Chat room is up, I know don't fall over. I will be in it chatting tomorrow morning at 10. I had a nice massage this afternoon. He worked on my neck for a long time, I'm feeling much much better. Thanks for all the kind words about my neck. I think we are going to film the next massage and post it on the site. We added the BJ video to the download section. I'm hoping everyone saves them for their own viewing! I'm really mellow today, just enjoying the time off before I have to leave fr L.A. on Thursday,yuck. I'm counting down the days before I leave for vacation in Hawaii. Justin and I said we aren't going to bring any cameras and actually have a VACATION. Whatever, I saw him getting the gear ready for the trip. He thinks he's sneaky! I just watched a segment on Dateline about a set of siamese twins that were separated 4 months after birth. It was amazing, but in the end very sad. One of the twins didn't survive :-( Very sad, hopefully the surviving child will have a beautiful life. I think at times I lose sight of the things I was blessed with and take everything for granted, I thank God everyday. Tomorrrow I will try to do something especially nice for someone. I think everyone could probably benefit from being a little bit nicer to each other...OK, it was just a thought...reflection time is over. Have a nice night/day and try to do something nice for someone else. Post it in the forum. JJ

Hey everyone... Hows it goin? Feeling pretty good after the trip to St. Louis. Still a little sore. My plane ride was so crappy, I can't even begin to tell you how awful it was. TWA = SHIT. Luckily I fly first class, so you would think it would be trouble free. NOT! First, I needed help with my bag, to put it in the overhead compartment. The linebacker stewardess told me flat out... NOPE! She wouldn't help me lift it up. What a bitch! Then I settled into my seat and waited for my food. Now, usually, first class food is great... NOT! It was like toxic waste. It was so bad, I had to have her take it away, as soon as she set it down. At least I made it home. I guess that's all that matters... Stinky got a haircut, he looks like a little lion... TOO CUTE! I'll post pics tomorrow. I hope everyone enjoys the blowjob vid under sex tips, in the video gallery. First hardcore guy action in a LONG time! :) Love ya more and more, Jenna

A Packed night! Wow it was packed last night... the guys were pretty crazy...but a little cheap! My neck started to feel better after a few anti-inflamitory pills. Tobymills stopped down and hung out, he was really cool. He brought down a couple of St. Louis shirts, that was really sweet. I hope he had a good time. The Rams running back,?? Faulk, was in the house also. I think I might have found the next clubjenna girl,mmmm,she is 6', blonde, and beautiful! I got some pix I'll share when I get back. Well, almost time to get ready.JJ

Hey, I made it in too St. Louis safely and the shows went well last night. I trashed my neck again and am having a hard time moving it...I wish I could cancel tonight, but I can't! So, time to grin and bear it. Starchild came in last night, I think we are going to change his name to "wild child", he was cute. I'm hoping to see TobyMills tonight. Spetz and Monica, just want to say cogradulations! Sorry, but I have to cut it short I'm running late... JJ

Today was a lot of fun, since I got to do what normal people do... Doctors appointments, grocery shopping and shooting the shit with my friend fearzeus (he's in town). I love having time to myself because I love doing girly things like at-home facials and pedicures. I just bought this awesome facial steamer and parafin hand and foot dipper. COOOOOL! Don't want to bore you, though. I know it's stupid chick stuff. But, it's the little things that get me excited. :) Well, maybe not little, LOL... Puff, Stinky and Nacho are doing great. Nacho is growing an inch a second it seems. He weighs 75 pounds and is only five months! He takes after his father.... he has a gas problem too! :) hehehehehe Well, it's getting late... Hope to see everyone at the chat tomorrow night! Love ya till the cows come home, Jenna

Just got back from La. The shoot went incredible! The set my photographer, Laurent, had was incredible! He hired the set builder from Titanic... WOW! The only problem is, I think I'll have that fake snow stuck in my hair for the next ten years! I think when everyone sees this layout they are going to blow a gasket... hehehehe. Well, I finally got to see Blow. It was a great movie... really sad, though. Now it's time for me to relax and ready myself for next weeks photoshoot with Janine! Love ya, Jenna

Howdy Y'all... I hope everyone is as relaxed and happy as I am :)!!! Well, yesterday, I decided to play suzy homemaker. So I went and bought all new linens and and drapes and towels for the both bedrooms and bathrooms. I love that kind of stuff! I did my guest bedroom really summery in all pastel greens and yellows. For my bedroom I draped all these cool fabrics from the roof over my jacuzzi tub... I'll post a pic of it... I am an artist! hehehehehe Justin helped a lot by screwing in all the hardware to the cieling (what a great guy)... I have been relaxing today... Too bad it's overcast... Can't layout. Signing off from Scottsdale- Jenna

Mr.Roboto, DOMO DOMO Mr. ROBOTO...My neck is tweeked, ouch. Well, after that 5 hour plane ride the other day I had my hair done, instead of six hours it took 11...we were done at 2:30 am! I added colored extensions, they look really cool! My neck took all the abuse and I'm paying for it now. I'm trying to get in to the Dr. , my neck has really been bugging me for the past month. I'm hoping to get it cleared up soon! I think I need to take some time off and do nothing but be a home body. I saw some finished scenes from Sylvia Loves Jenna,WOOOOOOOOOW!!! They are alot more hardcore than my normal movies!!!!!!!!!! Briana loves Jenna is much softer. The scenes look like music videos, you think the music is good in our videos on the site, wait until you hear the music for the movies. We're starting production plans for our big movie this year, I really can't go into a lot of detail, but it will be the best adult movie done. Justin is calling in some old favors and putting together an incredible cast and crew! I guess we are making some site changes this week. We are changing some stuff on the home page (link to the forum and videos) I finally saw the Beta test for the new chat room, I know don't fall down, and it's really cool. Danni's has done an awesome job creating the room. I wish it was faster, but good things come to those who wait. Speaking of Danni's Hard Drive, we are working with Danni and putting together a monthly show for broadcast over both of our sites. I'm open for suggestions on what you guys want to see on the show. Who do you think should be my first guest? HUGS: JJ

TAX DAY in the US! I'm so excted, ther's nothing better than giving your hard earned $ to the government. I mean they really earn that 40% of my income. Wouldn't it be nice if they actually helped you. I know the government protects and provides, BLAH BLAH BLAH. Let's get real here, We get taxed on everything that we buy, oh except food(but we do on snacks!), we pay registration fees on our vehicles every year, property tax, state tax, income tax, etc. Why not tax sex, thinking, excercise, breathing, etc. I have a corporation, therefor I pay 40% on the income of the company. When I take out the profit I get taxed again personally, WOW this is great! I'm sorry ,but I'm just venting. Because of financial difficulties we will be shutting down, sorry. Thanks for all of your support...JJ PSYCHE! Just kidding, more members would be nice!

I"M back! Happy Easter everyone! Cleveland was interesting to say the least. It's great to be home. The lady next to me on the plane was throwing up the whole flight. I felt sorry for her the first 3 times , but then it started getting old fast. She had to resort to the old barf bag twice! YUCK! Desmond flew in and is doing my hair, oh joy. 6 hours of boredom. I have a radio interview tomorrow at 7am. I'll let you know how it goes. Ok back to the hair. Tomorrow lay in the sun and relax day. Then tuesday maybe some golf. I want to see the movie Blow sometime this week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Osty!!!!!! JJ

Happy Friday the 13th! I just got to Cleveland and am heading for the hotel. Boy, this has been a really busy week! All my auditions went really well - thanks you guys for your support! I hope the club is packed tonight - that always helps get me going! Gotta get ready for my shows. Hugs JJ

The audition went great ,the guys at Fox were really nice. I had to interview some guy as if he was one of the fighters. They had him do 3 different personality types and wanted me to react differently each time. I was great until they wanted me to be mean to the guy! It was pretty funny. We'll see what happens. I have a reading for a Showtime series today. They are flying out here, thank God! I am sick of flying, I have to fly to Cleveland to dance tomorrow. I wish that there were 9 days in a week. DREAMER ! I need to catch up on some emails and sign some panties for the store..hint hint...go buy!! I still haven't finished making Easter baskets. JJ

Ok, it's 6am and I'm headung off to LA this morning for an audition as the new host for the Tough Man Show on FX. They wanted me to dress sexy, not gonna happen. I hate flying even made up. I try to stay on the "downlow" so as to not draw any attention to myself. My schedule sucks! Tomorrow I have an audition for a new Showtime series... alot of mainstream stuff is coming my way all of a sudden..???.. Well, I'm running late, like that's something new. Have a great day everyone and I'll try to yap at ya tonight. Hopefully Rory will get the chat working from my house!!!!! Hugs JJ

I had an incredible birthday! I want to thank everyone for all of their sweet posts and words of cheer. Thanks for the cards and flowers you all really made me feel special. Osty you rule!!!!! What a surprise, we got some great pix of me opening Osty's present...I'll get them uploaded today. I love it. First of all it started on Friday night when Justin went out to the gym and came home with my best friend Melissa Anne!! SURPRISE, she flew in from NY. Then Sunday night we were going to dinner...I thought we were going the wrong thing I know we are pulling up at a skating rink. Justin rented out a skating rink and had invited @70 of my friends! It was so funny, he had everyone dress up in 70's disco clothes (wait until you see the pictures). It was crazy!!!! All I know is that Rory concocted some type of "Jungle Juice" it tasted like lemonade...but what a punch! I got trashed:) Yesterday I got some time to spend relaxing arround the pool with some friends from out of town. After six hours in the sun...I look like a lobster. OUCH! Last night we went and had a great dinner and then out to my buddy Todd's club,CAT EYE, and we chilled. This was the best Birthday I've ever had. Thanks again to everyone for making it so special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Special thanks to Kris and Linda. Hugs,Kisses,and more Kisses, JJ p.s.-My friend Holt got me the new AIBO. I just got him to stage 2 of his babyhood.

This has been a great Saturday... I laid in the sun, swam, and played with my dogs. Feels great to relax. It's hard to believe that monday is my birthday, time flies. I still feel like I'm nineteen. Well, it's not often that I'm at a loss for words... But right now, I'm so relaxed I think I've uttered about twelve whole words today. Poor Justin, thinks there is something wrong... NOPE, I said just loungin :) Anyways, I hope everything is good with you guys. All my love to each and every one of you! Jenna

WOW. what a week. Sorry that I have been updating my diary. I have been swamped. I don't want to jinx myself, so I'm not going to yap about my auditions I had...but if I get the parts...Oh My God!!!!! No fears, I will still be doing my adult stuff, I want to be the only star doing both! I think that would be really cool. I'm so excited!!!!!! I hate getting my hopes up though, what if it falls one likes rejection( I worry too much!) I freak out when I lose a member, why did they leave?? what can I do ?? You know, "Jenna the Worrier". I guess that is good in some way, I mean at least I am aware of what goes on arround me and try to correct/learn from it. I really am starting to miss staying home, if it was up to me I would stay home and chat with everyone in the chat room. I think we are getting the web cams up with in 2-3 weeks!!!! I am so mad about the chat room I could spit blood. Rory needs to get his ass over to my house and find out why I can't chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sick of the tomorrow promises I've been getting when I ask when the new chat room is going to be done! I'm sorry, we are doing our best. We went to the Dessert Forum Internet Convention yesterday. It was pretty boring, but I learned a few things, so I guess it was worth while. Of course I had to do a little shopping afterwards, I can't resist! It's almost my B-Day! I hope everyone is using our store to buy stuff, I hate shameless plugs, but I went to alot of trouble getting the store up and no one uses it. Members are getting 25% off!! Buy $100 worth of stuff and your membership was almost free. Make sure you get my new DVD- Jenna Jameson My Plaything, it's frikkin awesome!!!! Ok enough of my ramblings time to walk the dogs and get some sun! HUGS-HUGS-HUGS JJ

Busy, busy, busy! We're attending a website seminar today - we're learning new things to make the site better! Yippee!! I'll talk to you all later! JJ

Here I am in LA again! I had my meeting with the Movie Director this morning - he was really cool. Keep your fingers crossed! I'm headed to my next meeting and then jumping on a plane back home. I'll let you know how everything goes! JJ

I need to go to bed,but I'm not tired. Go figure! I just got home and I have to leave again! GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE. I had some problems with my connection in the chat room tonight,thanks Sprint Broadband Direct! I'm really bummed because I haven't had a chance to talk with everyone for a while. Hopefully tomorrow is just a quick in and out of LA. We are starting a new section on the site,Justin's idea, 25 questions with famous people. It's pretty funny, now we just need a place to post it. It's almost my birthday,woooohoooooooooo!! I don't know why I'm excited I'm going to be a year older. Sometimes to years seem to actually be in multiples. I did some shopping after work today, got some cool clothes, like Ineed any more. I'm going through my closet any giving away clothes to those who need them. It's hard to find some one in need that wants a pair of booty shorts! The dogs have been really good , they must be planning something. We took a lot of pix on the road, but we are having downloading difficulties, I think the camera is being a little quirky. Justin said that he would edit the blow job scene this week and have it up at the end of next week. Thanks for all the concern about my health, I feel great now. my body is sore from dancing. Well, time to hit it, I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow. Wish me luck. JJ

WAAAZZZUUP? Hi everyone... Just got home last night. Let me just say that The Gold Club in Hartford rocks! The turn out was incredible.Saw a lot of my friends like Joe (Fearzeus) and Mike (Preciome) plus quite a few other really awesome buds of mine.It was definately non-stop. Which made it a little hard, having a cold and all. By the way, my cold is starting to subside, thank goodness. It was really fun hangin with my pal and assistant Tracy. You guys gotta meet her, she's too funny. Well, now that I'm home, I thought I was going to be able to rest. YEAH RIGHT! Linda got a phone call from Warner Bros. about a new talk show that they have me in mind to host. Plus, another call from the casting director for a new movie called "Spun". So, I am on my way to LA tomorrow to meet with both of them. I'm pretty excited about both of them... I really want this part in this movie, I miss legit films. I think I have a really good shot at this role. hehehehee I'll update you on everything when I get home.... Kisses, Jenna

Last night was great! Meni came to town to hang out with us and you know Meni, he wanted to get on stage and dance! My friends Joe and Susan from NYC are here so we'll have another crazy night in Hartford! Justin shot some great stuff last night and will shoot me "shakin' that ass" again tonight! Can't wait to get home! JJ

Another full house at the Gold Club in Hartford! Time to sleeeeeep, had a great night feel a little better. Had a couple of glasses of wine and now I'm ready to call it a night. Justin comes in tomorrow to shoot me on stage for the site, We need some dance material up. Talk at ya tomorrow. JJ

Sniff Sniff Sniff.Pound Pound Pound. Those are noises in my head while dancing. I'm pooped and still sick. It's @3am and I just got back to my room, the place was packed. It is the same club I danced at years ago, they just remodeled it and changed the name. I miss you guys, my laptop is down so, I have to email this to Linda on my little email/pager...and what a dificult feat that is. I would just call but it is to late,maybe I should call and wake up rory,heehee. How are the message boards,sigh. Miss Ya JJ

6 am... My body is up...I don't think my brain is. Ok, I'm packed and ready to go. Can't find my cell phone,probably in my unpacked bag from Florida. Puff snored all night, AGAIN. I hate keeping her out of the room, but I think I might have too. We put a couple of new sets up yesterday, a glamour set of myself in Cabo and my friend Ingrid. Go check them out. I'm hoping the new videos will get encoded by Friday so that we can have them up on the site. I need to go feed the fish and do some last minute stuff... Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!! JJ

Enough already! I'm sick of being sick! Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't be complaining this much... But, it sucks to try to work when your nose is running like mine is! Yuck! Anyway, I'm preparing for my gig in CT. I featured at this club a long time ago, so I'm having a hard time remembering what it's like there. Hopefully it's laid back. I always say that, and it's always a madhouse! :) Can't really complain about that, I would hate it if you could here crickets while I was on stage! HEEHEE I am going to film some of my performances and post them on the site in a couple of weeks... Then EVERYONE can have the "Jenna Experience"!!! It's not exactly like being there in person, but it's close enough! And, then everyone can meet my buddy/roadie, Tracy... Love her, she's SO awesome. I'm gonna go resume the tedious task of unpacking and repacking... Smiles and tissues, Jenna

Last night was dreadful... UGH! It's so hard trying to sleep with a cold. Thera Flu just didn't do the trick last night. The first day on the beach in Florida was definately the culprit. It was about 55 degrees, and of course I was in an itsy bitsy outfit. I always thought that just a change in weather doesn't get a person sick, I was wrong on that one! Aimee Sweet was SO incredible... she was like a little cheerleader. Never complained, her smile never left her cute little face. Amazing! That's SO hard to come by in this industry. I will definately be taking more trips with her! Now that I'm home, I will have a little bit of time before I'm on the road again... Boy, am I thankful. Need to rest up, because my next gig is a really busy club. The forum is really blowing up, this makes me so happy. I love hearing your thoughts, and adding mine. I've really got a great group of people as members, to whom I'm thankful! Make sure you check out Jenna news, I'm adding more and more pics all the time... Next up will be great pics from Florida! Love ya, Jenna

9pm...Just got back in town. LOOOOONG day, canceled flights- missed connections- full flights. I am soooo happy to be home! The dogs went wild . Panama City was unbelievable.. I will fill you in on all the details tomorrow.. I need to get some sleep. We took a lot of pix and video . I will try to get some of them uploaded in the afternoon...have to get Rory on that in the morning. Lots af love.. JJ

HEY EVERYONE...WHAT YOU DOOZIN???? What a zoo! I've never seen so many crazy people! We're having a blast - been on the beach all day! The crowd convinced me I HAD to take my top off and the beach went WILD! Woooo hoooooo! The crew back at the office says the Forum's been great - I can't wait to get home! Rory added foot and belly pics to the Download section to tide you over til I get home! Back to fun........I mean "work"!!!........JJ

Has it already been 2 days since I wrote last??? We've been running like crazy! The shoot for Club Magazine was great then we hopped a plane for Florida! I have the little HOTTIE Miss Aimee Sweet with me (I guess it's true what they say about redheads!!) We got to Panama City yesterday and there are thousands of people here!We're headed to the beach this morning - then hosting wet t-shirt contests this afternoon! Is Florida ready????? I'll let you know.....JJ

AWESOME The shoot was unbelievable, Justin is burnig some pix to CD and sending them to RORY fo r uploading today...wait until you see the girls,mmmmmm. The sex was undenyably some of the best I've ever done and seen! Everything worked,styling,make-up,lighting, and an incredible location (thanks Andy and Harold). I can't wait for the movie to get finished and distributed...I can't tell you how excited I am. The day was long ,we stopped shooting @ 11:30 pm, but it was worth it. We started out with a great boy /girl with Eric Everheard(he lives up to that name) and Gwen summers...I swear she came,for real, at least 7 times! Her body was shaking and she couldn't stand by the end. Next up was yours truly, the beautiful Isabella and the "fuck machine". She was on me first and than "the fuck machine" tuned me up!!!! WOW..I was shaking ..then it was my turn to please Isabella ,mmmm. I put on a strap on mmmmmm she was going crazy. She had hearts in her eyes by the end of the scene and her headache was gone. Last up were Briana and Eric. WOW WOW WOW you'll see. Well, have to run ,shooting for Club magazine today ...a little tired ( it's 7:30 am) and then catching a late flight to Florida for our Clubjenna Spring Break Tour... Wish me luck.. JJ

It's 6:30 am in Los Angeles and I'm up getting ready for my shoot today...I'm working with a new girl named Isabella,she's beautiful, and Briana Banks,also beautiful! I'm hoping the day isn't going to be that long , but I think we'll be shooting until at least 9 pm. We have a lot to shoot, hmm masturbation to eat pussy scene...3 sex scenes...and tons of stills. Play boy is covering the shoot for one of their specials, so that just makes it even more work...Actually I can't wait, I love it!!!! Well, I'm of to the set. If I get a chance I'll post in the boards and let you know how its going..maybe even upload some behind the scene pix! Wish me luck.. JJ

We just got done shooting a foot fetish layout ...we are going to get it up before Saturday. Linda gave me a helping hand...wooohoooo!!!! Night All

AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I'm getting all geared up for my spring break experience in Florida... Just wait till you see the incredible footage we're gonna get down there! Jenna In a wet t-shirt competition! YES! How cool is that? I'm so friggen excited! On another note, I posted my babies (Puffkin and Nacho)in the News section, just click on "Jenna News". They modeled just for you! Better go work on my tan! See ya, JJ

Hey just got done chatting in the chat room . I will be posting my chat times on the home page. I should be in there at 12pm (AZ time) tomorrow. Nikki Tyler is in town with me this week, she's such a good friend. We get our new camera tomorrow, so we might shoot a couple of layouts with Nikki and myself. She looks great right now. The office is going crazy trying to get ready for our shoot this weekend and Spring break next week. Well, I'm going to go watch the Perfect Storm DVD...we just got a new plasma screen tv...Justin has been looking at them for awhile and finlally broke down and bought one. They are worth the $$. Clubjenna is really taking shape and we are getting a nice little community...I wish it was bigger ,but give it time. If we could channel all the jenna Traffic into our site it would be unbelievable. The flash section is going back up this week, it really looks great. I just ate a piece of the best wine cake..Justin's mom made it,WOW, I think I'm going to go finish it off...YUM YUM.hehe. Thanks for being cool and have a great night/day. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}} JJ

Time to go to sleep,11:30pm here. Just finished up a meeting with our freinds at Danni's Hard Drive, they are so nice. The meeting went really well, I think some great stuff will be coming in the near future... awesome streaming,chat...hint hint... So, keep your fingers crossed. Oh, and by the way, I just read my sites review on was not very nice..obviously we aren't paying him so he panned the site. RUDE, this is the only real Jenna site and should be the only link, I am so sick of everyone trying to capitalize off of my name and work..grrrrrrrr...ahhhhhhhhh. I'm so mad I'm not going to ba able to sleep! Those of you who are members of my site ..THANK YOU and I hope you stay. I also hope that I get a chance to chat with all of you. I have some surprises coming up for all of my me you have perks coming your way! Hmmmmm, let me think what can I give away that is a good thank you ...... Sleep well, JJ

Hi everybody... I finally got home from Ohio. A very long trip, but well worth it. Diamonds Club in dayton has to have THE best lighting system in the world. The funniest part about it is that they are in the midst of putting in a 150,000 dollar additional laser and light show that rotates and lowers. Friggen incredible. It is definately one of the harder stages to dance on since there is no pole, I always like to have something to hang on to. Plus I can do all my cool pole tricks, and it makes me look kinda talented, HAHA! Anyway, feels good to be home and see my mutts. I'll probably lay on the couch today and nurse my aching knees and neck. I will be in the chatroom tonight at my usual time to catch up with everyone. Looking forward to that! As always! I've been working on something of a video diary while I'm on the road, but I am not sure if I should put it up, cause it seems pretty real. It catches me in some great moments, though. The problem is, is it catches me in some low points too! But, I'm sure everyone is interested in what really goes on behind the scenes of being a feature dancer, so I'll continue to tape and maybe in a couple of months I'll have it ready for viewing. As you were! JJ

OOOkkie- dokkkie. I must be getting old...I'm tired again today. I didn't get finished until like 3am. The new home page and download sections are up. Hey things are looking good. I'll add some more pix Tuesday. Also, check out the new glamour shoot. Hey can anyone get me a good deal on a Fuji Finepix S1 camera?? I need a new camera, I blew up mine in Cabo...I guess salt water doesn't mix well with digital cameras.... JJ

Just finished up a great interview with pornstar empire. The girl was cute too. The download page will be up tomorrow.Woooohoooo. Do'n t worry i will be adding pix to it frequently. Have to dance, bummer. JJ

Pooooooped...I'm tired. I just finished up my last show at Diamond's Cabaret and I'm hungry. I hate eating fast food this late(2:30 am) it goes right to my butt! The club was packed, I guess it's their 6th anniversary this week and it's a big celebration. I'm shooting dance sequences of some of the girls for the site, a bonus for my members. I miss the chat room..I'll be back yapping in it on Sunday night. I wanted to thank Osty and Spetz for all of their help with pix on the site, I really appreciate it. Well, I'm going to eat some Taco Bell,yummy. Sleep well... JJ

Cabo-Wabo... I think that I'm still hungover. The trip was so much fun, we shot a great Wild In Cabo with Jenna video, I'm trying to get it edited and up next week. I have a surprise scene that should be up next week also... Something you haven't seen me do for a while.wooohooooooo!! The trip was great we did a lot of fun stuff, I even got to go on the US Bonhomme ship...the crew was great and complete gentlemen. I have to run to the airport and get on my flight to Dayton,'s raining here , so the flight is delayed an hour. Gives me time to grab a bite to eat. I hope it stops raining before I take off, I hate ruff flights. Well, wish me luck. I'll let you know how my shows are going, Hugs JJ

WOW! What a weekend! Cabo is unbelievable! In fact, it's so much fun...I'm still here! I'm headed home in a while but wanted to say "whazzzup"! We've added a bunch of pics to the site - some new "On the Road" stuff and 3 HOT new masturbation videos...I KNOW you'll love those! Wait'll you see the "Wild on Cabo" stuff....WOOOO HOOOO! I'm headed to Diamond's Cabaret tomorrow morning and I still have to get home and pack! I'll see you all in a bit......XOXO JJ

Okay everyone....I'm on my way to Cabo!!! Yipeeee!! I'm going to be shooting TONS of sexy new stuff (I know....I have a TOUGH life!!) I'm headed for the airport so I'll write more when I get to Cabo! Wish you were with me......JJ

I got my new Jeep today!!! Take a look at the pictures that I put up. I am off to do some 4 wheeling! Woo Hoo! JJ

Click here to see pictures of it

The spa was awesome, I think I just found my new hangout. I got a great pedicure, my feet look so cute.I get the Jeep today, hopefully, I hate waiting for stuff. We are shooting a Wild On Jenna this weekend in Cabo. I know they are forcing me to go,heehee. I can't wait!! We should have the Wild On In the Florida Keys up on the site next week. We added Flower's first Clubjenna photo shoot to my Friends Gallery yesterday. Check her out she is HOTTTTTT !! Her video will be up next week also. Need to do some shopping today for this weekend, actually I don't need too, but...heehee. I will be in the chat room @ 7 pm (AZ time). Yap at you then. Have an AWESOME Day!!!! JJ

It's 7:30am...getting up to go to the spa. The dogs were crazy last night, running all over the house. Therefore, I didn't sleep well. Gonna go make some coffee and wake up. I'll let you know how my spa day was...I hope the massuese is cute,mmmm. HeeHee. Have an incredible day !!!!! Too Tired To Kiss, JJ

Duttahdo...The cookie question was answered in record time. Nick, yes once again, guessed the correct amswer...Mint Milano's. It pays to be in the chat room. Ok, I'll think of something else to ask tomorrow. Good day at the office, tomorrow is a spa day,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Have you guys checked out the store, I have some cool clothes coming soon...still waiting for my new 8x10's to come in before I post them. Have a great night...{{{{smack}}}} JJ

Oh, and by the way Dave and Jan from Florida guessed to answer to my "Toy" question...It is a Customized Jeep. I'm putting a pix up of it up this week(It comes in on Wednesday). The winner of the piercing was Nick..he guessed tongue webbing!! Ding Ding Ding. Let's see what to ask next, hmmmmm. What is my favorite cookie?? The winner gets a signed 8X10. Good Luck JJ

WASABI! Hope everyone is doing well. It feels really good to have a week off, I'm not really used to it! Tomorrow I am going to take a day at the spa. I'm in need of a pedicure! UGH! I've been sitting at home all day, and I don't know what to do with myself, it feels strange. I don't know how many times I can masturbate in one day, but I think I'm gonna find out! I'll let you know tomorrow! LOL JJ

WOW...Just saw Hannibal. I thought the movie was good. The story was a little weak, I saw a boom in the shot @12 times(that's ridiculous). It was shot really well and the directing was good. Gary Oldman and Anthiny Hopkins were awesome. Gary's special effct makeup was some of the best I've seen in a while. The movie was slow until about half way through and then it got interesting. The end sequence was fantastic...a little gory ,but cool. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I shot an incredible layout yesterday...I'm posting it next week. We have another nice surprise coming next week..a clubjenna only with a certain Night Calls girl! She doesn't do any layouts ,so this is special. She's turning out to be a clubjenna favorite..Yum Yum. She only shoots for us wohooooooooooooo! You'll find out on Wednesday. Well, have a great night. JJ

Hi everybody... I hope everyone like my new pix I added to My Jenna as Jenna section and the glamour pix section! Thanks to Osty for the great pix from CES! There are SO many pix on the site it takes a couple of days to go through them all! The funniest part is that I have thousands and thousands more to show you... Well, today I went shopping (no way Jenna, YOU shop?) Hee Hee I got some really cute shoes to do my next photoshoot in, yummy purple! I think I might just take the digital outside and take some candid shots. I like those better anyway! Well, I am hoping everyone is voting for me for the FHM sexiest women of the year contest! I can't wait to see if I place again this year... Thanks to everyone of you, I probably will! Much thank-you to you all! Kisses and Hugs, JJ

Hi everyone! I'm so excited...FHM magazine has started it's voting for the 100 sexiest women in the world. I was hoping all my loyal homies out there will vote for me this year! Here is the link! Remember you can vote more than once...hehe Let's try to get me in the top ten this year! Maybe I'll get a layout! It's about time their magazine recognized that porn is cool! Love ya, JJ

YEAHHHH! The "chat room" is open! I'm jumping on a plane and heading home and can't wait to get in there and see what everyone is up to! The shoot was AWESOME yesterday! Wait 'til you see all of the new, sex tips, masturbation videos the whole nine yards! HOT! HOT! HOT! There are more "Jenna as Jenna" pics of me hosting the AVN awards and the before/after cosmetic surgery pics have been added too! Hope you enjoy! The plane's boarding...gotta run! JJ

Whew, what a day! I only have a minute - we're in between sets at Club Jenna's photo shoot! I just wanted to tell everyone that we added some new photos to "Jenna as Jenna" - they're from CES (thanks, Osty!). And more good news!! My chat room should be open some time tonight! FINALLY! I look forward to LOTS of time chatting with everyone! Well - back to work! Bye....JJ

Long day...I'm pooped. Still have a couple of hours more of going over sets and wardrobe with Justin for the shoot tomorrow. We picked out a really cool location and some incredible wardrobe. We are trying to get a lot of stuff shot in one day, so it's stressful. One girl cancelled on us (no names,but she'll never work in this town I hope the weather is nce because we are shooting some outdoor masturbation scenes. Emmas doing make-up, she's the best. We are using the usual crew, they are anxiously waiting the shoot...We always have nice girls...the crew appreciates that.WINK WINK. Hopefully I'll have a chance to chat on a break tomorrow if not I'll talk at you in th p.m. Get Some Sleep, JJ

I watched Road Trip last night, I was dying during the car jumping scene and the snake feeding bit with Tom Green...That was ridiculous..LOL. Hope everyone is having a great weekend, I'm finishing up my last minute packing and getting ready for the flight to LA. I think Jill Kelley and I are going to the MTV Jack Ass Premier today. Johnny Knoxville is another wacko (is he related to Tom?). I'll let you know how it was. Later I'm doing dinner with Bobby Vitale and Brianna Banks, give them some pointers for their scene...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Have An Awesome Day!! JJ

Wow , we have alot of new members today and last night...welcome and congrats! Hope you like the site, I'm still working out a few of the kinks-I've only been open for three weeks. I'm shooting some great stuff on monday it should be up by Thursday of next week. Off to do a little shopping for the shoot. Another hint on the new question... my clothes don't hide it. JJ

Hi everybody... Hope all is well. I'm gearing up for my shoot for clubjenna next week. Trying to get tan... No albinos are allowed! hehe We are going to be featuring Porn Star Sex Tips in our video section, very soon. I'm really excited about this section cause I get to talk to YOU in the videos... Pretty cool huh. I'm shooting my blowjob how to this week. YUM! So far I've gotten a lot of guesses on my new toy... I'll give you another hint... it has an engine... Now be specific! i will announce the winner soon! OK...I have another contest... What did I get pierced last week? Hint- you can't see it, unless I show you! Winner gets a signed copy of Dreamquest... Love Y'all JJ

New York..New Yorkkkkkk! My kind a town. It's fasion week in NYC and I'm here for two days at the shows. I'm really excited!! I got some cool pix with some models... yeah baby!! I am getting ready to do an interview with Time Warner News. Ok, I'll let you know how it went. No one guessed what my new toy was. JJ

Long day. The show was incredible, lots of press. I think I got shot for a bunch of diferent mainstream Mags (that's always nice). Went and saw a sneak preview of the new Charlize Theron movie, Sweet November, it was really depressing. Back at hotel just rented Litle Nikki..a little bit funnier....well,I'm calling it a night ... Sweet Dreams, JJ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

well.back at Frank's for one final night of "shakin that ass". This place has been packed ,they're turning people away. They are selling shows concert style and then clearing the crowd out for the next show...hmmm wonder if I can sell out Madison Square Garden...$20 a a charity event...FOOD FOR THOUGHT. Talk at ya later,have an awesome night! Hugs &Kisses JJ

1 show down...2 to go. Frank's lost power halfway through my first show. I stopped dancing and decided to do a little stand-up routine... " rosie is so fat when she wears spiked heels she strikes oil" LOL just kidding...lighten up. So, whoever can guess what my new toy is gets a free 8x10. Hint: It's big, white, and you ride it...get your minds out of the gutter. Email your answer [email protected]

I kicked ass last night. Now I feel like my ass got kicked...I'm sore. Everyone has been really nice at Frank's, that makes it so much easier. Today I'm going to get nails done ,eat , relax and get ready for my shows... I miss my dogs. I'm getting some pix of my new toy to post....

WOOOOHOOOOOOOO....Frank's is packed. First show went really well...I did a ton of polaroids, two secs to type on laptop and let you know that rory kicked some ass tonight and got some videos up for you guys to check out. Look at the trailer from my new movie Sylvia Loves Jenna, and check out the behind the scenes from one of the clubjenna photo shoots... ok time to dance. Hugs JJ

Ok, flight got in ... food sucked! The driver was late picking me up:( I hate that. Anyways, I'm a little nervous. I've never danced at Frank's, new clubs get me nervous. I have 3 shows tonight. It's freezing here, good thing I brought the fur coat :) Still working out the kinks on the site ...thanks for all of your patience. I'm trying to make the best site possible let me know. I'm adding new pix weekly, the chat room now is scheduled for mid next and I will be in there often, Videos will be up any day, new Judge Jenna and Sex Advice stuff daily, message boards will be up soon, and the stock quotes will be in op very soon. Wow, that was a long sentence(run-on) So what I'm in a hurry!!!! Hugs & Kisses JJ

I broke down and bought myself one of those cool uproar phones...I know, I know. I'm such a gadget queen... I have to have everything that's new and exciting. I have been putting off packing my things for my trip tomorrow, I guess I'll have to get up pretty early tomorrow to be able to catch my flight at 10:15 a.m. UGH! Just got more pix loaded in the Jenna as Jenna section. Me being a dork... What's new? Well, better take my ass to bed... I'll update when I get home on Sunday, or maybe from my laptop if it is set up correctly. Sleep tight, JJ

Hi guys... Just got finished making lasagna for din din. YUM! I'm having a nice relaxing day at home before i travel to My gig in New Jersey. Everyone at clubjenna is hard at work getting my first few masturbation vids and hardcore scenes up. Sorry about the delay. The first week is so incredibly hard, trying to get everything right! Thanx for all your support! Kissy kiss, JJ

WASABI! OK, I'm back from whacking balls...I love golfing, I must say. Guys nearly drop their clubs when they see me walk onto the green... It makes me laugh so hard! I guess they don't expect girls like me to golf. HeeHee! Well, onto other things... I just wanted to let you know that every month I will be giving a slew of pix to download! I know everyone gets a little miffed that you can't have any of my pix. I will do everything I can to give my tru fans what they want, without fueling all those asshole pirates out there! Also, my chat room is a few days from completion! Yeah! I'm excited, I will be chatting ALL the time... Since I am cutting down my dance schedule, I will have more time for all of you! If you need anything or have any suggestions, feel free to email me at [email protected]! Lovin spoonfuls, JJ

I'm about to go with my brother to the driving range. I've vowed to become a master golfer. A very good friend of mine sent me a full set of cleveland classic clubs. So why shouldn't I golf? It's not just a mans game! I'll let you know how far I drove the ball when I get home! Much love, JJ

I just got home from the office. I am about to get ready to go out for one of my favorite people's birthdays. Rory, my computer guru turns 24 today... I got him the new samsung uproar cell phone with the mp3 player in it. He should be pretty happy. Our days at the office have been filled with building the rest of the site. It's just a skeleton right now. We have so much more to put up. Just wait, within this week we will have So much more neat stuff! I'm going through all my baby pics right now to put up. I'm weeding out all the ugly dorky ones. Sorry, some things you just can't show people! Well. I better go jump in the shower... Talk atcha tomorrow... Love, Jenna

Feeling a little more rested... ahhh relaxation. I am learning how to golf today...I'm sure I'll be on the tour next year:) At least I'll look cute on the course. I have some awesome Cleveland Classic clubs , courtesy of my friend Dave, and a really cool leopard bag from the Hard Rock Casino. I have a big bet coming up and I have to sharpen my skills!!!!!! HELP!!! Sorry about any problems on the site, please be patient we are working on everything 24/7. No one is in as much of a hurry as me :(

Flying back from Vegas today...tired . Did the Stern Show last night. Howard was awesome. The show went really well; they were doing it from the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas. I won $500 playing blackjack! After the show it was off to bed...I'm a little on the tired side. My show at the Spearmint Rhino in Oxnard went really well, they have some awesome girls at that club:) Too bad I had to get up and fly to Vegas so early, otherwise I would of had a few girls over for a night cap ... I'm looking forward to getting back to Scottsdale and relaxing and spending some time at home. I miss my dogs. I just got a new puppy,his name is Nacho. He is a 10 week old Presa Canario, Spanish fighting dog. He's full of Hell. He and Puff ( my english bulldog) get a long really well. I'll put some pictures up of the whole crew. Ok, need to get packing so I make my flight. Talk at ya later! JJ

Linda's boobs look awesome... They are finally hurting a little bit less. Can't wait to see her flaunting them.hahahaha.

Been at the office all day today, trying to get things organized for the launch. I can't believe it's finally coming down to the wire. It's about time! I just finished another shoot for the site a couple days ago, so awesome... Briana banks came in today, to hang out and maybe shoot a scene for Briana loves Jenna... Which will be the next installment of of my loves Jenna line. She is definately one of the cutest girls out there right now. Very nice too. Well, I'm happy to see all of you on the site and I'm looking forward to many days of fun with all of you! Love, Jenna

How excited I am? Very! My assistant is getting implants tomorrow. Want to see what the procedure looks like? Well you will, I am going to put the video on my site for you to watch. I am in LA until the weekend. I have to take care of my girl. When she recovers we are going to head home. Check back and I will let you know how big she went and how she is. JJ

Hi, I have been enjoying the past few days at home. It is nice to be back in my house and out of the hotels that I have been in while on the road. Most of all I am happy to be with my dogs. Puff and Stinky missed me and I missed them too! What they don't know is that they are getting a new brother next week. I bought a 10 week old puppy. Look out kids! There is a new dog in town. JJ

Hello all! I am happy to see that you have made it to my new site. Look around there is a lot to see. I just got back from hosting the AVN Awards show in Las Vegas, what a BLAST! I got to hang out with all of my friends and see you, the fans. Well, I am off to get some much needed R&R. Hugs and Kisses, JJ

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