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Jenna Jameson's Personal Diary (used with permission)

2005-2006 entries, beginning with the most recent


I can't believe it is now that exciting yet dreaded time of year....AVN!!!!!! I have been compiling clothes for weeks now and getting my girls on track for there first AVN's as ClubJenna contract girls. It really is like their coming out party. I am super confident that all of them are ready for the hugely long hours and mammoth crowds! Comfortable shoes are a must! ( I never take my own advise!)

Anyway... the first of our convoy is leaving tomorrow (Linda, Josh, Duane, and John) They are going to be getting everything set up and squared away (booth). I leave early wed morning...I spend monday and tuesday getting my hair done! I should be back blonde by convention time! (very long process)

Anyhow, I am off to buy lingerie and hit walgreens, since I need to be completely packed by tomorrow, because my roadcase is going with Duane! I am never prepared!

I know I sound scattered...Maybe because I am! LOL

I can't wait to see everyone!


I am now in fulltime AVN shredder mode. Please bare with me for the nest few weeks, it's gonna be a hectic end of the year. This is our first year with contract girl drama, so it should be super eventful. I informed Duane that it was time to pull my road cases from my storage unit, and that means the outfit search has begun. :)

I am looking forward to the massive crowds and blinding flashbulbs. I am almost back blonde, so that will throw some people off, which is what I like doing! Keep you bitchbags on your twinklers.

I posted my latest myspace blog here just in case you haven't joined in the craze yet! At ease fuckwads ...


From Jenna's MySpace Blog on 12-19-05:

Look ma, No dress!

My first annual Jameson Black Tie ball went off without a hitch on Saturday. It took months of preperation, and many good sized bald patches from pulling my hair out. (I now look like Jason Vorhees). Linda and I took it upon ourselves to throw a party that everyone would be talking about for years to come, and I think we both pulled it off. Since I sent out 250 invitations, I new I would be in for a major turn out. I decided to cover the whole back yard with a white swagged tent and out for the whole back yard with concert lighting (when I do shit, I do right!). I had heard rumors of companies building trusses and covering your pool with a full dance floor, this seemed to be the perfect idea for my party because my backyard is big but sectioned off by a lot of hedges and rolling grass hills. It just was not condusive to 250 people milling around in search of their next shot of grey goose! Being the google master that I am I tracked down the pool coverers that were out of Temp, and got a price quote�HOLY SHITBALLS!!!! What a racket they have going there! I could by a damn car for that amount, I informed the stunned biatch on the phone.

I hung up the phone and sat on my couch thinking about wether I could justify spending so much on a christmas party dancefloor. My band (ZOWIE BOWIE) ad already confirmed and I knew I needed a stage and pretty large area for people to get there boogie on, and this was my only solution.Maybe the cost came from the fact that I wanted a clear acrylic cover...hmmmmm. I called back. They cut the cost in half for a black and white checkerboard pattern. My justification was now in place :)

Jay and I sat down a week before the party, and he was complaining about the price tag, and to tell you the truth I was pretty concerned myself. Then I realized there isn't a price that should be put on memories. How am I able to justify buying a new Bentley, and forgoing an insane get together for my family and friends. I couldn't.

So instead of spending mounds of cash on flower centerpieces, Linda, Tanya and I went with low cost candles in clear fish bowl hurican lamps. I cut back on caviar and served filet mignon sliders (not to mention a whole slew of other sassy foods).

Once all of the major things were done with the party I realized I hadn't even gotten a dress or made a hair appointment. AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! CRAPSTICKS!

I went into panic mode, since I was in the middle of shooting my latest installment of Jenna's American Sexstar on friday , the day before the party! That left me zero time to be the most fabu host on gods green earth. BITCHBALLS!

I looked at September (my amazing stylist that I have worked with since my early days with Wicked) and asked her if she could handle finding me a dress. Mind you she is knee deep in a major influenza infection. Since she is so rad, she told me she and Holt (one of my very best friends) were going to rectify this dire situation. I prompty flew home Saturday morning and began welcoming my houseguests (Joy King, who is my x publicist at Wicked and still my homefry, TT Boy...one of Jay's very best friends, and Emma Nixon...my insanely badass make-up artist and partner in crime).

I then get a frazzled phone call from Holtarian and September... screaming that they have found the perfy dress! WOOOHOOOO!

Needless to say, they got the dress to me just in time, and Emma the Fabu did my makeup and hair. It went off like a dream, and now I can breathe. Oh wait...2 weeks until AVN convention! POOPBUCKETS! UNTIL NEXT TIME SIZZLE LEANS!


I am lying in bed next to a snoring Jay. Poor thing, he is just as sick as me right now! Of course i passed on my sickness. I t is hard to avoid, being married and all. I am a bit afraid to right, because i am all doped up on tussin. LOL Sometimes I have been known to ramble like a complete freak when I am on cold medecine. I am sure you could tell I was a bit hopped up on afrin during American Sexstar. Oh well, I was just myself... and I think it made the show better. I guess sometimes I try to be too serious, that was the culprit on the first show. I knew I needed to just let loose, and it definitely flowed better. The show is still a work in progress,thats for sure. I am trying to deal with the fact that I AM NOT CHOOSING THE GIRLS WHO GO HOME! I have a major issue with the girls the judges are voting off. I don't know what to do about this... I guess that is what the whole contest is about. Remeber, if you have suggestions... feel free to email playboy through the website, amercicansextar.com. Anyway, I am gonna get some much needed rest. Kisses


cough cough ....sniff sniff :( I no no feel good :(


I am off to LA in a few hours and I still feel horrible!!! I can not shake this cold. I am mortified at the possibility that I won't be able to speak on my Playboy show tomorrow!! I have been drinking tea, taking Zicam, golden seal, praying to the Dali Lama, have prayer vidules, lighting candles, etc...lol...lol...anything that I think will help I am doing! I just want to be at my best. I am pretty excited about the show, I just want to make sure it is indicative of what Club Jenna represents, and the first show was good, but we tweaked it a bit moving it more towards what we look for in a CJ contract girl. I got the script yesterday and I think we will be tweaking it a bit more.... So, I will have to go over that today during rehearsal. A CJ girl represents the best in the industry and they are in a class by themselves. Our girls have style, beauty, and class. I wish Jay had the time to help out on this; he is really good at expressing what our company is about...he really has molded the look and feel of our productions over the years.

I got to go thru our shots for the AVN cover and for the AEE trade show... to be honest I was not very happy, in fact, sad might be a better word.:( I am super critical of myself and was not happy with my shots and a little perturbed about it! (I think I put that nicely!) So, while discussing my feelings with Jay, we started talking about promo we were doing for the AEE show and we realized that we did not shoot and pretty girl tease footage of myself yet. I shot all the girls stuff when I was directing the Provocateur...shiiiiaaatttballlss! So, now we have to schedule a day to shoot my stuff. My schedule is slammed and it's going to be tuff. Jay is funny, he is always "no worries, we will get it scheduled and done" I don't know how he does it; he has so much pressure on him and has to deal with all the stress of the dif companies as well as mine, all the girls, and all the employees... and he just gets stuff done! He really is amazing!!! It will all get done... I might pop a gasket b4 completion, lol.

Ok, time to get my pack on... Make sure you watch my show on Playboy TV tomorrow, if you don't I am sending Clay over your house...and not to sit down and have some tea!

Hugs, Kisses, and SNIFFLES,


Today was a funny day. I just got home from NY ( I will attach my Myspace blog at the end of this) Jay left for LA today to do the Telecine process on my film that I directed (The Provocateur), he has been IMing me all day making me laugh so hard I almost fell out of my chair. It's so funny because when we first started going out, I would always call his underwear panties. It made him so mad, he would seriously argue with me for hours that HE DID NOT WEAR PANTIES! We have been together for almost 8 years... and now he calls his boxers panties... LOL It makes me laugh at the top of my lungs everytime he sais that. I know he sais it to make me laugh, and that is what I love about him LOLOLOL Anyway I am attaching my myspace blog, for your perusal :)


Myspace- Our trip to NYC was fabulous, but didn't go off with out a hitch. We decided to take Duane out to NYC and I think it was good for him since he has been having so many girl troubles. He has seemed so down in the dumps lately, and tries to hide it. I am a bit short with him sometimes, because I just don't have time to explain everything at such detail, which is usually what he calls for (Duane is Jay's assistant). I try to keep him on track, and in turn that keeps Jay on track, and luckily that helps me and Jay's relationship. Work directly effects our marriage, because we are so closely interwoven with running ClubJenna. Duane smiled and laughed for the first time in a long time on this trip, and that made me smile.

Jay was in rare form on this trip, grinning from ear to ear 24-7. Thats his M.O., and I love that about him. We were due at the paty at Spirit at 1 am, which for me is like chryptonite, if you don't know me by now... little hint...I LIKE MY SLEEP. But I bucked up and made it there on time... It was extremely crowded and the moment we got into our booth people started pushing in... I always get a bit nervous when this starts to happen, but you just start to grow accustomed to everyone staring at you for hours on end. It sucks when you need to scratch the inside of your nose or adjust your nipples in your too tight t-shirt... Everyone sees everything!

We got home around 5 30 or so, and we were all exhausted, partially from crappy sutter home wine and partially from just being over it. I woke up promptly at noon the next morning...LOL I was not going to miss a day of shopping!

I raided the Chloe Boutique and then went over to the Roberto Cavalli store, where I was snapped by papparazzi. I love NYC!

I think I may have found my dress there, but I don't know whether or not I want to spen that much money on a dress I will wear once ( I should call Roberto... he gave me his number at the Playboy party) I hate asking for things for free though... HMMMM

I then hit Petit Peton, which has THE best shoes on earth, I swear I go into convulsions when I am in that store... OK, enough about shopping, (I seem to go off on tangents when it comes to fashion...LOL

I slapped on a sassy outfit I bought at Chloe' (Jay kept calling me Chim Chim Charoo, referring to fiddler on the roof) because I had little wool pants on that ended at my knees with over the knee boots on. LOL He is so rude...LOL Anyway, we headed over to the Sohoclub for dinner, and it was really trendy. I am not sure if I fit that crowd, it's a bit off kilter for me...People trying to prove how artisically unaware but yet SO aware... Not really my thing. Anyway, we had fun at diner exchanging bodyguard stories of violence... LOL. Clay was about a hour long subject. His elbows could be the next action heroes! LOL

I am now home, and so tired! I must have thrown my neck out sitting on that plane for 10 damn hours, because now I look like a beach stiffy! Oh well, at least I don't have to do anything strenuous over the next few days.

I am gearing up to go out to LA on Thursday to do rehearsal fro my next Playboy show that airs live on Friday... UGH I think I am just going to be honest and let my personality fly on this next installment. No more Mrs Nice guy...

I am off to watch desperate Houswives (tivo)

At Ease Bitches


Well, dinner is done and I am back home feverishly packing for my trip to NYC tomorrow at 9a.m. I am doing an appearance at Spirit tomorrow night...so basically I get in, get to hotel, get ready and head off to the club! It should be fun!

The dinner tonight was pretty good- it was a 5 course fancy dinner- Jay and his brother looked in bewilderment at the only Turkey item which had fois gras on it, lol. I took a bite of my stuffing and almost lost it ..there was some fruit or something in there that I was NOT ready for! We had fun- it was a bit different and the place was filled with a bunch of crusty people, lol lol. Ok time to get my pack ON!

Smooches on your faces,


Happy turkey day to everyone!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone is going to have an incredible day...eating relaxing and sleeping after the triptophan over dose! My brother Tony was just over the house. He is doing really well. His Tattoo shop is cranking and he started to shoot competitively. He is advancing thru the levels amazingly fast as well as placing in the top 5 in all his comps! We watched of his last national qualifier competition, he placed 4th! Jay calls him twinkle toes...just think about the visual of Tony running! His wife Selena and my nephew Gage where in tow as well. Salena is such a bad ass cook; she brought over some sweets and treats!

MMMM MMMM MMMM, just what I need :( The average person consumes 7,100 calories on thanksgiving! Yes, insane! Also, the avg person gains 10lbs between Thanksgiving and New Years...just great... and I have the Adult convention in Vegas immediately after! Sometimes life is not fair.

Ok, time for me to hop in the shower and get ready to go gobble down some turkey.... Oh, and yes jay is still unhappy that we are gong to a restaurant for Tday!

Gobble Gobble,


The AVN convention is going to be held in January, I think it is the 4-8th, isn't that horrible that I don't even know the exact dates (that is what my all knowing assistant is for, Linda, and she is not only the most loyal person I know... but one of the best writers). Anyway, I am now in a bit of a panic because usually by this time I have begun my AVN ritual of shopping for signing outfits, and at least having an idea of designers for my awards show gown. I HAVE DONE NOTHING! Since the induction of my Playboy show and the signing of my contract girls, I really don't have a huge amount of time to spend on my needs.I know I know... cry me a pound of salt. But, in all actuality, this kind of thing is super important, not only for the over-all look of our company image, but also for my peace of mind. When you feel beautiful, you exude happiness. Well, at least I do. I don't need labels necassarily, I just need a cute pair of shoes and it makes me smile from ear to ear. I think a lot of girls out there share my view on this :)

We are going to celebrate Thanksgiving at a resaurant for the first time ever. Partially because I have been too busy to plan a huge feast like I did last year ( I cooked for 45 people) and partly because I hate being labeled the family go to girl. UGH, I have enough to do! Oh shit, there go my complaints again... hehehehehehee My Bad...

Anyway, Friday I am off to NY to host a party at Club Spirit, which is well timed, because a NY shopping trip was massively in order. wooohooohoohohoo, lol. Sometimes I just can't help myself! Kisses,


Home sweet home... well, at least for a day! We got back home last night; there is nothing better than sleeping in your own bed! The 2 days of shooting was a bit on the taxing side. It's hard with all the girls there and I have to model as well. I just wish everyone could come to work and leave their personal problems at home. The girls don't have to work that often, so, when they have too- I expect them to be 110% and ready to work. We are super lucky with the group of Club Jenna girls, but there is always some drama- it's unavoidable! Carl was amazing, he didn't stop, complain, or even take a break the whole 2 days- he was a machine. The pictures were beyond amazing. I am super excited to see the finish product. Our group shots were just breathe taking. Today, I have a couple of meetings, dealing with all the crap at the club and then I have to get ready to head out of town tomorrow for the XBiz awards. I will try and give a more in depth recap and upload some images from the shoot. Until then...smooches


Wow, what a great day of shooting. All the girls looked amazing! What a day... looong day and a high maintenance day. It's hard to model and handle all the girls at the same time. UGH UGH UGH! LOL! I can't wait to see the shots; Carl was the shooting master yesterday. Today we have more of the same on the menu. 6 girls is allot to shoot and handle all at one time. Make up is usually the biggest lag, 2 hours a girl. It's funny when you are a model you chat away and relax in the chair and don't care how long it takes to get out of make up... when you are a director...wow, every minute seems like an hour! Oh, we signed a new girl, hehehehehhee.. wait until you see our new girl SASHA! We are very excited to have signed her; she will be a great addition to the family. She adds in a look we do not have. We will be unveiling her at the AEE show in Vegas! Ok 1 coffee down and off to set I go....

Strike a pose!


Back in the saddle again; I am getting back into my insane schedule work mode. We, Linda Daniel and myself, got into LA last night; ez flight and trip to the hotel. Then shit storm.... Krystal's dad calls up informing us that she will not be able to make the shoot the next 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He mentioned that she was ill... ahhhhhhh. Obviously we are concerned and worried. We asked questions, none of which were answered, so a tad of frustration set in as well. We are shooting all of our girls for our promo for the AEE show in Vegas this January. It's kind of hard to do a shoot with all the girls...including myself, and no Krystal! We were so excited to have all the girls together and get some great shots and video. Playboy is on set shooting some behind the scenes footage of the Club Jenna girls for my Jenna's American Sex Star show. Linda is a bit stressed over the wholel ordeal. Krystal will now be missing from the promo....ugh. I hope she is ok, I will keep you all posted as we get more info.

So, this morning...6 AM call time!, we are shooting with Carl Wachter. He is an incredible photographer and is the man responsible for the majority of Penthouse's amazing covers over the years. I have not shot with Carl since I did my centerfold for Penthouse. I am really excited to have him shoot all my girls. We are really lucky to have such a great group of girls! It is extremely rare that all of your contract girls get along and are friends... no divas in this bunch... well, except for Daniel, hehehe. LOL, Daniel just walked in the makeup room and said... "ladies and gents -drama may begin soon". OK, time to go back to being the boss!

Hugs and Kisses,


Well today is the big day!!! I am hosting my show LIVE on Playboy TV tonight!!!!! I am really excited! This will be my first time hosting a live show...let me tell you this is a totally different experience, especially with the style and quality of show we are doing. The show is going to be amazing!! I hope EVERONE watches it tonight at 9 p.m. ET/10 p.m. PT on Playboy TV. The show is called, Jenna's American Sex Star. I am actually a little nervous... I just don't want to make any mistakes. I am a total perfectionist when it comes to my performance and there are so many marks and cues I have to remember throughout the show. I got a chance to see all the contestants on the show...and they are HOT. This show is American Idol ... the next level, Jenna Style! I am really glad I teamed up with Playboy and I am looking forward to the success of the show. I am sure you have read... Ron Jeremy, Christy Canyon, and Jim powers are the judges. With those three in the mix anything can happen... Ron is hysterical, Christy is just the sweetest, and Jim is straightforward and hardcore! The cool thing is that the show is live and the viewers get to vote! The winner of the episode goes on to the finals where the ultimate winner becomes one of my contract girls!! So, look...if you want to have a say in whom our new Club Jenna contract star will be, you better be VOTING! I need to review my script and have some breakfast... Wish me luck and I am looking forward to see how you all liked the show!

Hugs and Kisses,


Woohooo, ok,,,I got the part!!!!! I will get you details on the movie as I can release them!


Yesterday we had a rehearsal day for my Playboy show, Jenna's American Sex Star! Wow, it is going to be awesome! The rehearsal made me a bit nervous, just because there really is allot that goes into a live show of this size. Move here..say that ...go there...DUCK...jump roll,talk, lol lol. I really like the crew and the show producers...they are first class and have treated me really well, that makes all the difference when it comes to my comfort level and performance. I really hope everyone tunes into Playboy TV and watches the show tomorrow night! OK...YOU BETTER WATCH MY SHOW, Jenna's AMERICAN SEX STAR ...was that subtle???
Ok, today I have a reading for co starring role in a major Hollywood movie... this is really a nerve racking week. Of course I am worried about the audition. It is always hard to break out of adult and there is soo much backlash against me whenever I waiver out of the adult medium! So, I will give it another shot. I will keep you posted on how it goes.


So after a full night of dancing at the mansion, I climbed in bed at like 4 in the morning. I then jumped ona jet to Vegas for the Hard Rock Hotel Halloween Bash I was to host with Jenny Mcarthy. The night was a blur, full of spread legs and fondles... Gotta love my life...


I have had a super full weekend which included an amazing playboy mansion halloween party, that was one of the best parties I have ever seen. All the girls were so beautiful, I was just snapping my head back and forth looking at them! To be continued...

Well, now that Jay's birthday went over without a hitch I can take a breath! I [threw] a huge bash at Babes (my Club I own here in Scottsdale) and I had an amazing burlesque performer named Masuimi Max come and perform. She did two amazing shows that included fire eating, milk baths, and champagne! She definitely is one hot ass chiquita!
Jay had a wonderful time, and even though he drove me crazy that week, I love him so damn much... he always has a way of making it up to me when he is being stubborn. LOL
I bought him a custom Hayabusa, and it should be arriving here any day... I told him he can't go over 40 mph on it...He agreed...we'll see if that happens. (sarcasm abounds)
Anyway, I am gearing up for Halloween at the Playboy Mansion on Saturday and The Hard Rock Hotel Halloween Bash I am hosting with my buddy Jenny Mcarthy. Now, that should be insane!
Then I go straight into rehearsals for My Playboy Show, Jenna's American Sex Star, and it premieres live on November 4th, so make sure you tune in!!!!!!!!!!
Hopefully I don't flub too badly...lol
Live TV can be a bitch :)

kisses bitches,

Well, I am seeing a little announcement on playboy.com..... HMMMMM
Has the press begun?
Check it out homies...


I am busy planning Jays birthday today. Sometimes his ass drives me so damn crazy I feel like jumping off a damn cliff.

Ya ever feel completely unappreciated?

I guess I just don't ever have enough time... and way too many people depending on me....

Thanks for letting me vent...


Today was a typical Sunday for us at our residence... Jay, Daniel and I went to the Halloween superstore and spent hella money on the scariest outdoor spook decorations that any little trick or treaters have EVER seen! Now that I think about it, they may be TOO scary.... Oh well, it will be fun to see them tearing down our cul de sac! LOL

There are skulls, skeletons, severed zombie bodies, and flying ghosts that move and moan on there own.... hehehehehe.

I have to say that Halloween is my favorite holiday, I guess fear is my thing. Scary movies and that empty pit feeling is the best!



Linda and I decided to drive home from LA today, instead of trying to haul all my shit onto a plane... I always seem to accumulate so much stuff after a week in LA. Plus, Linda and I love the LA to Phoenix drive because it is 6 hourse worth of singing at the top of our lungs. LOL

We rented a beater and just made a psycho bee line into the desert. The wildfires were everywhere and we both were feeling the effects on our throats... The singing suffered.

I am home now and settling in to watch all of my Tivo'd programs... Americas Next Top Model, here I come!


Director Jameson saying hi...lol. Ok, so let me start by apologizing for not letting you know how the shoot has been going. SORRY... the movie is unreal! I am so excited, everything has been perfect. The girls have looked amazing and the sex is off the charts. Shooting on film just adds that much more to the production. I really want to go into to every little detail, but I have to be on set in 30 minutes and I still have to get ready, ugh. Today we are shooting at an old bank... fabulous! We are shooting all the girls today, so we all know the pandamonium that brings! This is also our press day, so we wil have an extra 30 people [ed: including world renowned Rachel Worth] hanging arround on set. Ok, I am off... I hope everyone has an awesome day!!!

Hugs and Kisses,
Director Jameson

I think I have a new obsession....... The MTV show Laguna Beach. I started watching it, because I thought the lead girl Kristen was interesting... not intellectually, but star factor wise... I am now officially a junkie. I love the way they structure the show like a soap, but it is real life. Also, the music is divine. I am not sure if I would want my kid to be like them, but it certainly takes me back to my days of back stabbing high school. These girls are BRUTAL. Oh, not to mention the guys that think they are complete players... I might have a problem with Alex too, since she comes off like such a bully! Can you tell, I may have a problem? LOL Anyway, my week has been filled with press and pre- planning. The movie has come together and the press release has been sent... all that is left is making it, which I am quite nervous about. I guess I am always nervous when I do something for the first time. I feel pretty confident since I am in love with control... and directing is such a power trip... is that bad? HMMMM. LOL


I have been in complete seclusion the past week planning and scheming up ideas and ad campaigns for my new movie I am directing. I now can say, I am ahead of the game, and have nailed down talent and crew. All the girls are incredibly stoked to get down and dirty for my first film. I am pretty lucky the girls go out of their way to go the extra mile for me. The power of Jenna! :) I will be jetting off to LA on Friday to go prop shopping for my movie, and may grab a few Halloween outfits from Trashy, since I have offers to host parties in Vegas this year!

I am sitting here on my bed in my sweats and little else on my sweet new laptop! I LOVE IT!!!!

Kisses on your faces,

Hi everyone... Well my week has settled in , and I have gotten back to my pre production on my directorial debut for ClubJenna Productions... starring, ALL OF OUR CONTRACT GIRLS. Now, I readily took this challenge on partially because I have amazing girls and also because I have the utmost confidence in myself.... since I have been directed so many times. It just feels natural to direct on my own. I am now done with my script, and have booked talent and crew... The only tidbit I am going to give away, is that all of the girls are doing guys (except Jesse Capelli) and a few of them will be doing things they never have done before!
Ok, just wanted to update you... I am now off to the gym to kick my trainers ass! :)


Hey, I just got back from Los Angeles. We went out for Paul Fishbein's wedding. I will fill you in on the details tomorrow after I catch up on some rest. The wedding was amazing and it was really a cool group of guests...we had a blast. Today we went shopping with our friends Steve And Laurie....Melrose will never be the same. Yesterday was a day spent shopping on Rodeo...woohooohohohohohohooooo.. Can you say, Louis Vuitton??? Heehehehehehe. After the Louis extravaganza we got ready and went to the wedding...details to follow.
After that nice drive home from LA I am a bit tired. We actually made great time on the way home, 5 hours.
Night all,


I hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend. We had a super relaxing weekend. We spent some time with our nephews, shopped and chilled.
Last night I got to play with my new Mac..The Mac is great! Very cooool... I think it will take me a little bit to re-acclimate myself to the system, but I think it will be pretty easy. I might put that Virtual PC program on; I guess it is pretty much like a windows based computer them...??? Worst case scenario, I take a few mac classes! I have to reload all of my favorite sites again...which is a total bummer, No biggie.
I have started writing my script for my big directorial debut! I am soooo excited. I will be directing all of our girls in one movie. I am shooting first week in October. It's hard to get everyone's schedule in-line. I want to have it out for the AVN show this upcoming January. Jay will have to hustle and get it edited quickly! I put Final Draft on my laptop so I can work on my script wherever I am...how funny is that!?!
I am back in the Gym starting today. UGH! I will hit you all later ...

Love and Hugs,


Woooohoooo! I got a new Mac computer. I am super excited. We went to the Mac store today because Jay needed another monitor for some new edit machine he bought for the bay. I started to play with the new macs...and , hehehe, ok I could I resist! I got a new iMac and an iBook. I am going to be a Mac-Chick! I use my computer for 4 things...browse the net, shop, email, and photoshop...the most labor intensive- photoshop. Mac's fly thru photoshop and it is just so ez to use all the peripheral stuff they have. I got the camera for iChat...ok how coool is that??? Answer- VERY! So, those of you that have iChat and a cam, we can have a little video conference. mmm mmm mmm. I think it will be a great device for me to get a nice visual of my hot girlfriends as I...mmmmm. Hehehheee. We got some cool programs to load up, so i am going to go help set up the computer! I will let you know how my learning curve goes.

* I definitely need to get a 2 button mouse!

Vegas was insanely crazy! We drove back yesterday. We had to much crap to fly, so we rented a car and drove back. The Magic show was really fun. we hung at the Ed Hardy booth. Jesse, Sophia, and myself attended and it was pandemonium! I got up onstage and got my T-shirt cut (cut into a style). The crowd went insane, hehehe. Tuesday night we went to the party at the Palms and then over to the Hilton party at Caesar's Pure.... We had a blast. Vegas is always fun, but the recovery after is always tuff! It's nice to be home, but now it's catch up on the work outs I missed :( Oh, and the sex I missed as well...lol.


Getting ready for Vegas! I have to be in Vegas Monday thru Wednesday of this week for the Magic convention. I am looking at starting a new clothes line (lingerie, Jeans, high-end clothes) this upcoming year. So, magic is the place to be...LOL. I will be out there with the guys who are behind the Ed Hardy brand. I will be at their booth Tuesday and the party at the Palms Tuesday night. Sophia and Jesse will be there with me as well. We are going to tare Vegas up! I am sure I will have to make my way by Crazy Horse 2 for a few lapdances, hehehehehee. Hey, ya gotta see if they have changed in the past months, lol. I am sure I can find a few cute girls to help make the evening entertaining! Time to go tan, get nails done, possibly shop for a few fun outfits,pack, and head off to Vegas!

Hugs and Kisses,


Back from good ole Los Angeles. The shoots went really well; we knocked out 4 box covers. It was fun to shoot again, I have really missed it. I shot my box with Jesse for The Jesse factor and another with Sophia for Sophia Syndrome. I love my girls...they really are special, each one in their own way. I want to make sure they have good careers and enjoy their jobs.
It was my Dad's Bday yesterday, he turned 107...hehehehehee. We all went out to dinner and had a great time. We dined at a restaurant called Sassi's...if you ever are in Phoenix and like Italian food, this place is a MUST! There were 25 of us and the food kept coming and coming...as well as the wine, MORE WINE! The place is amazing and by far the best Italian (authentic style) I have ever had! Coming from a Dego that means a lot.
Today, I head back into the gym and get back to the basics...training, training, oh -and training, lol. I missed not going to the gym while I was shooting.
The local witch hunt continues here in Scottsdale. The city is still in a slanderous hub bub over my club. They are bury themselves with every quote they make and ever action they take. Look, I am doing nothing out of line, if anything I am helping clean up the area and make a nicer place. The club has been in existence for 30 years! No one had an issue when men owned it... now that a successful woman owns it they are all in an uproar...tisk tisk tisk on them. If they really want to keep pushing, I have a CREW of attorneys ready to shred. I am not going to put up with this prejudice towards me anymore. I have received non stop calls from neighbors and business owners expressing their support; they are as outraged as I am. It really makes the city look bad, not very prudent on their part. I even have the Rotary Club asking me to come and speak; they are in support of my position. There is way too much going on in the world... I like how the news and city just ignore the fact that a local Boy Scout Leader was molesting kids for years...it made the press for a day. Unreal!

Ok, now I am all fired up, time to hit the gym, have a great day!


We had a great weekend! Other than the non stop stories in the paper surrounding Babes, my strip club, it was a very nice weekend. I have a new love for board games! I have always hated playing any type of game with friends, mainly because I am super super (did I say SUPER?) competitive! It usually doesn't end with me being nice, lol. Well, I think I have either matured or just enjoyed the group of friends that I was playing with. We played Trivial Pursuit, Boggle, and Scene It. I had a blast!!!!!! It was really fun; it was a nice change to going out or being a couch potato and watching TV. Our friend Holt is the trivial master...almost made it unfair, Jay is horrible with trivia! Boggle was a blast, it was my first time playing the game...of course I won, hehehehheeee.
Today I have some busy work to do for the club and then get ready to head off to LA tomorrow. I have to shoot over the next few days with William. We are going to be shooting 4 box covers for upcoming movies. I have a few meetings on Thursday and then back home on Friday. I am back into the swing of things, which is always nice. On that note, I am off to the gym for a nice morning of cardio torture, lol.



Ok, stuff has been crazy here regarding the strip club. The media posted a few blurbs about myself owning a strip club in town...uh, here comes the witch hunt! Unreal, the club has been there for almost 30yrs! All of a sudden there is a problem with it. I had 8 protestors outside the club last night. It's funny, I spoke with many biz owners and residents in the neighborhood and they were extremely excited that we were going to clean up the place and attract a higher end clientele. I am so sick of the constant uphill battle because of my career choice; it starts getting old after awhile. You would figure as society progresses that there would be less and less of these ultra conservative moral crusades; but, again I was wrong! Its always the one in 200000000 that creates all the fuss and puts un-needed stress on society. I guess that's what happens when you have nothing to do in your life; you have a lot of time on your hands...oh, and want attention! I know there isn't enough stuff going on in the world and that the club will really disturb everyone in society soooo much. Don't worry about the war, the exorbitant gas prices, people starving in Africa, Gaza Strip getting cleared out, our poor educational system, the lack of family in society, and the new fall fashions (lol).


Willie Wonka Head... we went and saw the Willie Wonka movie yesterday. Tim Burton really did a great job. Johnny Depp was amazing and I think the movie was really well done. There were a bunch of kids sitting next to us...they were mesmerized! That's when you know the movie is a success. Today, i am back in the gym and then over to the old house and get ready for our Estate sale this weekend. Now that's fun! Tonight we have ladies night at the club, if i have time I will swing by and say hi. It's my fav night there because we have the hottest girls on stage and the hottest girls off! Tomorrow we have our amateur contest, hehehehhee- I think I am a judge for it (licks fingers). I would love to stay and chat, but I need to try and do something so I can get my extremely sore body to even move right now.


Okie Dokie... I am having someone type for me because my arms are like sweet nooodles! LOL! Jenna Jameson...Work Out Queen; that has a nice ring to it. I have really never really worked out in my life, especially not like this. Abay has lost his mind...he puts me thru the works, and I never quit, ever. Once I put my mind to something nothing will stop me! I am focused and determined to be on the cover of muscle and fitness this year, heheheheheheee ....come on it would be funny.
I took Joli and Carmen into the Vet's yesterday to get spayed. Poor little dogs are soo groggy now. Surgeries are always hard. Carmen is sooo small; she is having a hard time snapping out of it. She hates being high, so she is constantly fighting it. It's kind of funny....she just sits up, all stiff as a board, ears half mast and tries to sober herself. Then the eyes start to close down, body still stiff....eyes closing more , then the sleeping Carmen stick is in full effect! Poor little dog. Joli on the other hand is a full on junky.
Today I have a meeting down at the club to go over the remodel and talk with the designer. I am very excited about the project. We are designing a really high end amazing club. After the meeting, to the gym I go for a nice hour or so of cardio. After that I have nooo plans, maybe go to the club tonight to chill and get a few lap dances!
Have a great day everyone!

Hugs and Kisses,


Had a great day...my work out was insane. Daniel came up, so we are all heading out to dinner and then off to Babes. It's nice to own your own club, ok, even better a strip club, wohooooo.

Holy Shiiiaaattttt! I am soooore, between my trainer shredding me in the gym(did I say shredding, I meant mutilating)and the car accident, I am almost immobile. Wow, my body is wrecked, but I liek it in a sick way. I looove going to the gym, it is my new addiction. Abby is my trainer, he is an amazingly talented trainer and really really puts me through the grind. I think I am getting a bit agro because of the diet I am on. We all know I am a carb junky... I have cut down my carbs to a minimum. I have been a bit on the short tempered side...I lost it yesterday on Jay for no reason...I need to apologize. I really need to control myself a bit better. I think i will be better because i had some ice cream yesterday after dinner...heheheheee. I had to, we had sushi at Stingray and they have a great fried green tea ice cream dessert. Today we have to do voice over work for a 100 different things including my commentaries for the Devil and Miss Jones movie and Jenna Loves Pain. We launch our new wireless site, www.jennawireless.com , today. Its super cool... download me to you phone, how can you go wrong, lol. Ok, it's cardio time.

Get that body worked out Biaaatches,


Well well well... just when I started to drive around solo again...BAM I get in a car accident!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the front of my BMW sheared off by some 17 year old kid that ran a red light! Unreal, I was making a Legal U-Turn on a green arrow when speed racer decided to blow a red and take out from wheel to wheel on my car! Of course he tried to blame me...good thing there were 2 witnesses that saw everything and blew the little brats game. I got really really really lucky and didn't get hurt. Obviously, my neck and back are a bit stiff and I was shaken up, but all is good. I will be back in the gym today getting stretched and keeping o track for the new BOD. I doubt that I will be driving again anytime in the near future. I just don't think i have good luck as a driver. I make an excellent nag back seat driver, hehehheee. I don't drive enough to feel comfortable behind the wheel. I am totally gun shy now; I know that's a bad thing. Jay wants me to only drive (when I drive again) the Rover or one of the big trucks, lol. I think I should start wearing a helmet as well, lol. Ok, off to start my day I go...Duane will be driving, lol.

A.K.A Crash Jameson

This has been a super long week. Why you ask? Well, I have decided to get my ass back in shape. I know, I know, you guys are probably saying... Jenna you look fine! Well, I thought it was time to put my nose to the grindstone and really get in good shape. So I got a new trainer... and he is shredding me! Ohmy god... I think he is a bit sadistic. He pushes my limits, and I guess that's why I like him... I can't have a pansy ass trying to train me...:)
So needless to say, I am so sore, I can barely even walk. It is frightening when you get back in the gym after a long hiatus. My muscles seem to be giving me the finger LOL
Anyway... I shall be back in fighting shape very soon, and I will do a special layout for you guys to commemerate it!

Love ya babes,

Da da da...Life is back on track. We went to Vegas for a bit of R&R at the Palms casino. we had a nice relaxing weekend. We played blackjack for like 5 hours during the day on Saturday, and then just chilled and watched movies in the room the rest of the time. I know to some it may sound boring, but to me it was a nice change from the normal Vegas jaunt. We drove home on Sunday after hitting the shops at Caesar�s Forum shops... you didn't think I could go to Vegas and not shop! There is a whole new wing of stores that we had never been to before... oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Here comes Mama, hehehee. After 6 bags of goodies we headed back to lovely Scottsdale, home sweet home. The drive was great, except for the traffic around the Hoover Dam. Added like an hour to the drive, but we relaxed and watched movies most of the way. When you look over and the driver is watching the movie and not the road should u be worried???? LOL.
On a not so nice note-I joined a gym yesterday, ugh. Time for JJ to get back into fighting shape! I have a new trainer...I have a feeling i am in for a loooong few weeks ahead! Ok, off to the gym I go.....

watch out for the pipes baby!

Just hanging, just chillin, just hangin, just chillin... and ready to do some GRILLIN! RIBS and Corn tonight, mmm mmm mmm. Tonight is poker night and I cook for the guys. I actually like it... I cook, they play poker in the entertainment room, during which I get to relax in the peace and quiet. They are playing Texas Hold-Em. All they do is laugh the whole time! They play for a nice $20 buy in and 25 cent anty...woohoo big time! LOL. Ok, I need to prep for dinner. I hope you all have a great night!!


How do you cook ribs...just playin!

Great weekend..all I did was shop. Life has been good and relaxing. This has really been nice normal twist after the insane years of the past. I am cherishing every relaxing moment...knowing that the end of them will soon be near! I went so far as to even get a massaging chair, now that's funny! I don't know if any of you have had a chance to plop your butts into one of the chairs at Sharper Image or Brookstone, they are insane!!! I have reached Nirvana, lol. I think I am getting to the point where I really don't want to have to interact with society....ok, that pipe dream is over. have figured out one more way to stay out of interaction... safeway.com!! That's right, grocery shop from your keyboard and get it delivered up fresh!!! This has taken stay at home to an all time high! Oh i have to run, I have a program staring...i know i could Tivo it, but heck.

Love and Massages,


My last month has been really nice maybe a little too nice in the eating department. LOL I feel my backside growing a bit. My ass will soon need it's own zip code. Just kidding, I guess a few pounds can make a small person feel like a whale. When I have time at home, I cook my ass off. It sure is good for me mentally, but I like my little skinny ass! LOL
It certainly isn't anything a week on the treadmill wouldn't fix, but when I really think about it... Isn't it kind of nice to have a little softness? Isn't there an unneeded pressure put on women in the spotlight to look like lollipops?
I don't like falling into that trap, I just want to be healthy, so I am not going to obsess...
SAY IT WITH ME GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys, you can just sit back and snicker:)


How nice is it to sleep in my own bed? Pretty damn nice, I say.
We arrived home on Sunday night and passed out immediately! It was a long day of traveling, we had a seven hour flight from Puerto Rico to LA, then a 2 hour wait at LAX, then the flight to AZ. I was just wanting to see my dogs and feel my 1000 thread count sheets. Ugh, I'm spoiled...
Anyway, the fourth rolled around, and we decided to take our boat out to Lake Pleasant... I should have known it was a bad idea, with Jay's bad luck and all...
We got out there, and everyone is staring at out boatand taking pics, because it is covered with graphics of beautiful girls... So we jet off across the lake, and all of a sudden the boat craps out. (OF friggin course) Jameson Luck!!!!!!!!
So we try to get the engine cover off, because the hydraulics went out... it was taking a few minutes, when all of a sudden we look down and we are standing in 4 inches of water!!!!!!!!!!!
We were sinking!
I flagged someone down to tow us in while Jay bailed out the boat consistantly for an hour while we crept towards the marina... Good thing we got help, because that picture inducing boat would be at the bottom of the lake!!!!!!!!!!
That was my fourth ! LOL


Ok, it's our last day on the cruise....:( We have had a blast. Yesterday we were in Aruba. We booked to shore excursions; one a high speed boat thingy and the other a 5 hour tour around the island. We opted not to do either and just walk around and do our own thing. We had soo much fun... we basically tried out 5 different bars and 4 restaurants throughout the day! Oh, and of course I got me shop-on! We didn't get back on the ship till 9ish. Today is a day at sea and then we get back into Puerto Rico about 9 tomorrow morning. I really would recommend this cruise for anyone who wants to relax, see some amazing places, and wants to have fun. I think if you book in advance the total price for the week with food is $800- $1000... That�s really cheap for what you get. Thursday night was formal night on the ship, so everyone was all dressed up and looking sassy. The cruise sets up 10 different picture stations through out the boat...each with a different backdrop. It�s kind of fun and free. Of course the next day you go and see you images and pick out ones you want ($20 a piece). Today I am going to get some sun, topless on the adult deck, lol. TTYL


OMG! The cruise has been amazing! We started out in Puerto Rico...you know that story.. next up was St. Thomas. We headed out on a nice tour over to ST. John. WOW, it had the nicest beach (Trunk Bay) I have every been at. We snorkeled a reef off the shore and hung on the beach the rest of the day. Jay of course got no sun...captain 70 SPF Block! We got a ton of pics and video, so everyone can catch up when we get back. Yetserday we went to Dominica... a very small island that is very uncomercialized! I will fill you in on more details when i have a few seconds. I need to head out to dinner and maybe some dancing tonight in Barbados!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico this morning! It is really beautiful here, reminds me of Miami. Of course our trip started out on its usual Jameson styled fiasco, lol. The flight was great ...Johnny Knoxville was sitting next to us. We arrived and the baggage claim signs were really really confusing...long story short- we ended up outside the airport and had to get boarding passes and go thru security and then back around thru gates and down to baggage claim! That was followed by a nice ride to the hotel. The hotel promised we could do an early check in so we could chill till we checked into the boat at 3...well, of course we get there and...no rooms and can't check in for another 4 hours!!!! So, we are at Starbucks slamming coffee and surfing the web!!!! I will update as the trip goes...smooches and hugs...


Today was super busy, I am on a mission to get ready for my trip to LA to shoot the boxcover for Devil In Miss Jones, and then jet off to Puerto Rico, then onto a 7 day cruise!
I never feel prepared for long trips like this... UGH, it drives me crazy.
I got my hair colored today, and then shopped for "cruise wear" LOL
Any excuse to shop, ya know!
I will be back on the 3rd, so I will be right back on my game... I miss all of you...

KIsses JJ

Happy Anniversary To Me and Jay! WOHOOOOOOOOOOO
We made it two years! LOL
We had a very nice day, he picked me up and drove me to the Sanctuary Resort, wisked me to the spa and we got a double massage together. We then went back to the suite, and got ready and had reservations at the restauraunt Elemnt. It was a great dining experience, the food was amazing.
We then went back to the room and they had put rose petals everywhere with candles all over! It was beautiful.
I do have to say, I am a lucky woman...
For my anniversary gift he bought me the Chanel white diamong watch! Did I mention I was lucky? :)


I am now safely home from my Erotica LA weekend. It seemed very rushed and came upon me quickly since I have been so preoccupied with other things. Thank god I have people like Linda and my super Husband, Jay! They took the edge off all the hard work that went into bangin the doors off the convention! We rolled in there, and kicked ass! It was the first signing convention for Sophia, and she did [really] well handling the spotlight, and of course all the other girls shined like the super stars they are. Even though most of them were sick, including me! The first day was nice, my line was big, but not out of control, so I told myself... this may be easier than I thought! By the time Saturday rolled around, I was super confident I wasn't going to have carpel tunnel. I was wrong!!!!!!!!!! My line was about five people wide and stretched to the back of the whole convention! I was a little worried but incredibly proud that everyone came out to show support. So, a big thanks to all of you for showing so much love!

I got to see quite a few of my friends, which I hardly ever get to see. belladonna came over to the booth and I gave her a big kiss, she looked amazing! Teagan came to see me also, and I asked her if she really was prego, and she said yes! Four month along, and she wasn't even showing. She looked so happy and healthy... I am elated for her, and wish her nothing but pure happiness. She deserves it all!

All in all it was a grand time... Hope to see you there next year! :)


The beautiful month of June has [begun]! I am starting to feel a bit better thank goodness! I am ready to roll out to LA for the XRCO awards. I am super excited to be inducted into the hall of fame, I can't believe it has been so many years! EEEEEEEEk! That makes me feel old! LOL
I will have Jesse and Mckenzie and Sophia with me, Krystal is out on her dance gig and so is Ashton. We will certainly miss them, we will say a money prayer for you girls! LOL
I will take a huge amount of pictures tonight, so you guys don't miss a thing. We are up for quite a few awards tonight, including best film and video! Wish us luck, I am off to the airport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry� really been not feeling too well, ugh. Big day today! WE ARE FINISHING AN INTERVIEW WE ARE DOING WITH A HUGE BIZ MAGAZINE!!!!! We close on a strip bar that we bought with a few friends here in Scottsdale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are super excited...we have been trying to buy the club for over 3 years. It will be our first Club Jenna strip club...so watch out! Hopefully it will be the first of many to come. Just want to keep you up on what's going on, I will keep you posted as we get into the remodel of the club and the dancer search! (Of course there will be a live web site you can log into and check out our hot girls) Ok, time to get into make up! Have a great day,


Hi everyone,
I have been quite under the weather lately. Sorry I haven't written in a few, I have been confined to bedrest.
I am now up and around and feeling a whole hell of a lot better. Sometimes it sucks being a girl!
Anyway, I am going to go rest a little more, I will be thinking about all of you!


What up my bitches?
I ahve had a nice relaxing week, a much needed one at that. I have been a little under the weather... not really sure why. Just a bit fatigued.
I spent my weekend with a couple friends of ours from LA, they stayed in our guest house, and spent a few days.
The guys went to Bruce Springsteen on Saturday night and us girls went out! I'm not a huge Bruce fan so I passed.
Laurie and I went out to City Hall which is a super hot Steak joint, and fed our bellies, then went to Pussycat Lounge for a bit. Then we met back up with the guys at a strip joint (of course) LOL.
Yesterday I shot a cover for HIgh Times Magazine (my second) and shot a few little layouts for the site. I just was feelin a little bloated, so I stopped, LOL.
Anyways, I hope April showers bring May flowers to all of you!


I am writing this diary to prove to everyone who the real Jenna on myspace.com is.
There is a person posing as me, and also threatening me through emails, saying she will hurt me if I don't stop saying I'm Jenna LOL
Drum roll please.......


This is my OFFICIAL profile on myspace.com


My week has been insane. I have been in LA for my contract girls coming out party, and shooting the next installment of the Loves Jenna series! Can you guess what the next title will be? YUP! Briana Loves Jenna Again!!!!!!!
Our scene together was silly....I have to say, Briana wasn't shy this go round. She slapped my ass so hard I almost went through the roof. Our scene went on for at least 2 hours and we both had the utmost fun!
Just wanted to keep everyone updated!

I love you guys!


I have just started my profile on myspace.com.
It's super crazy how there are so many people on there posing as me! It's completely insane, like 50 people! Anyway, I wanted to give a shout out to Mikeg!



Well...getting ready to head off to set again today. We wrapped yesterday at about 11pm, so I am a bit tired this morning. Yesterday was incredible! Everything we shot was mind blowing. We were flying by the seat of are pants because we really had noting scripted, Justin was creating on the fly, lol. Briana's and my sex scene was HOT HOT HOT!!!! It was one of those scenes where everything went right... we were both so into it. That chick beat me ass...and I did the same in return! We will be shooting the rest of the movie this summer. So, needless to say Briana Loves Jenna Again is going to set a new record for movies! Today should be another amazing day. I am shooting with Laurant Sky. He will be directing Jesse Cappelli and I. I am really excited to work with Jesse... she is a sexxxy chick. We signed her 2 months ago and I have been excited about working with her since she joined us. We have been out on many occasions and its hard to resist.....hehehheee. Laurant and Justin have very very similar shooting styles. so this should be a whacky day. OK, off to set I go... I will let you know tomorrow how it all went. Have a great day.


Today is a wardrobe prep day for our shoot tomorrow. We are super excited to shoot Briana Loves Jenna Again! I thought it would be a great idea to shoot with Briana again...maybe I really just wanted to have sex with her, heheheee. We had to put the shoot together in a day basically because our schedules only allow us a 2 day window to get it done! So, I jumped on the chance and we are shooting Sunday. We have not had too much time to prep for the shoot. This is when Justin stresses.. he wants to make sure it tops everything else we have done. He is whacky, lol. But, hey that's what makes his movies award winners I guess. I am in charge of wardrobe and I am getting little direction from him on this one so far. I drives me insane because I will pick stuff out ad he will nix it...ugh. I like being in charge of wardrobe.. Oh, you want me to shop for clothes, heheheeee. I got credit cards in hand and I am outta here! Love as always,


I am officially hung over... definitely moving a little slower than usual this morning. Last night we had our Club Jenna party announcing our new contract girls. We celebrated the occasion at the El Centro Bar in Hollywood. We had a huge red carpet event set up and had a lot of press cover the party. It was soooo crowded... the turn out was amazing. I, as well as all the girls, drank a bit tooo much. But, we all had a blast. i am soo lucky with the contract girls we picked. They are all amazingly beautiful and above all are nice, cool girls. It's great to see that they all get along. I was really worried about that because we feel that we are a family and I want to make sure the girls get along and genuinely like each other. The girls have a chat to do today for Flirt 4 Free. All 5 of them! It should be crazy crazy!!! I have a meeting and some prepp to do. Time to take some aspirin...


Off to LA I go..I got crew in hand and we are on our way to the airport. We have our Club Jenna bash tonight. Also, I am shooting on Sunday and Monday. Life is starting to get busy again. I had a nice relaxing lul going on for a little while. Those days are now over. I will keep you posted as the trip goes..


Well, my big day has now arrived. I have noticed as I grow older, these things called Birthdays become less and less important. I'm sure I am not the only woman, or person for that matter, to feel this way! It's kinda funny, I have so many things going on in my life, all of which seem so much more important... my birthday just falls into a slot somewhere between spray tanning and making the bed in order of importance. LOL
But, anyway, thanks to everyone for the well wishes, tonight should have the top blown off it, if I have anything to do with it... it is now time to get my Party ON!!!!

Practice makes perfect,

It's so funny to me how everyone doubts that I post to chat boards or even (gasp) my own diary. I have always felt the importance of being involved in my website and the net in general, since it is what my company is based upon. But, I find myself consistantly having to prove that I am who I am. It's getting so old.
Anyway, I am done bitching. I have bigger fish to fry... thats for damn sure. This week is going to be a big one for Krystal Steal, she is scheduled for her premiere appearance on Howard Stern, wednesday. She has been calling me evryday asking me unending questions about how she should dress and the best ways to handle the ever powerful HOWARD!
Then Krystal is on her way here to AZ for the Phoenix webmasters forum with our other girls Jesse Capelli, Ashton Moore, and Sophia Rossi.
Mckenzie is still in the UK, and is due to be back in the States in a few weeks. I can't wait! (wink wink)
I will keep you updated with the latest on the CJ front.


Hey there, Hows Life? Mine is settling down after a rigid work week everyday last week. I completed an amazing scene with Ashton and another with my new girl Sophia Rossi (her first scene ever)
Ashton and I had a wonderful time, I mean I've known her for many years... we gigled until it came time for her to come to terms with my strap on... she took it like a champ, I had no idea Ashton was as nasty as she is! I seem to be becoming a fister extraordnaire! :)
Sophia was so incredibly into it, I forgot about the camera all together. That is extremely rare when doing a scene, especially girl/girl. She was so wet I felt like I was covered from head to toe with her cum by the end of the scene! LOL
Thats Hot.
This week is filled with a lot of top secret stuff... No telling when I will be able to make these goings on public... but you will be the first to know!


Just got home from LA, the work week was super long and grueling. I shot8 scenes and every single one of them was rockin!
I will update you tomorrow, I can barely keep my eyes open :)

Love your faces,

I am finally home from my vacation to Cancun. Is it me or does vacation seem like more work than real work? It feels like you are cramming things into your vacation schedule to try to get the most of your trip. In the end, you are just worn out! LOL

Cancun was cool, it seemed like we were still in America, though... When I leave the country I like to feel like I am experiencing another culture... Cancun is Miami mixed with Vegas...

I loved the club Coco Bongo, though, the shows were awesome.

The promotional shoot was great last week, all the girls seemed to get along, thankfully. The pictures are really hot, I can't wait for everyone to see them.

On another note, we have officially announced the signing of Ashton Moore to our company! I can't wait to shoot her first boy-Girl scene in 6 years! She has a little aggression balled up! LOL

We have another girl to announce next week so keep your eyes open!


The days are passing quickly, it's funny how contract girls make that happen. I converted my yoga room into an office for myself at the house, since I am up until all hours of the night finalizing [commitments] and contract with my contract girls. I don't want to pat myself on the back, but I'm going to anyway... My girls are awesome! I love how driven Mckenzie is, I mean, without me saying anything... she is on a few of the bigger forums on the net posting! Not many girls would take that upon themselves to connect so quickly. She completed a scene yesterday that was amazing, she had the crew with their jaws on the floor, saying contract girls aren't supposed to fuck like that! LOL Mine are! Krystal and Mckenzie are going to be shooting until Saturday and then we go straight into promo shoots for all the girl with the great photographer who shot the pictures of me for my book. I can't wait to see all the girls together!
Anyway, I am going to get back to work.... It's never-ending!
Oh, and just a note about my noahped sucks diary entry... He is my buddy, it's kind of an inside joke about his suck factor! So, no, I am not mad at him, I was just busting his balls!


Well, there has been a huge amount of speculation as to why I have been down. I try to ignore everyones ramblings about me, and go on with my life. Because, the thing is, everyone has to have some semblance of privacy. I think I am going to choose to keep this past month to myself, maybe because I am feeling so much better. My whole life I have had many mountains to climb, and in comparison, this month has ranked up there... I am better for it.


Feeling a little better today. I bet a round of shopping on neimans would help me feel A LOT better! LOL
Anyway, we start production on 2 new Krystal Steal movies next week, which I am super excited about. They are oppisite ends of the spectrum, and I know they will both do very well.
I talked to Krystal yesterday, and she is frothing at the bit wanting to work. Boy, I love hearing that. ESpecially from a contract girl... LOL


Today has been a horrible day... Actually this has been a suck ass couple of weeks. It's funny how amazing things can be happening around you that directly effect you, but not in a way that matters in your soul. I guess these are the times when you need close friends, but it seems when you REALLY need them, they aren't there. Funny how that is....
I can't really talk about what has happened... at least not yet. I don't know if I should. These things happen, and time heals them. I hope I haven't freaked anyone out, but I thought I would let everyone know why I have been a bit absent. These past few months have been a son of a bitch... LOL. It almost makes me laugh.
Anyway, things are really pumping at CJ, it has been a major whirlwind since AVN. It is wonderful, and at least it is taking my mind off other shit.

Ya know, sometimes, I take it upon myself to try to defend myself on some of these rogue forums. It may not be such a good idea, but it can be extremely entertaining. Especially when they don't belive I am really jenna. LOL
I certainly won't plug the latest forum that has bashed me into ablivion, but I will give shout outs to... smutmutant, jamesnhave2cit,smelly monkey and all the others who think they are lady killers...

I love monkey business...LOL


Noahped sucks

WOOOOOOF...cramps!! This will be a nice day of being laid up in pain! Not my fav day. I had such a great weekend I knew something would come up! LOL. We have been going over our production schedule for the year and it is going to be pretty insane. We are looking at a few new girls to sign as a Club Jenna Girl... so we need to sched in their allotted movies for the year. Justin sits there tossing a coin regarding adding more girls to the fold...basically because it really means a ton more work for him! Our company is in the growth and expansion mode right now...which is always like a chess match. We really want to uphold the quality of our product and not turn into another studio putting out 10 movies of crap a month. Justin can only do so many, I am going to direct a few...wooohoooo, and we have a few other people we will be using. So, we are all really excited. I think we are opening an office in LA to help in the production process. What else is going on..... our wireless company is starting to take off, that�s pretty cool. i think its really important to be ahead of the technology curve. Its been a pain in the ass and the last place we will be live will be in the good ole conservative USA. We will be adding a section on the tour for people to download pics, screensavers, moantones, video clips, etc. We are also working on our virtual product...which is ridiculous!! Wait until you see this, I think we are launching it on Valentines day. We will be unveiling some stuff in 2005 that will blow your minds...oh just wait!!!! OK, back to the couch I go! Have an awesome day!


Today am gonna kick off the sleepies and do housework... You may say to yourself yuck... But I actually love it. It tends to calm me down. So if you were wondering, I will be on the floor with my ass in the air scrubbing!
How;s that for a visual.... :)


Boy has everything caught up to me... I spent my day watching all my tivo'd programs. I LOVE DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES!!!!!
Well, I am going to continue my vegetative state.... LOL


The 2005 AEE show is now history... and it feels like ClubJenna had a little hand in making that history. Out of all of the shows I have attended this one seemed to be the best organized and well attended. Since this was the first year for the ClubJenna booth, it was a bit hectic. It made me appreciate the other companies that put such huge amounts into their booths like, Wicked and Vivid. It was a huge undertaking for us, since our booth was the same size as theirs and we are still considered an upstart company. I think My whole crew pulled it off with flying colors. Big thanks to, Jay, Linda (the one and only), Moe, Mason, Clay, Josh, Daniel (my right hand man),Tracy, Ryan, Ricky, Duane, Dwight, RJ, Gary, Terry, and Mindy.
I'd also like to thank all the girls that added so much to our year... Obviously Krystal Steal, Tera Patrick, Briana Banks, Ashton Moore, Janine, Haven, Sky and Justine Jolie. You were all so incredible, thank you for making me so proud!
On the subject of our two movies we released this year, wow! I new we were to be contended with... but I had no idea we were going to do as well as we did. I am so happy for Justin, I could burst. He worked so tirelessly on Bella Loves Jenna... I remember the Many sleepless nights of editing... more like months! He poured himself into that movie , it showed, and therefore it won! That's my man! :)
This year will be another epic one for us, we are expanding the productions and Opening up our options to girls. This is a whole new world to us, and I just know we will break new ground.
Thanks to everyone for there support for so many years, You know how much not only I appreciate it, but everyone here at CJ!
Prepare for a wild 2005, it only gets better!


WOW ..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2005 is here...ALREADY! The year went by so unbelievably fast. I was in New York for New Years...it was insane. We flew in and out in 24 hours. I hosted 2 parties, one at Avalon and the other at Vue. Both were really cool. Avalon had 4k people there!!!!!!!!!! The weather was perfect, I actually think it was hotter there than in Arizona. We got off the plane expecting cold cold and could not believe how warm it was! I am getting ready for the Vegas show... I am almost all packed. I will fill you in with more details and some year end yadda yadda when I have a bit more time. I love you all and hope everyone has an incredible 2005!


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