Jenna Jameson's Personal Diary (used with permission)
2003 and 2004 entries, in reverse chronological order

up early early early... it's family photo time! We are doing a morning of family photos and then back to malls for more shopping...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I am almost done with my shopping. The malls have been packed! Jay went last night and said it was not bad at all. He has been out shopping twice and has had 0 waits at the check out! How is that possible, I go and its insanity. I have 0 energy and it's making it tuff to shop...when I don't want to shop you know I am not feeling well. I am hoping I will start getting more energy soon. I am hopping on the treadmill to build back up some stamina. Ok, off to shower and get ready... I hope everyone has an awesome day and an incredible Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love to all of you,

Yesterday was the first day I got to do some Xmas shopping...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I think that should sum it up nicely! The malls were a zoo. I took Duane with me to help parry the crowds. I thought it would be better to go on Monday then the weekend. I really don't think either were right. It was really slammed and to top it off not a lot of stuff in the malls. The stores are getting picked clean. Our economy in Phoenix is still doing very well, I think we are the top in the country. I know we have the largest growth rate and we are the 5th largest city in the country... I know it's hard to believe. I love telling people that and they argue with me, lol. MORONS! So, back to shopping, which usually is one of my fav things... I have not even put a dent in my Christmas list. Our list is not super huge, but it still all adds up. I know we are handing out a few gift cards, which always helps. I guess the Visa Gift Card is a very popular item this year. It really is a smart gift for those that never like what you get them and would also rather double their prizes with the added discounts after Christmas. You really have to be careful with the Gift cards..some places have some nasty hidden fees... kind of takes away from the holiday cheer. Oh how capitalism and greed leave their marks on the holidays! Today I will be back at the stores trying to cross off another chunk of the list. I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Cuddles, hugs and a free line pass at the register to all!


A Prayer For The Stressed
Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I cannot accept and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I had to kill today because they pissed me off.
Help me to be careful of the toes I step on today, as they may be connected to the ass that I may have to kiss tomorrow.
Help me to always give 100% at work: 12% on Monday, 23% on Tuesday, 40% on Wednesday, 20% on Thursday and 5% on Friday.
Help me to remember that when I'm having a really bad day, and it may seem that people are trying to piss me off, that it takes 42 muscles to frown, and only 4 to extend my middle finger and tell them to bite me.

This month has been really rough. I haven't written in my diary for a little bit, because I was trying to gather my thoughts. Well, I will start at the beginning. As you know from my prior diary entries, I get regular facials and skin treatments with a great dermatologist here in AZ. Well, I went in to her office in early November and she was looking at my back, and said she wanted to remove one of my moles because it looked irregular. I reluctantly agreed to have her do it... because I am deathly afraid of cancer since my mother died at such an early age of melignant melanoma that formed out of a mole on her shoulder... the same place my irregular mole was. So, she removes it and sent it to pathology... and then I played the waiting game. I jetted off to NY to shoot 2 very important shoots for Elite and then returned home a week later. I called my dermatologist straight away. She said, no results yet. A feeling of dread came over me... why was it taking so long? About a week later... 3 days before Thanksgiving the call came in... I had malignant melanoma. I cried. I silenced. I cried. I hid. I cried.
It wasn't my time....
I called DR Fisher, my close true friend... and he said he will do the surgery to remove the surrounding skin of the malignancy on December 2nd. I had about a week to freak out. But, I really didn't... I was just still.
The worst was telling my father. He had nursed my mother while she was ill, and watched her die. This was one of the hardest things I ever had to do... listen to my father break down was too much for me.
Finally the day came around and I went in... I am now recovering and my pathology came back all clear... Thank god!
I am sporting a 5 inch scar on my right shoulder, but I am now cancer free. I am feeling better physically and I have even quit smoking!!!
I haven't had a ciggy in 3 weeks!
I now have to watch myself and take very good care, so I don't ever have to deal with this again.

That's my story......


Hey, just an update... Jenna is doing great. Her recovery is going very well, I doubt she will remember any of it, lol. Today she will be sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping! She will be here in LA till next tuesday when she goes back and visits Dr. Fisher to get sutures removed. She will be back online I am sure before then; how much sleeping can one actually do???LOL. Thanks for all your kind words for her recovery.


Jenna is still Jenna; I asked her if she needed anything, like a drink - somethng to eat, etc. Her reply was,"Prada.. they have a new purse or Christian Dior -one to go with my dress for the awards show". It was really funny, there is only one Jenna (Thank God!)


Just an update: Jenna just got out of surgery [Rachel's note: Surgery? Hadn't heard about this. I have no idea what she had done. Hopefully, Justin or Jenna will let us know.] and everything went really well. She was under for about 5 hours and about an hour to come too. Dr. Garth Fisher did an amazing job and was really happy with the results. Jenna was a perfect patient during surgery, lol! I have some pics I will upload of her after surgery, looking cute as ever. I will keep you posted.


This week has been very eventful. Brianna came out to spend Thanksgiving with me and my family. It was really nice to spend time with her, she is turning out to be one of my very best friends. Trust me, dealing with my family and Jay's family isn't easy... they are all very sweet and amazing... but very loud! She certainly was a little taken aback... but then ended up fitting right in. After a long couple days of cooking (yes, Briana helped me cook) we decided to begin her shopping for CES. She was amazed at my shopping capabilities (I whirl around the shops at 100 miles per hour) and by the end of the day she thought she was going to pass out... LOL. She'll get used to it... I will teach her to pace herself! LOL
We then ended her trip by getting pierced. She got an industrial piercing like mine (upper ear) and I got on call a sadu (sp?). She then decided to have her tattoo reworked since it was old and faded, so I called my brother and got her an appointment. He finished her in 2 hours and she was extremely stoked with her more colorful tattoo. The next day she was off to LA to pack for her 3 week road tour... I certainly don't envy her.
Now I am relaxing at home... putting ornaments on my 18 foot tree... ( not an easy task!)
So wish me luck on the ladder :)

Love ya,

It's raining here in NY today so it's a good day to be heading home. We actually had sunshine most of the week so we got lucky. Gotta finish packing and get to the airport. Must hit the hotdog stand one last time before leaving the city...hehehehe. Talk to you later! JJ

No shoots today but a few meetings and some much needed shopping! (lol) We started the day with a fitting at Marc Bouwer's studio. First, let me say, that Marc is as awesome as he is talented. He is so cool. OMG! Every dress I tried on was like it was made for me (hmmmm, conspiracy?) and every one was more beautiful than the next. It was like a fairy tale and the prince kept bringing me gorgeous gowns! hehehehehe I managed to narrow it down to the "must haves" (how many days are in the year again?) and now will live happily ever after. I've decided to start every day off like this from now on. lol We hit a couple of stores on the way to our lunch meeting, had a great lunch w/my agent, went to the Elite offices for a couple of meetings then off for more shopping! Madison Avenue may never be the same and it only took 4 taxis to get all the purchases back to the hotel! (that's not bad, right???) We went out for drinks tonight and will get a few hours sleep before heading home tomorrow. WOW. This was a great week - I'm beat and really, really happy. I'm ready to go home. A week without Jay is too long (and I miss my dogs!) Bye for now! JJ

The past 2 days have been unbelievable. I shot for Zoo Magazine w/Philipp Cometti (one of the most amazing photographers!) I was a little nervous going to set - you know, new photographer, big layout for the magazine and to add to the pressure I found out it will be the cover sooooooo.......(wooo hooooo!) I was excited and really wanted it to be special. We shot a lot of set ups yesterday - really great stuff and then today he started shooting the minute I walked in the door! I have never really experienced anything like it - it was so creative and just beautiful. He has such a way about him - I can't wait to see the pics and I can't wait to shoot with him again. We shot 12 sets ups today and left the studio about 9:30pm. Long day but, wow! I feel like a contortionist (lol) with some of the stuff we did and I'm going to have some aching bones after this one! The magazine is the Spring issue so will let you know when it hits the stands! I AM EXHAUSTED AND SOOO HAPPY! Bath and bed for me. love you! JJ

So today was day one of our NY trip. What a fun day! But first, I have to tell you about the "hotel" (if you can call it that-lol) they had us booked in. We got in to JFK, got picked up by the Angry-Driver-of-the-Year-Award recepient and went to our hotel. I believe the word they used was "charm" - I believe the word we used was "uh, we will not be staying here" (lol) and off we went to another hotel. We were in NY for a week of work and thought a room that had a bed with more than one spring and a tub that wasn't peeling would be nice, hehehehe. We got settled, ordered room service and got some sleep. Today on set was really fun. The photographer and crew were all really great and it was such a great day, and stuff we did was REALLY beautiful. Jimmy Choo has some AMAZING new Spring shoes and the Cartier jewelry was dazzling, very dazzling! We left set and managed to get a little shopping (shock!) in before heading back to the hotel for some dinner. Fun, fun day! Nite! JJ

Well, I am off to New York this morning. I am shooting for Jimmy Chu and Cartier tomorrow and Zoo magazine the 2 days following . I am scheduled for stern on Friday as well.....and of course some shopping will be strewn about in between! Everything has been incredible lately. Sorry about the few diary entries. Last week was pretty insane busy with meetings. We are launching our new merchandise is going to be huge. I can't wait for you to see all the cool stuff. We partnered up with an amazing company and I feel very comfortable and confident with them. Next up... we finalized our reality show deal last week as well. We have been deciding on whether or not to doing one for 2 years. We have had some great offers and now we decided which one to take..oh just wait, the day and life of Jenna, Jay and the crew. Television will never be the same. Thinking about it...neither will our house! LOL. I think we will start shooting soon. What else... we are still going crazy preparing for the CES show in January. It will be our first year there with a booth. Everyone is super excited. Of course Jay is going over every detail so we are a smooth sailin machine, lol. I can't wait to see all the stress. It will be great for the show! Besides the fact that we will be broke after paying for the show; I think it will be great for our company. Oh, I almost forgot; they released the nominations for the Adult Awards at CES Friday......drum roll please...WE GOT 32 NOMINATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! I am really excited for Jay(Justin) and our company. It's going to be a super super crazy CES this year!!!!!! Ok, time to finish packing. I will take lots of pics this week. Kisses and Hug,,


This weekend was amazing. Briana [Banks] came out here to Scottsdale and stayed with me for the weekend. She has been a long time friend of mine and I have to say, I have never seen her this happy. She is single and loving it. She seems to have found herself finally and grown into an amazing woman. With all her hardships behind her, she is forging ahead with her life. She has been dancing three weeks out of every month and making sure her life is in order. I am so proud of her I could burst. I watched her go through a lot of horrible things over the past few years and I am so glad she has come out unscathed.
We spent the weekend shopping and clubbing and afterwards we just chilled... She just left today, to go dance in St. Louis. She will be back out here next week so we can start shopping for outfits for CES. This part of the year is always stressful, having to deal with christmas sopping and CES outfits, seeing as I usually need 3 a day! Now that's a lot of clothing! So Brianna and I decided to brave it together!

Love u


So we are finally in our new house! It has been quite the adventure. From having to fire our movers to Jay lugging all of the boxes and furniture here himself. Poor Jay threw his back out several times, but never quit. It either is because he is very driven, or he has a severe case of ADD. LOL. He can never wait for anything and changes his mind and subjects a million times in the course of 2 minutes... I guess that is what I love about him, he keeps me on my toes.
I have been sleeping extremely well here at the new house, maybe it is because it is guard gated and maybe it's because I'm so damn exhausted!
My neighbors are really awesome, very young and he plays for the Colorado Rockies... His wife is very sweet and has a young baby. I love being neighbors with people my own age, hopefully they will understand the way we are!Crazy! LOL
I have been spending day after day trying to unpack my closet. This is a very daunting task, believe me! I had to count how many hanging clothes I had since I have to switch my hangers to those cute ones called huggable Hangers (they give you much more room) and it turns out I have over 1000 hanging clothes. I may have an addiction... LOL hehehehehehe
My closet is over quadruple the size of my old closet so I don't have to store things in the guest closets, so I am happier than a pig in shiat! Wait until you see it... WOOOOOOHOOOOO!
Ok, back to closet duty...

Love ya!


Today has been no less stressful... I guess it is starting to sink in that we are actually moving. It's a little hard for me, because Jay and I got married at this house we are in now, and that makes it extremely special.
But, this new house I know we will be in for a very long time, since it is a great deal larger than our old house. And we will be able to accomadate children and guests galore! :)
Well, the movers get here on Friday and we should be in the new Casa De Jameson by the weekend! Wish us luck!


We began moving some of our belongings to the new house today. Ya know, I really didn't think I was stressed, but I guess I am. I haven't been sleeping well, at all! I also got a dreaded pimple! AAAAAAAAAH! I haven't had a zit in about 6 months, since the book was about to come out... so I will chalk this little mountain on my forehead up to moving stress!
I guess things could be worse!
Anyway... life is good and once I finally get everything finished, things should get back to normal!


Today Jay and I went to see the house we bought, here in Scottsdale. We decided to move since this house has absolutely no security. We thought it would be much more comfortable to be in a guard gated community. We had looked for a couple of weeks for a very special house, and we definitely found one. We are now final... and the deal is done! I'm so excited, I can't even express it! :)
So new digs here we come!


It's Justins birthday today!!! It is also a national holiday... coincidence, lol. It sucks because I have the worst cold. I knew I was going to get it because Justin had it all last week. He always rips on me because he says I am a hypocondriac SP? LOL
I always think the worst... But I giess that keeps me from being shocked when the worst does happen!
Justin's birthday has been incredibly relaxed due to our colds, but I guess we kinda like it like that. We had a family party here at the house last night and we ate chicken asparagus crepes. MMMMMMMMMM
Today we had a company lunch and hung out at the CJ office and shot the shit. Tonight we will cap it off with video game night... We sound like an old married couple. Hehehehehehe

Love ya

Today Jay and I went shopping for his Birthday present. Usually I don't tell him what I am getting him, but in this instance, I knew NOTHING about what I wanted to get him... which was home theatre equipment. So went over to Showcase and he picked out a kick ass Krell pre amp and mono blocks to go with his B&W 800 series speakers.
He is a spoiled brat! LOL
He goes into crazed trances when he gets around any kind of technology. It is the funniest thing to see him kick into ADD mode when he hears badass systems...Men boggle my mind... LOL


I flew to LA today for my Layout for FHM magazine. We shot at smashBox studios, and I have to say it was one of the most unique amazing shoots I have ever been a part of. The photographer, Frank Ockenfels, was so creative and dedicated... we got along famously. Wait until you guys see this! It is slated for the January issue, keep your fingers crossed that I get the cover:)
I know everyone has been wondering what is up with Fhm and I, since I no longer right a column for them. Well, we both mutually decided it was time for something new.
So I will keep you updated on what it turns into... but I do know we are still great colleagues, and we are kicking off a new era of Jenna and FHM with my January photospread!


Well, my long weekend is over... The Clubjenna next to nothing party was a huge success. All of the girls got along famously. It was wonderful to spend time with them on a personal level.
After the party, we did a two day content shoot with all of our girls (including me) and I do have to say, our group of girls are what I think are the hottest in the industry. Tera and Brianna looked insanely gorgeous... Krystal Steal is one of the freshest most real people I know, and Gine Lynn should be arrested for how fine she is. We also shot Sunny Leone for the first time, and I have to say she has one of the best faces I have EVER seen. Justine shot with us also, WOW! So beautiful!
The only troubling thing that has happened this week was reading Serentiy's review on my book. She gave me a less than stellar review... not for how it was written, but for the content. I think she doesn't realize I wrote this book about MY life, not my PORN LIFE. I wasn't trying to brag about how many shopping sprees I go on, or how extravagant I am, I was trying to convey my struggles and triumphs. I guess her review may be a little personal, since we didn't really ever get along. I think she should have been able to put her jealousy aside and given an unbiased review. In the grand scheme of things her little jabs don't matter, but, I expected the mainstream world to give me bad reviews, not my peers. Oh well, I guess being on the NY times best sellers list for 9 weeks in a row is enough for me....LOL


Today was a lot less eventful... thank god! I woke up early and did 5 interviews for radio stations and print publications. Then from that point on, I started primping for the party tomorrow! I have a surprise for everyone... But, you'll have to wait and see what I look like in my pictures from the party tomorrow night! Hehehehehehehehehehehehe


So, today was a really crazy day. I woke up and went to get a facial, then made my run for errands. Then I was just kicken it around the house,watchin my programs and vegging out. I went back into my room to get undressed and rwrapped a towel around myself, because I was gonna have a quick tan in my tanning bed.
When I walked out into my kitchen I heard Nacho (my dog) going crazy in the back yard. He was barking and growling and running back and forth in a frenzy. So I grabbed the phone and walked out back... I could see shadows behind the huge hedges around my yard. Then I heard yelling and laughing. Just then I realized that there were people trying to jump my back wall and get into my yard. I screamed out to get the hell away from my house, and told them my dog would eat them. They started screaming... OH MY GOD THERE SHE IS! IT'S JENNA!
So I screamed that I was calling the police and they ran off. The cops came within two minutes, and seemed shocked that people were that bold... I told them I deal with people coming to my front door for autographs all the time, and how this was the first time they tried to get in my backyard. The cops told me they would patrol the neighborhood more often and try to catch the culprits...
Anyway, it just amazes me that people would go so far, as to invade my space just to catch a glimpse of me... I mean, why not just come out to one of my signings or parties?
I'll keep ya posted on this...


We made it to Florida! The weather is hurricanes. We got in yesterday afternoon , settled in and then headed to dinner. We met up with Krystal and Duanne had some steaks and then went to the Kereoke event scheduled for the evening. It was hysterical...of course we have video footage. I was surprised at how well some of the girls could sing! We had a great time. We were heading out to call it a night when some whacko chick tried elbowing me and started shit. Clay nicely kept her away. We headed outside awaiting our ride back to our hotel. I guess while we were outside she was having a spaz attack and was going off on everyone..stalker ..yes! Well, her boyfriend got invlolved...started talking long shit to Clay... which we all know is not a smart move. Next thing you know the guy is getting scraped off the floor. So, it was a very eventful evening. Today we are chilling and then Krystal and I are hosting the show tonight. Hopefully it will be an uneventful evening!

Hugs kisses and slugs...


I am up early and actually packed for our trip to Florida. We are going to the NIghtmoves Award show in Tampa. I have a special bond with the show...they gave me my first award in the Adult Industry. I am really excited to go down and see how the show has grown and to see how Paul and company are doing. Ok...time to head out ...wish me luck

* Krystal and Duanne got there Thursday and have been having a blast.

We just got done watching the Oscar D / Hopkins fight. I was really wanting Oscar to win. Hopkins is one of my favorite boxers, but if Oscar wins it wil be ground breaking. Oscar stood in there toe 2 toe and threw down. Hopkins just started settling into his game about the 6th that point Oscar didn't have a chance. 9th round...bamm bam rib-liver- shot...down goes Oscar... fight is over. :( poor oscar...well, actually not poor! I think he got 30 mil for the fight!!!! It was really nic e to see Hopkins actually get some money for once in his career.

Well, after my little romp to LA to do Dennis Miller... I am chillin like a villain. Dennis ceratinly was a fun show, I was surprised how sweet he was to me! I guess I expect people to recieve me differently, and I get so surprised when they treat me with respect. Although if they didn't, I certanly would demand it!
Anyway... I am at home, relaxing... playing video games and making plans to go to my facialist to spiff my skin up tomorrow! Gotta get ready to go to Florida for the Night Move awards on Sunday, hopefully Hurricane Ivan doesn't do any more damage to poor Florida! They just can't catch a break...

Love JJ

I went and watched the movie Hero yesterday afternoon. It is the most beautiful movie I have ever seen!!! It was visually amazing. Every frame was like a painting. Some of the shots made me cry...I am such a girl. I want to go see it again.
Today I will be sitting getting my hair done...yuck! Desmond (my hair guy)missed his flight last night, so he threw off my whole weekend. He is soo unreliable! He is never on time!!! He is supposed to be here at 9:30 this morning , so realistically he will be here about 10:30. I need some coffee.
I hope you all have an awesome weekend!! Love as always, JJ

Life is back to normal finally. Ok, maybe not normal...but relaxing. All week I didn't do an interview, take a picture, or sign an autograph! I really needed this week to unwind from the tour. Next week it starts back up, so I am enjoying every minute of this week. I haven't been sleeping very well. My house is like grand central Station...we always have someone over working on something. My first day back was the jackhammer out by the pool fixing a leak on the auto filler thingy. It went on from there, LOL. I have been a total couch potato this week..wooohoooooo. Ok, back to the couch I go!


Ok, everyone knows how much I love to watch boxing. Last night...perfect 10 model boxing on Showtime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MMMM MMMMM MMMMM... I must say that was HOT! My fav things hot girls and boxing. Let me tell you I was surprised at how well the girls could actually box. Some of them had some conditioning issues, but all in all they were great. It was really fun to watch. i wish there outfits were a bit racier. They should have been in booty shorts, bathing suit bottoms, or even better ...just a thong. Oh yeah baby, throw on a thong and box for mamma! LOL, LOL, LOL. OINk OINK OINK! At least I admit it, I am a pig. ok, just got excited thinking about it, I need to go and relieve some pressure... a new Jenna vibe awaits!

Wow!!!!!!!! I just got back from Vegas last night! It's been an incredible tour for the book. I think it was the longest 2 weeks of my life, but by far the best. I can't express to you how overjoyed I am at seeing how well accepted my book is. I was soooo stressed about putting it out. It was a cleansing experience for me and it got out a lot of stuff I have been suppressing for years. We are #9 on the New York Time Best Sellers list this week and moving up!!!!!!!!! It really hasn�t settled in yet I don't think. To me it's like a dream... I will recap the tour this week in my diaries along with some pics and video from the trip. I get to relax this week and then off again next week on tour to continue promoting the book. I had a blast in Vegas this weekend, we did a party at the Hard Rock and then went to Body English and hung out with my friends...wait till you see those pics! Jay and I stayed a few extra days and gambled and went to a few parties ... The MAGIC Convention was in town. Ok, it's coffee time... I was planning on sleeping in but the sound of the buzz saw and jackhammer out side my window is precluding me from rest! We had a leak in our auto refiller for the pool, so , they have to cut up the pool decking. Oh joy oh joy! LOL

Wow... what a day! It was awesome. The day staterd wityh Howard Stern, he was his usuall charming and witty self. We talekd about the Masseuse, he said it was his second fav movie of all time next to the Godfather! Form there the topic was my book... his exerpts from it and all the celeb gossip in the book. Its book is 600 pages of which 15 are about celeb crap...and thats what everyone wants to talk about! LOL. After Howard I did an interview for WBV's Morning Show. Great interview on the book, but again celeb based, lol. After that i had a few pohone interviews ans then off to CNBC for an interview with Donny Deutsch...awesome interview. He was fantastic. Next up interview for Extra..anther phone interview and back to the hotel to get ready to sign at the Virgin Store. We got there and the turn out was awesome...they said it was their biggest signing in 3 yrs. Everyone was soooo nice! It was great seeing everyone. There of course were some really hot girls, which alays makes the night a bit more fun, mmmm mmm mmmmm!!!! I finished signing at about 10:30 ish hopped in the limo...had people chasing it down the street , which is cool. Got cack to the hotel, we all debated on whether to eat ...decided not to and I crashed! Today starts the same thing .....


3 hours of sleep and I am up getting ready to go on Howard Stern. I dont even need to say it...yes, I am nervous! LOL. I watched the VH1 special last night...WOW, I thought it was truely amazing! I am so happy with the piece. It's funny it was sooo dramatic. I really loved how the ended it \on a nice up note. Ok, time to get ready for Howard, then from there to The Morning Show on WB, followed by 3 phone interviews, Donny Deutsch on CNBC, Extra, and then finally my instore signing at Virgin in Times Square!!! EASY DAY, LOL.


I am packed and getting ready to head off to New York to start my book tour. I am super excited and SUPER nervous! My book, How To Make Love Like A Pornstar, A Cationary Tale (could the title be any longer??LOL) has been doing really really well on preorders. I got up to the 43rd bestseller on amazon this weekend!!! I was sooooo happy... you are always nervous on how the book will do. I just hope people like it! Also, tonight my VH1 special airs!!! Of course I am a bit nervous on how the piece will come out. Anyone can make anyone say anything in an interview. However the producer wants the piece to look and feel he will. You can cut quote anyone to say that is always dangerous. The producer was really really great and they did so much work on the show I am sure it will be amazing!!!! Well, off to the airport I go...wish me luck this is going to be a long 2 weeks of signing and traveling!! I lov eyou ALLLLLLLLL!

I am home ....and totally f'ing pooped! We drove in from LA around 6 pm last night. The ride home was nice and relaxing. We drove the Huge Dodge Diesel truck ...because it has so much room for gear etc. The back seat is not the most comfortable thing. It was nice we watched a few movies and took our time getting home. Today I got up and went to see Chavah, my horse. My friend Renee came to pick her up and move her to California to live with Renee. Renee LOVES horses and will see her everyday. I have had no time to spend with her and I have felt really bad about the neglect. She is exercised everyday as well as groomed , but still I haven�t been spending nearly as much time with her as I should. So, she will be much better off with Renee. So, I wasn�t really sad, more relieved. Chavah really has a great home now. My rolling stone article came out today... wooohooo. I have been a bit nervous about what it was going to say. It was pretty funny. It's funny how they pick and choose whatever they want to form any feeling and or view on a particular subject/person. It is definitely a milestone in my career!!!!!!! I am very proud and feel honored to be in the magazine. I am starting to get ready for my book tour. I was really nervous about it for weeks, but now i felt I had an epiphany today. My attitude is much better and i will enjoy every minute of the tour no matter how tired I am (quote me on that) I realized that never in my wildest dreams would I ever had imagined my life would turn out like this, I have been blessed. I came from nothing, overcame a lot of roadblocks and I am a very happy and fortunate person now! I just came off the hardest movie of my career, but also the best I have ever done! Yes, the days were brutal the end product will be beyond amazing and nothing like the industry has ever seen. I am so proud of Justin is is sooooo amazingly talented. I can't wait for everyone to see it. We closed the sets to the press. He was really worried about people copying our sets and style as many have done in the past! So, sorry no Behind The Scenes shots to put up. Let's just say the movie is Bella Loves Jenna times 100. And that is tuff to say! Bella is an incredible movie which I think will leave it's mark in history for adult movies!!!!!! Ok, enough babbling I need to make dinner!

It's 5 am and we just wrapped our last scene for Janine Loves Jenna...holy shit am I tired. Our last scene was in the rain- 3 hours in the rain! I am ringing the water out of my feet, LOL. What an unbelievable shoot. I love you all and I will talk to you when I awake from my coma!


This started out being a really bad day. The girl that was scheduled for todays sex scene called and canceled 1 hour after her call time and it set us back 6 hours!!!!! Basically made us push the other scene for the day and cost the production 20K+! I am soooooo mad. We hired Teagan to do a scene. We also were considering signing her as a new clubjenna girl. She decided to sign with Digital Playground, coool I hope it goes well. Well DP decided that they didnt want her on our set and came up with multiple reasons , all lies, why she couildn't be on set. They are known for being unscrupulous and unethical, so it really didnt surprise me at all. Too bad for them she would have been in the biggest selling movie of all time, would have really helped her career and made them more money in the long run! I will be sending them a bill for production costs. I think Justin will lbe handling this one...they better watch out! Ah, the movie on set drama...LOL.

I am super excited today!! I am shooting for Rolling Stone! I am getting ready to go into make up . I will let you know how it goes either late tonight or early tomorrow. Tomorrow I get to shoot for Elle Magazine! What a week... so exciting!!! Wish me luck...

Ok, the trip from hell is over. Daniel and I got back from Philly last night at around 10. The party Saturday afternoon was great. It was packed and everyone seemed to have a great time. Missy then wanted to have a group of adults go out and party the night away.... well the group was 60 people! Do you have any idea what its like going out with 60 people in 3 limos??? Especially when Missy wants to go to 3 different bars. The night ended me blowing a fuse and loosing my temper a got ridiculous and I had no security with me and the "Jenna is here" word was out in the bars! A total nightmare. We get home at 6 and get no sleep because she has 30 people staying at the house. No sleep on the plane ride home. I was delirious and so ready to sleep in my bed. Today is a veg day to top all veg days... I am not playing around. There will be nothing that will get me out of the house today . I have a shoot a big tomorrow and I need rest. No sex even when I got home, I was whoooped. Desmond is coming in tonight to finish on my hair. This sucks... his is when I really wish I just had a normal life! I will be better tomorrow after i have a day to relax. I shoot tomorrow and Wednesday and then again in LA on Friday. Saturday I have an awards show in LA. Back to AZ and then off to La the following weekend to present an award at the G4 Game Awards. We will be staying in LA and start shooting Janine Loves Me (lol) that Wednesday for 5 days. Then back home for a few days and off to New York to start the book tour. For 2 weeks... then after that some mainstream stuff then I will be in the loony bin because at that point I will have lost my mind

I arrived safely in PA and am hanging out with Missy and family. She looks great; back down to a size 2 and sexier than ever. Tomorrow is her youngest's ( and my godson's) 1st birthday celebration. She has a huge party set up ...140+ people! He's he will ever remember. Daniel and I got in last night (Justin couldn't make it after the 2 weeks he was out of the office doing the last shoot he is swamped!. Mason (edits web stuff for us and shoots my vid diaries)... is on his way in today as well as a few other fellow Pheonicians. Today I am getting my hair done, thank GOd! Desmond was here doing Missy's hair and stayed tillI got in. Ok...back to the chair I go for more hair crap! LOVE EVERYONE


I have one day to get ready to leave again for PA to go see Missy. Shit, I am tired and need more time. I hate when my schedule gets like this. I am just gearing up for the big book tour that starts in August...10 cities 12 days! I really want to charter a private Jet, but the costs are astronomical. We have too many people traveling and way too much luggage....we would need at least a G3- G4! UGH! We got great news today....drum roll please... WE WON BEST ADULT MOVIE OF THE YEAR FOR BELLA LOVES JENNA AT THE VSDA AWARDS IN VEGAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so awesome, a huge milestone for Club Jenna. Justin is gearing up for Janine Loves Jenna, which we are shooting in the beginning of August. It is gonna be unbelievable! Ok, I am off to a meeting at the office.


We just got back from Sea World!!!! It was my first was so much fun. We were driving back to Az from LA Saturday and Justin was talking about how much he missed San Diego (he went to college there). Sea World came up and I mentioned that I had never been thing we are programming the nav to go to Sea World and a few U turns later ...BAM Sea World here we come!!! It really was awesome. When we got to San Diego we went down to the beach and ate at Hooters (always one of my the little hotties working there...mmm mmm mmm) Then we went to a bar on the beach Lahiena, Justin used to work there in college. We retired early and the next morning we were off to Sea World to hang out with the one and only Shamu...ok, maybe not the one and only... they have 7 whales there that they call Shamu. Shamu had become a common name like Kleenex for tissue, lol. We got there ...a huge line at the gates. The anticipation was killing me. Onc e in we scheduled our tours for the day and we were off. First up the shamu show!!! AWESOME! (wait till you see the pics) Then we went to see The sea Lion, Walrus, and Otter show, Tools and Fools. Very very very cute. After which we ate and then went to our first tour, the artic tour (A behind the scenes look at the artic critters) If you ever have a chance to go to Sea World go on this tour!! Your start off going into the building behind the exhibits and get to feed and play with the animals. We started with the Beluga Whales. They were beautiful. After which we went and got to see the polar bears...which by the way are beautiful, but deadly.... they hunt humans! The male we saw was 1100lbs and 12' tall....ahhhh! Next up on the tour, the artic fox. We fed and pet the cute little stinky bastards...they smell like skunks! But they are so cute. Next up my favorites .. the Walrus. How fricken cute! i got to feed and kiss them.. They rolled over and blew kisses! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. They tour was really incredible, so informative. We had a blast. We watched a few more shows and then had dinner with Shamu (actually an imposter). What a great day. Then we went back to the room and I got pounded like a farm, just playing. JJ

Happy 4th of July. I am soooooooo F'ing hung over right now. We went out and celebrated Daniel's 26th birthday last night. We went to his favorite restuarant(as well as mine) Koi,and for a night of fun and entertainment ...over to the Forty Deuce! We had a blast. The whole evening was incrdible. It ended with Daniel and Justin joking rround and Justin peeing on Daniels leg when he wasn't thats funny. Justin likes to do Jack Ass style stuff to Daniel. This morning he woke him up by spraying a huge line of self tanning spray down the center of his back. Its funny... Well, this should be a fun day on set {says sarcastically}. Have a nice safe 4th!


Today is my one day off!!!! The shoot has been going really really well. Yetserday we did some stuff on a city bus. It was funny because I have never been on a city bus and had no clue how the whole token/money thing worked. We got super lucky across the street where we were shooting there was a off duty bus...Daniel went and talked to the driver asking him for a bit of a favor ...and woohoooo we have a bus to shoot. It was funny. Today I think I am going to do a bit of shopping and then we are going out to celebrate Daniels Bday tonight! I hope everyone has an awesome weekend..I love you all...

WOW, I finally got to do a scene with Stephani Swift. We had been friends forever and never really really had a chance to have one on one sex. It was great. In the movie we have 3 sex scenes together. 2 down and one to go {says as she licks her fingers}. I am starting to get a bit tired. We are 3 days in on a 10 day shoot. They made the first 3 days the hardest of the lot. My character is a frumpy goofy girl. So, my outfits are to say the least, used rags, LOL. Pauk Thomas is doing a great job directing. He has a really incredible crew. They are all the older guys in the industry. They know their shit ...bottom line. Paul likes changing the script as we shoot, so it's been a trying experience. I am super happy with my acting. My character holds true to the original in the movie the Secretary. Well off to set I go. Have great day.


Today I am swamped! I am leaving for LA this afternoon to go shoot our next big film with Paul Thomas... and I have 1000 thing s to do before I go...ok, maybe not 1000. I have to do the final on my book because it goes to print on teh 2nd. i am changing the title of the book ...I just don't think the current title, How To Make Love Like A Pornstar, fits the book at all. So , I am thinking of calling it HeartBreaker or Jenna Jemason a Memoir. Let me know what you think is best. Ok I have to go pack, tan, eat, stress, finish on the book, and start studying my 60+ pages of ya !


Did I mention I do not feel well...crampsssss crampsss crampssss.. YUCK! AHHHHHHH!

Dogs for sale... dogs for sale! 4 dogs='s way too much work. Don't get me wrong I love my dogs, but they, like evryone have their moments. Carmen is terrorising the big dogs.. She likes to sleep on their backs while they are lying down. Its really cute. She sneak attacks poor stinky non stop...ripping ass hair out with every chomp. It's kinda funny...stinky has been a bastard to all the other dogs. Tomorrw we are shooting a CRibs at the house. It should be fun. Of course as usual, I freak out and stress and don't want to do anything...aand then as soon as I start getting ready I can't wait to shoot it. I will go back to cleaning and thats a sexy thought!


Ahhh, I feel great. I got some great sleep these last few days. We finally got the drapes in the bedroom, so it's like a Vegas hotel room dark. I performed my domestic duties yesterday; grocery shopping, cleaning, and cooing dinner. It was fun, it really relaxed me and kept my mind off of the upcoming work. Today VH1 is here again finishing up the last of my interviews as well as shooting some around the house stuff. Missy comes in tomorrow for the weekend, so I am really excited about that. Hopefully our boat will be ready- it's only been a month to do a 3 day job :(. We have had no luck with repairing our stuff this summer. The Lamborghini went in the shop for repair for a few minor scratches....9 weeks later they are done and the work sucked! Justin blew a gasket! Now the car has to go back in the shop... We are not too happy about it especially since we used it for only 2 weeks after we bought it b4 we put it in the shop. The boat we got didn�t even use it and "Mr.I Cant Leave Anything Stock" had to have it now we have missed all our planned boating events. We bought a truck to buy the boat. I drove it yesterday... ok little chicks and big trucks are a great combo. I feel like the road warrior in it. It's some huge Dodge diesel truck... I love it. Everyone on the road had better stay out of my way! Of course "Mr. I Can't Leave Anything Stock" already changed out the stereo and ordered some chip crap to make it faster... are you starting to see a pattern here. LOL LOL. Well time to get ready for a fun and fabulous day of VH1! TTYL Love and Hugs JJ

Yesterday was a great day. We had a nice lunch at one of my fav sandwich shops and headed off to do a bit of shopping at the coolest store in Scottsdale, BLUSH. Ahh, no what is what makes Jenna happy, LOL. Got home watched the MTV movie awards relaxed and then went out to dinner at a place called the Melting Pot. It was my first time having Fondue; it was awesome. We had a blast. Basically you cook your own food tableside in small pot and skewers. We started with a nice cheese fondue... holy big pot of fat...mmm mmm mmm. Then I had a mushroom salad followed by Filet Mignon, lobster, chicken, duck, and Polynesian sirloin. :) For dessert; turtle chocolate with pound cake, cheesecake, bananas, strawberries, and marshmallows!!!!!!!! I ate so much I thought I was going to explode. After dinner we took a nice walk...trying to work off some of the 30lbs of food I just ate. After which we went to a little local bar called the Dirty Dog Saloon. It was really fun. All in all it was a great day... capped off by an hour of incredible sex!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :)

Back from Thank God that is over. VH1 set up some great stuff for the special. It's really hard seeing people you havent talked to for 12 yrs; especially when you are in a dif stage in life since you have seen them. All in all it will be an amazing special, but it was emotionally draining! And it's not over yet; I have to do more interviewing on Wednesday of this week. Justin never made it out to nightmare. He had a bad few days nothing went right... one of those anything that can go wrong did! So, after the interviews I got a chance to head over to Hard Rock and chill in their new club!!! The club is amazing!!! After the club we did a bit of gambling.. I watched a guy loose 1 million dollars...YES $1,000,000.!!!!! WOW..I was nervous for him. He was calm ... It didnt even phase him. I really can't imagine having that much money to where I could loose a million and not care! Do you know how many purses I could buy with a million??? LOL. Ok, today is going to be a nice restful by teh pool day at the house. have a great day everyone!


Viva Las Vegas! Well. the VH1 interview went really well yesterday. Trust me, as we all know my childhood was not something I wanted to talk about. Judith Regan did the interview and she was incredible. We ran really late, we were about 1/2 way through the interview and it was 5 pm already....our flights to Vegas were at 7pm! Of course I hadn't evan packed yet... I was a total stress ball and a bit on the bitchy side, ooops :( This whole book thing has been driving me insane. It's one thing writing a chapter or 2 at a time; then when its all compiled and tegether in book form....ooooof. That was a hard one, all the memories came rushing back. Most of which I have spent 1/2 my life trying to forget. So, it was really hard. Most of the questions were about my mom ( a very sad subject) abuse (another bad one)and various other sad topics, lol. Today we are running all over Vegas to rekindle the grade school, old apartment, see people I have not spoken to in a decade. The show is really reallly really going to be amazing!! Justin is bringing the boat out so we can hit lake Mead Sat afternoon and Sunday. That will be fun!!!! We see Velvet Revolver tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for that! I will let you know how the concert goes. Have a great day ....I love all of you! JJ

I feel like I'm kind of in a funk the past couple of days. I really don't know what it is, but it's shitty.
Maybe I'm just stressed out over the book, it certainly has been a long hard process. I am planning on going to Vegas next week for my special on the book, and it is kinda scary to confront those old demons.
Sometimes I realize I'm not as strong as I think I am. That's what makes me human though.
My book deals with a lot of untold stories, that I have never talked about, so it's a little freaky to let everything out. I just theought it would be good for me to vent these feelings to you guys, cuz you always understand. Thanks for listening!

Well, I finally got my little Carmen Dior. She is a micro mini chihuahua, and she is enormously adorable. I was really worried about her getting along with Nacho and Puff, or rather them getting along with her... since she is so small (under a pound). Amazingly enough, they LOVE her! Puff treats her like her little baby, and Nacho does the mexcican fiesta dance when she bites his tail! Probably the funniest thing on earth, being that he's about 160 pounds! It's like David and Goliath! I took a bunch of pictures and I will be posting them soon. You can't really imagine how small she really is, until you see her in my hand... yes, she fits in my hand!
On the work front, everything is going well. I'm just getting back into the swing of things after my vacation. I am shooting next week in Vegas for my hour special on my book for VH1. While I am there I am going to the Velvet Revolver show at the HardRock... So excited! I love them!
Well, I will keep you updated! Love ya,

I just came off one of the most amazing experiences of my life... and it's called Las Ventanas! Linda and I left for sunny Los Cabos last Thursday, and arrived after a short flight of 1 hour and 45 minutes. We cleared customs, with no problem, and headed out into the heat to see if the hotel had sent transportation (sometimes you end up waiting forever). Much to our amazesment there was a beautiful Mercedes sedan waiting for us, with cold wet towels that smelled of lemon waiting right outside!
We drove for 15 mintues to the resort, and when we arrived to the small resort with no sign... we were dumbfounded. It was the most beautiful place on earth!
We didn't even have to check in, they just wisked us to our room and left us.... in shock! LOL
The room was impeccable... Perfect. Our terrace was steps from our own negative edged pool sitting right in front of the white sand beach! Lord, life is rough! LOL
The trip was a smashing success, because I feel better than I have in years... I guess a week of twenty something spa treatments and lots of mojitos will do that to ya!
I took lots of pics for you guys and also some video, so you will get to experience what we did on a smaller scale! WOW, what a great week!


This week has been pretty easy goin... Thank god, because I feel a little fatigued.
I went to San Francisco to shoot the ad campaign for IRiver, which is a a tech company that is putting out an amazing hand held video unit that holds 8 different movies! The pictures turned out amazing and should hit the mags in August.
Monday of this week I shot a interview and layout for BIZ AZ, because they named me one of the top five most fascinating people. I don't feel like I'm that fascinateing, but hell... whatever they say! LOL
Krystal comes out to AZ tonight to shoot for a couple of days for web content, so that should be a lot of fun! I always love hangin with her, she's like my little sis!
OK, I'm gonna go tan and get all primped up for the upcoming party on the 16th at the Hard Rock Hotel.

OK, let me bring everyone up to speed on what went on this week...
I left Thursday morning for Los Angeles and arrived around noon. I had scheduled an interview about the HIV scare in the industry with Access Hollywood, and later on that night I would go to Gene Simmons record release party at the Key Club.
Things went smoothly with Access Hollywood, and we finished the interview in about 45 minutes. I then began to get ready for the party and slipped on my divine Loius Vuitton dress and matching shoes. Oh how I love that!
Krystal arrived at my hotel room and so did TT Boy. We jumped in the limo and jammed over to the club. Krystal and I made our way down the red carpet and took a million photos.
We were ushered into the party and got seated next to Alice Cooper's manager and the drummer for Kiss. How fun!
Then Gene arrived and immediately sat down next to Krystal and I hamming it up for the cameras.
Then the night turned bad... A whole glass of wine got spilled on my new dress and Jay had an altercation with some guy who tried to kiss me... UGH!
So we jumped in the limo and went back to the hotel and proceeded to order pounds of italian take out!
It definitely was a great night... except for my ruined LV dress... oh well!
Here's a pic of Krystal and I (before my dress got ruined!)


The Kid Rock concert was amazing, I went backstage to his dressing room and hung out with him (Bob) for a long while. He has to be one of the most laid back poeple I have ever met! Pam fucked up when she lost him!
The concert was killer, he did a lot of great covers, which I love!
Afterwards, Jay and I were going backstage... to hang with Bob, and Jay and Clay got into a scuffle with some long haired guy who tried to squeeze in with us backstage. This guy pushed Carol (Bob's sister) so Clay and Jay drop kicked him outside... Well, he ended up being the band for Kid (bob) "s opening act! LOLOLOLOLOL
OK, so maybe it wasn't funny at the time, but now it makes me almost pee myself! I guess the guy was named Jerry Cantrell of Alice and Chains... Loved that band, but never heard of him! OOOOps


I am going to the Kid Rock concert tonight with Kid's sister Carol and a lot of my good friends... Todd, Kelly, Clay, Heather and my better half Jay!
It was so last minute, but what the hell... you only live once!


Today is the Big Day!
I have to say that I AM excited. Although I didn't think I would be... Turning 30 is a major step in every womans life. It just makes me feel like I HAVE to be responsible, sometimes that feeling isn't so hot!
Tonights festivities include a huge 70's party at the PussyCat Lounge here in Scottsdale. It is going to be a major blow-out with all my girls... including Janine, Savanna, Ashton, Tyler, Krystal and Jill.
I better get my but in the shower, cuz I'm gettin there early!!!! Yahooo

Well the drive went awesome... Had a blast the car is stupid fast and everyone goes crazy over it. Sometimes I am such a dude. I love cars. This morning I am off to LA for the afternoon and then back tonight to watch teh Tito/ Chuck fight !!! (Yes another guy thing I love) It's raining cats and dogs here....hehehee...which makes me nervous to fly in. Hopefully it will be a smooth flight. It's supposed to rain for the next few days. which is great because we need it. Linda just got here...I gotta run. Love to everyone! JJ

It's April fools and I have nothing planned to pull on anyone! It's always fun when you get someone... I am taking out the new car for a spin; maybe I can tell Justin that I wrecked it...I hate doing stuff like that though becasue it's just bad Karma. Knowing my luck the next time I drove it ..BAMMMM! It will be the first time I get to drive the car...Justin the hog has had it , lol. Now I guess I will actually get to drive the Porsche since we have another new car, lol. See how that works. Justin.." I need to teach you how to drive the new car... It's a bit dif than most sports cars...BLAH BLAH blah!" Sometimes I just want to punch him! Well, I am hopping in it and going to tan! TTYL...HUGS JJ

Saturday was the start of bike week here in Phoenix which meant lots of fun in the sun. We spent Saturday at Hacienda Harley watching the bike show and drinking tequila shots. Now if you know me you know that I don't mix well with Tequila! After 3 of them we bar hopped all night. I felt fine once I got home at about 2 30 in the morning though I was quite buzzed. I ate and went to sleep only to wake an hour later ready to give the heave ho. Needless to say I hugged the toilet all night... No more tequila for me! UGH!
The next day was pretty uneventful other than my gnarly hang over.
Yesterday was when the drama occured. We had a great day, riding all over with about 20 of our friends, all on Harleys. At our last stop Jay decided to tear it up and told me to hold on. Well, I locked my arms and held on for dear life. The bike went from 0 to 60 in about 2 seconds, and my feet came flying off of the back of the bike just as fast. I felt my legs skimming across the pavement and my inner thighs burning on the back wheel of the bike. My arms luckily held on to Jay's waist and I tried to get my feet back on the pegs. Unfortunately the pegs folded in and I couldn't get back up. I screamed at Jay to slow down, and that I was on the tire. He finally cme to a stop at the bar, and I was majorly shaken not to mention everyone else. They saw the whole thing from behind us! I am now nursing a badly injured leg with a major contusion to my inside left thigh. Looks like I'll be walking with a limp for a while. I definitely won't be able to shoot till it goes away. It has made me think twice about getting on the back of a bike. I must be a little shell shocked.


I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, literally. I didn't realize I was on Jay's side and rolled over... only to get a rude awakening... the floor! Needless to say, it sucked. I hate waking up in that manner, it just seems to ruin my whole day!
So I hobbled out of my room, and started my morning ritual with a Diet Dr. Pepper. They always seem to wake me up!
Once I was awake I realized I had a interview with Premiere Magazine about Bella Loves Jenna and my production company as a whole. My interviewer called right on time, and it ended up being a really fun chat. He was ver well versed on the adult industry, and had actually worked as a grip about 10 years ago! He said when our interview was coming to an end, it will appear in print in the summer!
Now, I am just relaxing. Can't wait to watch survivor tonight. I swear I am totally hooked on reality television, my favorite is America's Next Top Model, hands down! Maybe because I met Janice Dickenson (one of the judges) on my Jane Magazine shoot! She has to be one of the coolest most straight forward people I have ever met! She told me, on camera... I blow Pam Anderson away! She pulls NO punches... Her book is amazing, I can't recall the title, but it is put out by Harper Collins, and BOY, does she have some wild stories! If you don't know who she is, she is the first super model EVER!
Anyway, enough rambling from me... have a fab day!


Well, I am back from vegas. It was an insane weekend. We stayed at the MGM, which is totally out of the ordinary for us. We ususally stay at the Hard Rock, as most of you know! But, ya know what? We really liked it there, maybe because we had a two floor sweet, and a 24 hour butler! Hello? How cool is that? LOL
We got in and went directly to the Crazy Horse II, where we stayed till like 430 in the morning. I haven't been out that late in a long ass time, I swear I'm too old for that kind of stuff. Well, maybe not... hehehehehe
We then gambled all the next day, and I hit a jackpot for 1100 dollars! Yahoooooooooooooo!
I always need more shopping money. We drove home yesterday, and I am pooped.
I spent my day today, cleaning out my closet.... OOOOOOOOOOh so fun. I was being sarcastic, if you didn't already pick up on that! LOL
OK, off to veg! Love ya

I have a wild hair up my butt, I think Jay and I are going to go to Vegas for the weekend...
we are going to tag along with Moe, our VP of operations. He goes to Vegas all the time, so I thought it would be good to be spontaneous! I wanna get some of that gambling fever out of me, I'm a slot junky. LOL
I will see ya on the flip side!

Ahh the sweet sweet smell of relaxation! It's weird I go from non stop work to just total vegetation in between. I did nothing all day yesterday, NOTHING. It drives Justin insane. He can't sit still for 2 minutes unless he is sleeping. Me on the other hand will park it on the couch and never move only to smoke, eat, and pee. Is that wrong? What do you do on your days off? I won't leave the house, nothing. Our weather his perfect right now and I could care less. It's going to be almost 80 all week here and I will most likely watch I jinxed myself last night b4 going to bed by saying that it's nice that the puppies are house broken.... 3 huge dumps on the floor this morning! AHHHHHHHHHH! Unreal..the little bastards. They have been pretty good. We hired a trainer to work with them... poor guy! He is a very well known trainer and has thrown up his hands and almost said I give multiple times. They have a few issues that needs to get worked out. We are going to work with them for the next 6-8 months and see how they turn out. We have a fear that they have a pack mentality which is not very safe for kids. So, obviously we would not jeopardize any thoughts of the future by keeping unsafe dogs. I love them all to death, but reality is reality. >>>Ok off to warm my place on the couch! JJ

The shoot is finally over! 6 days of sex scenes! I don't think I can begin to tell you how sore I am!! I have never done that many scenes back to back. The stuff was abaolutely incredible and the sex was awesome... 5-6 positions in every scene....can you say ouch. That means basically you are having hard sex for at least 2 hours straight. Krystal and I did a scene together yesterday that is going to be so cool. We were having sex on a dance floor in a club with like 10 of us standing and masturbating as we watch. Obviously, that will be added in post but the whole concept and set up was really cool. It took everything I had to get through it; I was really tired. The end result was amazing. Justin's new; "let's shoot one scene a day.." idea is great, but it means that the scenes are going to take at least 3 hours to finish! Yesterday's took 6 hours! Bella Loves Jena is out in the stores right now and the reviews have been remarkable! I am really glad to hear that because we went out on the limb and did a really different movie that one no one in the adult industry has tried before. Sales have been through the roof! Wooohooo. Now Justin is crazed that the next movie has to be better than Bella Loves Jenna.... I think he has gone insane...

One day down...5 more to go! We started shooting yesterday and got some incredible stuff. We are doing really easy days, small crew, and a very relaxed atmosphere. Today, we are doing a big scn. Wait until you see the stuff... very cool. Tomorrow we are shooting the desert, Wed in an airplane hanger, and Thursday in a nightclub. Frdiday YTB, LOL. I am so fricken sore from the scn last night....ouch!!!! This is going to be a loooong week... I will need some ice, LOL. JJ

We have been getting stuff ready for next weeks shoot like crazy people. We are shooting here for 7 days starting Sunday. We rented out some cool locations, so it should be really fun! I am still trying to catch up with all the stuff that piled up while I was away. It seems like an endless list of TO DO's. Bella Loves Jenna shipped today and will be in stores next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait until you see the movie!!!!!! Ok, I need to get some grocery shopping done. TTYL JJ

I got my hair done today...oong long long day! Desmond flew in and started at 10 ish and went till late tonight. It was good though because I got to review the last chapter of my book...seems like it will never be done! We got the cover shots back for the book and they are amazing. The photographer was awesome and everything came out perfect. I am so excited about it! I gues sthe release date is May... Keep your fingers crossed. I am going to go do some that's funny and then get to sleep. Night all JJ

We got in from Costa Rica around 1 am this morning
What a long travel day. We started out at 10 am driving from Jaco to San Jose. A nice 2 hour drive through windy roads, and everyone knows how car sick I get! So, that was basically the road trip from hell. We get to the airport, pay our airport tax($26), and do some duty free shopping. The airport was packed and the airconditioning was out in part of it. Our flight left about 25 minutes late. We arrived into Dallas and sat on the runnway for 45 minutes waiting to park... Then our flight from Dallas to Phoenix was delayed over and hour. To top it all off..our ride home wasn't at the aiport! What a shitty end to a great trip :( I have to do an interview, ttyl. JJ

Well, I have sucessfully burned myself a into a nice shade of red! I knew it would happen. The sun here is so strong. We laid out yesterday and I made the mistake of laying on a step in the pool...maybe not a great idea...reflection of sun off of the water as well as the scorching rays sizzling my tender skin from the top makes a nice combo! Fortunately the burn here lasts a night and then I am brown the next day! I have a pretty good base tan, so, I am not in fear of peeling. Yesterday was a really chill out day...lay by the pool, watch Justin almost kick the shit out of some idiot with poor communication skills, go in town to Jaco, shop a bit and sign up for surf lessons...yep surf lessons this should be some good video for the site! We came back to the hotel Justin worked I relaxed and then off to the bar for and evening of Mohito's!!!!!!! Yeah Baby Yeah! Time to head to town for some surf lessons...catch ya'll later! Love and (wish me luck) JJ
p.s. Here are some great pics so far! Click here to check them out!!!

We are going on a canopy tour this morning. This is the one thing I did not want to go on. But, because I renegged on the whitewater rafting expedition I had to go on this lovely little adventure. Canopy...sounds fun and relaxing right? The Canopy tour is a set of cables strung between trees a 100+ feet in the air and you glide on the ropes between the trees!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... DID I MENTION I AM AFRAID OF HEIGHTS! So, harnessing myself up, climbing up to the tree tops in the jungle, and gliding on cables dangling above the ground 100' up in the air in a 3rd world country is not my idea of a relaxing vacation! We get to the location and I am scard to death but trying to deal with it in a mature calm fashion (basically kicking , screaming and crying!, LOL) We get harnessed up and start our treck through the jungle and to the tree tops. It was cool the guide was explaining the surrounding vegetation..first up the whine tree! What are the odds of that???!!! Then we looked at a few natural water falls and to the top we went. Of course the whole adventure was cought on video tape for all to watch. The guide explained how to work the rigs and the signs he would give to brake etc...I couldn't understand a fricken word he said...not a good sign! He hooked me up and off I went...what a rush it was really incredible! Well, until I found out we had 6 more to go! On the longest one I got turned around and was goin backwards on the cable...oh joy oh joy! To end the little excursion I repelled 100' down to the ground!!! It was AWESOME!!!! I really had a great time...don't know if I will do it again, but it was fun. OH, and Justin's cable broke and he plumetted to his death...just playing.

Yetsterday was a nice romantic day driving around Costa Rica and seeing the sites. We rented a truck ($125 a day!! Holy rip off!)and drove down the coast and up to Manuel Antonio Nat'l Park. It was really beautiful. White beach and breath taking scenery. We had lunch at he oddest restaurant(you will see the pictures and see what I mean). It was an old army carrier Plane set on top of the mountain! Odd yes, good food yes! From lunch we hopped back into the car and headed off to Villa Caletos to watch the sunset. The drive was a bit longer than we expected and we missed the sunset by like 15 minutes! I suggested to Justin we just stop and watch it from the coastline we had been driving by for the past know men.."oh, no we will make it!" As usual who is right? ME! lol. We had a few drinks there. The poeple were a bit on the stuffy side there,so ,we decided to head back to Los Suennos for dinner. It was a really nice evening ending with a huge arrangment of roses and some incredible sex on the balcony!!!! woohooooo! JJ

Yesterday was a bit cloudy so we went into town, Yaco. The town is really really tiny and a bit technologically deprived, but is really fun. We cruised around checked out the stores (I have succesfully found a place that I couldn't find any clothes to buy) and had some lunch. We ate at Pancho Villa's. The food was unreal...and the tab for the 2 of us ... $10! Wohooo very cheap...much cheaper than our resort. After lunch we stopped by and grabbed a pair of tennis shoes(the one thing that I forgot). I wish I video taped Justin haggling over a $11 pair of tennies! He got them for $7. Oh, I can't wait to wear them! lol. We got back to the room chilled out played some backgammon and then went to our fav bar in the hotel for some Mohitos!!!! I am not feeling to good this morning (the 3 mohitos might have had something to do with it!) We had an all day tour scheduled today...horseback riding, hiking , and sight seeing... unfortunately I couldn't make the 7:30 am pick up! So, we will have to reschedule it for later in the week. I think we will walk over to the marina and check out the boats today. We want to set up a day to go deep sea that will be some funny video! Loves and hugs from Costa Rica ...JJ

Paradise found! We are all settled in and ready to have a blast. Yesterday was a nice relax by the pool and soak up the sun day. I brought a bevy of suntan lotions and block with me this trip. As everyone recalls I am the one that gets "lobsterfied" the first few days and peels for the rest of the trip! This trip I am utilizing the aid of sunblock! We are here for 2 weeks and I am in no need to rush a tan! The sun is absolutely scorching here! I think it is the hottest I have felt anywhere. We have a nice little area set up for ourselves at the pool that has a bit of shade that makes for a nice break from the sun. The pool is incredble at the Hotel. I will have to take some pictures of it and try and upload some whiole we are here (we are on a dial up and it is both slow and expensive!) We video taped the water aerobics we witnessed when we first entered the pool area...remember when I mentioned the avg age of the hotel's guests were between 90 and death...imagine the site in the pool...yes scared for life I am! lol. So, anyways we had some mohitos and tacos by the pool and listened to some tunes...Justin brought the IPOD and a cool little speaker thing that it sets in and plays. This place is paradise! I am so stress free here it's amazing. Time to head off to the pool(even though it looks a bit cloudy)I will catch some rays for you all! JJ

We just got into Los Suennos...WOW! What an amazing resort!!! The ride from San Jose was about 2 hours....2 hours of windy roads with a cliff on the one side that goes straight down a few hundred feet (gulp). We stopped 2ce along the way. Once for an armadillo crossing the road and the other to stop and see the crocodiles hanging in the river!!! Yes, crocodiles ...they were just chilling hanging waiting for some meat to stroll by. We took some pictures and hopped back in the van. When we arrived it was a quick registration and into the room. Our room is not that great. We changed our trip so many times and the hotel is totally booked , so we got a room with no view. We have been trying to change it but no such luck! :( We are here for 2 weeks so it is hard for them to change us into another room and not infringe on someone elses reservation. You think because we are here for that long that they would try to do anything to accomodate us! Whatever, no biggie. On another note; I learned how to play backgammon last night!! OK, I love the game. I never like playing games( I am way to competitive and hate to loose) , but this game rocks. I always watched others play it and laughed. Justin got this 9 in 1 travel game thing for the trip. I was like," oh yeah that will be fun"...little did I know. He also wants to teach me how to play cribbage...that might be pushing it there Sally! Then I will feel as old as the other guests here! Oh, I forgot to mention the average age at the resort is 95 years old +. We are really the only young people here... Hey, I like it even one bugging me! Tonight we are going to check out the hotel bars and do some taste Kisses from Costa Rica! JJ

I could not sleep last night. I am really excited to go on my vacation today. Costa Rica here I come. I have all my shopping done for the trip...20 baithing suits, every sunblock known to man, and tons of cool casual clothes. It's funny I get clothes and Justin gets cameras and gear for the Men are silly. I can't wait to get there. I have a ton of events and things to see scheduled for the 2 weeks we are there! We will be taking a ton of pictures and video for everyone to see. Justin wants to shoot a Wild In Costa Rica while we are there...does he not understand what the word Vacation means? Whatever it will be fun. Dangerous, I found the Itunes music store online for the Ipod yesterday! So, we will have cool tunes for the trip.(I purchased over 100 tunes) Those Ipods are soooo cool. Too bad macs suck, hehehee. We have 2 macs, they look really cool but are hard to use for me bc I am so used to PC's. Ok, I have a little work to finish up on the book this morning before I head off to ...COSTA RICA!!!! LOVE and HUGS to ALL!! JJ

Count down 1 day b4 vacation! I have some shopping to do still and then I am all set. When we get back we are shooting at the house almost immediately. So while we are gone we have a ton of people finishing up stuff on the house. It will be a miracle if half of it gets done. Can you believe this fricken house is still not done! The window coverings I hope will be up in the Living and Family rooms. The living room alone needed 75 yards of fabric!!! ouch! The floor in the closets are getting sealed and some shelving in the laundry room gets set up as well. Oh, and the marble around the master tub is supposed to get installed...whatever, it's only been 6 months! I hear the mall calling my name...see ya! JJ

The puppies are insane and they have non stop gas!!!! Yuck!! It's really out of control.. Justin and I sit on the couch with gasmasks and air freshener!! We have been giving them pigs ears for treats (gross) and their farts smell just like them! Barf! Does anyone know any beano remedies for dogs? 5 dogs with gas is enough to clear out the house of every human...hmmm maybe that is their plan! Sneeky little bastards!!!!! Oh, great they all just came into the office I am sure I will get fumigated outta here in moments. Phewwwwww! JJ

Can I retire now?? Please... pretty please. Ahhhhhhhh.. Just playing. Even though I am a bit burned out and well awaiting our much needed vacation in...count down.... 4 days! {smiles} Justin and I did our commentary for Bella loves Jenna today. We did a live unedited is hysterical! Preorder you dvd . The movie is UNREAL UNREAL UNREAL UNREAL.. Did I mention that the movie was UNREAL, lol. Yes, unreal! I am so proud of Justin he did an incredilble job on the movie. When you see it you will be amazed. I don't know how he figures out how to do all that stuff. It's unreal! Live JJ

I am in a really irritated and bad mood lately. I know why at least...We are doing the edit on my book and it stirred up everything that I have supressed for most of my life. It's really really hard dealing with the emotions. It is a tell all book and I told it ALL. That's why I've not been super active in my diary... sorry. Neil (my co author) came in yesterday so we can wrap up the final edit. This has been an experience to say the least. It's hard to decide where to draw the line on people and subjects. I read others interviews for the book and can't believe that is how they believe things were and/or happened. I think it is plausable denial because it makes them feel better about themselves. It is my book and I want it to be honest and forthright. I just don't want to hurt anyones feelings. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I need a bath! JJ

Well today was a nice relaxing day...I got to watch the preshow and the GoldenGlobe Awards. I love watching the awards... I don't know why. Maybe it's the clothes , the interviews and/or the speaches that are so intriguing to me. I really really stay glued from start to finish watching the show. The Globe awards are great because they cover both TV and Movie genres and they have no performances and a minimal ammount of palaber. After the show my brother and his family stopped by. It was very nice hanging with him for a bit. He is doing really well and I am proud of him. His tattoo shop is doing well and things are looking good for him. It's time to get some sleep..I notice the puppies getting tired, so off we all go to bed. Yes, the puppies are still insane. Tonight they got into their first alpha test and hed a little fight with each other. The pecking order is still not set between them. We are still wondering who will be the alpha between them. No matter what happens Puff will dominate both...she is such a bitch, LOL. Ok, off to bed to watch Hannibal and get soem rest..maybe even have a nice romp b4 sleep.

Will our house ever not have 40 people in it..I am going crazy. It's getting to the point where I have no privacy and can't relax in my house. Yesterday was insane with everyone over... Judith Regan and the publisher for my book were in town ( I love Judith she is incredible!) we also had Josh, Mason, Todd ( doinjg the flooring), Steve ( doing handyman repairs), Charlotte ( the organizer), The landscapers, and the dog trainer over. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Today we have Mason, Linda, and teh guys installing the new plasma tv's. they have been really cool and the tv'sook awesome. We got a new sony 50" plasma for the bedroom... reaally awesome. We moved the old 42" into the gym. Justin is all happy. The poor guys have been here all day working on the stuff. Oh...did I forget to mention I got a new car yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a Porsche C4 with an Aero kit. It's super cool. I will get pictures of it up this week. Justin's brother is sellign 7 of his cars this weekend at the Barret jackson Aucti0on in town. We just watched on of his cars get sold...$200,000! wow! He collects muscle cars and has an unreal collection. It's cool bcause he realy loves cars; it's a passion with him. Ok, I am off to bed...Love and hugs JJ

The end of another long day. We shot stills today of myself for the site. I also finshed up my Rolling Stone interview. We only got 4 sets done today, but they really looked nice. Tomorrow we are shooting again ... Justin wants to get 7-10 sets done! Holy slave driver! We are getting an earlier start and should be able to get them. I got no sleep last night. Yes, the terrors are still keeping us up all night. We sleep with the tv on so they hear noises or catch a shadow and start barking... no prob until you are asleep and it's 3 a.m.! They are getting relly big. They have gained over ten pounds in the last 3 weeks. All of a sudden it's quiet...hmmmm. They must be up to something; I will yap at you all tomorrow- I need to go check out and see what the little deviants are up too. JJ

I had a great day today. Got up played with the insane puppies...who are still sleeping in bed with us by the way. I think this will be their last night. I went and looked for a new bed for our master bedroom today. I am sick of the one we have and really would like a new one. I didn't really see anything that was that I would like to replace our current one..bummer. We then went and looked at Plasma tv's for the master. We have a 42' there now and will be retiring that to the gym. I would love to get a nice sony 61" xbr plasma...:) We are deciding between the 50 and 61". What else.....hmmm, I got a bunch of books to read, Chineese medicine stuff. Very interesting. I now want to go get some acupuncture. The vision of Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor pops in my head everytime I think of acupunture. LOL. We went to dinner at a little dumpy sushi place that I love. And now I am in my bed doing my diary and hoping to have some great sex to cap off the evening. Talk at you all tomorrow..have a great night ...hugs kisses and love JJ

I had a busy day today. Everything went really well though. I had a great meeting regarding some upcoming mainstream stuff! Keep you rfingers crossed. The dog trainer came by today...welcome to the jungle ; 5 yep count five dogs! Goood luck. The big dogs just need a refresher and Nacho is getting some guard training. The pups get general obedience stuff for now. Justin usually trains the dogs but lately he has had 0 time. The pups can sit and come already. They have been really good except for the occasional pee in the house. Fortunately, almost all of our floors are stone! would be going ctrazy if we had carpet everywhere. It's great to be home and have some time to spent with our small zoo. I think I have finally recovered from Vegas, thank God. Ok off to bed I GO..NIGHT ALL. JJ

HOME, SWEET HOME!!!! I'm happy, Jay's happy, dogs are REALLY happy! So, Sunday was pretty much a blur. We had planned on packing up and getting outta Vegas and were all too tired to even move! lol So we watched movies, ordered pizza and recalled the highlights of the week. We're a bunch of happy campers - had such a great week. It was really great to have my CJ family there and great to have MORE WINE with you all! Okay, more sleep. Love you all! JJ

Krystal and I head to the show for our last day of signing. She has done a great job this week and everyone loves her! We are all really excited for her new movie (Krystal Method, out this March) and we'll be starting a lot of photo shoots, interviews and the whole she-bang with her - it's going to be a great year! The last day at the booth signing seemed not quite as hectic as yesterday, but it may have just been a photo signing stupor, who knows! lol The award show was really fun - I really appreciate AVN giving me the opportunity to host again - such a great time! Vivid had a huge afterparty (thank you!) and then we headed back to the hotel. Even though I am mentally and physically exhausted, this has been such a GREAT week. Everyone worked really hard and we got a lot accomplished. I will go to sleep happy - but, I AM DEFINITELY GOING TO SLEEP! JJ

Hello, Club Jenna! The signing today was great and tonight we got to spend a few minutes with those of you from CJ who are here. It was so awesome! I had rehearsal tonight for the award show then we stopped by the CJ party to see everyone before Linda moved me to the next item on my itinerary. You are all the best - thanks so much for your love and support and for making the trip to Vegas! Okay.....signed, rehearsed & saw the CJ members - I think I'm ready for Saturday and the big show! JJ

TODAY WAS CRAZY! Wow....I swear the crowds get bigger and bigger every year - it's amazing! Krystal and I signed together at the Vivid booth. I think it may have been a little more than Krystal had expected - hehehehehe. The fire marshall was screaming about crowd control so security FINALLY tried to step in and help with the line. (yeah, right! lol) I couldn't believe all the people from CJ who were there and there were still more on the way! You guys are the best and it's so great getting a chance to meet you. (Did I mention that my feel like little chicken bones without any meat? lol) Tomorrow will be a big day at the show. At some point today I'm going to get a little rest...JJ

Okay, this is getting a little ridiculous...when am I supposed to shop????? Today was pretty long - we had a LOT of press to do after we signed and then back to the hotel for a little while. We had hand and foot massages and then we felt MUCH better. Tonite was our CJ dinner with all of the web girls of Club Jenna. We had a GREAT time! It was really fun to have us all together and i think everyone in the restaurant was pretty happy too! lol We all went to the Player's Ball and then called it a nite. The big show starts tomorrow so we have to get at least a couple hours of sleep, right? Nite, all. See you soon! JJ

Today was a good day at the show. Lots of meetings, then signing and then press so we had a pretty full one. Krystal and I were both really psyched about the day - we both know today and tomorrow is just the calm before the storm. hehehehehe There are quite a few CJ members here and that always makes me happy. It's so nice to see familiar faces in the crowd - THANK YOU! :) We had a great dinner tonite then caught the last of the XBiz Award Show. I gotta get some rest! JJ

Today was Day 1 and a little hectic. We signed at the Video Secrets booth - well kind of. They didn't get the pics for us to sign sent to Vegas so we had nothing to sign at the booth. It was a little crazy but we made do. The show was also a little slow today - I'm sure the computer virus they had this morning didn't help that - lol. We had client dinners and hit a couple of parties and then off to bed. The games have begun! JJ

We're all packed up and off to Las Vegas. We're taking 3 cars and 1 luggage van - hmmmmmm, ya think I may have packed too much? Naaaaaaa! Both Krystal and I have to sign tomorrow so we want to get in and settled to start the week rested. Gotta hit the road - see you in Vegas! JJ

These dogs are killing me... they are like having children, they get into everything. But, I definitely am in love with them,.... they follow me from room to room, and cry when I'm not here... MMMM to be loved!
Well I am preparing for AVN, it takes weeks to get all the outfits and pack. At least everyone appreciates it... Just to let you know I found award show outfits! Yes, I will be wearing 3! Fun FUN FUN
OK, off to chase the kids!


Oh my god, we got two new Puppies... They are the same breed as Nacho. I decided to name them Lola (like the showgirl) and Luna (like the moon). LOLa is so outgoing and crazy, and Luna is very timid. Lola is Fawn with a black face and Luna is Apricot and silver, she has one blue eye and one brown! AWWWWWWWWWWWW
OK, they are chewing one of my Louis Vuitton bags, gotta run!!!!!! JJ

HO HO HO Merry Christmas!
This week has been filled with outstanding fun, and lots of stress! It certainly has been one of the best Christmas' Ive ever had, surrounded by family and friends, we whooped it up. I hope every one had a great holiday... now we have to look forward to New Years and CES!!!!!!!

It's Christmas time in the city... ring-a-ling.. I love Christmas this year. Today Justin's mom, sisters, and Missy and I are going to bake cookies! I have really never made cookies, so I am really looking forward to this . I guess this is a family tradition and I am pretty excited...besides the fact I get to eat a ton of them. We had our Club Jenna office party yesterday. It was great, margaritas and Mexican food! We exchanged Secret Santa gifts as well. I got some great lotions and bath stuff from Christine. Everyone had a great time. Lat night we watched Santa Clause 2 and Freaky Friday... they were both really mindless and cute. It's shower time...maybe I should putting a web cam in the shower for you guys to watch...hehehe. Have a great day and hopefully none of you have to go to the malls and endure the insane crowds! Love and Hugs JJ

Missy is starting to feel a bit better... thank God. She is a bit more mobile. She had a lot of surgeries and is recovering well. I need to spend some more time with her , considering I am playing her nurse ( mmm mm mmm. It's hard because I still need to get a bunch of crap done for Christmas. Her husband flew back yesterday so she is all in my care now. I am running off to the mall to grab gifts form Louis Vuiton for everyone.. ok maybe a few purses for myself as well! Have and incredible awesome day.

Ok, don't fall over ...I Jacuzzi is finally hooked up in the master bath! I know it's only been a year! Holy shit.. well, ok maybe it's not totally done but it is in place and it works. They still have to install all the marble trim that borders the tub. If you remember when the plumber was working on it he broke 2 of the marble rails.... $1500 in damage! We are adding 2 plasma to opposite walls around the Jacuzzi. Like I care about that, even though I will be the one watching them. I think Justin has lost his mind when it comes to putting TV's everywhere other foot in the house. The funny thing is he never even watches TV. I still do not know what I am getting everyone for Xmas... I have made the list and it gets longer by the day!!!! JJ

It's 5 a.m and I am up getting ready to go to set. Krystal got in at arround 11 last night and is on set now. We are shooting at an incredibly cool night club in L.A. Up on the schedule today: 4 scenes- A boy girl with Randy Spears and Selena Silver, girl girl with Krystal and myself, a boy girl with Joey Ray and Arriana Jollie, and a boy girl with Krystal and Eric Masterson. We have 5 beautiful girls doing masterbations as well. It's allot to do in 14 hours! We have a great crew and I am sure it will all turn out fantastic. Oh, and for the record...this is an ungodly hour to get up! Hugs and Kisses

Crazy morning. We're trying to get packed and on our way to LA. Jay's doing the guy-car things..oil change, air in the tires, dvd player loaded, wine fridge working (ok, just kidding). Krystal will meet us when we get to LA, we'll get some rest tonite and start shooting early Friday morning. How cool is that..Krystal's first movie with Club Jenna! Gotta run. JJ

Packed up and ready to hit the road. We are off to L.A. today to shoot Krystal's firts movie for ClubJenna, Krystal Method. This will be allot of fun. I really think Krystal has what it takes to be a big star and I want to help her get there. Justin is a bit stressed because he likes doing allot of preproduction on the shows and had zero for this one. He always makes everthing look awesome, so I am really not worried. I picked out some really cool wardrobe for everyone and can't wait to see all the girls dressed up. Ok. we are off to L.A......have a great day everyone! Love JJ

Well today is going down in CJ history! We have now officially signed our FIRST contract girl. Boy this means a lot of work, fun, and grooming! I can't even tell you how friggin excited I am to have Krystal, she is so smart and funny, oh, and hot... did I mention hot? LOL
We are shooting her first movie this weekend, so it should be really interesting to see how she handles the pressure of 30 members of the press on the set! I know in the beginning for me... it was a little nerve racking!
I'm sure she'll do fine... I'll be there to help her through it all...
I am now going to get everything together so I can leave on time tomorrow... like that's gonna happen...hehehehe
Love ya JJ

I had a bunch of extremely interesting meetings today... Meetings that could very well change my life and career, I certainly don't want to get my hopes up. I've learned not to do that, it just isn't worth it. Especially since so many great things are already happening! If I end up setting any of these stellar things in stone, I will fill you guys in first... of course!
On another note, when I was backstage at the VGAs I was hangin out with Jaime Pressley, and we exchanged numbers... I just can't bring myself to call her...Am I becoming a chicken in my old age? Shit... OK OK OK... I'll ring her this week! LOL


Now that everything has calmed down after the psychotic Vegas trip, the craziness of Christmas shopping must now commence. I have learned to love it and loathe it... I love watching someone I love open a present that I put a lot of work into finding or making... But I hate taking the time to find it! It just seems as if my time is spread so incredibly thin... I wish I had more time to lay like broccoli! LOL
I cannot wait to give Linda her gifts... she always gets so damn excited. She deserves a ferrari, if only I could afford one for her! Maybe next year! Alrighty then... off to the mall...JJ

Finally home.....we gambled a bit before leaving Vegas, got some food then hit the road. I'm tired and happy to be home. Gotta get some sleep and work on my schedule tomorrow with Linda for next week. We'll be doing some shooting in LA and wrapping up some interviews then it's a Christmas shopping I will go! G'nite everyone - miss you! JJ

Tonight was soooooo much fun! The award show was really amazing, the people and fans were awesome, the stage was - wow!, the afterparty....ok, ok I'm getting ahead of myself. We started the night off on the red carpet - lots of fans, pictures & interviews. We headed backstage & the fun began....Trish Stratus, Jaime Presley, Lil Kim, Pam Anderson, David Spade, Chris Jericho, Al Snow, DMX, the Raiderettes, the list goes on....everyone was really cool and the women were sooooo hot! I presented the award for Best Action Video and then introduced the WWE Main Event - it was pretty crazy and I can't wait to do it again next year! The afterparty was @ Studio 54 and the craziness continuted..hehehe. It was a really great night, everyone is exhausted so we're getting some sleep then heading home tomorrow! Nite all! JJ

Las Vegas! Wooooohoooo. We're in Vegas for the Spike TV Video Game Awards. I'm hosting the pre-award show, presenting the award for Best Action Game and introducing the WWE match - this will be awesome! The show is taped and then airs Thursday, December 4th so we are off to tape the pre-show. I'll let you know how it goes....JJ

My work is done here for the day but wanted to give you a quick re-cap of the day's events...after hair, make-up and a meeting with the show stylist we headed down to my trailer to tape the pre-show. Clay made his big acting debut as - what other bodyguard! He may win an academy award for his performance, we'll keep you posted. We met the producers, writers etc then taped some really great stuff for the pre-show. They kept telling me they wanted "sexy" then kept telling me to cover my cleavage! lol COME ON - you can only cover soooo much! It was funny. When we finished there we hit the bar for a quick drink then went to Nobu for sushi. We had big plans to go out but ended up back at the hotel watching "Cabin Fever" and getting some sleep. Tomorrow's going to be a busy day....and the award for outstanding bodyguard in an award pre-show goes to.....g'nite! JJ

We got back from New York last night. We got up early and headed to the stores. I really needed to get an outfit for the Video Game Aweards next week. I am hosting and presenting the Spike TV VGA awards! Should be allot of fun. I got a really cool Cavali outfit for the event. We cought a cab straight from the store to the airport. The flight was not bad. It was great to get home. The dogs as usual went crazy and wanted to play for hours on end last night. I crashed early and awoke to Justin trying to sleep rape me. PIG! He almost got it in before I gave him the I gave him some this morning! Today has been totally insane. I decided that I will be having a samll TDay get together at the house tomorrow. So, to the store I go. WSe have a great high end market close by the house. This will be the first turkey I have cooked...Justin wants to video tape the whole ordeal; it should be rather interesting. I am kinda looking forward to a nice relaxing day in the kitchen. No worries no stress... I hope everyone has in incredible day tomorrow and shares soem love with those around them!!! Love hugs and kisses JJ

the rtrip into NYC was quick yesterday afternoon. Clay (the bodyguard) and I GOT IN BEFORE JUSTIN AND JiM ARRIVED. THEY HAD MISSED THEIR FLIGHT AND WERE A FEW HOURS LATER THAN originally planned. (Sorry about the caps...accidents happen and I do not want to take the time and retype ,lOL) I had some time to relax and have a glass of wine. The boys arrived and the meetings started. We were up till 1 am going over stuiff for meetings today. Today we have meetings starting at 11 a.m. and going till 6 pm...yuck yuck yuck! Did I mention that I just want to shop,LOL. The boys are all dressed up..they look cute. Wish us luck, we are off. JJ

I am off to Rochester, NY this morning. I have to do a store signing in Rochester for Fender/Jackson. I am really excited.. I love signings, especially when it's a cool gig. I also am shooting a interview for CNBC's "Leaders with David Faber". Should;d be interesting. Sunday I travel to NYC to have meetings on Monday and Tuesday and then back on a red eye to AZ for Turkey Day! I want to have Thanksgiving at our house, but I don't think I will have enough time to prepare. We were supposed to be in Costa Rica on vacation starting next usual fun stuff gets pushed:( Ok, off to the airport I go...oh joy oh joy! JJ

We gt back from LA at 4 am this morning. I shot all day till arround 9 pm then hopped in the truck and hit the highway! Poor Daniel had to drive the whole way. It was a long ass 4 days. I did some dialog and a sex scene with Tawny Roberts. She was a total cute and the scene rocked. I ate that box like you read about!

I am up and packing for my week in Los Angeles. I have a dinner for the reality show to go to tonight and then Monday we are shooting some dialog for Vivid and then..... I AM SHOOTING THE XMAS SPECIAL FOR THE OSBOURNE'S SHOW!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOHOOHOHOHHHHHOOOOOOOO! Yes, as you can see I am excited! It should be very cool. The other guests are Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson. I am a bit nervous. I am really looking forward to the evening. I need to bring them a gift for their household...any ideas?? I need to finish packing and hit the your gift ideas up in the forum and I hopefully will have time to get to them today. Love and hugs...JJ

I think everyone in the house is a bit hung-over from our little get together last night. We had a great time at the club and then everyone came back to our house and chatted till 3 am. I was nice seeing everyone and having a nice night. No one got crazy it was a pretty mellow night. It was my first time at the Pussy cat Lounge. It was a really nice club. Today I am doing nadda not a fricken thing! That's a nice Saturday! JJ

Well our 3 days of shooting content for the girls sites are over...Justin did an amazing job. His work is amazing...I am very proud of him. The girls did a great job. Krystal is really getting comfortable in front of the cam and Nina is a great model. I only shot one set. I help style and pose the girls. The days were pretty easy. Ok, maybe Thursday wasn't that easy. The girls shot all day and then did the flirt4free chat with me for 3 hours! That's not easy. We had fun. I know allot of you were in the chat. I think I have another one scheduled for December. I am supposed to go on vacation November 26th down to Costa Rica for 2 weeks. We are pushing the trip :( I am hosting Spike TV's first Video Game Awards on Dec. 2nd. So, I think I am pushing the vacation till mid Dec. It's time to get ready for a night out with the girls!! We are off to the Pussycat Lounge here in Scottsdale... JJ

My New York Times interview went really well. The interviewer was great ...really really cool. I appreciate a journalist who does research and actually asks new questions. It's usually the same questions over and over, but she only asked old questions to verify either discrepancies or to confirm and verify. The shoot following was very quick and easy. We had a biz diner last night that went well and then it was home and TIME TO PLAY ..LORD OF THE RINGS RETURN OF THE KING!!!!!!!!!! Justin and Daniel have almost finished the game in 1 day! It is by far the best game I have seen to date. The graphics are unreal and the action is great. I have been ebaying a lot lately and have picked up quite a few things in the last few weeks. It's like an addiction. It's funny when you buy an item you think that you have won it... brilliant concept. I got my Hello Kitty Snowboard tonight. I know; I have my own Jenna snowboard. I don't think I should really be riding my own snowboard though. I here Daniel and Justin yelling..time to get back to the game! Have a great night.

It's Kris' birthday today!! Kris is my sister in law and also works for Club Jenna. She is the merchandise queen. Justin, his brother and I went in and bought her Cher's first record contract and a bunch of signed photos from the same era. The contract was signed in 1964... very cool. Kris is a huge Cher fan! She went crazy when we gave it to her. I feel bad because we didn't have a party for her. Kris always arranges all the parties for everyone else's birthday. We just got back and had no time. One was scheduled by another sister of Justins, but it got canceled at the last minute. We are taking her to a company lunch today and then a family dinner on Sunday. We are off to the store top grab the new Lord Of The Rings game. I heard is is really good. Tomorrow I have to interview for The New York Times. So I need to get some good rest tonight. Hugs and Kisses! JJ

I am pooooooped. Our flight back from New York was pure Hell! First of all we stayed out late Tuesday night and went out to a strip bar with a few biz associates. So, we pushed our morning flights and reschedules them for 6 ish. Unfortunately, the flight had no first class avail and America West had cancelled a flight to they filled this plane to the rim. We got stuck in the non reclining row of seats in front of the emergency exit row. So we get on the plane, pull back from the gate...and sit for over 2 hours!! Of course during this lovely wait there was no food or beverage service and NO AIR!!! It was a sweat box. So our normal 5 -5/12 hour flight home returned into a 8 hour nightmare! Thank God we are home. I get this one lovely day of rest to I am off to the couch to lay like broccoli. Love always JJ

Just got done shooting for 2 days in LA and hopped on a red eye to Neew York for meetings... This is one instance when red eye fits very well.

WOW...last nights shoot went awesome! I am pooped we shot from 9 am till 11 pm. We did 7 set ups for my book. I am really really happy with everything so far. I can;'t wait to see the final prints!!! Today we are shooting another 7 set ups... I hope we get them done faster... I have a 10 pm red eye to New York tonight. I have meetings on Tuesday in NYC and return to AZ on Wednesday. I am going to be whoooped by the end of this week. I return to Az and have scheduled interviews every day! Didn't I say I was going to retire at some point...ha that's funny. Ok it's 5:30 am here and time for me to get my butt in the shower. Have a great day and hug someone ! JJ

I am on set with William Hawkes famed photographer extraordinaire...we are running a bit behind. I think we are over shooting maybe a bit, but the stuff is beyond amazing! The drive out to LA last night was great. Daniel and I drove out in my Mercedes truck... I love that truck. We just put a DVD player and TV's in it ; which makes the drive go so much faster. I grabbed 6 DVD's... I should have looked inside before I ran off with them. 4 of them were missing the DVD's! We watched Hot Chick and Deuce Bigaloo. Two hysterical movies. Time to get my ass back into make up for another change..TTYL! JJ

Halloween was so much fun. I love how cute all the little tricker treatrers look. We had the whole house decorated for the event. I found a scary cd of shrieks and creaks to go along with the d�cor. We didn't get a ton of kids, maybe 40 of them. But we still had lots of fun handing out candy. We started running out , so Daniel ran out and grabbed like 10 more bags of candy...of course that was the curse that stopped the tricker treaters...after we restocked on the goods we got maybe 8-10 more kids:( So, now I have bags of extra candy sitting here teasing and enticing me... " Jenna eat me.... Jenna..." Ok I am packing and getting ready to head off to Los Angeles. Stay away from the candy.. JJ

I was supposed to go to Los Angeles yesterday...but due to the fires the flights are canceled. Today is another wash; so hopefully tomorrow will work. I am shooting some promo stuff as well as shots for my book. Yesterday was a great day! I did a few errands and had a chance to catch up on some needed paperwork. I ended the day getting pounded for 2 hours straight! Ah, life is Have a great day! Love and Hugs. JJ

Ok, now the weather in AZ is perfect. The high is in the low 80's. Go figure it happens every year... it's over 100 for months; then BAM... 80. No in between, just 100 then 80.
We went and saw Kill Bill today. I thought the movie was awesome! I loved Terentino's style and the movie reminded me of the old Samurai Flicks that I loved watching as a child. The fight sequences were really well done and it's nice to see the woman as the bad asses! I give it a 9 out of 10.I heard people were complaining that it was too gorey. I thought they made the gore look humorous. I mean it looked just like the old samurai movies..limbs getting cut off and 400 gallons of fake blood spraying everywhere. I don't want to ruin the movie for those that have not seen it so I will stop there. We are getting ready to watch Matrix reloaded at the house...I didn't like it in the theaters, so I doubt it will be any better now! Have a great night! JJ


Linda and I got back late last night from Vegas. The boys left about 2 pm. Linda and I were going to fly , but the whole airport hassle was not something we wanted to deal with. So, we rented a car and drove back home. it was great; we got to relax and catch up for 4 1/2 hours. Linda has been a tad on the grumpy side. I think she is stressed and over worked. She likes taking everything on and doing a great job at it all. She is really amazing, but one person can only do so much before they start sacrificing everything else... I.E sleep! We are best friends and I really appreciate her friendship and everything she has done for me. It's weird I have really never had friends in my life and now I am surrounded by people I love and are my friends. It's a pretty cool feeling. Girls are different, not many of us really have true friends. Guys are totally different.. they have life long friends and buddies. I have always found it easier to hang out with the guys. Now I love both. Pigs...I know what you are thinking...yeah Jenna , LOL.

The Vince Neil Golf Tournament was a total disaster this year! Let's start with the fact we played on a course in the middle of nowhere in Vegas. It was 100 degrees and no shade anywhere. We were one of the sponsors and we had no girls show up to work the hole (yeah baby!). Linda and Ricky worked it...wink wink. I played crappy. Then we had the charity auction later that night. I hosted the auction, which I really enjoy doing. Vince didn't even make it to the auction! He was passed out in his room....come on this is a charity event for his deceased daughter! I was really disappointed in the whole event. Not to mentioned that they scammed Justin out of a car that he bought from the charity. I have a feeling this will be our last time with this event. I am trying to set a charity this year of our own. I feel the need to give back and help. The only problem is that I have to be careful to whom I can donate to, because I am known as an adult tell me that isn't a load of crap!!! Sometimes the hypocrisies of our society slay me.

Back on the road again. We are off this morning to LA. We are driving...who knows why bc we are only there till Saturday. WE just got a new Range Rover so Justin wants to take it for a drive! We are rotating old cars out and getting new cars in. We are selling the Viper, the Escaade, and 2 of the motorcycles. I think the CTS and the Mercedes CL will go as well. We have way tooo many cars. Justin finds a great deal on a car and buys it..but we never sell any of the old ones. We got a new Maserati this week also, woohooooo! Now that is the car I claim as mine! When Justin told me he bought it I didnt think I would like it. I never liked the old style Maseratis. This new one is awesome!!!! I will get some pix posted of it. It really is cool...and extremely fast. We got a moroon one with cream and maroon interior. It has the F1 racing shifting only. It took me a few drives to get used to it, but now I love that style and it's kinda fun. Ok, geese I sound like a guy talking about cars... I love cars what can I say. Anyways, today we are off to Los Angeles to reshoot my billboard shot and to shoot my Fender tomorrow and I am doing another segment for VH1 this afternoon when we get in. I 'll let you kno whow the rover drives!
Love JJ
p.s. let me know if anyone wants to buy a car, LOL.

Todays relax shop relax...sounds good!

Linda and I flew in and out of LA yesterday. I had a quick meeting and headed back home. These are the days I wish I just lived in LA. I am constantly going there for work. It's just LA is soo congested and disgusting. Not to mention how rude the people are. Everyone there is so nasty and rude to each other. I know that is a major generalization, but visit there and see. Life is Arizona is so relaxed and attitude free. Not to mention traffic free... how long that will last who knows. One prob with AZ right now is the extended summer we are having... it's still over 100 degrees here. Our norm for Sept of days over 100 are 8; this September- 25! I hope everyone has a nice relaxing stress free day and end with some great heart pounding SEX!

I am still recovering form Justin's BDay! Yesterday a bunch of us went out on the motorcyles and cruised for the day. To end the evening we went and watched Joe Rogan do his stand up at the Improv in Tempe. He was absolutely hysterical!!!!!! Probably the best stand up comedian I have ever seen. After the show we had a few drinks with Joe and then headed over to our friends bar Cat Eye for one last drink at our fav bar.... the Cat Eye was closing and this was it's last night in biz. It was a sad occasion. Our friend Todd owns it and made the decision to close based on various lease problems... sad sad sad. Todd opened a new bar called SKIN, a great strip bar, so now we relocate our fav hang out to there. I never drink too much , but hey it was Justin's bday and we tied one on! I still have a headache,lol. These are the days I feel old! Time for some advil...

What a night! We went to see Aerosmith and Kiss last night. Kiss opened for them and put on a great show...I mean come on it's Kiss. these guys are great stage performers and have a really good following. They are getting a bit on the older side. They definitely rocked the house. Aerosmith came on and the crowd went crazy!! Our seats were dead center right at the end of the center walkway. The y performed almost 1/2 their songs about 1 foot in front of us!!! Talk about an unbelievably talented band. After the show we went to our friends strip club and I got my swerve on with a few hotties!! It's late and time for bed.....sweeeet dreams.. JJ

I started training again yesterday and woooof, my body is soooooore. We started easy and light...yeah right! He has me doing these crazy exercise calisthenics crap that kills me. I want to soak myself in numbing lotion and not move for a few days, LOL. Actually I say that, but Eric is on his way over to train me, yuck...and to think I pay for this torture. I hope he doesn't bring Mr.. Jump rope today! I will let you know how the torture session goes.

Long day. We just got finished shooting for our Christmas Billboard in Times Square. It looks unreal... I can't wait till I get to see in up this winter. We were supposed to shoot my fender ad stuff as well...but seeing that it is 9:30 pm already we had to push it. I am pooped it's been along week and I am ready to go to bed!!!! I can't wait to get back home! have a great night...and for God sake..get some sleep ...JJ

Today went great. We shot all the product shots for my next 8 Doc Johnson adult toys! It really needed to get done, so I am glad to get it over with and on to the next set of cool toys! I shot with William Hawke today...he is sooo cool. It's been awhile since we have used him. It was really cool catching up with him. I tried a new make up artist out today. She is awesome. So now I have a back up when I need one. I have been in a pretty good mood considering all the work I have been stuck with. the movie took a lot out of me. I don't know...maybe it was getting my head dunk in the barrel forty times during the interrogation scene that wore me out! I guess Justin is already editing the footage and says it is incredible..... On that nice note I am going to bed and masturbating till I fall asleep! {big smile} JJ

I am getting ready to go shoot for VH1 this morning. I get to comment on the 100 hottest people for 2003.. which should be hysterical. I love doing the VH1 shows. They are very easy, great publicity, and a lot of fun. After VH1 I meet with some people about a reality concept that I am pitching. Keep your fingers crossed.

Today was an interesting day. I had to shoot for Entertainment Weekly Magazine. They flew win from NY and wanted to shoot at the house. Well, they came to the house and they were 45 minutes early ...ahhhh! No one was even here with me , so they were walking around my house unattended while I got ready. I don't know about you , but I really don't like people I don't know cruising around my house. The shoot went well...I don't know I just didn't have a good vibe the whole day. I really don't know why. I think we found the Bar we are going to but and launch our first Club Jenna Bar. Justin and Moe were going through negotiations on it. how cool, I can't wait. Our bar will rock!!! Justin just got home, we are going to have a nice relaxing night at home, dinner and a movie. And hopefully some loooong hardddd sex! JJ

I have some interviews to get done today. I am interviewing for W magazine and also for Men's Health today. I love both mags so this should be easy. yesterday was pretty funny. VH1 was here with Wendy Williams interviewing me for the day. She is pure crazy! Very funny. If you don't know her she is the most forwarded and shock valued interviewer around today. She is also one of the top radio personalities in NY. We took them all to the lake for the day. Well, it sounded good a month ago when we planned it. We took into consideration the weather, extended forecast said 95, and decided that we should get on the lake about 9-9:30 am. Ok, all that being said, it was the record high for that day, 107, and we got to the lake late- 12 noon! They were dying! OOOOOPS! shit happens. Poor Wendy's husband pass out from the heat- and maybe the big ass blunt he was smoking! We all had fun and even got to ski! JJ

Yesterday was great. We started out the day shooting product shots for the site. Krystal and I blew through the pics pretty fast. Then it was off to the lake for a day of shooting and skiing. It was awesome. there were too many boats, but we still had a blast. It was Krystal's first time skiing...she got up! I got up and skied for awhile. Justin, his brother and Ricky all skied as well. It was a really nice day and a great way to end 3 days of shooting. Desmond is flying in to do my hairs today...long long day of sitting in a chair, yuck. Des is here time to go sit and sit and sit and sit.......

What an awesome chat! Ok For all of you that missed last nights chat...big mistake! I did my Flirt free chat last night with a special guest, Krystal steal. The chatting part was minimal, but the sex part was huge. Woof that little girl is a hottie. I know there are a bunch of screen caps in the forum from the show and I think we will have the vid up in the next week or so. Wow, it was fun...we would shoot till one of us came, then break till our senses were back and then go right back at it! Oh and the shooting during the day went well

We are shooting at the house for the sites for some of the girls. We are shooting, Kendra jade, Krystal Steal, and Ashton Moore. It should be fun. Well fun for me, I get to style and help with positioning. Justin is shooting stills and video. I hear him calling now...time to get the girls ready...I like dressing them up, wink wink.

Today is a masturbatathon! I will attempt to beat my current record of 17 times in an afternoon. Let the games begin!

The record has been broken...good night!

I got a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday! Ahhhh! They put me under, oh yeah baby, and did the deed. The whole thing went really well. I was laid up all day yesterday and most of this morning. The right side of my face feels like I got donkey punched on it. I finally had it taken out; it's been driving me nuts for months and it became infected this week. I had no choice but to have surgery. I canceled 2 days of shooting this weekend to get it done. Next week is a pretty long week,so I will get some good RNR this weekend. Time to lay back down...hope you all have a great weekend! JJ

Getting ready to leave for Los Angeles. We will be shooting the new shot for our billboard in Times SQUARE as well as a bunch of product shots. I think something is up with my's pounding and I really don't feel well. I have an emergency visit to my dentist scheduled for this morning. I hope it's something simple!!! Wish me luck.



AHHH.. we went to Chucky Cheese my nephews birthday last night. Ok the place is the ultimate fun place for little kids! All the kids had a blast and the pizza tasted great... well, it did at the time. It sat in my stomach like a ticking time bomb!!! I don't think I need say anymore on that subject. We had an evening planned to go hang out with a couple of our friends from out of town. Unfortunately, the pizza kept both Justin and I from going :( Still a bit queezzey. Today we are going to my brother's tattoo shop to say hi...don't worry I am not getting any new tats! Have an incredibly awesome Saturday! JJ

I got a new PDA...a blackberry!! How cool are they?! It's like my new fav toy. Love text messaging and emailing from it. It should be great on the road. Yesterday I went and get my Drivers License. I know don't fall down from the shock, and then went to T Mobile for the new little Blackberry. I need to learn how to download instant messenger on it so I can chat with ya'll. OK, off to have sex for a few hours...woohooo SEX!!!!

Back back again! We got back from Vegas last night around midnight. The drive was actually fun...we had the 2 cars caravanning and stopped a few times along the way. We watched Old school and Lord of the rings Towers on the way home. The party went really well last night. The crowd was great and Kid Capri spun his ass off. We closed Babies, club at the Hard Rock Casino, down at 6 am and then went to gamble. I ran into Pink...she's hot! She and I hung out till like 8 am ...I couldn�t see straight at that point! The trip was awesome and now I am poooped. Today is a veg out and do nothing day! Love and Hugs

Vegas is truly the City of Sin. Where else do you stay out till 6 a.m. and play? We have been gambling like crazy...I am up and Justin is down. Daniel hit a 1000 jackpot on The Wheel of Fortune machine last night! We had an incredible dinner at Nobu, sushi. I am so glad the shoot is over and I get some RnR Time. Hopefully tonight�s party goes well. It should be easy... I am only there for a few hours hosting and then get to hang out for the remainder of the evening. Time to do some shopping at the Forum shops at Caesars�. {smile smile smile}

Ah, the start of a lovely day. This is the last day I have to shoot for the movie! WOOOHOOO! The shoot has been really hard and cursed. I was not meant to be a devil, god is telling me something. Between the directors little snide comments, the reality show in my face non stop, and the onslaught of reporters on set... I have been in an anxiety frenzy! Yesterday went ok; I started out in the morning doing some Voice Over work at 9 am. Then did an interview, which they tricked us so they could get more footage and time (scum), and then had lunch with Steve, the owner of Vivid. Lunch was awesome, he is the coolest. From lunch we went to set...over an hour drive to Malibu, and I did my massive bit of dialog (5 lines) and drove 1 1/2 hours back to the hotel! Actually Daniel and I stopped and had some Sushi and sake!!! MM MMM MMMM

Another day in hell..literally.LOL

On set today for DMJ...I am doing a sex scene with Rachael Rotten, not a very good name for a girl, LOL. Hopefully today will go smoother than the last 3. I got food poisoning from Spago�s last night.....I was throwing up alll night!
This has just been one of those weeks. I feel really week today. Daniel got me some pedialite, I hope it helps. Well, off to set I go, keep your fingers crossed. I hope I don't get sick in the middle of the scene....

Today was a looong day! I had to shoot some stuff for the reality show today. My norm day between shoot days would be spent in a coma...not shopping and eating yadda yadda. But, that doesn't make for great T.V., LOL So, Briana and headed out this morning for a day of spa...which because of technical difficulties got canceled. So we plan B'd it and went to Spago's in Beverly Hills, for lunch and then went shopping on Melrose, followed by a quick tan and dinner. It doesn't sound like a ton, but when that cam is in your face the whole are pooped by nighttime and just want to get away from everyone and curl up in bed with a good movie. Tomorrow should be pretty simple, a few lines of dialogue and a Girl Girl sex scene. Ok, it's movie time... Hugs and Kisses, JJ

I have had a shitty shitty day! UGH! Enough said. Good Night! JJ

So, today will a fun filled day of getting myself ready to go shoot in LA for the next week. We are shooting the Devil In Miss Jones from sat till next Friday. From there I go to Vegas and will be hosting a party on Sunday at the Hard Rock. I love hosting parties, but hate talking on the mic...isn't that weird. I get really uncomfortable talking to the crowd. I will be working on it before the event and try to get myself more acclimated and comfortable for this hosting event. I have a week to work on it! I am off to get nails and crap done...poor Daniel, my assistant, gets dragged all over with me on errand days. TTYL....... Love JJ

Oh, did I forget to mention....STILL NO GAS!! LOL. Welcome to Phoenix, the nation's 7th largest city and the only city in the country with NO GAS!

The billboard is up in Times Square and people are talking and complaining. LOL, a perfect angle for advertisement.

Oh...and FYI...WE STILL DON'T HAVE GAS!!!!!!!

Wow...holy end of the world! What is happening city black outs on the east warming through out the bombs taking out the UN building, and NO GAS IN PHOENIX! What the hell, we have no gas. We got back from Vegas Sunday night and noticed long lines at the gas stations. Justin noted that was odd. Unannounced to us was the fact that a major fuel line had been broken that served the Phoenix area. One by one the gas stations ran out of gas and the few that have mild reserves left are rationing it out to a maximum of $10 per person...which isn't very much when they are charging $2-$4 a gallon! Can you say price gouging!!! I love how when ever there is a scare of any type the fuel companies take it upon themselves to raise the price of gas regardless of the price per barrel! I would assume that there would be a direct correlation between the price of gas and the cost per crude barrel...silly me! I love how the government is keeping us in fear...fear so they can pass new laws and regulations to control the world...well actually just to control us! It's starting to get ridiculous, I could go on for hours...but I will spare you al my views on current situations. On a lighter note: Vegas was a blast this weekend. We drove out Friday night for the K1 championship fights at the Bellagio Hotel. What a blast! The fights were unreal. We then went to dinner at Nobu, at the Hard Rock. Nobu is one of my all time fav restaurants in Vegas. The food was its usual...AWESOME! We spent the remainder of the evening at the baccarat table... we won. Saturday we got up had some breakfast and then played black jack for the afternoon...we lost :( Went back up to the room and had crazy sex for an hour and then watched Both of which were incredible, lol. That evening we had dinner at AJ"s sucked! Then we played baccarat till 4 am...we won! Sunday, we picked up Neil, my writer for the book, and drove back to Phoenix and to the fuel shortage! Yesterday I interviewed for the whole entire f'ing day! Today the same. I had a Fox interview scheduled for this morning but, due to the Baghdad bombing they called and canceled it at 6:45 a m. It was for my billboard that goes up in Times Square today! yep, that's right...we put a Jenna billboard up in Times Square! Hopefully I will get to see it before the end of the world comes! Have a great day and enjoy the last days of existence! Love and Hugs...JJ

Wooohooo, we are off to vegas for a weekend of fun and excitement! Wish me luck at the tables!

I' am so glad everything has died down now as far as the E! True Hollywood story goes. I recieved SO many emails from people around the nation about the show. I think a lot of people see me in a different light now, which is a good thing. I want to thank all of you for emailing me and showing me so much support, I'm glad you guys enjoyed it... and you still like me! LOL
I am getting back in the gym after a couple weeks off, I feel like a whale! It is so wierd how quickly the softness comes over your body when you don't work out. ICK!
Next week I begin production on The Devil in Miss Jones. I just got the script, and it is fabulous! I, of course, play the Devil! GO FIGURE! But, what I am most excited about is that I get to wear 10 different outfits (all of my choice) in RED! I can't wait to go shopping! And the bill goes to Vivid, how cool is that? Neiman Marcus better prepare, because I may do a little damage! LOL
Savanna Sampson is playing Miss Jones and almost all of the Vivid girls will be appearing in the movie, so it should be tight. Paul Thomas is directing so I forsee a few awards when AVN comes around in 2005.
Then after that production ends, a couple of weeks after that I am off to New York to film a new movie for CJ along the lines of the mainstream film The Secretary. I am super excited about that since The Secretary is one of my favorite films.
Tomorrow I am off to Las Vegas for some R&R. Jay and I are going for a couple of days and on Friday we are going to see the K-1 Fights. I love those! Anyway, if anyone needs me, I will be lounging by the pool at The Hardrock Hotel! :)

Love ya,

Many different emotions came over me in the days prior to my premiere of "The Jenna Jameson True Hollywood Story". Number one, TERROR. I couldn't believe I spilled out my whole life in front of millions of people. Number two, relief. I finally got to tell it like it really is. Number three, disbelief. I never thought any mainstream venue would ever show our industry in a good light. And last but not least, happiness. I knew this was something I was going to be proud of.

On Sunday night I sat down in my living room with my father and brother and prepared to see my guts spilled on national television. My dad kept reassuring me that it was going to be fabulous, and I had nothing to worry about. But, I knew I did... I knew that if E! decided they were going to make this into a tragedy... the industry that I so love would be cast further into obscurity. After the first segment, the nerves started to subside... and I realized this was something that humanized me and the adult world. Although they sensationalized a few things, I thought it came off pretty well. I hope in the future, they continue to consider our industry to be more than just having sex on film, and a job that can catapult women into the seat of power.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone for helping me out with this project! I would like to thank AVN and Mark Kernes for being so supportive, Joy King for being my right hand girl...TT boy for telling it like it is, Mark Davis for being so friggin� cute, Briana for being my little prot�g�e, Bobby Vitale for staying off the drugs :) , Steve Hirsh for being so eloquent, Judith Regan for realizing porn sells, Melissa Ann for letting me be her first, Vinny at the Crazy Horse for giving me a job at 17, The Fox Channel (Marvin Himelfarb AND Bill O�Reilly) for believing in my acting, Howard Stern for laughing with me and not at me, Linda Johnson for being my pseudo-sister and partner in crime, my dad for being there when I needed him, and my brother for being my best friend. Last but not least thanks to the love of my life, Jay. I've never been happier in my entire life... thanks to you! I hope everyone enjoyed the special!
I am doing the finishing touches on Bella Loves Jenna which will be released in November! Trust me, you don't want to miss this one....

Love ya,

Ok..I am getting ready to watch my show on the E chanel....I am sooo nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Voice over stuff went really well yesterday. V.O work is so easy.... no make up, no stress, no marks to hit when you walk in to deliver your lines, no cheesy actor staring at you making stupid faces while you are trying to be serious! We got back around 9 pm last night...long travel day. I played a bit of XBox when we got home. I got the new Soldier of Fortune II game; it rocks! I like being in sniper mode and popping heads off the enemy, heheheheee. I know it's not a girls game , but it's fun! What did you expect me to play, Britney Spears Dance game, lol. Tomorrow My E True Hollywood Special airs... JJ

Off to Los Angeles again this moring. I am doing some voice over work for HBO. Daniel is going with me. It should be an easy day...shit , I just jinxed myself!

I am about to go to sleep, I have a very long interrupted night ahead of me. I got a call this morning from Howard Stern asking me to be on his show tomorrow. Of course I said yes, since it was by phone. I thought, how easy just get on the phone and pop off. Well, I was wrong, he said he wanted me on very first on his show, so that means I have to be up at 2:15 am and get ready and go live at 3:30 am. ICK!
Then, he called back and asked if I would be willing to be shot on camera for the interview because he wanted it for the E! show! EEEEEEEK!
That means I have to be made up and beautiful! UGH! But, I found a way to make it fun... invite my girlfriends over! Hehehehehehe
So I invited Kerri Ann (cute tattoed girl fom the pool party) and Kendall(chat superstar) and a few others, it has now turned into a full fledged CJ party! That's how we do it here at ClubJenna, Yeah Baby!
OK, well I better try to catch a few ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's...
I love you guys, and I'll talk atcha soon!


Another lazy day where I had to and did absolutely nothing. Tomorrow and Monday I have Entertainment weekly here doing an interview. It should be fun, I think they will enjoy running errands with me. We moved into our new ClubJenna offices yesterday. Well, actually everyone one else moved the offices...I am pooped. The new offices are beautiful. Really cool layout, colors, and decor. Moe and Justin picked everything out. We hired 4 more people and needed more space. Luckily the new place is still close to the house and centrally located to everything we need. I am in a nasty mood today, I am trying to quit smoking, it is a disgusting habit and I need to quit...but I can't. I know weak excuse... Justin brought home some nicorete gum...I tried a piece it worked and then came up with an excuse to smoke.... now I am grumpy. UUUUGGGGHHHHH! JJ

I was sooo tired last night. I flight was delayed leaving Los Angles for aver an hour. We had just arrived and had to do immediately do a chat for Flirt 4 Free. The chat lasts for 3 hours. I had a hard time keeping my eyes open , let alone be sexy. I felt bad. I wanted to cancel the chat, but they had advertised it and I don't flake. On top of being tired we were having technical difficulties. So, all around it was a bad night. When it was all over I was so tired I was delirious. Today I am doing nothing...I will be a slug and vegetate on the couch.

I WON!! Last night G4T.V. had their first annual video game awards and I won for Best Female Voice in an action game for my participation in Grand Theft Auto. Ray Liota won for Best male. The event was really amazing and I was honored to even be nominated. The show reminded me of the MTV awards...they went all out and it was very impressive. I also accepted the award for Game of The Year... Grand theft Auto, Vice City.

Wow, what a day . We shot all the girls today, Briana, Sky, Tyler, and Haven. Justin and Brett shot some absolutely incredibly beautiful sets on the girls. The girls were so tired by the end of the day. It's been a long weekend and I am sooo glad it is over. All the girls were awesome. They were all happy and did a great job! We are going to start shooting like this once every other month to help the girls get content for their sites. I styled most of the sets today and I am getting ready to pack up for LA tomorrow. I have an awards show to attend. I am up for an award for my part in the video game, Grand Theft Auto. Very we fly into LA tomorrow morning, I meet with the star of the show I read for, then have another meeting before the awards show. Thursday I have a quick lunch meeting about doing a huge Spring Break show for one of the networks (which might be really cool!), and then we are on a flight back home to shoot a Flirt 4 Free show Thursday night. This has been a hard month thank God it's almost over! I interviewed with Neil yesterday, we almost have the book completed. It was hard interviewing with 20 million people running around the house all day. The book is really coming along nicely. We are having a HUGE storm here right of the worst I have seen in az.... I hope all the girls got off safely. It's packing time..Love JJ

The pool party went really well... well, it might have been better if we didn't pick the last week in July to have it...hello...115 degrees of blister sun! It was brutal! All the girls we totally exhausted after the event. We had everyone over for a cookout after the party. Everyone was like a walking zombie. I was so tired I had a hard time keeping my eyes open. Everyone left around 10 o'clock...I barely made it to the bed before I passed out. I would like to thank all the CJ members that showed their support and made it to the events.. Noahped , you rock!, Blondie girl (smoooch), Sunshine( you go girl!), Adam..waaasssuuup,and Tony. I really think it's cool that you all showed up...THANK YOU! I hope we have all the pics up soon so everyone can see the insanity! Today we are shooting some of our girls for their sites. I am helping out with styling and make up. It will be nice to be behind the scene for a change.


We are off on our way back home to Scottsdale, AZ. This has been a long week and I can't wait to get home! Yesterdays meetings went really really well. I met with Adam Sandler and company, Happy Madison. What an awesome group of guys! Very cool, hopefully I will be appearing in a few upcoming movies they have! I am in the final negotiations for the role in a new Fox show ... keep your fingers crossed it looks good. I will let you know as things get more concrete. Ok, time to hit the road, have a great day.

What a great day of shooting. We had a nice easy day and the pictures came out beautiful. We shot a boy girl set that will be up on the site in the next few weeks. I am sure everyone will be very happy to see a new b/g set! Today is going to be a long day... I have a reading and meeting at Warner Bros, a meeting with Happy Madison, and then an interview with US Magazine. I am very excited and nervous at the same time..... JJ

Had a great day yesterday... got to sleep in a bit, got up went toi eat at El Toritos on Rodeo, did some shopping on Melrose, went and visited Michael Ninn on set, went and did some more shopping, ate dinner at my favorite restaurant (KOI), went back to my room rented XMen2 , had awesome sex for an hour, and then went to sleep! Now that is my kinda day!!!!! (Huge smile} Hope your day is as good today... JJ

We had a great shoot yesterday. I shot with Laurent. We did a beautiful single girl layout and then Justin and I did an incredible 16 position layout!! It went really well..wait till you see the set. I think we are selling it to Hustler. We are shooting sets all week, so expect some new boy girl sets on the site soon! Love ya'll JJ

I shot my new headshots yesterday. It was funny. I am used to shooting fashion and nude...not headshots. I had to get in a totally different mindset for the shoot. We did 4 different looks. I am really excited to see the shots. I have never had my headshots done before. I'm glad it was a quick and easy day bc I need some rest before the long week of shooting ahead. I wish I was home waterskiing today..can we make a law that I don't have to work anymore? Please...

OK, remember the ..I am sure this is going to be an eventful day...comment? Holy Shit!!! It was an understatement!!! The girl I shot with was insane. First off she thought she was some super model and had no clue what she was doing. I guess she is "allergic" to alcohol...well, I guess she should not have snuck wine in and drank it. She was sooo out of line ...the photographer called the shoot and sent her home! It was a nightmare; her husband was calling yelling at her she was yelling at him...unreal! I knew it!!!! So, we just shot a single girl layout and will do a girl girl layout next week with a normal model, pheeewww. JJ

Yesterday was a loooong.. get you hairs did day. My flight into Los Angeles was easy. I had to get the hairs all nice looking for my shoot today. It will be interesting to see how the shoot goes for Hustler today. They had to switch out girls and the girl that we are shooting with is questionable. I am sure it will be an eventful day. I am running to go tan right now ad ten off to th eset. I will let you know how the day goes. Have a great oner seeties...JJ

5:38 a.m. .. oh what a joy, lol. At least it's only 85 at this time of day! The weather has been really hot here this last few days. It was 118 yesterday and supposed to be the same today. I fortunately get to go to Los Angeles this morning(and get out of the heat!) to shoot for Hustler tomorrow and the rest of the this week and next for ClubJenna. Then I go back to AZ on Thursday and we have the ClubJenna P.O.R.N party on Saturday night. We have most of our girls coming in for the weekend, Briana, Jill, Gina, Chloe, Haven, Skye, and... It is going to be out of control. Saturday our party is at AXIS Radius in Scottsdale and then we are having a huge pool party on Sunday. Ok, I need to get some last minute packing done...wish me luck. JJ

Just got in from visiting Missy in the Pocono's. We really had a great weekend. I was the godmother for her new baby boy. We got into JFK Friday night and had to drive 1 1/2 hours to get to her house. we didn't get to her place till after midnight. The christening was at 11 am. It was really special. Missy always goes crazy on events like this and has an incredibly well planned party from every aspect, decorations, dj's, place settings, food, flowers, activities for kids, etc. We were at the baby's after party till about 5 pm. and then back to her place to change and all the adults go out and party!!! We had 3 limos and a lot of drunk people. Of course you know we ended the at...A STRIP BAR!!! It was insane! We went to a club in the middle of nowhere called Grandview' was great.. beautiful girls and a crazy crowd! Always a nice combination. We ended up getting out of there at around 2 am and headed home. Justin had a 9 am tee off this morning...yuck. Then back to the airport we went... It was really a wonderful weekend. I just wish that we could have stayed longer. Tomorrow I get ready to leave again on Tuesday.... Have a great night, I need to get some sleep ......zzzzz.zzzzzz.zzzzzz JJ

I got back in late last night from Los Angeles. I had a long day , but it was a great day. I met with my agents at Endeavor and went over strategy and game plan for my mainstream career. From there I had an incredible meeting with the directors, producer, and writers for a new show on Fox! I will give you details as they unfold...A hint ...You should be seeing me on Fox more often this fall {big smile}. I don't want to jinx it! Tings are going really well lately. We leave on Friday for New York to go to Missy's (penthouse pet) son's baptism...he is her 5th child! Justin and I are the God Parents. It's a quick trip, we will be back on Sunday night. It's little miss Linda's birthday tomorrow! It sucks because I will be gone for her party this weekend. So , I am taking her to lunch today and celebrate before I leave. Ok, the day has officially started! Have a great one...JJ

Yesterday was funny. We got into LosAngeles at 1 pm and went right to the studio to shoot the box for Bella Loves Jenna. Bell is a maniac! She is such a hottie!!! MMm MMM MMM. The box is going to be beautiful. After the shoot Belladonna, Jill Kelly, Tyler, Joy and I hit the town! Uhh ohh watch out LA! We went to the saddle ranch on Sunset in Hollywood. They should have called it the Lesbian Ranch while we were there! Yes, we get crazy and out of control, but heck you need to every once and awhile. I love girls...what can I say. We obviously continued the party back in my room after the bar... JJ

Ok, it's 5:30 am and it should be illegal to have to wake up at this time. Justin gets up at 5 every morning...what is wrong with him? I need some coffee... Fortunately I packed last night and have a head start on the day. We want to get on the road by 6- 6:30. We are driving to LA for my box shoot for Bella Loves Jenna. Daniel is going with me, so hopefully I can get some rest in the car on the way. smell coffee...{walks off in trance} JJ

Lazy days and Sundays... Today is going to be one of those really nice relaxing days at the house. It too hot out to do anything. It's 115+! We wanted to go boating , but it's just to hot... you need to be on the lake by 7 am and off by 11. Fortunately I am traveling almost all of this month and will be avoiding this heat, woohoooo. Did you ever think I would be excited about not being home? I leave again tomorrow for Los Angeles. We are shooting the box cover for Bella Loves Jenna Tuesday and then I have a bunch of meetings on Wednesday for some mainstream work...keep your fingers crossed. Back home for a day and then off to New York to visit Missy and attend her son's baptism. Justin and I are the God parents, so attendance is a must! We return on Monday and then go back to Los Angeles on Wednesday till the 25th. That will be a fun filled week of shooting shooting shooting, oh joy! Return home on the 26th for our ClubJenna PORN party at Axis Radius and then our pool party the following day! On the 28th I slip into my coma and get rested for August, LOL. I am off to peruse the closet and get packing for the trip this week. Have an awesome day! JJ

I hope everyone had a great 4Th of July. I got home yesterday late in the afternoon from the Freedom Tour with Larry and Co. I was pooped and knew I was going to be down for the count as soon as I got home. I was in bed by 7 pm. Justin's brother Jim had a huge party at his house.. I didn't get to go which really sucked! No hot dogs and hamburgers for me, :(. I am still a bit groggy. I want to go see Terminator 3 today. I heard the movie is really good. Arnold rocks! I am looking up show times on the net right now. I'll Be Back... JJ

I've pretty much decided that I need my own plane! It is MUCH more fun to have your own pilot, leave when you want, fly wherever you want and sit in the cockpit. (go Jenna, you're a pilot!) It is also more fun to not have your drink picked up before take-off, to be served more than 2 bags of peanuts and to lie down and sleep the whole flight on a feather bed wrapped in a soft blanket. lol We left this morning from San Diego and flew to Cincinnati. We flew @ 45,000 the whole way and I've decided I will ban all commercial flights from here on! (hmmmm, I may not be going anywhere soon, huh?) We got to Cincinnati, and dancing girls and a band met us when we landed. Crazy. Tomorrow we have a long day - signing at both Ohio stores so we're gonna get tucked in, have a glass of wine and catch some zzzzzz's. I'm looking forward to seeing some CJ members tomorrow! JJ

Over 1600 people were at the San Diego store tonite - it was really nuts! But, first things first.....we left the hotel this morning and were off to the the airport hangar where the sleek, black, LFP private plane (Gulf Stream 2) was parked. WOW! It was really cool - like buying a new LV bag or a new pair o' shoes! lol While we were waiting, the LFP pilots gave us a tour of the hangar (the Yahoo! plane is AWESOME!) then we loaded up and flew to San Diego. It was a 30 minute flight and I got to sit in the jump seat during take-off. I pretty much could fly the plane, I think. hehehe We landed in San Diego, did some radio interviews then went to the hotel to get ready for the signing. It was about 4:30pm and people had already started to line up outside the store. By the time Larry and I got there the line was almost completely around the block! We signed til we could hardly hold pen in hand but......we had a LOT of fun and the people we met really were great. What a nite! I'm beat and we have an early day tomorrow - Round 2 a success! JJ

This morning we're off to LA for the first leg of the Hustler Freedom Tour w/Larry Flynt. Our first stop is the Hustler Hollywood Store on Sunset but to add a little spice to the day the airline lost my luggage. How do you lose a suitcase on a non-stop, 1 hour flight? I almost thought I was going to have an emergency shopping trip (God, forbid!) but they delivered my luggage just in the nick of time! lol Larry and I got to the store just after 8pm and the line ran the length of the store and down the block. We ended up signing for a little over 3 hours and managed to get through the line. It was a great way to kick of the Tour and I hope the rest of the week is as fun. I'm tired, and going to bed....tomorrow we head to San Diego for Round 2. Nite! JJ

Ok...the nice cool weather is over! It's over 110 here today!! Dry heat my ass!!! Wooof, I went for a swim this morning , got out of the pool and was dry. Fortunately the weather last weekend was perfect for the wedding. We were sooo lucky. Today I am busy printing out photos on the printer. We had a lot of digital photos from everyone's cameras that we are pooling and organizing. We have one of those little HP printers that does 4X6 prints. They look unreal...but it is a bit slow. Printing directly from the card has double the resolution so we have been organizing the shots and reburn them onto a card and printing off of that..what a pain in the butt... but hey it keeps me out of the heat. Tonight I want to go see 28 days or Finding Nemo. I know total opposites...but it depends on my mood later. I loooove scary movies. On the other hand I am dying to see Nemo, I have heard such great reviews from everyone. Last night I stayed home and watched the UFC fights on Pay Per View! At times I think I am a dude. The fights were awesome. Tank Abbot got his butt kicked again in like 1 minute. He is total old school and needs to get with the times and learn at least how to defend against submissions. I was excited to see Shamrock fight, but he had some injury and didn't fight. The kid that replaced him was great... the fight was a draw. The main card was Liddell and Randy Couture. What a great fight, no one thought Randy would win, but... guess what. He rocked! I get all riled up watching...I get puff in and arm bar until she submits, LOL. Everyone I love you all and have an incredibly awesome night! JJ

Let me begin by telling everyone how incredibly hard it is to plan a wedding. I thank my lucky stars I have so many great friends, namely Linda. I began planning my wedding rather late, and it seemed like it was a mad dash to get everything in order. I guess I didn't realize how much goes into planning an extravagant bash! Linda and I worked our little butts off trying to order all of the wedding favors andcake knives, untiy candles, bells to ring, marriage license holders, bridal albums, guest registry, day of the wedding custom embroidered jucy sweat suits, and countless other things. I found my dress, an awesome couture number by Ramona Keveza, and it was just what I was looking for... classy yet wow! I had hired a wedding planner, to take some of the load off linda and I... thank god I did that! I met with her a number of times trying to nail down what kind of flowers and different arrangement options... sidenote, DAMN, flowers are friggin expensive! I decided I wanted everyone that would be attending the wedding HAD to wear white. I thought it would look great in the pictures. Well, turns out I was right! The ceremony was so amazingly beautiful... I can't even put it into words!
I really didn't have any nerves for the week leading up to our nuptuals, I found that weird. HMMMM
Well, let me just tell you, it all cought up to me about an hour before I was due to walk down the isle. I was a blubbering wreck! I just burst into tears, and had a hard time stopping.
But, once I made it to the alter, I had calmed myself... until I had to recite my vows... OH lord, I couldn't stop the tears, Oh well.... at least I had a hankie!
Well, the wedding is over and everything went off without a hitch! It turned out a little larger than we anticipated, about 75 poeple. But, it was unforgettable!
Now, everyting has quieted down, and I am getting ready togo on the freedom tour with Larry. It will definately be a nice get away!
Jay (Justin) is all I could ask for to complete my fairy tale life! I'm a happy little camper!

Love you,

Well, these last couple of days have been super busy. I have been dealing with Brianna, who is going through a rough time... even though she is handling it with amazing strength, I know it must be hard for her. I mean I definitely know! I have been through so many crappy relationships, I should have my own talk show on the subject! Anyway, she is doing very well, and is looking forward to the CJ party we are throwing here in July. She keeps reminding me she is now single... I need to warn the poor men of Scottsdale that a beast named Brianna is now on the prowl.
This freedom could be a very good thing for her, not to mention her career. It always helps to be single, no problems to deal with when you gt home. So I wish her well, and I tell her every time I talk to her, I am there for her... no matter what! She went through a very rough time with Bobby, and she is certainly much stronger now because of it!

Kisses on your faces,

I have been busy busy busy...I am turning into a house cleaning freak! LOL. The construction is finally over and the wood shop is out of the garage, so we have been actually cleaning and organizing the house. It's amazing that after you clean the counters they actually stay clean for more than 10 minutes now. Carpet goes in the bedrooms on Monday and the metal columns for the entertainment center need to be installed and then basically the inside of the house is done! Life has been great... there are a lot of great mainstream opportunities rolling in! It's been very exciting!!! On a separate note I shaved my self pretty much bald... {smile} I haven't done it for a long time, it feels great! All around I am pretty happy right now, I have been working out and my body feels great. Have a great day and I love you all!

The FHM party went fantastic! I will begin telling you how my day was leading up to the festivities. I flew in early Thursday and went to Melrose, to my favorite store Von Dutch... I stocked up on some great threads, and made my way through traffic to my hotel, the Peninsula. My poor make-up artist got stuck in traffic and ebded up being over an hour late, so she was pressed for time, because she was doing Leanne Tweedons make-up also! Anyway, it all worked out and I was off to the party. When I arrived, they wisked me down the red carpet in front of hundreds of screaming photographers and then on to countless interviews for Access Hollywood,Extra, ET, E news Daily and Fox TV... I then went up to the celebrity couch for the live webcast for FHM... when I sat down I could feel laser beams in the back of my head, so I turned around... and low and behold, who was staring at me? Paris Hilton! She wouldn't stop looking at me, Hell, I felt flattered!
Well, the party went on for hours and I saw and met a lot of great people namely Catherine Bell, who asked for a picture with me! She was so sweet and beautiful! I ended up hanging with Brooke Burke the rest of the night, and we had a blast doing tequila shots all night! I only got a few pics with my camera because it went on the blink, but there are some great shots on I will post the few I got on monday! The one with Catherine is priceless! Anyway, I'm off to bed, I am dead tired... I love you!


HI everyone!
I hope you guys all have smiles on your cute little faces.... because I DON'T! LOL
I am in some kind of major anger bout!
Everything seems to pissing me off! WHY? I have no friggin idea. All I know is that I want to inflict injury on someone. Should that person be Jay? Moe? Ricky? Or even Josh? I think Jay... he's easiest to reach, since he's around me most of the time!
Anyway, a little update for you guys on my brother, he just acquired his new tattoo shop! He is so excited... it should be opening it's doors in about a month! So if any of you make any trips out here... you must get tattooed by my bro, Tony!
Well, today I have quite a few things to do, unfortunately! I have an interview with Paper magazine at 11 o clock then I wirk out the meet with some people from Endeavor... Endeavor is the biggest mainstream agency in the world... so this could be a good thing!
I saw on ET last night that Halle Berry won FHM's 100 sexiest women in the world poll! I have no other info... that sux huh?
If I hear anything, I'll let ya know, K?


Today was a very relaxing day, no one was at my house! Something I am certainly not used to. My builder finally left, and cleaned all of his gear out of the garage, so I can finally fit my mercedes into it. :)
All I did was eat and eat, for some reason I am so massively hungry lately... I mean I couldn't stop eating! That is totally wierd for me! So in between all of the munching, I went to Costco and picked up a bunch of new DVD's and CD's. I laid on the couch like a slug until it was time to go to bed at about 10 o clock! I swear I am getting old LOL.


Boy I have been in a raspy mood lately... I feel like ripping eyes from skulls right now. My photoshoots cancelled next week for the Box to Bella Loves Jenna, because we are having trouble getting ahold of Bella... I know she was on KSEX last night, so it's not like she has disappeared off the face of this planet. Maybe I need to call her instead of Moe... She seems to respond well to me:)
I have been posting in the forum for the past few days like a madman, and that has helped ease some of my tension... I also worked out with my trainer again yesterday... I think he likes to see me in pain! Masochistic butthead! :)
I am going to go get my nails done today and try to relax, if not Jay may end up dragging bloody stumps behind him to the gym! LOL
Just a quick update on my lobster ass... well, shit, it's still red... I am a whitegirl to the bone! LOL


Well, I had a nice relaxing day yesterday... Jay and I went out on the boat and spent hours and hours just lounging in the sun. Not to mention him trying to do a hundred miles per hour around the lake! I made sure a slathered on 80 pounds of sun screen, because the Arizona sun can be brutal. But, by the end of the day I felt a little tender AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! A few hours later I looked like a human crustacean. I am now nursing my badly burned buttocks! I can barely sit down!
And then on top of it, I thought I was gonna be tough and try to water ski in the majorly choppy water. There were hundreds of boats out there since it was Memorial day weekend... which makes for lots of waves in thewater!
I got out there and braved the choppy lake, but ended up nearly ripping my arms out of their sockets! LOL
Needless to say, I bombed on the skiing attempt!
I am going to go and rub some aloe on my kentucky friend skin! I love you guys!

Ahhhh...getting ready for My E True Hollywood interviewing that starts tomorrow and ends on Saturday night of this week. It's always nerve wracking never knowing what the will ask you and what type of slant they will have on the piece. Tomorrow they are interviewing my dad and brother and then myself. On Friday they interview Linda, Justin and then myself again. Saturday is a fun day of them shooting me in the gym with my trainer Eric and then off to the mall for some shopping and dining! Oh...and of course more exciting interviews. So, today was pretty cool I got up early and worked out. Its great because Eric is coming to the house to help train me. it really makes a difference not having to go to the gym. The whole ordeal is extremely stressful.. I don't want to get recognized so I dress way down, wear a hat, and try to draw no attention. The problem is that by my second visit I am signing autographs. So, its hard to feel comfortable looking like a So, this is the perfect solution. Justin picked up some new fancy gym equipment for the house so we have everything we could ever need. Eric kicked my ass today..lots of jumping rope and supersets! The rest of the day I got to watch the gazillion workers try and finish up the last little stuff in the house. It's soo close to getting done I am sooooooooooooooo excited I can hardly stand it. All we really have left to finish are the closet floors, the metal columns for the entertainment center (which arrive next week), and to put my tub in! Time to go you all!!! JJ

Oh, I forgot to tell you we saw Matrix Reloaded last night. The movie was not that great. The story was horrible and the acting was even worse! The only worthwhile parts were the fight scenes and even those tended to drag on a bit too long. Parts of it looked like a cross between Star Wars and Planet of the Apes. What a let down! I know it is difficult to make a sequel that lives up to its original, but it usually is a lot easier in action movies. The ending was a rip off set up for the next one. All in all 2 thumbs down! When Keannu looks like the best actor in the movie you know there is trouble. I think you could cut out 90% of the dialogue and you would never notice. A scene would end and Justin and I would like at each other and say" was that even needed?". It was bad, but in its defense did have the best fight sequences ever filmed in it. Truly amazing choreography and cam work as well as talented people performing them. I personally would have rather waited for the DVD.

I am still a It's nice to be able to relax and shop on ebay today. I have loaded up my wish list with like 20 things! Shoes, not like I need any, hats, hello kitty stuff, and sheets! I have become quite the Ebay shopper, bidding in the last 20 seconds..private emailing, lol. Ok, it's the little things that make me happy. Time to go back , I have an auction closing in 2 minutes!!! A Hello Kitty toaster... Hey by the way check out my ebay auctions as well signaturecollectionltd.

I really haven't had a break since I have been home. Today we are having Justin's family over for his sisters BDay party. I love having everyone over just that I am tired...and the thought of having to clean dishes is not to appealing right now, lol. Justin is cooking on the grill and we are turning it into a pool party. Its starting to get hot here already, 100+. Hopefully I will get to bed early tonight and get some good sleep. I hear the dishes calling...JJ

We got in late last night from NY. Another long flight and guess what..yep, you got it another screaming kid behind us the whole flight. Nah, I didn't want to relax after another long brutal week of work! I know people have to ravel with kids and I know someday I will as well. But it is just soo fricken annoying when they are crying. I can only imagine what the parents feel like. even though I have seen some not careless about their kid screaming bloody murder. Nothing worse than seeing a kid that is a total brat terrorize the whole plane. I have seen kids hit their moms spit on them...ahhhh! It is really great to be home. Today my family is dropping by to hang out and say hi while they are in town. It should be great to see them. I have missed them a lot and would like some time to hang out and catch up. My nephew is 8 now and he has grown up so much. He has Harry Potter glasses and looks too cute. Justin just picked him up a new gameboy advance. He will love it. He loves playing video games, now that I am thinking what kid doesn't , lol. I hope you all hae a great weekend and I will catch up with all of you soon, see ya in the forum! JJ

I am off to New York City! I have a fun filled week planned with Linda, well maybe not all fun... but lotsa fun work! I start off Monday, getting my hair done by the amazing Desmond, then tuesday I start my Simms snowboard publicity same with wednesday. Then, Thursday I shoot the cover and Layout for Paper magazine, then Friday I go on the Howard Stern Show, then shoot another VH1 special. A huge week... but should be fun!
I hope you guys are OK, without me for a week, I will be scheduling a CJ chat as soon as I get home... I friggin miss you guys!

See ya soon!


Ok, I've had a few requests to give a detailed account of my spill while shooting my latest extravaganza for Vivid.
Well here is how it went...
I was extremely excited to work with Savanna (new Vivid girl) and I was definitely pumped up and ready! We began the scene in the bathroom, and she was hogtied while I kissed all over her, and then I got the lucky job of sitting on her face while she was helpless... Hehehehehe
Next up we moved out into a huge living room, and she was tied to this huge steel contraption. We continued the sex, and things were heating up. Next, they tied her to this huge table, that resembled a massage table (but much taller). I then proceeded to have sex with her using my trusty strap-on. This all went so well! I shouldn't have gotten so comfortable. When Paul Thomas yelled it's a wrap! I went to step down off the table... mind you, I was on my knees. While putting my right leg down off the table, my left knee slipped out from underneath me... due to a large puddle of lube... LOL
From there I tried to put my right leg on the floor and catch myself, but the table was too tall, and went crashing down onto my back and wrist. I didn't even cry, I think I mighta been in shock! LOL
Anyway, I'm alive, and I am just going to chalk it up to another clutzy Jenna moment!
Onto what happened today! I shot for Fender guitars today in Phoenix (they are based here)
The pics were so rad! They certainly know what looks good on a girl... a mad cool electric guitar with purple ghost flames!
It went really smooth, and I was out of there by 5:30! That is totally unheard of in my industry!
Well, I am going to go have some yogurt and fuit (one of my favorite concoctions)
it has rasberries, grapes, blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries all mixed with vanilla yogurt and a little marshmellow fluff!
Talk atcha tomorrow!

Well, everyone... I'm home! My shoot for Vivid was definately one of the most grueling movie shoots I have ever done... but one of the most rewarding. I'm sure most of you haven't seen the original Massuese, starring Hyapatia Lee. Neither had I, but once I saw the script I was sold, it was 90 pages long! That is about as long as most mainstream scripts. It was also a very normal character, I played... Which is out of the ordinary for me... seems like most directors want me to play a psycho. I wonder why...
Anyway, it went over very well, except for my ugly spill off the huge table, breaking my fall with my wrist and back... I thought I had definitely broken my wrist. But the heavens were shining upon me that day, and I was able to golf the next!
All of the set drama aside, I am extremely happy to be home for the few days here in AZ. I shoot tomorrow for the Fender guitar ad campaign. Since my Revolver Girl of the Year award, I seem to be being hailed as a rock chick! A badge I wear with pride!
Other news, my father and brother have moved back to AZ. I am so excited to have my family back in my life, makes me feel so much more complete. My dad has diabetes, so it is nice to have him close so I can keep an eye on him.
Well, I guess I better go lay down and prepare for a fun filled day of flashes...
Love you,

I just wanted to write while I have a chance before hitting the studio and tell everyone what an awesome day we had yesteday. We took part in the Skylar Neil Charity Golf Tournament and had a blast! Moe, Linda and Ricky all flew out to spend the day with us and we had SUCH a great time. Club Jenna sponsored the 10th hole and Ashton Moore, Skye Blue and Briana Banks all came out and signed autographs, took pics with the golfers and handed out t-shirts & DVDs and basically distracted everyone who walked within 20 feet of them. lol Justin, Moe, Steven St. Croix and I made up our foursome and we had a lot of fun and actually golfed a pretty decent game (we each managed to force down a couple of drinks to help numb my hand!) lol. The best part were my caddies Mangoman, and Toby Mills! I really want to thank them for being such great sports and making the day extra special. You guys are the greatest! After we golfed, I hosted the auction and Justin bought tix for the Lakers playoff game FOR THAT NIGHT! so we drove to LA and caught the last half of the Laker's game at the Staples Center. The Lakers won, the Staples Center is AMAZING and we were exhausted! I think everyone had a great day and we raised money for a great cause! Big thanks to everyone who made it so much fun - JJ

Today I really threw myself into my work, and I mean REALLY! We had a really good day, lots of great scenes and really good dialogue and then went to the last scene for the day where I having sex on a table. Don't ever let anyone tell you lube isn't slippery! I went to put my arm behind me to lean back on it and slid through the lube and off the table - "Jenna's goin' down!" I landed on my right wrist and my hand started to swell almost immediately. We grabbed some ice and that pretty much called it a day for us (damn, shoulda tried that earlier! hehehe) This is REALLY going to handicap my golf game tomorrow! Hopefully it'll be better in the morn. No more gymnastics for me tonite. JJ

Had a really amazing scene today with Vivid Girl, Savannah. Yummmmmmmm - I wrapped Justin in cellophane, tied him to a tree and made him watch me fuck Savannah. Pretty hot! Must say, this may have been my favorite day of shooting so far. He should have been a little nicer to me yesterday huh? lol It was pretty hot with Savannah. She really has a sexy little body and I thoroughly enjoyed playing with it. I'm going to look forward to working with her some more.....Missing you all! JJ

Today on set I was tied up and beaten. I think Justin may have enjoyed it a little more than he was supposed to - hmmmmmm. It was a really great scene and it ended in hot, passionate sex and of course, that's what it's all about! lol Tomorrow will be the fun day - MY TURN! We shot really late and I am BEAT - no pun intended....hehehe JJ

Whew - loooong day. Today I wasn't on set but had a photo shoot and interview for Business 2.0 Magazine. I was honored to shoot the cover for this mag with Vivid President, Steven Hirsch and also with Sunrise. It was great to work with him -he's one of my favorite people and it made the day fun. They did the interviews and shot everyone individually for a coffee table book they are doing - it's really going to be awesome. When we find out when they are publishing I'll let everyone know! Anyway, it was a good but tiring day. Tomorrow back on set for me - Justin is knockin' em dead with his acting skills. He's good...he's got a gift! lol Nite! JJ

I'd just like to say - I HAD TODAY OFF! wooooo hooooo! Too bad Justin had to work today. lol He's pretty much in every scene so he's basically working every day of the shoot. Hey, that's the price of being a star! What do you think I did in LA on my day off.....I know you'll never guess so I'll tell you - I went a shoppin! I traipsed all over town and in & out of every store until I had my fill of shoes, purses, make-up whatever grabbed my eye. I also have a shoot/interview on Sunday with Business 2.0 Mag and needed to buy a suit for that so that and that was all the excuse I need. I hit Del Taco for a little nourishment (yummmyyyyy!) and I was ready! Justin worked pretty late so I'm going to fix him something to eat and help him relax a little. I have interviews tomorrow and am working with some of my favorite Vivid people so that'll be a fun day. Hope you are all well- we miss you! JJ

Today we didn't have to be on set til after lunch so we got some sleep, ran some errands, handled some CJ business, checked on friends, families and dogs, grabbed a bite to eat at Jerry's Deli (mmmmmm!) then went to the studio! Nice, relaxing morning. lol We actually finished shooting pretty early so we are meeting some friends for dinner. It'll be great to relax a little. Gotta get ready. Miss you all! JJ

Okay, so we are 3 days into the shoot and everything seems to be going pretty well. As you know, we are shooting "The Masseuse" and there is A LOT of dialogue in this movie! The script is about 20x the size of a "typical" adult movie script and I am REALLY surprised how well it's going. Justin is doing AWESOME - I see I taught him well! lol It's fun to be working with him on such a big (no pun intended) project. hehehe Hey, and the sex isn't bad either! I'm doing some yummy g/g stuff tomorrow so you know I want to be rested for that. Nite everyone! JJ

We started the shoot today. We are really excited about this movie - it's going to be great. I'll try to give you updates as we go along so you can all share the fun! lol I imagine Justin and I will both pretty much be sick LA and tired of shooting when this is finished (maybe then I can get some rest? heheh) Off to bed. Long day tomorrow. JJ

Justin and I are running around like mad men getting ready to hit the road. Gotta get manicures then we're off to LA for 2 weeks or so. Talk to you soon! JJ

Happy Easter everyone! Justin and I spent most of the day with family which made it a very nice day. I feel like I have a million things to do before we leave tomorrow (pulls hair from head!)so I guess the relaxation did us both good. lol We're going to watch a DVD, have some thunderous sex and get some sleep for the week! woooo hoooo! JJ

Justin and I spent most of the day around the house getting ready to leave town and running lines for the new movie. When he would get tired, he'd go outside and gaze at the new BBQ. lol I must admit, not many people have a stereo built into their BBQ - leave it to Justin to always take it ONE step beyond! I will admit that it is pretty cool but, COME ON! Hey, as long as he's cooking he can have a home theatre built into it! lololol I'm going to do some packing. Justin is still outside. hehehe JJ

Yesterday was really a great day! We got to LA and went straight to the studio to do my interview w/HBO. They are doing a late nite documentary series on the Adult Industry-and are doing a lot of interviews for the piece. I guess it's not going to air for a while - probably next Spring. We left there, checked into the hotel, had some lunch and watched "The Gangs of New York" while we waited for Justin to fly in from Phoenix. WOW! That was some movie! Justin got in, we all got ready and headed to the Hustler Store for the induction. The event was invitation only and there were still A LOT of people and A LOT of press! Larry Flynt is really great and I felt really honored to have him do the induction personally. It was nice to see so many friends. We went from there to dinner with the Flynt family - the perfect ending to a very nice nite - a huge "thanks" to everyone who made it so special! Today, Linda and I ran errands before heading home so we're both pretty beat. Very good 2 days! Off to bed. JJ

It's early early..4 am and I am off to Los Angeles today for an interview with HBO and then for my induction into the walk of fame for Hustler. Very exciting. I get to have dinner with the Hustler family tonight, Larry included! So, all in all it should be a great day. Linda is on her way over the house and then we are off... I hope everyone has a great day. It was nice seeing some of you in the little chat session we had on the site last night. See it pays to hang out after the Flirt for Free chat! Love all ya JJ

WOOOOW..the E channel called today and they want to do an E True Hollywood Story on me!!!! I am really excited. They start shooting tomorrow at the Hustler induction. This should be really cool. Here come all the skeletons...ahhhhhh!

We got the script for our next movie, The Masseuse. It's an 85 page script! This is going to be an incredible movie. Real acting. Justin and I were running lines. I was worried that maybe he wasn't able to pull it off..ha little did I know Mr. Sterling is a trained thespian! I had no idea, he was awesome! We are shooting the movie starting next week and it will take about 15 days to complete. That is a huge movie for adult. So, tonight we are having Justin's family over for dinner. I am making lasagna, mmm mmm mmm. The house is in total disarray, they are putting up the entertainment center in the family room, so all the furniture is on the patio. Justin is going crazy, lol. We got a new gym for the house that arrived this morning and a new bbq for the backyard. Today has been a bit busy to say the least. Back to slave away in the kitchen I go. Hugs JJ

My life has been a total freak fest lately. It seems I have a lot of crap being flung in my direction lately. Well, I guess I wouldn't call it crap... it's called work. LOL
I do have to admit, it has been a lot of fun work... but, movies tend to get a little tedious after awhile.
I used to love the fact that I had a lot of time in between the shooting of my movies, to build up the ecitement for the next filming...
I certainly have been doing a lot back to back. Luckily, I have been working with a lot of great girls and awesome directors.
I am flying to LA thursday morning and going straight to a studio in Burbank to shoot an HBO special, from there I go to my hotel room to get re-made up for the Hustler induction/party. CRAZY!!!!
I always get a little nervous before things like the Hustler induction, because all eyes are on me... at every moment! I guess I still have a little shyness left in me from my high school days... believe it or not! LOL
Once I get home on Friday night, I have to begin preparing for my big shoot for Vivid, starting the following tuesday. The script is so long, I can't even begin to tell you! But, I am extremely excited to put my acting skills to work again. I haven't worked for Paul Thomas since I was about nineteen... If you remember, I played a small role in a film he did called On Her Back. A little piece of trivia for you guys!
I am pretty sure Brianna has been cast as my girlfriend in the film, so my mouth is watering to get at her again! I need to teach her some manners! LOL
Ok, I am off to bed, I hope this diary entery finds you all in happiness and good health,
I love you!


Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I am 21 today, LOL...ok maybe a few your past that. thank you everyone for all you birthday wishes and gifts. I love you all! I have really disliked my birthdays in the past, but I am really starting to enjoy them. Even though I am getting older! Justin rented out a bowling alley for my birthday party was supposed to be a surprise, but a few people let the cat out of the bag...he was madd, lol. I can't wait I haven't bowled for awhile. Let's see if I can even break 100! Ok, time to get ready, here comes queen pin! Thanks again !

On the road again...just can't wait to get on the road again...just leave LA in the wind ... I am off back on the road to lovely Scottsdale. It was a quick Los Angeles trip but I did way to much stuff... I am pooped. Justin and I are driving back the Escalade we have some good movies to watch on the ride. Daniel is driving back the CTS. I had to run to Hollywood and grab some stuff this morning... what a DUMP! It's really embarrassing and needs to be cleaned up. We need to do the Times Square make over for Hollywood. I hope it happens...ok back to hitting the road! Have a great day... JJ

OK, I am now on a mad dash to Los Angeles. Boy, my days off just flew right out the window! I have major errands to do tomorrow in LA, then I have a call time of 8 am on Friday. I am shooting another Vivid movie with director extraordinaire Chi Chi LaRue. It should be a hell of a lot of fun. I am playing a drag queen in the movie! LOL
I am a girl playing a guy playing a girl... You work it out! LOL
Anyway, it should be one wild ride!
Saturday I am shooting my second day, where I perform too songs! I am going to be lip synching, because I have major fear of singing in public! Funny, HBO will be there shooting me all day... for a special they are doing... HOW EMBARRASSING!
Sunday I am shooting the box covers for the latest Where the Boys Aren't that I did last month... FUN FUN FUN
Then Monday I shoot pick up scenes for the crazy hospital movie I did with Belladonna! A fun filled week of sheer terror! LOL
OK, guys... I love ya, and I'll update ya from the road!


I woke up todat to the sound of a table saw. Nothing like peace in the morning! I actually wasn't that cranky, because I got a full nights sleep! Thanks goodness.
I got a call today from my good friend Emma (make-up artist) It was so great to hear from her, I haven't seen her that often lately... because she just had her first baby! We talked at length about her labor and delivery of little Hunter! Poor thing was in labor for over 30 hours! She said she was begging the doctors and nurses to just put her out of her misery... But when the moment came, when he came out... she said everything changed... her whole world. She sounded like a mom, instead of my crazy friend! I am so proud of her, I wish her all the happiness in the world!
I am now just relaxing, and debating on whether or not to change the sheets on my bed... I am so wierd, I have to change the sheets every other day... and I usually buy brand new ones! I love sleeping on new 500 thread count sheets... I'm like that with socks too, I hate wearing a pair of socks twice... needless to say, I buy a lot of socks LOL.
Ok, I'm gonna go strip my bed now... I love you guys... JJ

A perfectly beautiful day here in Arizona! 85 and sunny. I am heading off to the office to pick out pix for my new calendar as well as for a snowboard that I am doing. I have been going over my schedule with Linda and depressing, lol. I think I am really over that busy thing. One good thing Todd, our carpenter, is making some good progress on the entertainment center. I think it will be done in a month or so...ahhhhhhh! Hmm, what else is going on...we are shooting Chloe Jones today as well as yesterday. She's a little hottie! I got some of that the other week, wooohooo...go Jenna go Jenna ! Time to go sort through 50,000 pictures. Have an incredible day and to all the troops, GOOD LUCK AND BE SAFE! JJ

I am sore sore sore... Not meaning to brag or anything , but I had sex last night for at least 3 hours! I think Justin was trying to get in all the cardio he missed while we were in Miami! It started off nice and tender on the couch..teasing and thing I know I am face down ass up with his tongue going crazy inside me! Then he proceeded to do me doggie and rubbing my clit at the same time making me cum like a demon. he would pull out and make me lick my cum off every time...the pig! from there it went to the arm of the couch scissor missionary style...then to the back of the couch for more doggie...then to the floor missionary, then it was my turn cowgirl me on top!!!! Justin came and was all happy thinking this was the end...5 minutes later he had me pinned down on the bed starting the whole thing over!!! I need to go ice down my cookie...owwwwww! JJ

Just got in from Miami. The flight was ok. America West has really uncomfortable seats. The service was great but the seats sucked! I didn't like the movie, Analyze That, very much. the first one was great ..this one sucked ass! I think we stayed out last night a bit too late. We went to dinner with Eric and Gina Lynn. We had a great time but didn't get served dinner until almost 1 am! And to top it off they were shooting a porn scene in the VIP room of the restaurant...right next to our table!! I can't get away from it. What are the odds? The 2 girls in the scene were ugly and boring! It was something for the MILF hunter...boring, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Totally fake! The food was great, but the club was way way over crowded. All I could think about was how could we ever get out if there was a fire! Time for me to unpack and relax. Hugs and kisses to all! JJ

We had a fun day yesterday. It was fun to see my girl Gina Lynn (looking hot as always! yummm!) and Crystal Steel and Anari Vachs were there as well. The store owners and distributors were really awesome. Everyone is all excited about my new line of toys with Doc Johnson and said they are literally flying off the shelves! WOOOO HOOOO! Love to hear that! Justin and I had a quiet dinner last nite and today we're getting some work done - you know that means he's on the phone and computer! lol We head home tomorrow and I'll be glad to get home. Miss you all! JJ

Well, it's raining today so we'll just hang out and watch a movie until it's time to for me to go sign. We had a nice time last nite - this is a great trip - nice light work sched. hehehe Ok, gotta get ready to meet and greet the store owners! JJ

Justin and I are in Miami for a few days. One of the big video distributors (IVD) is having an open house and I'm going to hang out and do some signing. The Winter Conference is also going on down here so the place is PACKED and CRAZY! Last night when we got in we stopped by the Vivid Party for a while - everyone had a great time. Today is a day of (SHOCK!) shopping so off we go! Maybe I'll get some shoes! lol Tonite is a cocktail party so that'll be fun. Hope you all have a great day! JJ


I am working on my book today. I'm in a groove. I need to finish it up in the next 2 months. Tomorrow I am off to Miami for the IVD show. I really do not want to travel during this crazy time. I hope this is a quick war with a small amount of casualties. i wasn't really pleased to hear that the number one target for terrorism is located 100 miles from me! The Palo Verde Nuclear plant is the largest nuclear facility in the states... That�s not very comforting. My love and hugs out to all our troops and allied troops!!! Good Luck and come home soon!!! JJ

It's still rainy here...this is unreal! "Come to Arizona..where it is sunny 340 days a year..ok, make that 300 days, LOL". I need to finish up my book. So, that will be my project over the next few weeks. The deadline for Saddam is tonight...very nervous. I hate war. I wonder how long after the deadline it will be before we start blowing them to pieces. Bush seems pretty upset. Whether I feel that it is a justified war or not I will always support my country and our troops! Good luck guys/girls! JJ

It's raining again here in lovely Scottsdale, Arizona. I can't complain for 2 reasons...1) It's a nice change from non stop sunny days and 2)We really need the rain. Our water table was down under 20%. We have had more rain so far this year than we have had in the last 2 years combined! It's really pretty here right now, the mountains and desert are green. The temperature is a bit low over the lest few days, but it's still in the high 60's low 70's. Desmond didn't finish up doing my hair until late last night. So we stayed home and Justin grabbed some sushi for mm mm . Except they forgot to include the items I had ordered in the packages! I was starving too. There is nothing worse than getting your take out food and not checking until you get home and...bamm you got screwed! No biggie I just starved, LOL. Off to do some shopping today. Have a nice relaxing Sunday everyone! JJ

I feel so well groomed right now... I got my nails done, tanned, and Desmond is on his way in to do my hair. It always makes me feel better when I feel well kept. I get into a funk every once and awhile where I just don't feel like getting done up. don't know why, I am assuming because I am in a make up chair all the time for work and I just don't want to think of work. I think I am turning into a hermit! LOL Justin was getting on my case the other day because I like to stay home on my off days and do nothing! I really hate going's a hassle. Plain and simple, a hassle! I would much rather stay in the comfort of my home and be with my loved ones. I hope I don't turn into a weird recluse...ahhhhhh, LOL. Call me Jenna Hughes. So, yesterday I made it a point to dress up and go get some stuff done...and as much as I hate to say it, I feel a lot better after going out. Yuck, I hope this doesn't turn into a regular thing...going out of the house and socializing, ughhh! LOL! Ok, time for me to hermitize.. Love and hugs, JJ

I am in a Louis Vuitton purse frenzy right now! Louis V came out with designer collection limited edition bags... I know this sounds silly, but I have to have them! They are selling on ebay for over twice their retail value! I know I would never sell them , but it's always reassuring to know that I am making a decent investment. It's funny thinking that I am paying full retail at Louis and it's a good deal! I have 2 waiting for me at the store, one for myself and one for my friend Laurie. I am sooooo excited!!! It's funny how the little things get me going. I am running to the mall to get the bags.. I will have some pics up this weekend of myself and my new pride and joy....I know CUCKOO CUCKOOO!

EVER HAVE THOSE DAYS WHEN YOU JUST WANT TO ENJOY THE COLD THAT YOU HAVE AND DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING? Well, I have found that day. I have no desire to do anything..having a cold is a great excuse to get some nice quiet time for yself. This is a nice relaxing week...i actually have a ton of stuff I need to get done but...F it! Justin goes crazy when I am in a mood like this...He knows nothing but work...i think he has a screw loose! LOL. Men are so different then woman. He comes home from work to work! I come home from work to go into a relaxation coma! When you leave work...doesnt that mean you are done with work for the day??? EXACTLY! HAVE A NICE RELAXING AND WORK FREE EVENING EVERYONE!

ooooof my tooth is killing me! It's been hurting for awhile and I think I need a root canal. It got really bad after I performed a gold medal winning blow job on Justin last night!!!! Heheheee. That is one thing I really love doing...and it's even better if the guy is really into it. Justin loves em! I know that is a stupid comment...what guy doesn't like a great blow job? But I have known a few who really hated them... I really never understood that. Let's see you do nothing but sit there while a beautiful girl sucks you into oblivial bliss to the point where your toes curl into your feet, your eyes pop out of your head ..and you fall fast asleep into a deep nirvanac coma after you reach that point of complete oneness with the Oh, I can see how that can be excruciatingly painful...o h the torture...please no..not again..anything but a blow job! LOL. Ok, back to what tooth. I have an appointment at 3 to go get it fixed. I really hope that hey have gas and get me floating around the office. I hate getting work done on my teeth...Ok, maybe another dumb comment. Everyone hates getting work done on their teeth! I must have had a really bad reaction and/or experience with the dentist at a young age. As soon as they put that retched dental dam in my mouth the panic attack starts...first its the heart pounding and then the shortness of breath, followed by the sweaty palms ... it's all downhill from there. Ding time to get ready and go to the Dr. No Mercy!

What a perfect day here in Scottsdale! The weather is unreal..80 and sunny. We picked up a bit around the house and outside and we are going to find a tub for the master bath. Justin found a Jacuzzi with a 42" plasma TV built in! That is what I want!!! We just need to go see it and get the dimensions to make sure it will be able to get it into the room. After we go and do that we will have lunch with of friend meni who is in town and then Gary our attorney comes in town at 5pm. We have a full house. It's nice everyone and a while to have a few people over the house to converse with. Gary is always fun to talk too...he is a plethora of knowledge.

Up and getting ready to go to set. Yesterday went really well. It's always fun to shoot a Where The Boys aren't movie for Vivid. it's very entertaining to say the least. When you have all the Vivid contract girls under one roof you never know what is going to happen. I was laughing for 90% of the day! I did a scene with Sunrise Adams yesterday. She is Sunsets Thomas' niece. She was a total little cutie. Chi Chi is directing and we have the usual crew. I was actually done fairly early , but I stayed to keep peace in the camp. The girls were having some issues with each other, there's a shocker.. so , I kind of helped them all through it! Ok, off for another fun ego filled day of entertainment! JJ

It's 6:30 am and I am kicking and screaming all the way to the shower this morning! I have a tooth that is killing me and kept me up all night! I took 2 Tylenol before I went to bed and nothing! I have been fighting with this for the past month and haven't had the time to go in and get it taken care of... I think I need a root canal :( That's really not what I want to do in a week I have off! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Ok, I am done complaining and I am off to the shower! I hope the day gets better! As you know I will be shooting another installment this week of Where The Boys Aren't for Vivid. Wish me luck! JJ

I am so glad I got to Los Angeles a day early. This will be a great day to get my nails and tanning done. The drive from Vegas yesterday went really fast. I think it took us a whole 4 hours to get from Vegas to LA. That's really and easy ride. From Phoenix it's about 5 hours. The hour difference make the ride a lot easier it seemed. We watched t Adam Sandler's new movie, Mr. Deeds, on the drive. The movie had some really funny parts. I really like Sander's work! Happy Gilmore is one of my favorite movies!!! I love being able to watch movies in the car. it really makes the ride go a lot faster. Justin just got done putting 8 TV's in the Escalade!! Ok, I think might be a bit of overkill! The truck is looks and sounds amazing. He has 2 dvd players in it as well as a Playstation 2. Daniel worked his butt off last week and got all the monitors installed. I Justin has lost his mind! Time to go shopping...adios! JJ

What a loooong night. We shot the Strippers Ball until like 4 am this morning! I really didn't have a good time. I know I was there for work, but it was a pain in the ass. I really don't want to go into details, but I will give you one example from the nights grand events. We shot at the world's largest strip bar, the Saphire Club in Vegas, which I don't know if it was the best venue. Guys are there to get table dances and not be seen. I come out onto the upper stage and they stop the music while I do a 5-8 minute schtik about the Strippers Ball and I introduce Gina Lynn and Jordan to the crowd. We are all totally clothed and I am sure the crowd would have much rather us been nude! They were cool and played along with the whole shooting thing. I said bye to the crowd and was relieved that that part was over. Well, actually it wasn't over because the crew didn't get the shot of me delivering my lines to the crowd...the cams were on the other side towards the back of the stage!!!! So, I had to go ut and redo the whole thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was furious, I can't even tell you! It really sucked ass! I went out and did it again did and did few more stand up and called it a night...a night not sone to be forgotten!

Viva Las Vegas... off to my home town! We will be shooting another installment of the Strippers Ball this weekend. We have a whole crew going with us this weekend. Actually most of them got there yesterday so they can start the party early. Unfortunately Linda is too sick to make it! Which really sucks because she was really excited about going. It kind of sucks when everyone is partying and having a blast and I'm there working! But hopefully I will get to have fun with everyone after I am done shooting. I am co hosting the show with our new Club Jenna cutie, Gina Lynn. She is such a sweetheart! for a better look at her check out . Time to head off to the airport...very early I might add. Security has really been boosted at the airports in the last month and a half! The security lines are a minimum of 1/2 long. It's a pain in the ass, but it's better than the alternative! Have a great weekend and hugs out to everyone!!! JJ

Still raining here. We really need the water! It just makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning...not to mention that my body is shredded from the workouts!!!! It feels really good to be getting back into shape again. I actually can't wait to get to the gym this morning. Even Daniel wants to get in shape now! This should be funny. Ok, off to the gym and then I need to get ready for my chat tonight...5 pm PST.

I have now officially started training at the gym... As I sit here in my office, legs completely imobile... I think to myself, is it worth it? Right now, it doesn't... but a couple of weeks from now, when my ass is as hard as a diamond... I will be smiling from ear to ear! My trainer, Eric, is a badass, he lets me get away with nothing! He pushes me to my limits, and I wonder if I will someday end up scratching his eyes out. LOL
Anyway, let's hope it doesn't come to that! For his sake!
Today has been a flurry of media spasms, Bill O'Reilly has certainly stirred up the hype around my Pony campaign... And for that, I definately have to thank him... even if he did call me a quasi-hooker! That statement sounds so hilarious to me, it's hard to be offended! I will keep everyone up to date about the outcome of all of this contraversy... If that's what you wanna call it! It's late, and I'm crippled from doing high kicks up and down a basketball court 6 times, at the gym... so I think I will take my sore little self to bed! Love you guys...... JJ

Have any of you ever seen a human SNOW PLOW? I bit it HARD my last snowboard run today! Boobs, then face plowing the snow until I finally came to a stop! OW! Even one of the guys that was behind me said "ouch". lol I'm back at the hotel and we're off to the jacuzzi. Gotta soothe the muscles so we can hit it again tomorrow. Talk to you in a bit. JJ

We had an early flight this morning so we arrived in Tahoe late this morning. It really is beautiful here. About 30 degrees and the snow is awesome! We're gonna take it easy today, have to wait to check into our villa (how exciting!) so we'll check out the shopping and get something to eat. We're in a great location, shopping, restaurants and casinos all within walking distance! Woooo hooooo! Relaxation here we come....hope you all are keeping warm! JJ

I am shopping and packing for the snow. We can't wait to get out there and try out the new snowboards Moe gave us for Christmas! A week of no work - I am sooooo looking forward to it. Of course Justin will take his laptop so he can keep tabs on everyone at the office hehehehe. I'm off to the mall! JJ

The horse show is in town!!!!!!!!!!!! I know what I will be doing today. I also want to go and get a photo scanner for the house. I got a bunch of new frames for V-Day and I want to scan some old pix and put them in the frames. Off to play I go!

Happy Valentines Day!!! I am back home and loving it. I really enjoyed the chat last night. We had a pretty full room.80 + people. It gets frustrating when I can't log in because our servers are under attack..funny like its a war or something. Josh goes crazy when it happens during a chat. It gets very tense and stressful for everyone at the office. But it was fixed and everything went smoothly form that point on. Everyone was really sweet. Sorry I was a bit on the tired and not feeling good side. I am pretty tired and looking forward to snowboarding and relaxing all of next week. It's really raining here in Phoenix... I know that there is so great fresh snow out here in the west!!! Woohooo! Taos has gotten the most snow from this season. Unfortunately they do not allow snowboarding...JERKS! We wanted to go there; it's close, beautiful, and cheap! RUDE! Today I neeed to get some shopping done for Justin and pick up some ski clothes for myself. Have a great day...kiss someone you don't know!!! JJ

One more day down in the books. I just got back from an awesome dinner at my new fav sushi place in LA called Koi. It is really amazing from the atmosphere to the service to the food it is truly a 10. We got done with my body scan fairly early so we drove to Hollywood for sinner...we got there 45 minutes before it opened so we hung out and played video games on the I got the new phone from Samsung with the cam built into it. Oh so sassy! I saw my bobble boob doll!! Wait until you see's soooo cooooool!!! Now It's time to relax and get some sleep before my shoot for Stance Magazine tomorrow. Have a sweet and sexy night! JJ

Yesterday was a really easy day...wooohoooo that's a first!! I just had to do dialog. We shot along the same lines as the show MTV DIARY.. ok, maybe just like it! It came out really good. So, I got back to the hotel; we are still at the dumpy one, early, had a nice dinner and watched Star Wars. I slept well and I am ready for the days events: 2 Girls Girl scenes. Bring it on!!!!! JJ

Had a GREAT night sleep and I am off to set. I hope today goes smoothly...if it does I should be out early and will be able to have a nice evening. We are shooting at a studio in North Hollywood. Chi Chi La Rue is direction, so it should be fun. He is really funny to shoot with. He is a great director and the best looking 275Lb drag queen in LA, lol. So, Daniel and I are off to a wonderful day of shooting! JJ

I have to hustle today and get ready for my VIVID shoot in LA this weekend. I caught up on rest this week and feel really good. I need to get my hair and nails done, tan, and pack today! My hairdresser, Christy, squeezed me in...Thank God! That�s at 11:30 and then I will go get a manicure and pedicure immediately after. We left the Mercedes in LA and drove back the truck. So, I am flying over with Daniel, my 2nd assistant (lol), and then we will pick up the car shoot all weekend do my body scan on Monday for my new action figure, shoot for Stance magazine on Tuesday and then drive home Tuesday night. I got tired just typing all of that. Shoot, it's 11:20 ..I have to run........... Kisses and Hugs to everyone! JJ

I am in a I am pooped. I just shot for 2 weeks and I am whooped. Some one call a medic... My plan for today is to be as still a possible, maybe take a bath, read a book...moving my eyes slowly, and pet the dogs! Justin is in the edit bay already cutting the stuff we shot. I think he is addicted to work. He needs to see a shrink. Maybe they can give a group rate for he, Linda, and Moe..ok, Ricky and Josh as well. Heck, why not just have the therapist come to the office once a week and hold the session there. Perfect! I am really happy with everything we was truly amazing in every way. The sex was so F'ing hot, the girls and guys were beautiful, the costumes and the wardrobe were absolutely smashing baby... and the sets, lighting and cam work ...OUTSTANDING! I can't decide what scene was the best, truthfully. I am really really happy...ok, back to my coma I go. zzz zzz zzz JJ

We got back home at 1 am. We got stuck in nasty Los Angeles traffic. We started out after we had a late lunch with TTBoy. Our normal 6 hour drive took us over 8! What's up with LA traffic? It gets worse every time we are there. It 's getting to the point where we need to get a hotel within 2 miles of the location we are shooting just to make it on time. If we stay in the valley and have to go to Hollywood and /or LA to shoot for a 9 am call time, we need to leave at least 1 1/2 before! 1 1/2 to go a whole 20 miles at he most. Then you think, "Ah, at least there won't be any traffic when we leave tonight at 11pm..." ahhhahaaa wrong again..BAMM TRAFFIC! No matter what time you are driving you are bound to run into traffic in LA.. I don't know how people deal with it everyday. I think I would go nuts. Who wants to spend 3 hours a day in a car driving to work? It just seems like such a waste of time. I feel sorry for people with families that have to do the traffic thing everyday... Imagine if they had those extra 15 hours a week to spend with there kids. It's really bad when both parents are working and have to deal with it. Times are really changing. The double income homes are becoming more and more common and almost a staple of our society. Parents need 2 jobs just to stay afloat...and the family suffers as a result. The parents rely on the computer, TV, and /or the videos games to baby-sit their kids. That�s not healthy. That�s why we are having problems with our kids. The family unit is slowly getting diluted into cohabitants in a home. I remember when I was a kid..I was outside playing non-stop. I would beg my dad to let me go play. Nowadays you have to pay your kid to go outside! Kids don't go out and play anymore their thumbs are the only things that get exercised. It's sad. The pressures of society to get ahead are destroying the very core that is America... Parents punish their kids and send them to their room...where they have every toy imaginable! Want to punish them send them outside and make them ride a bike, lol. Wow, did I get on a tangent or what! Sorry..the venting is now ending.... Give someone a hug! JJ

WOW. We are finished shooting (at least for this week.) Yesterday was awesome....we shot at an old hospital. It was haunted and very freaky. They actually shot some scenes with Freddy Kruger at this place. I did a scene with Monica Sweetheart and another with Olivia del Rio, Tianni Kai and Ava Vincent. My last scene was with Belladonna. We shot Belladonna with Nacho and Anthony shot with Monica. The day was CRAZY! The sets were totally amazing and totally whacked out - Justin lost his mind! It was like being on a Greg Dark set. We shot in one room that was burned down, we shot in the boiler room and in various hallways. The Nacho/Belladonna scene was one of the best boy/girl scenes I have seen in my life. And my scene with Bella was on of the best, if not the best, that I have ever done. She is an amazing performer....I think I have a thing for her. She really is a little hottie. Unfortunately, out scene was last up and we had to really hurry through it but it looked awesome. I will try and get some behind the scenes pics up asap. Today I will be packing and getting ready to head home for some R&R. I NEED TO BE BACK IN LA ON FRIDAY! Ugggghhhhhh! I AM contemplating just staying here for the rest of the week. I really want to get home but I hate going back and forth. Yuck! Why can't they develop a transporter - hey, we have the technology! lol Decisions, decisions.....I'll go to breakfast @ Bobby's and decide after....hehehe YUM, YUM! JJ

This is my day to recoup after 2 days of hard shooting. Yesterday was really pretty - so different than Thursday's shoot. Yesterday was more glamour and bondagy. We shot in a very modern house. I did a scene with Nakita Denise.....yummy!!! I also did a scene with Tianna Kia - both scenes were excellent. Nakita is always an amazing performer. She is so sexxxy and her voice drives me's like pure And my new little Asian friend - wow! she was smoking! What a body and face on that little girl. We did a night time scene by the pool overlooking the whole city of downtown LA. It was beautiful. Our shoots have not been running really late into the nite. 10pm and we have to wrap. LA is really strict about shooting at the houses and wrapping at 10. Neighbors have been complaining, which really sucks because sometimes you need that extra hour. But now, no way! 10pm and you are done if you are shooting on location. It adds to the constant compromise of production. But the shoots have been truly incredible and everything worked out perfectly...which is amazing in inself! lol I need to run and grab som foor ....adios until tomorrow! JJ

Yetserday was VERY stressful. I was scheduled for 2 scenes and we only got one of them done. Unreal. We couldn't find my test and I had to cancel one of my scenes! AHHHHHHHHHHRRRRGGGGG! On that note - I am off to set with my test in hand! JJ

WOW - what a day today. Linda called this morning and said Entertainment Tonight called and wanted to interview me again for the 2-part segment they are running on me this Thursday and Friday. So, off I went to Paramount Studios. They were really awesome and they showed me the footage they shot at the house last week - very cool. They have been greally great and it's really fun to work with them. I went from Entertainment Tonight to the audio room of Mr. Sterling where I did some dialogue loops for my next appearance on the show. This has been such a fun show to be associated with! I'm hoping I'll get to do a couple more episodes - will let you know when I get the call! Tonite I hosted a party that Vivid threw celebrating the Pony Campaign. The billboard I shot for Pony was on the side of the club - pretty cool. I know Linda just got some copies of the ads for their campaign so we'll get them on the site ASAP. I'm heading to bed....tomorrow we start shooting again. Nite, all! JJ

Today I had a couple of interviews to do (via telephone) so I got those done and then ordered some tasty carbs from room service and had a great lunch. We're staying in the Presidential Suite and have a great balcony so I spent some time relaxing in the sun. Justin just found out they can't use the house they had for the shoot tomorrow so he is trying to find something that will work (always something, huh?) I have some meetings tomorrow and then we start shooting again. I'm really excited - going to be great stuff! JJ

I'm feeling a little under the weather today. I think I just need a day or two to recoup and I'll be fine. Yesterday we got all the the props, etc. ready for the shoots this week - really amazing stuff. I'm going to take a nice long bath and relax. Bubbles, here I come. JJ

I spent today running around LA buying wigs, costumes, jewelry etc. etc for next week. I've had worse jobs! hehehehe Justin is busy working on finding locations to shoot so he's been checking out houses, warehouses and such all day. We're going out tonite to see Joe Rogan at one of the comedy clubs - it'll be nice to spend some time with friends and have some fun. Tomorrow we start again on pre-production...another fun-filled day. Til then.....I'm heading out and have MORE WINE! JJ

It's 2am and we just got back to the hotel. I think Justin and I are both ready to fall asleep standing. lol Fun day of shooting. Tomorrow I start on the wardrobe for the movies next week so a-shoppin' I will go. Miss you all! JJ

Day 2 of shooting I Dream of Jenna 2. These are really long days but the shoot is really going great! Lots of great sex and the script is really funny. We have another long day tomorrow and hopefully that will wrap it up. I'll fill in details when I've had some sleep. JJ

I am in a packing frenzy trying to leave for my shoot tomorow! I am really excited . We are shooting IDOJ II for 4 days this week. I am shooting with Belladonna!!Justin drove out yesterday and Daniel and are are leaving today. I guess the locations are amazing and the wardrobe even tops the first one. We have some awesome guys in it as well...we have TTBOY!!! Nacho, Steven St. Croix, Randy Spears..and of course Justin Sterling! The script is really cute and funny. Randy Spears gets turned into a fitting. lol We put TT in a scene with 6 girls!!!! Nacho is with Nakita Denise...mmm, I love her! Steven St. Croix with Belladonna...she is going to destroy him! Poor Steven will never be the same. Ok, I need to hit the road ...wish me luck. I will try to get some pics up from the show! Bye! JJ

I didn't sleep well last night. I hate nights of bad sleep. I wake up tired and grumpy. You know, those nights when you look at the clock every 15 minutes hoping to fall asleep, but it only happens like 3 hours before you need to get up. I hate sleeping when the guys get to the house to work. It looks bad and it gets me even more upset when I want to sleep and they are banging away in my closets. I want to just go back to bed and sleep all day. Why can't everyone just get one day a month when they do nothing but sleep? I mean, everyone deserves that. I know all of you have your hands full...from relationships and family. Life is taxing. Let's face it, everyone longs for the days when they were worries except to get your homework bills, no responsibilities. It's funny because when you are a kid you can't WAIT to be an adult want freedom and to be calling the shots. What a cruel cycle! I know why people go crazy and cant handle the pressures of life...responsibility is a bitch! LOL LOL. It's funny the people that never grow up and never accept responsibility, live on the beach are complacent, just getting by. They have the happiest life. Take your average surfer. No worries.. acunna mattataaa! They live for the waves... nothing else. They work just eneough to pay their rent, and buy beer...maybe some weed. Ok, definitely some weed lol. I haven't done a drug for soooo long I don't remember their names. I know wine!! More wine. I'm all brown bagging it, lol. You know what? I need to go back to bed..can ya tell??? Love ya, JJ

This is my catch up on rest day before I start getting ready for next weeks shoot. We are shooting I Dream Of Jenna II next week. We have an incredible cast and I am really excited. O the roster will be : Myself, Cherry Rain, Jessica Drake, Gauge, Nakita Denise, Tianna Kia, TTBoy, Erik Everhard, Nacho, Steven St Croix, Randy Spears and 4 other new girls. The script is really good and I am looking forward to the shoot. Today my goal is to get a few meetings handled in the morning and then have the rest of the day to be you basic garden variety couch potato. I am on ET...a small piece tonight the big show on me will be airing in Feb. My spot on Mister Sterling is on this evening as well. So tonight should be fun . The shows are back to back and I am really excited. I shot another episode for MISTER Sterling and I think I am doing 3 more this season. Ok....I hear the couch calling my name! JJ

2003-01-16 was insane! We booked an Entertainment Tonight Interview for today at my house. They are interviewing me about my career and basically everything I have ever done and will do... As well as a tour of the house. Well, we all know my house isn't even close to finished. We have had 10-15 people working on the house since like 6 am! Justin has been running around like a speed freak! It's funny how fast things actually get done when the pressure is on. The carpenter was flying... he got the whole cedar roof up in one closet and all the crown molding on in like 2 hours...makes you wonder. The place looks great, we are about 95% complete. My closet is basically done except for a few mirrors that are still on order. We are still waiting on my bath tub. WE had all the cabinets and drawer faces crackle finished in 3 of the bathrooms and they really didn't come out like we wanted. So now it's the "do we have them redone and have the painter invasion for a week...or keep our mouths shut and have them redone down the road" scenario. I am hiding the painters number so Justin can't call, LOL. But all in all everything is coming together nicely. The E.T interview went really well. We did 3 setups; by the pool, tour of the house, and the interview in my living room. We interviewed for about an hour! The show will be airing in February. It went really well, but I am glad it is over. Interviews are always stressful. You never have any clue what they are going to ask you and it sucks to be caught off guard. they always like asking me about my attraction to stars...A question that to me is stupid. I don't hear mainstream people getting asked whom they think is hot in the industry. Ok I am totally exhausted now and we haven't eaten yet today and its 8 pm. We are going out with Ricky , Daniel and Josh to have some sushi and karaoke. Have a great night! Love always...JJ

Today I'm feeling a little better. Have to get back in the swing of things, have a few interviews that need to be knocked out this week and gotta get ready to head to LA next week to shoot IDOJ2. Gonna take it a little slow today though. Justin of course is going crazy trying to get the cast set, script done and everything else. Looks like Entertainment Tonight is coming to Scottsdale to do a piece on me....will fill in details when I get them all. Found out today that the piece I shot for Fox Magazine in Vegas will air the 26th of this month on the Fox Channel. (Check local listings) They said the stuff is awesome so I can't wait to see it. Also, make sure you all catch the Mr. Sterling episode this Friday nite. It's the first episode that I am in. :) I'll let you know when the next one airs. I am glad to be home. Once again, a big thanks for all the support and love from you guys. It means a lot! JJ

Rest. I must rest. JJ

Today is Sunday. Today is the day we go home! Wooooo hooooo! Everyone slowly congregated in our room and recapped their previous nite. (At least those who didn't stay up all nite gambling or paying the mortgage of half the strippers in town!) Very amusing. Gotta love Vegas! We got packed and ready to hit the road for our drive back and Justin decided he had one good winning streak left so off we went to the casino. I played Wheel of Fortune and did pretty good. Justin was going for the red viper (needless to say, we didn't end up driving it home). We finally hit the road about 6pm, stopped for Mother Cluckers (yummy, chicken samiches) and then were off to Arizona. We had 38 pieced of luggage packed in Daniel's truck and 5 people - we were packed in like sardines and the truck let us know it. About 130 miles outside of Phoenix, we lost our transmission. All we had were 1st & 2nd gears so we ended up driving to Phoenix @ 43 mph! Not a good nite. Of course Justin had us laughing, Clay was figuring out our ETA every 5 miles, Daniel was stressing as he drove in 2nd gear and Linda and I just wanted to get the HELL HOME! We finally got to the house about 2am. Let it be known that this was the longest damn drive from Vegas in history. Thank God we are home! JJ

Last day of signing and maybe the craziest. I hit the Vivid booth first - knocked out the interviews, then went to the Huster booth and signed there with Larry Flynt. He is SUCH an amazing man and that was really an honor for me. As most of you know, I signed with Hustler and will be not only a contract girl but will also be doing a monthly column in Hustler Magazine. My cover is the April Mag and I can't wait for you all to see it. Larry Flynt was soooo nice and we had a great time signing together. We left the show and went back the the hotel to get ready for the big show. Everyone with the Club Jenna team looked really awesome as we headed off to the award show! I am really proud of Club Jenna that we won 3 awards this year. Thank you to everyone who has worked so very hard and supported us this year! Nights like this make it all worth it and I am very proud. :) Thank you! JJ

I have no idea what day today is.....just kidding! Linda told me (and how she knows is beyond me). I began my filming today with Fox Magazine - they are doing a documenatary on the show and I have the pleasure of hosting it! Woooooo hoooo! The crowds are absolutley unbelievable! I don't think I have ever seen it this crazy here. The lines go on forever, the interviews are non-stop, the Sharpies run out of ink and Linda and I have decided that we need.....MORE WINE! lol The show really is great though - I've had a chance to see so many people from my past (both fans and actors) and it's really been great. Vivid had an awesome booth (again!) this year and I was able to interview with a lot of people and that was really fun. After signing at Vivid I walked the show with Fox and interviewed people for the documentary! Lots of fun stuff and lots of hot women!The CJ Member section is getting bigger every day and it is awesome to see everyone! :) We had production meetings with Fox tonite and then went to The Palms and did interview after interview at Jill Kelly's party. Long nite and we're all beat. JJ

So, today the madness began. And, madness it truly was! I have NEVER quite seen a crowd like what is at the show this year. WOW! I was interviewed for 60 Minutes during my signing at the Vivid booth and that was pretty cool. The CJ Members crowd is growing every day and it is really great to see all those familiar faces in the crowd smiling at me and standing by supporting me. A HUGE THANKS TO ALL OF YOU THAT CAME TO VEGAS!! Even though we were so busy and everything was soooo crazy - I could look over and always get cheers and smiles from the CJ Family. I love you all! Thank you for helping us all get through the week. JJ

Up and off to the show. Okay, a FEW (lol) more people than yesterday! Signed at the Hustler booth the the booth for Video Secrets then off to meetings. We were all starving by the time we got back to the hotel so we grabbed a bite to eat, got ready and then off to the parties to show Club Jenna presence! We always had quite the entourage and always had the most beautiful women with us....the limo drivers LOVED us and the men who work at 1-Hour Photo HATE that we have digital cameras! Enough said about that! lol JJ

Today was the first day for us to work the show. It was also the first day to see some of the CJ members so and that made it a great day! I signed at the Video Secrets booth first - then off to Hustler's booth! This is always a great way to warm up for AVN - the crowds a big but not out of control - the calm before the storm! lol Justin, Moe and the rest of the guys had meetings all day while Clay stood guard and Linda herded me from here to there. We had our cocktail party to promote our affiliate program this evening and then we went to a couple more parties. This is going to be a VERY long week! My feet are already killing me and we haven't even BEGUN yet. Nite, all! JJ

So, Day 1 in Vegas.......somehow, we all managed to get here. Some of us flew, some of us drove - there may have been a couple who came by carrier pigeon (wait, that was a different trip!) but we all congregated at the hotel, got checked in and ordered an in-room movie! lol That's usually the first thing we do when we travel (and when we catch up on all the movies). We had a couple of meetings and then off to the Hustler party. We stayed there for a while then grabbed all the hot women and off to the next party we went....It was really a great way to kick off the week ....HELLLOOOOOOO, VEGAS!! JJ

Today was spent packing. Oh, and I did a little packing. After that, I spent most of the day packing. Though I did make time for some packing! lol Is it me or is it ABSOLUTELY crazy that I managed to fill 8 BAGS of luggage for my week in Vegas? hehehe A bag for shoes, a bag for boots, a bag for purses, a bag for....okay, you get the pic. Of course I had to save room in the truck for Justin to pack 3 (count em...3!) bags, so, I packed light! lol We are off to Vegas in the morn.....I'm excited and nervous - will be a great week! Gonna try to get some rest...Vegas, here we come! JJ

Did I mention that it is the New year and My F@%*** closets are not finished yet!!!! AHHHHHH! This is basically driving me insane...I need closets and I need privacy. Thanks you and have a nice day.

Can I tell you how much I hate remotes! Ok, we have like 7 remotes on the coffee table in the family room! Justin is a electronic freak and I live with it. I just like watching my shows...I do not care if they are in Dolby or THX whatever! So, I call him all the time to see why this or that isn't working and he has to walk me through all the different remotes and the 20 possibilities of what could be wrong...ahhhhhhhhhhh. So, he bought a multi remote that controls everything! You press on button and it adjusts the whole system for what you want to do! We got it from our friend Chad's store. A kid came out with a laptop and programmed it with a laptop. I guess it took like 10 hours to program!! Its fricken really cool. It has the ClubJenna splash page on it and it reads ... THE OFFICIAL CONTROL FOR JENNA JAMESON... How awesome is that! The only problem is that I have to learn this remote now..before I knew the DSS remote by brail...I didn't have to look, knew it by feel. This new remote is like a Palm Pilot thingy. I found myself pulling out the old DSS remote to make it faster, ooops. Justin caught me an had a fit, hehehehee. I am sure I will learn to love it. Gotta run Animal Precinct is on... JJ

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had a big party at the house last night for New Years Eve. It was pretty last minute s, but we got a lot of stuff together and it was a great event. Sorry I haven't posted in the last few days, I finally got over that horrible stomach flu and we have been running around like maniacs trying to get ready for the well as for the convention in Vegas next week. So, we had 100+ people over the house, we had a band, it was fully catered and valet. All that in like 3 days! This morning I got up and saw all the mess and wanted to go back to bed, LOL. It was fun, nothing got ruined and no one got out of hand. My New years resolution is to quit smoking after the convention! Wish me luck...ok, back to cleaning. Happy New year JJ

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