Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Adult film and video legend Tina Tyler joined KSEX Radio last night for a very special announcement on JasonCurious.com night of "Tales of Tail with Jacklyn Lick."

(BURBANK, CA) -- Bisexual and fetish video icon Tina Tyler graced KSEX Radio with her presence yesterday evening for JasonCurious.com night on "Tales of Tail." As hostess Jacklyn Lick (http://www.jacklynlick.com) and KSEXRadio.com producer/personality Wankus introduce "Tales of Tail," Tyler busies herself bringing Jason Sechrest's legs up over his head. What a way to open the show!

"Um, okay," Lick says, clearly distracted. "Jason Sechrest is here for JasonCurious night on the show and he's reenacting a prison rape scene right now."

"If this is a prison rape scene, where are my prisoners?" cracks the self-proclaimed boy prodigy in response.

Tina Tyler attempts to grab Sechrest's penis through his pants, but to no avail. "I know, these pants are really baggy. They're pajama bottoms actually and they say SMOOTH across the ass," he says, positioning it for the live web cam. "They're Abercrombie & Fitch so we have to plug AbercrombieandFitch.com." Sechrest desperately hopes that by mentioning them on the show, they will send him free clothes in the mail. Of course, that would take the fun out of shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch, which is a lot like going to a gay club sans the liquor and drug scene.

"You can see my cock!" volunteers Wankus, Good Samaritan that he is. "I showed you my penis last time you were here."

"Yes and it was great," she smiles all-knowingly. "You really do have a beautiful cock, Wankus."

"Why does everyone get to see Wank's penis except me!" pouts Sechrest. "It's so unfair!"

"Because you're not a woman," he responds. "You are my 16 year old gay friend."

(Sechrest, by the way, is hardly 16 years old.)

Tina, looking perhaps more gorgeous than ever in her career, is dressed down for the night in faded blue jeans and a purple tank from "The Vagina Monologues." Tyler says, "I love the show and it helped me to make a really important decision recently so I'm sort of paying homage since that's what I'm here to announce tonight."

Tyler then reveals to KSEX Radio's four to six thousand listeners that she is retiring from adult performances. "I'm directing exclusively now. I am actually under contract with Pandora Cinema and they are the most wonderful people in the world. You can see the trailers for my first couple of movies through their web site at PandoraCinema.com."

One of those movies is "Tina Tyler's Going Down," which Sechrest is pleased to interject will be featured prominently in The Voyeur's Log of JasonCurious.com by the end of the week. Over 60 exclusive photos from the elevator-themed spectacle, which stars Kylie Ireland, Nina Hartley, Dru Berrymore, Tina Tyler, and more, will be posted with a full on-set report.

"I could give you a hundred reasons why I've made this decision," says Tina Tyler, to which Jacklyn Lick suggests she start with the top ten. Tyler settles on giving us the top three, starting with, "First of all, I'm too old."

"Bullshit!" screams Sechrest. "Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. Tina, you are in your prime right now. You look better than ever!"

"Well, I may not be old, but I'm feeling it. I've done over 250 movies. ... Reason number two, my body just needs a rest."

"Does your body ache?" probes Lick.

"Does your pussy hurt?" ventures Sechrest.

"It craves," she answers with laugh from the studio audience.

"Most importantly I learned a lot about myself through being a professional dominatrix, especially recently just dominating the hell out of men at The Den of Iniquity (http://www.thedenofiniquity.net) in New York," reveals Tyler for the first time ever. "Throughout my career in adult videos I haven't been dominant with men. I've been incredibly submissive and to become a dominatrix was the polar opposite. I think that through performing, I've just been living out my sexual history, which happens to be one of incestuous abuse. I just recognized the cycle of abuse that I was on and decided that I wanted off. It's time for me to be good to myself and to my body for a change."

Tyler says she's toyed with the idea of doing one final scene.

"You should try to beat Houston's record," laughs Lick in jest.

"No, if anyone here needs to do a gangbang it's Jason," says Tyler in response.

"I think that for the JasonCurious gangbang, we should just get all the women in the industry to strap on a dildo and fuck you up the ass," suggests Lick. Sechrest douses their hopes rather quickly, citing that it's hard enough getting a few fingers up there and that he's only been fucked twice in his life.

"But speaking of all things JasonCurious," chimes in Sechrest, "another place you can see Tina Tyler on my site is in the on-set report and photo gallery for 'Goosed for 3! A Bisexual Love Affair,' of which there's nearly 100 photos." Sechrest goes on to congratulate Tyler for her recent nomination at The 2002 GayVN Awards (http://www.gayvn.com) as Best Bisexual Director for Stable Entertainment's (http://www.stablestud.com) "Goosed for 3!" video. "You've directed some all-sex videos before, but this was your first full-on feature directorial debut, so to be nominated your first time out is really quite huge." Tyler agrees, says that she is honored, and looks forward to attending the show.

"It was quite the experience making that movie," says Tyler, "and it was a lot of fun. I will never forget it."

"There was something really magical about that shoot," says Sechrest. "Everyone I've talked to who was on that set has said that it was an experience they will never forget." Lick asks why the experience proved to be memorable for Sechrest and he replies, "Well, it was the first time I was ever on a set with gay guys, for one thing and I was pretty much molested by the entire cast. It was the first time I played the role of fluffer boy for both men and women in that movie. Anyway, it's a long story. You can read all about it on my site."

After a quick commercial break, the show returns with its nightly safety message, "Remember Your Titans... Or Other Miscellaneous Forms of Protection." Sechrest jumps at the opportunity to mention that he will begin testing at the AIM HealthCare Foundation (http://www.aim-med.org) in the coming weeks. "I get tested every six months and AIM is going start offering the swab test in the next couple of weeks. If you present me with the option of sticking a needle in my arm or a Q-Tip in my mouth, I'm gonna take the Q-Tip." Tyler explains the process for using the cotton swab on one's gums as a form of testing and Sechrest explains that Sharon Mitchell told him there is a difference in the accuracy of the tests as the HIV virus will show in the blood stream in up to two days, but there is a gap of six months if going the route of a swab test. Tina Tyler is then praised for her knowledge and safe sex views from the KSEX interactive chat room.

Next up is the show's "Fuck You" of the evening, this one coming from Steve Banan who attended the live broadcast as press with his wife, pornstress Nicole Moore. Banan takes to the mike to explain, after he discovered that Like Whoa!, the company operating their news site The Liberty Network (http://www.thelibertynetwork.tv), was full of crooks, he issued a press release on the subject for posting on the site. Like Whoa! retaliated by shutting The Liberty Network down. Banan says he is meeting with Flynt Digital and hopes to have the site up and running again within the next two days. Wankus obliges Banan's request and belts a song of "Fuck You" to the people at Like Whoa!, as The Liberty Network features Jacklyn Lick as a monthly columnist along with the likes of Flashman and Dave Cummings.

Getting back to the show's special guest, Tina Tyler, Lick inquires about the next movie she'll be directing. "We just shot a hot S&M movie in New York and that's going to be major," she tells the hostess with the mostess. "It's 90 minutes long and that's not typical of an S&M movie." Tyler goes on to reveal that her next project will be directing "Most Wanted," a video for which she is holding a scene writing contest with her fans via her Yahoo! Group. You can access Tina's group, as well as her online store, through her official web site, TinaTyler.net.

Since the performance aspect of her career is coming to a close, Sechrest feels it necessary to ask Tyler for her top three favorite performances of all time. She cites, in no particular order, "Devil in Miss Jones 6," "Careless," and "Revenge of the Bi-Dolls." Sechrest asks Tyler to do a little "Devil in Miss Jones 6" for the listeners, as she portrayed the devil in the movie. "Basically, all I did Edina from Ab Fab," she laughs, "but it was really special to me because the role was written specifically for me." She recites a line from the production in her most sultry and seductive of voices: "Sorry to burst your bubble boys, but God is a woman too."

As for favorite performers, Tyler nods Gina Fine, Chloe, Sharon Kane, Byron Long, Herschel Savage, and Sean Michaels. At the very mention of Michaels name, everyone swoons, including Wankus. "Everyone loves Sean Michaels!" shouts the Wank meister. "When Sean Michaels was sucking my cock the other day, even though he never did, he was fucking great!"

And with that, Jacklyn Lick begins to read her erotic story for the night as a close to the show. She doesn't get far before Tina Tyler takes to rubbing her pussy and Jason Sechrest starts to suck on her tits. "You really are gay," says Tyler to Sechrest at the conclusion of the bedtime story. "You don't know the first thing about how to touch a tit!" Catch last night's exciting episode with Tina Tyler as it is re-aired this morning at approximately 4:00 am & 11:00 am (PDT) only on KSEXRadio.com.

Each Monday, Jason Sechrest brings JasonCurious.com night to KSEX Radio's "Tales of Tail with Jacklyn Lick" from 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm (PDT), dragging with him (albeit kicking and screaming) his adult film friends featured on his innovative and groundbreaking web site. Next week, Jacklyn and Jason are joined by hot bodied blonde Nina Ferrari.

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