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Find out what goes on in the KSEXradio Studio, the Jock Lounge, and elsewhere. Articles feature photos of the hosts, co-hosts (present and former) and guests of the shows.

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  • Lorrainiac's Birthday Party at KSEX -- June 10, 2005
    114 photos (some furnished by KSEX fan Zal) and writeup from this festive occasion to also celebrate the birthday of Gemini, a fan in town from Iowa.
  • Cuzz's Birthday Party at KSEX -- May 13, 2005
    25 photos and writeup from Cuzz's birthday party during the Temptation show on
  • KSEXradio Fan Dreadstar's Birthday -- Dec 17, 2004
    Dreadstar's birthday celebration took place on the Temptation Show with Lorrainiac and CuzzFucker and guests Sideshow Tony, "Chris Rock," Powder and me (Rachel). After the show, Lorrainiac, Cuzz, Dreadstar and I went over to the Boone Brothers' house.
  • What's Cooking? with Chef Jeff and Dee -- Oct 28, 2004
    Jeff was surrounded by three hot women tonight: Dee, Kinzie (his fiancée) and Yazmene Milan, in town from the East Coast.
  • A Quick Visit to the KSEXradio Studio -- Oct 22, 2004
    I stopped by for a quick second to pick up something and Nina Hartley was there and posed for a few pictures. I was also able to snap a few pictures of Flexx, Shayna Knight, Wankus and Daisy.
  • The KSEXradio Listeners' Choice Awards -- Dec 4, 2004
    The Awards show was a tremendous success, with a huge turnout of stars, fans and friends. There are 90--yes, 90!--photos in the gallery.
  • In the KSEXradio Studio for Four Different Shows -- Sept 15, 2004
    I was mainly going for the Porn Hunnies Smut Top 20, but also stayed for the Wanker Show, Me So Horny and Temptation.
  • In the KSEXradio Studio for the Young and the Curious -- July 9, 2004
    Jason Sechrest hosts this show and his guests tonight were Bobby Brennan and Keri Windsor.
  • Gauge's 2nd Annual Trailer Hitch BBQ -- July 2, 2004
    No one throws a party like KSEXradio. It was wild; it was fun; and even the cops showed up. The gallery has a whopping 89 pictures!
  • Lorrainiac's Birthday -- June 10, 2004
    Pictures from the KSEXradio Studio as Rain celebrates her 32nd birthday.
  • KSEXradio Listeners' Choice Awards -- Dec. 6, 2003
    Check out the evening's happenings at this great event hosted by Layla Jade. Awards were presented in eight categories to winners that were decided by votes cast by KSEXradio fans. Two additional awards were presented for some special contributions.
  • The Wanker Show -- Oct. 7, 2003
    Chef Jeff and Lisa Sparxxx welcomed their beautiful guest, Michelle Lay. All three participated in some action on the show, with Michelle using a big black dildo on herself, Jeff getting a blowjob from Michelle and Lisa giving a blowjob to a mystery guest.
  • Temptation -- Sept 23, 2003
    Lorrainiac and Cuzz participated in tonight's DJ BJ Marathon, where there was a blow job on every show. I was able to get some screen captures of this momentous occasion. Once again, Rain emphasizes that she is "NOT a porn star." I guess it's just all in a day's work as a KSEXradio DJ. Tough job, but somebody has to do it. Check out Cuzz's happy face briefs. Hmmm... I don't remember seeing the happy face smiling before the blow job. Joe Boxer liked it.
  • Temptation -- Sept 05, 2003
    Lorrainiac demonstrated the benefits of her long walks and workouts when she showed the viewing audience her new toned body and her ability to do some stretches and acrobatic moves. She's quite limber, and even was able to lie on her back and get her feet to her mouth. Although there is no permanent video memory of this event, KSEXradio fan and computer guru, CarbtheBastard69, taught me how to capture photos from streaming video, so you can enjoy the pictures if you missed the show.
  • The Wanker Show and Temptation -- June 17, 2003
    The temperature in the studio during The Wanker Show, starring Chef Jeff quickly rose as his co-host, Lisa Sparxxx, Karina and Nick Manning got into a wild scene at the end of the show. Lisa and Karina alternated to give Nick an awesome blow job that had him smiling through clenched teeth. On Temptation, long-time listener, Akit, came in town for one night to join Lorrainiac and Cuzz for some fun and lots of good-natured (well, maybe not so good-natured) teasing. Rainy's sister, Angela, showed up for a surprise visit.
  • CuzzinFucker's Birthday Party -- May 12, 2003
    Lots of folks on hand to help Cuzz celebrate. Lisa Sparxxx stripped and gave Cuzz a lap dance. KSEXradio fan Mike (BBQ) was there to party. Layla Jade, Brooke Hunter, Don Hollywood, Dahmer, Flexx, Wankus, Daisy and, of course, Rainy, joined in the festivities.
  • SEX, SEX and More SEX -- April 14, 2003
    Talking about sex, wanting sex, watching sex or doing it--that's what goes on in the studio and back in the Jock Lounge. Money B and Clee from Digital Underground come in to promote their DVD, Sex and the Studio, and Sierra has some fun with them on the couch. Later, Lisa Sparxxx gets together for a long-awaited encounter with the well-known adult star, Mr. Marcus.
  • An Evening at KSEX -- April 7, 2003
    Highlights and photos from Ebony Nights, The Wanker Show, and Tales of Tail. Wild times as usual with guests Money B, Violet Blue, Jason McCain, and Johnny Rock.
  • First Anniversary of The Young & the Curious -- March 28, 2003
    Host Jason Sechrest provided the viewing and listening audience with a multitude of special treats. Guests included Caesar, Sam Phillips, Ginger Lynn, Bret Wolfe, Michael Brandon and Gavin Braun. A wild orgy ensued with unique experiences being enjoyed by the participants. The lines of sexual orientation sure became blurred tonight!
  • Dahmer is Drunk and Rhiannon Strips -- March 18, 2003
    After-hours viewers were treated to a bizarre show as Lorrainiac, Flexx, Cuzz and Rhiannon had some fun with a very drunk and passed-out tech guy nicknamed Dahmer. He had drunk most of a liter bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey as well as other alcohol. The KSEX DJ's drew messages on Dahmer's face and arms, put all kinds of objects around him and kept him on the live cam. Listeners could hear his loud snoring, confirming that he was still alive and breathing. Rhiannon Bray decided to do a little strip tease. Rainy and Cuzz took good care of Dahmer until the wee hours of the morning. The Gallery contains screen captures from the live web cam and are posted with permission from Dahmer.
  • The Young and the Curious -- February 28, 2003
    Deven Davis and Jason Sizemore were the guests tonight of host, Jason Sechrest. A few photos from The Wanker Show are included
  • Alexandra Quinn uses KSEX microphones in a new way -- January 2, 2003
    Read this Press Release from TopProTalent to find out what she did.
  • New Years Eve 2002/2003 -- December 31, 2002
    What better way to welcome in the New Year than an orgy at the KSEXradio studios.
  • Wankus emcees the half-time show at the Lakers/Clippers game -- March 15, 2002
    Wankus revs up the crowd of over 20,000 people. The L.A. Sparks, WNBA Champions, are being honored.  Note: Due to the fact that unknown people and children are in these photos, the photo gallery has been placed on a non-adult site to protect them and the NBA.
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