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September 15, 2004
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Flower Tucci had invited me in for her show tonight with Maria Menendez. However, traffic prevented me from seeing all but the last five minutes or so. Their guests were Cousin Stevie from Showtime's Family Business, Kimberly Kane and a girl whose name I don't know. Peter Warren, from AVN, also joined the group of guests. Stevie promoted his line of videos called Pussy Party. Showtime was following him around, taping for a future episode of Family Business. Flower gave one of her squirting demonstrations during the show. After the show, Maria was wearing a strap-on and was horsing around with Wankus, so, of course, I took advantage of some funny photo ops.

I stayed for all the other shows, too. Wankus and Michelle Lay were hosting the Wanker Show. Their guests were Tyla Wynn and Franko del Torro (Voodoo's brother). Michelle remarked how much Franko looked like his brother, who is also a performer and is married to Nicole Sheridan. Tyla ended up giving Franko a blowjob and having sex on the couch. At the show's conclusion, a girl named Stephanie, who was someone's friend, joined the others to do the usual Wanker Show finale and danced out of the studio.

The next show was "Me So Horny" with Kaylani Lei and A-Rock. Avena Lee is also a host of this show, but wasn't there tonight. DCypher from HardcoreGossip.com showed up during this show and joined Kaylani on the couch. He was very funny and some of the listeners were expressing their desire for him to stay longer, but he only stayed a short time.

Shayna Knight is a frequent and beloved guest on KSEXradio, and tonight she was a guest on Temptation with Lorrainiac and CuzzFucker, a.k.a. Cuzz. Rainy mixed up a bucket of Margaritas for all to enjoy. Shayna tried her luck at using a hula hoop--first when she was clothed and then just in panties--but couldn't keep it going for long. The show is always fun and Shayna certainly adds to the enjoyment.

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