"I want to rape you Wankus...no better yet, I want to put a microphone in my pussy"      --Fiona Cheeks

Oh Mrs. Taliban...I DON'T want to go home!

Fiona Cheeks Warming Up for the first ever attempted KSEXradio Microphone entry

A valiant attempt, but it
ain't gettin' past the head!

Alexandra Quinn says "Move aside and let me show you how to get that sucker inside!"

Ya know it's amazing what comes out when you keep "Regular" with your diet!


Spankin' Daisy on Tales of Tail,
last night on KSEXradio.com

Pelvic Ultrasound?

No, just Microphones in the Vagina

Brian Holt, Staff Writer
Top Pro Talent

(Burbank, CA) - Just when you thought the adult business made you immune to anything shocking...just when you assumed you had seen everything...just when you felt like you happily digested your dinner--that fucking Wankus changes everything!

Thursday night on KSEXradio.com's Wanker Show, host, Wankus and CoHo, Katie Morgan, welcomed Elegant Angel accredited director, Mason, to the nightly program.  Arriving in what was described as her 'normal out of the house' clothes, Mason explained the Islamic style duds were worn because she has a shy side and gets very nervous if receiving public attention.  Wankus broke the ice, as only he can, by asking, "Are you hiding Osama Bin Laden under there or are you doing the new box cover for Arabian Nights?"

Mason had stopped by the popular 24 hour sex talk radio station to discuss the numerous AVN Award nominations she received for the upcoming show in Las Vegas, and to promote the recent release of Elegant Angel's, Mason's Dirty Trixxx 2:  Necessary Roughness, starring Alexandra Quinn, Fiona Cheeks and Bella Maria, all of whom just happened to be in the area of KSEX, and joined Mason on the couch.

As always, the KSEXradio.com listening audience was able to enjoy a night of interesting interview questions, Wankus' sick and twisted sarcasm, but once again, had no idea what was about to happen next on that poor, abused, in-studio sofa.

In a very bizarre turn of events, almost 'Tourettes-like,' Fiona exclaimed, "I want to put that microphone up my pussy!"

The object is phallic and, by any means, don't think it was the first time one of Wankus' adult guests made that request.  But, in past instances, the popular show host and program director always nixed the idea "for the sake of the equipment."  That was, of course, until Katie Morgan came along.

"Why don't you stop being uncooperative Wankus and just put a condom on it," Morgan inquired.

And with that one question, an incredibly twisted evening began.

Apparently becoming more comfortable with crowds, Mason placed the condom on the microphone, only using her mouth, and handed it to Cheeks.  Bella Maria and Alexandra Quinn sucked it for a while to lube it up, but as an extra precaution, Cheeks added some joy jelly, while basically fisting herself in an attempt to ready her canal for quite a large vessel.

Try after try, it couldn't get past the head of the microphone and Cheeks threw in the towel.  It was at that moment, Alexandra Quinn grabbed it from Fiona and said, "move aside and let me show you how to get that sucker inside."

Literally within seconds, Quinn had the entire "mic" inside her, all the way up to the connecting wire.  "That's it," she asked, "don't you have another one for my ass?"

Wankus, not one to let down his guests, just happened to have an additional microphone standing by, pre-equipped with a 'jimmy hat' and some lube.  With careful pushing and sexual stimulation from the rest of the girls, the second "mic" went inside Quinn as the staff, and surely the fans, looked on in utter disbelief.

Without the assistance of amplification devices, Wankus made all the guests talk into Alexandra's crotch for the remainder of the show and even turned down the music to listen for additional voices inside her.

Pelvic Ultrasound?  It may be more appropriate to say "hidden microphones."  And, I'm sure if Wankus and Katie had more time, it's safe to say that they would've tried to go for a hidden camera as well!

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