An Evening at
February 28, 2003

The Young and the Curious,
hosted by Jason Sechrest

My goal was to get to KSEX at the beginning of Jason Sechrest's show "The Young and the Curious," but due to heavy traffic in downtown L.A., I didn't make it until about five minutes before the show's end.

When I arrived, Deven Davis, spokesmodel for Jill Kelly Productions (JKP), was on the couch next to pornstar Jason Sizemore, described by Jason Sechrest as a twink with a huge cock.

Sitting on a chair to Deven's right, and out of camera range, was Deven's husband, Jonathan Davis, lead singer for the rock band, KoRn. I heard later that he didn't want to be on camera, and I can only guess that he respectfully chose to give the spotlight to Deven. This photo was taken after the show when Jon kindly let me take a picture of the two of them.

In listening to a replay of the show, I learned the following information about Deven: She's 24 now and has been in the adult industry since she was 18, but she's only done a few movies. She's still in a few movies for JKP but only in non-sex roles. As a spokesmodel, she acts as a representative for the JKP girls.

She confessed to enjoying watching two guys getting it on (as does Jill), and has masturbated to gay porn. She has brought other girls into her relationship with Jon, but not another guy. She said she likes anal sex now, but didn't at first.

Jason Sizemore hails from Bakersfield, California and surprised host Jason with the news that he's going to leave the adult business (at least for a while) to return to Bakersfield to "take care of his cokehead father." He said he hit puberty at the age of 8 and did not realize as he was growing up that he was unusually generously endowed. His latest movie is "Try Me On For Size."

The Wanker Show, hosted by Wankus and co-hosted by Daisy I was the only guest on the couch tonight for about ten minutes as I read a funny e-mail someone had sent me that discusses blow jobs from a woman's point of view and then from a man's point of view. Wankus called The Erotic Couple in Japan and talked to them for a while on the air. They are frequent participants in the chat room.

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