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April 7, 2003

Photos and text by Rachel Worth.  Copyright © 2003 Worth-a-Million Productions.

Money B, of Digital Underground fame, was going to be stopping by the Ebony Nights show on this night and asked me to come. Layla Jade was debuting as host of Tales of Tail (with co-host, Daisy) and also wanted me to come. And, The Wanker Show sounded like a fantastic one, with guests Violet Blue and Jason McCain. Also, I hadn't yet met Cindy Crawford, co-host of the Wanker Show on Monday nights. Adding all that up, I was really looking forward to this evening. So, I headed off to the studio, battling the worst downtown Los Angeles traffic I have ever seen. Sadly, I wasn't able to stay for the Temptation Show, since I was barely functioning on one hour of sleep.

Ebony Nights, hosted by Flexx and co-hosted by Sierra


Money B
and Sierra

Money B
and Sierra


I missed the first 15 minutes of the show due to the aforementioned traffic. Money B arrived soon after I did, and he joined Sierra on the couch to talk about the recent release of Metro Interactive and Digital Underground's first adult video, "Sex and the Studio, Episode One." In this video there are a lot of popular rappers partying and getting it on with Adult Stars. There are a lot of interviews and sex scenes, some spontaneous and some scripted. Flexx said that he was in the background of some scenes and asked if some of the hilarious bloopers were left in. Money B said they were, and also mentioned that there is a bonus music CD included with the video. Money B plans to return next Monday with Clee, one of his fellow Digital Underground rappers.

The Wanker Show, with Wankus and Co-Ho, Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford

Jason McCain
and Violet Blue

Jason, Violet
and Cindy

Violet & Cindy

The show began with the usual anti-terrorist body search and sniff test which Cindy Crawford performed on Violet Blue, the first Wanker Show guest. Violet is 26 years old ("22 in porn years," she explains), is married and has a boyfriend, Johnny Rock, who lives across the street and accompanied her to the studio.

Violet just finished a new movie from New Sensations in which she says she was "fucked up the ass for three hours by Chris Cannon." She said she's been doing anal and double-penetration since she started in the industry. She won't do solo masturbation scenes or facial cumshots. When asked by Wankus if she swallows, she explained that what she really likes is when a guy comes in her mouth and she spits it back into his mouth [and I guess he then swallows it]. She says that a lot of guys won't let her do it because they think it's gay. Wankus speculated that most guys have probably tasted their own "spunk" and admitted to doing so himself, although when he did it, he thought, "Ewww, is that what they have to do?"

Violet Blue

Violet giving head

Violet and Wankus

Dancing at show's end

Next on the couch was Jason McCain. Violet patted him down to be sure he wasn't carrying any "weapons of mass erection." Jason spoke of trying to lose the "gay porn star" image. He said he's completely straight, but did it for the money. He explained, "I'm a sex performer. They paid me a shitload of money to perform sex." He said that he got paid $10,000 for one movie that he would have gotten paid $500 for in straight porn. He needed the money to begin a new business venture: making furniture. He has come back to doing straight movies and when challenged to prove he was straight proceeded to go down on Cindy, who had an intense orgasm, and proclaimed, "He's not gay!" They remained on the couch kissing and cuddling as Violet was giving quite a blow job to Johnny. The show ended with Wankus singing a song to Violet as she sat on his lap, and then the whole group danced out of the studio.

Tales of Tail, hosted by Layla Jade, co-hosted by Daisy

Layla Jade
Layla Jade
Layla Jade and Daisy
Jade and Daisy

Layla looked beautiful, as always, and seemed calm for the debut of her show. The show began with her reading an erotic story, which she later said that she wrote. Layla and Daisy talked about many different topics, among them anal sex. Layla said that the first time she tried it, she couldn't believe how much it hurt. It took a long time to get used to it, but she says she likes it now. "It's so dirty," she says, explaining the attraction. "You're just not supposed to have something up your ass." She also enjoys A2M (ass to mouth, where the guy does you in the ass, pulls out and immediately puts his cock in your mouth). When Daisy asks how it tastes, Layla replies that it doesn't taste bad; it just tastes like her.

Daisy admitted that she doesn't like anal and asked Layla for advice on how to get used to it. Layla advised her to start practicing with toys first. "Bring it into your foreplay. And use lots of lube."

Another topic of conversation was about favorite masturbatory fantasies. Daisy's was about firemen. Layla's involved a gynecological exam where her feet are in the stirrups and the nurse comes in and starts touching her and then the doctor comes in, pulls his cock out and starts fucking her. Sometimes there are slight variations to the fantasy but they're all similar. She related a funny story about recently going to the doctor for a Pap smear and she was thinking about this fantasy and envisioning it really happening. When the doctor tried to examine her, he kept telling her to relax because she was so tense. What he didn't know was that she was trying to hold back an orgasm. Layla ended the show with an erotic story sent in by a fan and encouraged others to send their stories to [email protected].

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