The First Anniversary of
The Young & the Curious
Hosted by Jason Sechrest
March 28, 2003

Photos and text by Rachel Worth.  Copyright © 2003 Worth-a-Million Productions.

"OH...MY...GAWD!" was the operative phrase of the evening as many unexpected scenarios occurred Friday night on the "THE YOUNG & THE CURIOUS" on KSEXradio. Guests of this special expanded three-hour show included Caesar, Sam Phillips, Ginger Lynn, Alana Evans, Michael Brandon, Bret Wolfe, and Gavin Braun. In the audience were Press and other VIPs.
The first guest up was the brawny bodybuilder, Caesar. Caesar was Jason's first-ever male guest a year ago. Jason referred to him as an icon in the gay XXX scene. Married for 7½ years to a woman he at various times calls "a good girl," "open-minded," and "great," Caesar is bisexual, but hates labels when it comes to sexuality. He feels there is a fine line between all of it, and says he is just plain sexual. He states emphatically that he is not gay for pay. He said that plenty guys who say they're straight take it up the ass and then deny it. Caesar said his wife gets off watching him with another man.
Caesar tried anal sex at the age of 12 in the woods with another 12 year old. They were looking at adult magazines and saw a picture of two men having sex and decided to try it. They continued on an almost daily basis until they got busted by the other guy's parents. The family moved two weeks later. He first had sex with a woman at the age of 13. He says he's tried just about everything he has wanted to do. Asked about his turn-ons, he replied that strap-on girls turn him on.
His latest movie is "Playing with Fire 3" from All Worlds Video, directed by ChiChi LaRue. It should be out at the end of April. According to Caesar, the orgy scene was the best--full of energy; everyone was rock hard. Blue Blade's Cowboy was the last movie he did, and he may be up for a GayVN Award for it.
Jason asked Caesar about his bodybuiding and about how he entered the porn business. He said he enters bodybuilding contests and took second place recently. He works out twice a day, every day. He played sports in high school and college, but didn't start bodybuilding until he was in the Marine Corps. He didn't hook up with any fellow Marines on-base, but did off-base. "You had to hide being gay or bisexual."
He got out of the service in 1996. He did his first gay porn movie in late 1998. He began his porn career after meeting ChiChi LaRue and Chris Green. Jason asks, "Why haven't we had sex yet?" Caesar hesitates and says, "Our paths never cross."

Sam Phillips was the next guest on the couch and shared some funny stories about Jason. They met whe he was 18, and Jason was staying with someone else. Jason and the other person had a big fight and then he moved in with Sam, eventually sharing her bed (he sleeps in the nude). Sam said Jason used to rave about the size of his cock (especially when he had morning wood) and would proudly display it to her. Jason says Sam jerked him off one night in her sleep but she claims not to remember that.
Sam and Jason talked about hearing each other during intimate moments when Jason moved next door to her for a year. Jason says the people who live in Sam's old apartment bang on his walls at 3 a.m., telling him to shut up because he is so loud when he cums. Sam could hear Jason a lot but he only heard her once having an intimate conversation and attempt at anal sex with her boyfriend.
Jason said he needs to learn how to take dick up the ass because he's only done it three times. The ultimate revelation came when Sam shared that Jason used to stick Sharpie markers ("the big fat ones") in his ass while masturbating. He said that was his way of seeing what it felt like and he didn't own a dildo. Jason cut that discussion short by going to a commercial.
Sam has been working with porn star and good friend, Houston, for six months on a documentary called "Beauty is the Beast" which is an investigation into how the entertainment industry looks at beauty. She had just come from a set where she talked to Aria Giovanni. Sam said that she and Houston have found out the trends are changing. It used to be very alter-yourself, nose job, boob job. Now it's the girl next-door look. People are allowed to be themselves and have a more natural look with no implants.
She also participates in a special show called the Red Light Comedy District at the Improv in Hollywood that brings together well-known comics with adult Stars and centerfolds to do stand-up and improvisations. The third installment will be coming up April 18 at 10:30 p.m.

Ginger Lynn was such a treat. She was so much fun, and I think she was one of the best guests ever to grace KSEXradio's studio. She honestly answered any question Jason asked her, had interesting stories to tell, and didn't hesitate to join in all the naughty fun at the end of the show.
She began in the adult industry almost 20 years ago and says she's had a lot of fun and states that she's one of the few in the business who hasn't had any plastic surgery. She grew up in Rockford, IL and came to L.A. when she was 19. She was working for Musicland Group, running nine of their stores, and was working about 70 hours a week. She decided it was time for a change.
Her first experience was when she answered an ad for someone to entertain at a bachelor party. It paid $200 and she figured she could do it, but didn't anticipate the fact that she'd be the lone woman with a roomful of horny guys. She couldn't do it and ran out and left. Then she entered a couple wet t-shirt contests but was too shy to show her tits. She said she wanted to be naughty but couldn't do it in front of people. "Now I have no trouble being naughty," she says.
The other night she was working and says there was this cute young guy. "I just wanted to ruin him," she says. She sat on his lap and was kissing him because "you can't fuck if you can't kiss." She ended up bringing him home. He had a hard-cut body and tattoos and a nice cock--big and uncircumsized. He was sweet and nasty and was so hard all evening, but the moment she took his clothes off he went limp. Ginger says she had to talk him through everything, including pussy licking. She finally told him she was tired and called him a cab.
Back to her start in the industry... She answered an ad for World Modeling, then did a Penthouse shoot, hooked up with Suze Randall, then three months later "I was sucking cocks on film and having a great time." The sex was fine but she said she couldn't talk into a microphone, and it took seven years of acting classes to get better.
She worked for two years and three months, took a 14-year break and then came back in 1999 and started working with VCA. She did seven movies for them so far and speaks fondly of the company, saying that they've even been helpful with her own productions. She's not sure know how much longer she wants to be in front of the camera and is enjoying producing her own movies.
Gingerbred is her production company. Ginger Picks is the line of movies and the name of the website. People submit their photos and then website visitors vote by rating the pictures. There are 111 contestants so far and only for straight productions, but Ginger assures us that she will be getting into gay movies too. She's looking for real amateurs. "Many people think they need to be these cookie-cutter people with the same hair color, same nose job, same boob job, same hair color. They lose who they really are and become a parody of a porn star. For me, I want it to be real, and I want it to be real fun."
For her productions, she takes the top ten people, looks at what their turn-ons are and matches them up with some of the others who've submitted photos, and they are chosen for the production. The people get blindfolded and brought to her house. They play a game called "blow me." The guys are in chairs, the girls have three minutes to give a blowjob and the guys rate them. Sometimes Ginger steps in to give a blow job without the guys knowing it. Her next production will be shot on May 21 & 22.
What mainstream project is she most proud of? "The Metallica Video" [Turn the Page], she answers, where she portrayed an aging stripper struggling to raise her young daughter. It's a five-minute music video, and the director, Jonas Akerlund, made a fifteen-minute short film out of it. She says that it's dark and disturbing and hit home. Her father saw it and called her to tell her she was a great actress. [ed note: I've seen it and it's awesome.] She was also very proud of Bound and Gagged: a Love Story. It was her first film that opened in theaters.

Alana Evans, Bret Wolfe, Gavin Braun and Michael Brandon join Ginger on the couch.





The wildest part of the evening is about to begin. After the four join Ginger on the couch, Jason mentions that Alana is the first woman he'd ever gone down on on camera. Brett, he calls a "super power bottom" (which he later explains means that you can do anything to him; he likes his sex real rough). Gavin he describes as a newcomer with one of the hottest asses in the business and says that Michael has "quite a large member."

Ginger said she was turned on and wet surrounded by all those hot people, and she started rubbing Michael's cock through his shorts. Jason soon began a game where he and Ginger directed the others to do things. Ginger asked to see Michael's cock and he obliged. Jason asked Gavin to jerk Michael off.

Ginger asked Bret to get naked, but he was too self-conscious to do it. She then said he could either get his cock sucked or he had to lick a pussy. He said he had never even touched a girl but decided to lick Alana Evans' pussy. He said it tasted really good and the experience was "unusually hot." "I'm going to do bisexual movies now," he teased.
Jason asked Gavin to show his great ass and particularly his asshole, which he bent over to show everyone on the couch and then the web cam and studio audience.

Ginger said she was being given so much masturbatory material. "This is like my heaven. I am so turned on," she laughed.

Michael jumped in to lick Gavin's asshole. Ginger couldn't take it any longer and jumped in to suck Gavin's and Michael's cocks, first alternating between them and then taking both in her mouth at the same time. Michael said it was awesome. Gavin went over to play with Alana. Then Bret started licking Michael's ass and finally Alana jumped in to suck Michael's cock. Wow! What a scene! Jason had the hardest time not jumping into the action, but the guy had a show to run, after all.

Then a special cake was brought in (as pictured on the top of this page.) Jason joined the group on the couch and everyone sang Happy Anniversary as some of the group dipped fingers into the cake and fed themselves and others. Jason said, "I love my job. This is so cool."

But, the fun wasn't over yet... Michael stated that he wanted to cum, and eventually Michael and Gavin started making out and Brett was sucking Gavin's nipple while pinching one of Michael's nipples. Ginger became speechless. Brett got down on his knees and Michael came on his face and then took Michael's cock in his mouth. Fade to commercial...

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