Dru Berrymore And Friends Have Orgy
'On & Off' KSEXradio.com

(Burbank, CA) - "With all due respect," proclaimed Wankus during his Friday night broadcast on KSEXradio.com, "I love Tera Patrick. I think she deserves much respect for all that she brings to the adult industry," he continued, "and I hope she has continued success. But for some reason, her radio show, that basically features the same circuit of guests as us, yet with one-tenth of the audience, always gets top billing in the trades."

You could see the fun and light mood in the studio change to slightly uncomfortable, yet with a certain curiosity of where Wankus was going with this. "That all ends tonight!" Wankus exclaimed. "It's the pictures. Have you ever seen the re-cap of every Tera show?" he asked his guests. After everyone concurred with head nods, he explained, "it's the tittie sofa shots! She and all her guests pose at the end of the show topless and that is what gets them top billing, and that's what we're going to do tonight, damn it!"

And that's what they did...among other incredibly naughty things.

Dru Berrymore came down to the studio on a mission. She was determined to introduce Wankus and co-ho, Samantha Sterlyng, to her up and cumming adult star girl friends, and, to get all parties involved in a wild, zany sex party. When Ryan Meadows and Faith Adams arrived, Wankus gave a thumbs up to Dru's choices, as did Samantha. For some reason, the crew felt they needed more women in the mix, so they pulled KSEXradio sales and marketing director, Daisy, onto the sofa.

After they all got naked and The Wanker Show progressed, the sexy five-some and Wankus could see this was just the beginning. By mid-show, Berrymore, Adams and Meadows competed in a KSEXradio favorite feature, "The Self Inflicted Gratification Contest!" They all had their toys and individually masturbated for the web cam audience and chat room. By the close of all the bouts, the chat room voted, Olympic style, and awarded their winners. Ryan Meadows took the Bronze, Dru Berrymore got Silver and Faith Adams, one of the more quiet orgasm contestants, took the Gold. "I would like to just say Meadows should've taken the Gold," added Wankus, "but we're not like the real Olympic judges here...our voting system is fair and honest."

As the show wound down, Wankus brought all the girls on his lap and immediate surrounding area, and closed the show out with his typical improvisation genius vocal ability, to the karaoke tune of "Wind Beneath My Wings." The girls cried (from embarrassment), and the KSEXradio audience was treated to an incredible show.

Following the show, Wankus, Dru, Daisy, Faith and Ryan all jumped in their cars and headed out to "Splash Spa" in Hollywood, California. This is a themed hot tub and sauna club that's been featured in many mainstream shows, most notoriously "Blind Date." When they all finally made it into the Japanese themed room, there was no hesitation in clothing removal. All the hotties, including Wankus, bared all and jumped into the hot tub. Daisy was on Dru, Faith was on Ryan, Wankus was by himself...well, not for long. "Are you still wearing your boxers?" asked a shocked Berrymore. He was, but that didn't last with all those horny girls in the mix. Adams and Meadows reached under water and yanked off his soggy boxers and threw them on the floor. From there it became one hot steamy orgy until it was time to call it a night.

Lauren Hays of Playboy's Sexcetera was the only media on hand covering this event, aside from KSEXradio photographers, but expect some wild footage of both events to be released very soon!

The Wanker Show is heard weeknights at 7:00 (PST) on KSEXradio.com.

Below, you will find the "TERA STYLE GROUP SHOT": From Left to Right: Faith Adams, Ryan Meadows, Wankus, Samantha Sterlyng, Dru Berrymore, Daisy of KSEXradio.com. You will also find a shot from the hot tub night out. Enjoy!

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