Wankus vs. Howard Stern and
Wankus vs. Max Hardcore


KSEXradio 'Wanker Show' 38% More Entertainment Value Than 'Stern Show'

(Burbank, CA) - In response to what he felt was an insult, when being accused of "trying to be like Howard Stern," Wankus made a special announcement last night on The Wanker Show, KSEXradio.com.

"I will not bash Howard Stern. I will not say I'm better, he's better...nuttin'," Wankus stated, "but I will say that we have two different style shows, and on my show, there's not only a lot of energy and a faster pace, but we have unblurred nudity and uncensored profanity." Wankus continued, "Furthermore, in an attempt to prove that my fans get more entertainment value on my show, I sat at home late last night and counted every single word I said in the first half hour of my show. I then caught the first half hour of the Stern Show and counted every word out of his mouth."

The results were astounding. In the first half an hour of The Wanker Show, Wankus used 1,377 words, as oppose to Stern's first half hour where he only used 854 words. What does this prove? "This means that Wanker Show fans get 38% more entertainment than Stern fans do in a 30 minute period!" announced Wankus--proudly.

Wanker Show fans are in for a treat tonight as Max Hardcore and Catalina join him and Co-Ho Heather Lyn, live in studio to officially challenge Wankus to a fist fight. Celebrity Porn Star Boxing, a take off on the recent Celebrity Boxing event, is rapidly being put together by promoters and is tentatively marked for July 4, 2002. Flashman is acting as the 'Don King' of the event and piecing together all the bouts. Other interested parties include Alexis Amour, Keri Windsor, Jenna Jameson, Sean Michaels and more.

The Hardcore/Wankus ticket is the first official confirmed match, and if promoters make the event happen, these two adult stars WILL fight. "I will jam my fist down his throat like he's one of my little anal whores," remarked Hardcore in a recent phone interview on KSEXradio.com. Wankus' response, "Are you fuckin' kidding me? That five foot nothing, old, small dicked, hairy back, cowboy-hat-wearing, piece of shit couldn't hurt me if he tried. I ain't goin' into that ring wearing pigtails and too much make up!"

Tonight live in studio, Wankus will further tout his confidence in the outcome of the fight by making an additional wager live on-air. Wankus will propose that if he wins, he should be allowed a night alone with Catalina, yet if he loses, he will let Catalina wear a strap-on and invade him anally.

The Wanker Show is heard weeknights from 6:00 - 9:00 (PST) on KSEXradio.com

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