Typical Night in the
KSEX Studios

November 29, 2002

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And to think... I almost didn't bring my camera. I really just wanted to hang out with my KSEXradio friends, and thought that for once I'd leave my camera at home. BOY am I glad I changed my mind! It was one wild night!

I stayed through the Wanker Show (with Wankus and Daisy), Tales of Tail (with Daisy and Lorrainiac) and Temptation (with Lorrainiac and CuzzFucker). Tonight, the scheduled guest on the Wanker Show was Elizabeth Starr--a beautiful woman with gigantic breasts--whom I'd met in August of 1999 at a charity baseball game called Curveball. Joining the show was a surprise guest, Bella-Maria--a very horny, Italian/Spanish beauty.

The Wanker Show began with some chit-chat with Elizabeth. As with all guests, Wankus and Daisy first did their full search and anthrax taste-test on Elizabeth to make sure she wasn't a terrorist. She passed the security clearance and sat on the couch to chat. She revealed that her breast size is 44-II or a 36-O ("as in Oh, my fucking God"). She talked about her website, ElizabethStarr.com, and her movies and said she really likes to meet her fans. She has been making B-movies lately and is the new Russ Meyers girl. Her latest movie is The Double-D Avenger. Next month she's shooting a girl/girl video with Lisa Lipps. She likes men and women sexually, but prefers men. Her family knows what she does and are supportive, which may be a result of the fact that her mom was a Vegas showgirl and modeled for Playboy.

Soon, Bella-Maria joined the others on the couch. She will be 21 next week. She began talking immediately about how horny she is and how she "squirts cum like a motherfucker" and can even squirt during anal. She's been in the adult business for two months and has worked with Lexington Steele and Mark Davis. Her latest movies are Balls Deep 6 and Iron Maidens. She will soon have a website called bellamarialive.com. She said she's a nymph and can never get enough sex. Growing up in Canada, she said that during the cold weather she'd stay in and masturbate, have sex and practice sucking cock. "There's nothing else to do" she joked.

After being coaxed by Wankus, Elizabeth finally pulled out one massive breast, which Bella-Maria leaned over to suck. Wankus began questioning Bella-Maria about her ability to squirt and asked if she'd be willing to demonstrate. She pulled out a blue dildo and said she can not only squirt but can aim at a target. She came three different times, squirting each time, and counting down to the second and third orgasms. She said the secret to squirting is hitting the G-spot. Her third orgasm fluids squirted on Elizabeth's foot and Bella-Maria immediately got on all fours on the floor and licked Elizabeth's foot clean and then licked off her dildo.

Elizabeth said she has never squirted, and Daisy said she squirted once when she was alone. The room was already hot, but things got even hotter when first Daisy went down on Bella-Maria and eventually the girls were all going down on each other while the men in the room who were watching were definitely breathing heavily. It didn't settle down until all three girls had orgasms.

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