April 14, 2003

Photos and text by Rachel Worth.  Copyright © 2003 Worth-a-Million Productions.

The evening programming begins each Monday with Ebony Nights. Money B returned tonight with Cleetis Mack (Clee), another member of Digital Underground, to promote their new DVD. They stayed through The Wanker Show to do some rapping with him. Also appearing on The Wanker Show was Mr. Marcus, well-known Adult Industry star. Lisa Sparxxx was in the studio for both shows, sitting on Flexx's lap during his show, and getting it on with Mr. Marcus during The Wanker Show. Layla Jade and Daisy talked about their first sexual experiences on Tales of Tail. On Temptation, which is the final show of the evening, Lorrainiac's brother came in and told a story that embarrassed Lorrainiac about a sexual encounter between the two of them when they were young. Unfortunately, I had filled up my camera's memory stick, so no pictures from Temptation.

Ebony Nights, hosted by Flexx and co-hosted by Sierra
Money B and Clee talked with pride about all the projects they have going with Metro Studios--about 9 lines of interracial video right now. They are in charge of Metro's new division called Metro Urban, and, in fact, had just come from shooting a scene for their line called Money B presents Ass Everywhere. They were at KSEX to plug their recent release, Sex and the Studio, Episode One, which took over a year to put together.

Clee began the Sex and the Studio project, and he chooses the talent, comes up with the ideas and directs the action. Money B said that he watches more porn, but he knows more of the older porn, while Clee knows what's happening now. Clee and Money are both from the Bay area in Northern California but both have moved down to the L.A. area, because "this is where it's at." They said that since their live shows are X-rated, the adult videos seemed to be a natural progression.

Sierra, getting stimulated by the conversation, said her tits were straining to come out and soon "Tit" and "Tat" came bursting out of their covering. Clee and Money B were encouraged to kiss them and play with them as Sierra dangled them in their faces and then lay across their laps.

Clee, Money B
and Sierra

Clee, Sierra
and Money B

Sierra, Clee
and Money B

Lisa Sparxxx
and Flexx


Money B

Money B and Sierra

Da whole group

The Wanker Show, with Wankus and Co-Ho, Daisy
Money B and Clee did some great rapping with Wankus, Daisy and Flexx. They started with rap jamming about people in the chat room and moved on to free-form rapping. Wankus also helped to plug Digital Underground's new movie which is currently available at Adult Video Stores and online.

And then, Mr. Marcus came in. In a conversation earlier with Lisa Sparkxxx, Mr. Marcus had mentioned that he was horny and needed a blowjob. Lisa, who's been wanting to get together with him for a long time, invited him to the station to get his blowjob live on the webcams in the studio. Mr. Marcus has been in the adult business for nine years. He said he had done some research and found out he could get paid for fucking and was happy to hear he could make a living that way.

Stating "When I come, I'm happy," he soon began receiving what he'd come to get--a blowjob from Lisa. With music playing in the background, Wank singing, and Mr. Marcus giving an occasional "yeah, baby" or "oh, yeah" � la Barry White, Lisa first gave him a blowjob, then he fucked her and then finished with a blow job before coming all over her mouth, cheek and chin. He assured her of another encounter when "he'd give her more."

Lisa and Mr. Marcus

Marcus, Lisa, Daisy

Mr. Marcus & Lisa

Violet & Cindy

Mr. Marcus & Lisa

Mr. Marcus

Lisa and Mr. Marcus


Tales of Tail, hosted by Layla Jade, co-hosted by Daisy
On Tales of Tail, Layla told true stories at the beginning and end of the show, the first one being about losing her virginity and the second being about a threesome in a jacuzzi. Layla and Daisy shared stories about losing their virginity and the best and worst sex they'd had. Layla said she lost her virginity at the age of 15 to a married man in his 30s. Her worst sex was was someone in the business, so she wasn't able to share it. The best sex was the threesome in the jacuzzi that provided the content for her final story.

Layla Jade
Layla Jade
Layla Jade and Daisy
Jade and Daisy

Mr. Marcus:
Lisa Sparxxx:
Layla Jade:
Sex and the Studio:

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