In the Studio
at KSEX Radio
October 17-18, 2001
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Photos and text by Rachel Worth. Copyright © 2001. All rights reserved.
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Johnny Buss, President of the L.A. Sparks Women's Basketball Team, came in for a visit, and appeared briefly on the Temptation Show which is hosted by Lorrainiac, and was co-hosted on this night by comedian, Wheels Parise. Tonight's special guest was Alexis on Fire, who touts herself as the Internet's only lactating contortionist

Lorrainiac's show is always wild and wacky, and Wheels' humor adds to the raunchiness of it all. There is much talk about body parts, fucking and sex play, including every possible way of doing it. This is definitely not a show for the prudish.

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Wankus & Johnny
Wankus & Johnny
Wankus & Johnny
Wankus & Johnny
Alexis & Wheels
Show me that ass
Look at my pussy jewelry
Alexis & Wheels
I can wrap my legs around my neck

Alexis & Wheels

See, just like a pretzel


Hey, you can see your own asshole!
Lorrainiac says, "not sure if I like this view"


Photos of Wankus and Melissa Ashley

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Wheels Parise
Alexis on Fire

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