on KSEX radio
with Lorrainiac
and family

November 13, 2001

Photos and text by Rachel Worth. All photos and text are the property of
Worth-a-Million Productions and may not be used elsewhere without permission.

I love hanging around the studio with all the KSEX radio personalities. A special place in my heart belongs to Lorraine, known as Lorrainiac on the radio. She is so much fun to be around that I was laughing and smiling all night long. On this particular night, on the show with her from 10:00 p.m. to midnight were two members of her family: her sister Angela, known as Dually Girl, and her cousin Steve, known as Cuzzin Fucker or just Cuzz, which gives you an idea of the relationship between him and Lorraine.

Discussions on the show can be about anything, from discussing Lorraine's battles with PMS to any of the many interesting situations that happened to her during the day. And, she can tell a story like no other, relating it with great detail and lots of raucous, infectious laughter sprinkled throughout.

On a recent show, Cuzzin was under the console, giving Lorraine oral sex for almost two whole hours! They promise to repeat that when I'm in the studio, so I can get photos. I have such a tough job! On this night, I took some pictures during the show and then did a special photo session after the show, where Lorraine and Angela didn't hesitate to peel off their clothes and get into a variety of positions after locking the studio door. Then Lorraine called Cuzzin into the studio and immediately made him take off his shirt to shoot some photos.

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