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November 23, 2001

Photos and text by Rachel Worth. All photos and text are the property of
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This website seems to be turning into a KSEX radio fan club site. KSEX is a perfect complement to other adult industry offerings. It provides frank conversation on adult topics, while allowing listeners to interact with the talk-show hosts in the chat room or on the phone. I have become a devoted fan, and you will frequently find me in the chat room. If you join us, be sure and say "hi" to me, always signed in as "rachel." I have now visited the studio three times to take photos and party with some of the hosts. Although I love all the KSEX family, and count some among friends I'm thankful to have, my main focus on this night was the Temptation Show from 10:00 p.m. to midnight PST. Lorrainiac and Cuzzin Fucker were getting married on the air, and I couldn't miss it. But, more about that later.

On this particular occasion, when I first arrived, I saw and exchanged hellos with Matt, KSEX's producer/videographer. I then greeted Harry, the webmaster, who was occupied on the phone. I walked into the Jock Lounge and was met by Samantha Sterlyng, who was sitting on the floor, and Wankus, who was at the computer exchanging messages with folks in the chat room (or kicking them out when they got out of line). Samantha arose to introduce herself to me, and soon added to the greeting by pulling down the top of her dress, revealing her perfect, albeit enhanced, breasts. She then invited me to feel them, to experience how soft and real they feel. Because I had never before felt a woman's breast, I initially hesitated. But, of course, being a reporter who likes to report everything first hand, I had to oblige, and I extended my right hand to her left breast. She encouraged me to squeeze, which I did. Hey, it did feel natural! Thanks, Sammie. Next time you can reciprocate.

Gee, I've had SO many firsts this year; I wonder what adventures await me in 2002.

I took pictures throughout the Wanker Show with Wankus and Samantha. Highlights of the show included Wankus practicing the wedding song he created for Lorraine and Cuzzin, and a game of Truth or Dare, where Wankus made Samantha say "I like to take facials" after every sentence until the end of the show. (Samantha doesn't take facials, by the way.) Also, Wankus did a telephone interview with a woman named Robin, who has webcam shows and an amateur website, RobinsHouse.com. Another highlight was a very funny joke of the week submitted by a listener.

I only took three pictures during Jacklyn's show, Tales of Tail. Jackie is very focused on interacting with the people in the chat room, so consequently, she is almost always looking down at the laptop computer. Therefore, it was difficult to get pictures of her looking up. Jackie excitedly talked about her recent trip to San Francisco, enthusiastically promoting the Exploratorium there, where she had a fantastic time with a friend who went with her. She especially liked the Tactile Dome, which is completely dark inside, requiring you to feel your way through and out of it. She also talked about the Harry Potter movie and expressed disbelief at some people's criticism of it as promoting witchcraft. Other segments included "Today in History," a political discussion of the current situation with Osama bin Laden, and a long discussion about infidelity, which she claims she absolutely doesn't understand. She said she never has and never would cheat on a partner. She ended the show with her usual erotic story, this time one that was written by a listener.

And then there was Temptation, KSEXradio's Trailer Trash show, hosted by Lorrainiac (aka Lorraine or Rainy), a woman who has experienced more in the last few years than most experience in a lifetime. She encounters so many unbelievable situations on a daily basis, you can't wait to hear what story she's going to reveal next. She works a regular job as a Private Investigator, owning her own company. Her husband is in jail on murder charges and is awaiting trial. She lives in a trailer with her boyfriend. Her cousin Steve (Cuzzin Fucker) also lives with them.

Rainy arrived at the station tonight, visibly nervous about the pending wedding ceremony, which was about to be performed by one of the show's many fans, known in the chat room as "KY." She had even polished her nails, something she says she never does. She brought in the decorations for the evening, which included three pink flamingos with spinning wings and a flower pot filled with daisies, which was to be her bouquet. She and Cuzzin had rings that were the paper bands removed from Budweiser beer bottles. She brought a bottle of $80 champagne which had been provided by her boyfriend (yes, her boyfriend--the one in the trailer, who occasionally listens to the show and signs into the chat room).

Johnny Buss and his friend Brandi were there. Johnny was to be the "best man." He brought roses for Lorraine and a bottle of champagne. Rainy's sister Angela was also there and served as the matron of honor. Daisy, who is a close (VERY close) friend of Wankus's and now works at the station, was also present, sporting a new haircut and looking very beautiful.

All of us who care about this wonderful, wacky woman, affectionately called Rainy, were there (physically or in the chat room), and let me say, there was lots of love in the room.

I had written a poem for the occasion (see below), which I read at the beginning of the ceremony. KY did a great job with his humorous, well-chosen words for the occasion, which he read over the phone. Wankus sang his beautiful song that was sprinkled with humor. The beautiful bride and her adoring groom exchanged their humorous wedding vows, tears were shed (yes, really!), cards were read, toasts were made, alcohol was imbibed, and a good time was had by all. Powered by lots of beer--and a few glasses of champagne--Rainy, Cuzz and Angela completed the show with all the usual wild and crazy bits. It would take many pages to go into more detail--you just gotta listen to keep up.

Here's the poem I wrote:

For Rainy's and Cuzzin's Wedding

It's November 23, and the Net's all abuzz
About the pending wedding of Rainy and Cuzz.
Cuzz will look dashing; Rainy such perfection
As KY officiates through his Internet connection.

All the regulars will be there to watch, chat and sit;
There's Rob, Druid, Foghorn, Katie and Akit.
Plus lots more of Rainy's fans will certainly gather round
To bask in Rainy's laughter and share the happiness she's found.

So, even though we know the marriage isn't for real
We'll celebrate with the happy couple with zest and with zeal.
And hope that Rainy, Angela, Cuzz, and any other relation,
Have much happiness and laughter and forever Temptation.

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