JANUARY 4-7, 2004 -- Internext Expo and Parties

Photos by Rachel Worth and Steve Delafield. Text by Rachel Worth.
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Photos and Reports from the AVN Expo, Bondcon, AVN Awards Show, and Parties, January 8-11, 2004

January 4
VIP Warmup Party: presented by PlayboyCash and Spice Uncensored/Adult.com - 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. The location had been kept secret and we were only told that special limos would take us to the "Playboy Cash Party Barn," which turned out to be the Red Rooster Swingers Club about 30 minutes away from the strip. The hummer limos packed in about 20 people each. Party planners wanted to be sure that the atmosphere was one of anything legal goes; have a good time. The booze was free all night and the setting was conducive to meeting and greeting, dancing, and getting a little wild and crazy.

When I first arrived, I was told to wait for some people to leave before trying to enter the rooms where the bar, dance floor and DJs were, because it was too crowded to move. You could go upstairs where there was a seating area for visiting, a balcony overlooking the bar area downstairs and two bedrooms which, I believe, remained empty. I found out since returning home that there was a jacuzzi and pool somewhere and people were swimming nude. Oh well, there was plenty going on inside... Everyone was having a great time and things kept getting a little wilder and wilder. Lots of people were dancing. Kayla from KaylaCam.com decided she was attracted to Jordan, a friend of Rhiannon Bray's, and wanted to play. She loudly announced what she wanted to do and kept taking over the mic from the DJ. She ended up naked and was exploring every inch of Jordan and inviting Jordan to do the same to her. Jordan, a beautiful girl who is new to the business, was a bit shy about the public display but played along with the requests of the assertive Kayla.


Jordan Styles & Kayla

Mary 34D

Having fun dancing

Group o' Guys

January 5
Presidents Party: presented by Webmaster Central and Matrix Models
This party took place at the Palms Hotel and Casino in what has been known as "the Real World Suite" ever since MTV's Real World show was filmed in that suite. I met Melissa Lincoln, a woman who has had recent fame for the photos of her on her website which were shot in a bar. Local law enforcement busted her for violating Lincoln, Nebraska's public nudity ordinance by posting pictures on her Web site that apparently showed her naked in a downtown bar. She got instant notoriety when the story got mainstream press, such as CNN and USA Today. I did a video interview and shot some photos of her. She is standing by her right to do what she did. Jenna Jameson and Krystal Steal were at this party and lots of other people who were enjoying the free champagne. There were also free cigars being given out and the thick haze of cigar and other smoke kept setting off the fire alarm. A few things were going on behind closed doors. One woman talked about her fantasy of having sex in the Real World Suite, so maybe she was realizing her fantasy. My Production Assistant, Steve, and I left the party after 1 a.m. to head over to the Extreme Fetish Party.

Krystal & Jenna

Sitting in Jacuzzi

Sitting in Jacuzzi

Melissa Lincoln

Melissa Lincoln

January 6
Extreme Fetish Night, sponsored by ExtremePaychecks.com
The President's Party ended after 1 a.m., and we were hungry so we grabbed a quick breakfast at the Palms and then headed over to Extreme Fetish Night. This party took place in a suite in the Venetian and was a fun meet and greet crowded party. Bondage demonstrations were taking place along with various other softcore sexual shenanigans. There were some models there who wore costumes or sexy lingerie and there were many photo ops. A lucky guy got a lap dance from Jessie, who was dressed as a nurse. Misa, a dancer from San Francisco, was dressed in black lingerie. A girl named Holly, who's not in the Industry, had fun playing with Rhiannon Bray. Leigh and Lydia, dressed in lingerie, were making out on the couch and putting on a show. Sisters Monica and Sylvia are both dancers and model for magazines. We left the party at around 4 a.m. and headed to our hotel to get some much needed sleep.

Leigh & Lydia


Holly & Rhiannon


Monica & Sylvia

After I got a few hours of sleep, I headed over to Internext, where I spent some time walking around and talking to people and taking photos. This is the event where the large companies with affiliate programs get to talk face to face with the webmasters who promote their programs. Also, third party processors and other Industry-related companies have booths to promote their services or goods. Most of the booths have porn stars or models signing autographs to help bring in interested webmasters.

The seminars presented during Internext always draw huge crowds and have panels and speakers who share the latest happenings on the impacts of laws and upcoming legislation on the Adult Industry, marketing your website, choosing affiliate programs, selecting third party processors and other payment options, shooting content, and much more. It's a great opportunity to hear the experts and share information with other webmasters. Here are a few of the stars I saw at the booths during Internext.

Kaylani Lei

Carmen Luvana

Catalina &
Max Hardcore

Jenna Jameson &
Stephanie Swift

Ron Jeremy

Terri Summers

Webmaster Retreat, sponsored by CamZ.com, Sammy4u.com, Eroticy.com and GreenGuyandJim.com
This took place every day in a suite in the Venetian and was a place to sit and relax for a while, have a sandwich or snack and a soft drink while visiting with others. I checked it out on this day only, and it was a nice change to all the crowds, noise and hubbub of the convention floor and parties.

Industry Networking Event at Treasures Gentlemen's Club
This one was NOT an Adult Industry event. This was for the hotel/casino industry, but I had been invited to it. "Uncle Mike" is a PR person for Treasures, and I had met him at the Playboy Cash party on the 4th. He invited me to this event so we (my assistant Steve and I) could see what a fantastic club Treasures is. We were treated to a wonderful feast, all done buffet style. There were strip shows on a large stage downstairs and a smaller one upstairs. There was also an open bar upstairs for this special event.

The food at Treasures is delicious and the ambience of the club is outstanding. It is absolutely gorgeous with great attention paid to every detail. There are beautiful paintings, a 1000 pound crystal chandelier, etched glass doors, and breathtaking hand-carved Italian statues. The stage downstairs has lighting and a wind machine that truly enhance the dancers on stage. There are VIP rooms where you can enjoy a lap dance in privacy.

Uncle Mike gave us a special tour, and his pride in Treasures is clearly evident. Mike said that Treasures just opened in September and that none can compare to its elegance. To quote him: "It's the newest, most luxurious club in the U.S."  Treasures has three buffets daily: lunch, dinner and one beginning at midnight. Steve and I can definitely recommend Treasures as a place where you will enjoy the food, the beautiful women, the friendly staff, and the elegant atmosphere. We weren't allowed to take any photos inside, but here are a couple of the statues outside.

Statues outside Treasures

Statues outside Treasures

January 7
The Booty Ball at Sheri's Ranch, sponsored by AdultPlex.com, SexxxyChat.com, LoverCash.com, SherisRanch.net
Technically, this party started on the evening of January 6, but it was after midnight when we arrived, so it was actually January 7. I'd never been to a brothel before, so this party was a real treat. We were taken by busloads to The Resort at Sheri's Ranch, a brothel about an hour away. The passes promised 50 Free Blowjobs, Free Full Bar, Free Lap Dances, Girl/Girl Shows, Free Food, and Live DJ. Well, it was quite a party, and they delivered what they promised! We were able to walk around and check out the place and there was a huge tent set up where almost all the festivities were taking place: the food, drinks, dancers entertaining and music. The Ranch is really nice, with lots of private rooms which were frequently occupied. The girls were very attractive, but some did not want to be photographed.

Sheri's Ranch

The "Menu" of Activities Offered


Dante, one of the Ranch's girls

Shantel and Tila, two more working girls

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